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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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good morning, "denver7" remains on fire other. we know that starwood fire was started by lightning. it has grown to 350 acres but
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the much better situation than this time yesterday. katie any hope for rain today. yes. 30% chance of same rain showers have gusty winds into the high country and this is where the starwood fire is burning. we see or -- winds are pretty gusty from the south at five to 20 by this afternoon. here are your first alert had died. do expect areas of patchy fog and cooler conditions with temperatures in the upper 70s and a much better chance or afternoon and evening -- ann eving thundershowers. i will bring you your futurecast coming up in just a bit. >> the unofficial end of summer
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taste of colorado. this is broadway from 16th toward civic center park. you can see the flashing lights and it's opening up the roads. take a look at the overall drove trash drive and we will see a whole lot of horrible driving conditions but everyone will be back at it and you can see 17 minutes and plenty of spaces at e >> 4:32 a.m. labor day holiday proves fatal. this man kills one-person when it rolled into the median and ejected him. deadly demand did not make it. the woman had to be flown to the hospital. state patrol says there were children in the car and they were taken to be checked out. highway 83 is back open. three
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patrol is still investigating what caused this crh. and the neighborhood and south denver is fed up with drive -- drag racers. >> it is one among several incidents residents are dealing with. