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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  September 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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breaking news to report this morning, residents were told to shelter in place overnight as deputy searched for a wanted suspect near 29th and taft. the suspect apparently took off on foot after a traffic stop around 2:00 this morning. canines were brought in to help find the person found and taken to jail. it's still not clear why he was wanted in the first place. we know when crack -- one car was involved in a crash. still not clear how many people were hurt. there's no word on when the lanes will reopen. cdot is reporting lanes on i-25 are closed because of a
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still not clear when those lanes will reopen. they are on the hunt to find the person or people responsible for a carjacking. >> reporter: it happened right outside this rehabilitation center on monaco parkway. just a few minutes ago i spoke with of the off-camera who said she is doing all right this morning but there's a lot of emotional stress she's facing this morning because of it here she said that employees are not allowed to sleep inside the center during a break so she 3:00 this morning and when her alarm went off, somebody opened the door and put a gun to her neck. she said that person demanded her keys. she was driving a 2214 black camry essiee
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comprehending what was going on so that's when the man started ripping off her shirt and pants looking for the keys. she was able to get away unharmeddand that's when she found a coworker who came out and when they came out to look for her car it was no longer here. we will bring you details of the suspect description. it was an armed robbery carjackinn here on monaco this morning. a lot going on on this sunday including rain showers in the high country already. >> and we should -- we will continue to monitor those but we should see mostly clear skies and warmer conditions
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this morning is an upper-level disturbance and we continue to see a few showers and aspen and eagle and very foggy across the northern plains. things will start to calm down as we head throughout the day with plenty of sunshine in- store through the denver area. these are highs for today gradually climbing to the mid to upper 80s. plenty of sunshine to make sure you have glasses and sunshine -- sunglasses and sunscreen handy. but the breeze will be in from thh southwest is that southwest flow takes control and that's will bring us the very gusty conditions so hit -- hold onto your hats if you're outside this afternoon. highs in the mid to upper 80s well above where we should be this time of year. very dry as we head into labor day mondayand upper 90s in parts of the state. i will have the extended forecast and we will talk about the threat for severe weather
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the community is rallying around a douglas county deputy fighting for his life. this is for detective bright. they've raised $61,000 versus the $5000 goal, raised in just nine hours. bright was shot friday responding to the call of a suicidal person, who was four-year-old randall roddick. he opened fire on officers and then drove a mile away in a no a second time. he was shot and killed during the investigation -- during the incident. the main concern now is bright office recovery. >> i asked the community to stop and say a prayer for him if you would be so kind. >> bright is still a nicu this morning. if you would like to donate we have a link to his gofundme page on our website at denver
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a person stabbed in denver and right now police aree searching for the person responsible. it happened near broadway and right now they are trying to figure out what led up to the set -- stabbing. yesterday near sttel and 38th a business was robbed. they have no information about a suspect. the pope -- balotelli sheriff's office is calling this a drive-by shooting. investigators still don't know why the -- they targeted fairgrounds. witnesses told police they saw two cars in the area. nobody has been arrested. we have an update this morning on the man and woman found shot to death in a clifton home. right here you are looking at a ?ap of the area behind me and
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office is saying -- the victims have been identified as 24-year- old aaron marvel and 23-year- old elizabeth sawyer. investigating a report of shots fired on 51st avenue near grant last night. the intersection was closed for a few hours as police investigated. on south newark near mississippi in aurora. police say two men were fighting. 21-year-old ruben martinez stabbed the other guy and he's now facing second-ddgree murder charges. we don't know the name of the man who was stabbed. police say this man his friend in the back. he was arrested friday night -- wednesday night after that shooting. no word on why the gunfire broke out. the 14-year-old victim should be okay.
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blamed the pilot. a wrongful death suit was filed -- filed. five people were killed in the crash two years ago. a new trial date is set to be determined in a couple of weeks. had to wait on a camera there. the mistrial of a suspected car thief is now under investigation in -- they want to know if supervisors destroyed booy camera footage without the defense or the colorado springs gazette reported the deputy testifiid the footage was destroyed because deputies were swearing. two people recovering after
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six -- 6th and federal. remember to pack your patience heading up to the mountains today. this was the commute yesterday. everything does seem to be called down right now and 70 but also don't forget law enforcement is out in full force this weekend watching from drivers. -- for drunk drivers. police s a visitor is to blame for this issue and to -- two survive switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media...
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so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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welcome back, happy suuday, very nice start to the day with temperatures in the upper 50s across the denver metro area. we have a mix of sun and clouds
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clearing skies and plenty of sunshine in-store for this afternoon. but it will be breezy. i will bring you the full forecast coming up. two unarmed officers are fighting for their lives after being shot at a central california jail. the fresno county sheriff department says it all started when a visitor tried to cut the front of thee line. you struggle ensued and that's when shots were exchanged officers. at least 15 people incluuing children were in the lobby when the gunfire broke out. >> the sheriff's office personal responded appropriately and he will be held accountable for what he did. >> the suspect is in custody. he did only suffer minor injuries. they say he's a convicted rapist who served a can -- 16 3 year sentence for raping three miners. his family and friends are saying final goodbyes to the cousin of dwyane wade. loved ones were her favorite
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just pushing her youngest child in a stroller. the search has been called off for two experienced utah climbers. kyle and scott vanished after a snowstorm near to -- nearly 2 weeks ago. the spokesperson for the family sa the difficult decision was made based on time and weather. they were trying to somebody peak that has never been claimed . >> they were in more than confident they could go back and finish than confident they could go back and finish what they started. >> they started last year but were nearly killed when they fell hundreds of feedback to -- onto a glacier. a look at the canonization ceremony from rome for mother teresa. and an emotional meeting
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a special celebration of life for the two-year-old boy killed at a florida resort. 5000 balloons were honor of lane graves' as yesterday would have been his third birthday. he died in june after a great -- a gator dragged him into a lagoon. today mother teresa joined the rain -- ranks of other catholic saints known as the saints of the governor -- notice saints. she was -- she died in 1997 at
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at the damage from yesterday's 5.6 magnitude earthquake. you can see the damage to buildings, fallen bricks, broken windows, stream groceries there, but thankfully no major damage and nobody was hurt and not even the earthquake could wrap -- could rattle one couple's wedding. the bridegroom said they just went with the flow. >> luck. we were just upstairs getting ready and it all started shaking and we were like oh, dear, what's happening? it's an earthquake and we said we will take it as good luck for today. >> that's a good attitude. they rattled -- the tremor rattled seven states and all. morning coming from the town hit the hardest in italy. a family's golden retriever was rescued nine days after the quake, now looking to be
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and the truck -- the town is working to recover and rebuild. crews are still working to contain the broadway fire near the colorado-wyoming border. it's grown to 615 acres. like -- wildfire spaaked by lightning three weeks ago. and the beaver creek fire has acres having started in mid %- we will see some rain and the high country today. it's already raining a littte bit. >> unnortunately we will be seeing very gusty conditions and staying very dry so that increases fire danger. but like you said we are seeing some moisture roll through portions of the state mainly off to the west of the rockies. we're going to be continuing to keep an eye on a few scattered showers throughout the morning
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now, this is the current view from our wireless camera. absolutely socked in with a lot of fog and cloud cover so if 3 you are driving across the eastern plains this morning just please practice extra caution because visibility is low. print story though from our loveland ski area camera. mostly clear skies. we did start out the day on a pretty cloudy no but we will eventually see those clouds move through the high country with plenty of sunshine in- store by this afternoon. current temperatures outside downtown denver are a mix degrees downtown, 58 out at dia wind -- winds currently at 5 miles an hour but if this -- but this is your first alert that it will be a very breezy breezy day. as you can see temperatures today across the front range are staying in the upper 80s. our normal should e around 83
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where we should be. winds right now, pretty gusty conditions across the western slope, sustained winds at 17 miles per hour but across the plains pretty mild as a right now. so we re anticipating seeing winds coming in from the southwest sustaiied at about 15 miles an hour with gusts up to 20 to 25 miles an hour so like i said hold onto your hats this afternoon. we are looking at the risk for some severe weather mainly encompassing the northeastern corner of the state. this will be later on this afternoon and evening. there's enough moisture and instability in the atmosphere there and the dew point is higher so that means a better risk for seeing strong understands develop. highs today -- thunderstorms develop. highs today stay in the 70s, mid to upper 80s for much of the planes to take a look at towns near pablo, all expecting highs in the mid to then upper 90s. 55 degrees is the overnight low in denver tonight under partly cloudy conditions and by tomorrow morning for labor day it's going to be a very sunny day. a warmer, drier air mass was slower -- slowly
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and dry conditions for labor day holiday so it will be a great day to get outside and hopefully you've enjoyed your weekend so far. it will be a nice day to do so. very warm, evvn though i guess it's the end f summer. we are going to be seeing summerlike conditions with tuesday, a slight cooldown and better chance for storms as the cold front moves in but for the most part still sing -- staying toasty. >> go to the pool before they close it up for the year. >> yes. barbecue time to go. >> absolutely with friends. >> thanks. son's heartbeat after meeting the man who has her son's heart. her son died afterraccidentally shooting himself four years ago. he was just 14 years old. initially mom says she had no intention of doubt it -- donating her son's organs until he came to her in the vision. >> she said normal -- he said mama what would i do? this is not about you.
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the recipient was hundreds of miles away. >> when i open my wallet he's the first thing i see. we talk quite a bit, him and i. >> now johansson gets a second chance at life. still ahead we will get you caught up on the broncos final 53 on the roster. and find out ? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night.
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right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday!
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and morning and welcome into sports extra. yesterday was the college football saturday and cutdown day in the nfl. a lot going on but we start with the broncos. mark sanchez was given his walking papers as the no- brainer. john elway saved a conditional draft pick but minutes later the cowboys scooped him up as their new backup. ?onnie hillman the remaining rusher from a year ago remains
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roster is now set. here's john elway on yesterday's tough decisions. >> it's always tough and they are all close. that was really close. capri has worked very hard and deserves a shot. so we are going to give capri that shot. i talked with mark today and he handled it with great class. i know he's disappointed. he wanted to we just thought with where we are, it was best for us to go different ways at this point in time. >> let's go back to school, flying with the zumiez. ronald kristian proceeded to fly past the wildcats. 2nd quarter goes 33 yards, air force up 13-7. the sultans -- falcons cruised to the beat
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georgia state next saturday. rapids in new england -- zac macmath didn't get much help . the defenders -- 1-0 12 minutes in. struck early and struck again in the second half. 2-0 as the rapid first time this week -- this year. we will hear much more fr i am jahmai webster. thatts a look at your morning sports. even though it was a big loss for the csu football team on friday, two stuuents took home big wins after wish -- winning theecompetition during the rocky mountain showdown. to help cover tuition. that will help. >> absolutely. still to come, hillary
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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denver seven starts with breaking news at 7:30. they are looking for the man behind an armed carjacking overnight. denver seven is the first and only team on scene right now. >> and you actually spoke to -- spoke with the victim. >> reporter: yes, she says while she isn't physically injured she's emotionally stressed out because of what happened in the early morning hours here along she was parked along kentucky right here during the break. she was in her car taking a nap and when her alarm went off that's when she woke up, and was getting ready to leave her car and that's when somebody opened the door and put a gun to her neck demanding her keys. she said it took a while for her to figure out what was going on and it was too much time and that'sswhen the suspect goo impatient and started pulling aad lifting her shirt and pants, looking for the keys with a gun to her neck.
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coworker and when they came out to check on the suspect, the suspect was gone in her 2014 camry. the suspect is a black male, skinny black male is how she described him and that happened just after 3:00 this morning again along monaco parkway and kentucky. reporting live in denver this morning, amanda de castilio denver seven . happy sunday everyone. boy, what a great weekend for whether an a perfect time have labor day. >> yes mother nature just wants us to celebrate this labor day weekend but we have to -- we have got very strong thunderstorms on the way. widely scattered -- thunderstorms mainly in the higher elevations but also very foggy across much of the planes. this is near fort morgan as the sun is trying to make its way through but we will eventually head through the afternoon hours and the sun heat -- heats
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partly cloudy skies. we do have the chance of scattered thunderstorms this morning as well. pablo will be hot today as we will be seeing temperatures in the mid-90s there so if you are heading to the colorado state fair just be aware of that. plenty of sunshine around. these are temperatures across the state that we are expecting, 86 in grand junction, 74 in aspen and grand junction and take a look at these highs in the mid to even upper 90s so we here in colorado have been doing a okay this weekend, looking pretty nice for labor day but unfortunately for tens of millions of people on the east coast, the grinch who stole labor day weekend is called hermine. there are storm watches and coast right now and the wind and rain are blamed for two ddaths and significant damage ginger zee joins us now from breezy point new york with more
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>> reporter: overnight that ominous image, hermine spinning north . giant waves crashing into the boardwalk in ocean city, maryland, taunting the delaware coast. the winds and outer bands slashing virginia with 60 mile- per-hour winds and neighborhoods inundated. in north carolina relentless gusts toppling this trailer killing the 64-year-old driver. up to 10" of rain in north carolina and the worst of the storm shattering the -- these trailers and cottages into the creek, injuring four including a 10-month-old baby. in south carolina trees crushed homes. at the tail end of this trail of destruction, flooding, hard- hit florida getting rain again days after the storm. people in pasco county were forced to evacuate after a different system caused more flooding.
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hermine now a post-tropical cyclone is churning toward the northeast and even providing action for last-minute thrill seekers in philadelphia. it's doing its dangerous dance with the jersey shore as storm surge along the coastline coupled with the slow-moving storm could put many of these beachside communities underwater . >> i'm ready to go as soon as the city puts the siren on, i hit the road. >> this morning republican vice presidential nominee says he will release his tax returns next week. he says trump plans to do it also but trump will not release his because of an ongoing irs audit and there's word the audit won't be finished before the november eleccion. clinton released hers earlier this summer as did her running mate senator tim kaine. since the 90s every gop presidential nominee who has -- has released his returns according to politico fact -- politifact. they've been checking claams from both clinton and donald
7:35 am
political reporter has this month's stats. >> what i did when i was secretary of state as i said i went above and beyond anything required. >> that's hillary clinton but on cnn -- while on cnn defllcting criticism of the clinton foundation claiming the foundation goes well beyond what the law requires but politifact says that only tells part of the story. >> it's kind of spinning the facts to suggest this is in hold up as a badge of honor when in reality the threshold was very very low. law does not require the t the - clinton foundation to disclose donors or rollback for donations but disclosure requirements are very minimal and in a case like this the clinton foundation only agreed to do this onceeclinton was nominated as secretary of state. the rate her statement have true . meanwhile donald trump made a bold claim about clinton's tax
7:36 am
raise taxes on african-american owned businesses to as much as paying now. -?>> politifact saying his math is not adding up and that his plan -- clinton's plan raises taxes on all people earning more than $5000 a year and not the color of their skin. >> in fact we are looking at somewhere ss than .5%, a very very small fraction of people wouldbe potentially subject to this tax . >> politifact sa i distortion of clinton's tax plant -- tax plan and they rate trump's statement false. we're just a little over two months away from the end of this very interesting cycle. i will see you later for politics unplugged. national attention this morning over an email sent to students. students claim professors told
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should drop the course. the university responded saying that's ot what happened the professors of the course were just trying to be specific about the theme of their class. asian elephant dolly has been put down. dolly was recently put into hospice care due to her declining health. she was brought to the zoo back in 1986 but since she was born in the wilddit's not clear how old she really is. zoo officials believe she her life extent -- expectancy. scary moments for kids at a fair in memphis tennessee yesterday. eight people were hospitalized after a glitch on a ride called the moon break. a computer glitch was detected so it went to safety mode but the ride operator apparently made a mistake anddhit a button that released everyone's lap bars. some people started to ?all off the ride.
7:38 am
in the things that hold you down and everybody was holddng on. they were falling inside of it. >> everybody started falling but some people were hanging onto those things. my mom was in the air so i was trng to hold onto the thing beside it but it didn't really work out and i like sled >> they didn't seem to distraught. investigators say the ride will stay closed until the company can safely remove the manual option but to prevent this from happening again. it's downtown and more than 5000 people are expected to make it to civic center park this holiday weekend of course foretaste of colorado. it's been a staple for the past 33 years now, but this year there is something new for visitors. in addition to all of the tasty food, there's a beer garden to enjoy. >> coloradans in denver -- and dendrites love beer -- put
7:39 am
-- it's a great not to denver's craft brew scene. >> if you don't make it you can alwaas check out theehot air balloons at the labor day liftoff in colorado springs, an event that's been around for 40 years now featuring 70 colorado balloons and even skydivvrs. festivities started break nearly -- bright and early at will continue through tomorrow morning. coming up, one of the most brazen crimes they've seen in years.
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wain of the day and right now police are desperately searching for the person responsible. this is just unthinkable. police say she was by herself at the pool when the man approached her, pulled out a gun and raped her inside a room. >> we have nooreason to believe that she knew the suspect at this point and that's why it's so alarming. stranger sexual assaults are very rare in alexandria and for want to happen in the middle of the day is alarming.
7:43 am
man in his thursday's -- in his thursday -- in his 30s. this crash happened last night outside amphitheater in irvine, california. police say the driver first hit offense, hit two drivers and then hit it -- the crowd. investigators are still looking into what caused the crash. no word on if he driver is facing any charges. an update on the shooting -?outside the caesar's police - casino two officers were on patrol when they spotted a robbery in progress by six men. one officer was ssot and that's when the other officer fired hitting a suspect. the five people of interest to been found and identified. imagine going to work for only two hours a week. sounds good. here's the catch, you have to spend those hours holding live tarantulas. count me out. meet the man who
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a day at sea close -- turns into a rescue mission. find out how the group of
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welcome back, it's a 7:45 and how would you like to spend an afternoon with 100 tarantulas? >> it would not happen for me but this week's seven everyday hero is in charge of feeding them in mitch jelniker introduces us. >> reporter: the butterfly pavilion is home to 1600 butterflies but one longtime volunteer says there's another resident just as delicate and -- beautiful. it's rosie, the chilean rose hair tarantula. >> it's not too strong a statement to say they are harmless. >> restrepo is in charge of feeding not one but more than 120 rosies. >> we work with the field -- females because they are generally a little calmer. >> they rotate work shifts so
7:47 am
he has given his time here with the spiders for 19 years. >> it's fun. if it weren't fun i probably wouldn't be doing it. >> he also volunteers with 3 denver museum of nature and science. >> reporter: he gives his time because he wants to give -- he welcomes the chance to educate kids and families about science including often misunderstood creatures like tarantulas. >> they have an undeserved bad reputation mostly from bad movies. [laughter] >> reporter: you're kidding. >> i'm sitting -- m-series. -- i am serious. we would like to honor you as a denver 7 everyday hero. >> thank you. i have a terrific time working with them. >> good for him. to nominate someone as a 7
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>> i don't know. he's an awesome guy but i don't think i could do it. >> i always think of home alone every time i see a tarantula. one of my favorite movies. it's going to be a great day to be outside. we are seeing a lot of sunshine across the front range but also very breezy conditions as another upper levels -- upper- level disturbance slowly makes its way across colorado. we've woken up to scattered showers and a few thunderstorms state but for the most part foggy conditions across the eastern plains. this is a very -- live view and as you can see very low visibillty so if you are driving this morning clouds will eventually left but that's going to be later on in the day as we head throughout the morning and late afternoon hours. loveland ski area -- i promise it's pretty there right now but just not registering right now. mostly sunny with a mix of sun and clouds and the slight chance for a few isolated thunderstorms across the high country.
7:49 am
58 at the airport and winds pity comment 5 miles an hour but that will change as we head throughout the afternoon. very gusty conditions are expected primarily coming in from the southwest right now, grand junction sustained winds at about 17 miles per hour. elsewhere across the state as you can see pretty calm throughout the front range but later on this afternoon as things start to pick up we will see gusts of 20 to 25 miles an hour so across the northeastern corner of the state -- yesterday severe thunderstorm warnings for places like afrin -- akron and even a thunderstorm cell. but the good news is nothing touchdown but we are seeing the potential of stronger storms really on the northeastern corner of the state later this afternoon. highs as you can see above average.
7:50 am
overnight low and expect partly to mostly cloudy skies so by tomorrow morning we are waking up to 89 -- lots of sunshine -- 89 is the expected high. this warm and dry air mass will make its way in and hang out with us for monday so that will make labor day feel very very nice but also still warm and breezy. tuesday we will start to cool down just a bit front moving through. a few storms are possible especially tuesday afternoon but taking a look at the rest of the 7-day forecast we are expecting a lot of dry days ?ith overnight lows still saying -- staying mild in the mid-50s. >> as i was saying on the patio last night, perfect. >> do you run pretty hot? >> yes i think i am warm- blooded all the time. 3 >> we will season cooler days ahead but it will still feel likk summer even though i guess labor day kicks off a lot of
7:51 am
a california man is being hailed as a hero after rescuing more than 25 people from a cease -- take a look at the boat now in pieces. five crew members were on board when the boat crashed into some rocks. the vessel began taking on water . the crew deployed life rafts. >> you get a 70 foot boot ruin it was like running into a brick wall. >> the captain went to work helping everyone onto his boat. one person suffered a minor back injury but fortunaaely everybody else was okay. coming up, a final look at the work week whether and to look at the top stories.
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan.
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before you head out the door this holiday weekend here's a look at the top stories. a sheriffs detective still in ice you waiting on an update on his condition. a suicidal man opened fire before he was shot and killed. a gofundme page has been set up for the officer injured. already more than 000 has been raised. residents were told to shelter in place as deputies searched for a wanted suspect near 29th and after a traffic stop near 2:00 this morning. they came in the filling the person but after about a 45 minute search the suspect was found and taken to jail. samiti was stabbed in denver and they are searching for the person responsible. it happen near broadway and curtis yesterday. at last check the victim was in serious connition. investigators are working to figure out what led up to the crime there. i an like -- i am live on monaco parkway at the scene of
7:55 am
she says she was parks here along kentucky during her break. actually taking a nap outside the rehabilitation center whee she was woken up by her alarm. somebody opened the door and placed a gun to her neck and she said that's when a black skinny man as she described put a gun to her neck and took her keys. man started pulling and ripping her shirt and pant the keys he was demanding. she was able to get away, grabbed a coworker and they came back out and realized the car was down. keep your eye out for a black 2014 taylor a camera -- toyota camry take around this area. reporting live taken denver i am amanda de castilio denver center -- 7.
7:56 am
their fourth anniversary got a surprise. they were having a lot of fun happened in the 3rd quaater. >> she starts going into labor about the third quarter. we had about eight minutes left walk out -- she didn't really know she was in labor. she was just having pains. >> that's when they rushed to traffic. the baby boy came out at 8 lbs. -?3 oz. to the hospital during game day traffic. the baby boy came out at 8 lbs. 3 oz. mom and baby are doing well. good for them. weather. temperatures today will be a little warmer than what we saw yesterday with highs in the upper 80s and mid-80s across the western slope. maybe -- upper 90s down to the southeast, so very toasty but this is your first alert that you will also have very gusty conditions with winds up to about 20 miles an hour. labor day looking mostly sunny but still hot with a little bit of a cooldown.
7:57 am
>> perfect for the barbecue tomorrow. thank you katie. a young boy got uped and his dad isn't happy about it. that's coming up after he show this week with george stephanopoulos.
7:58 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. sprint to the finish. a softer candidate beyond our borders. >> mr. president, i call you a friend. >> and that fiery speech when he returned. >> you can call it whatever the hell you want. they're gone. >> donald trump. bets big on immigration. >> dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours. that is not how it works. and for hillary clinton, record unfavorability. and still more e-mail questions. >> that is just one more clinton lie. >> our exclusive interviews with both sides. vice presidential nominee tim kaine. and trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway. plus -- >> to the east, to the right is russia. >> as tensions with russia rise,


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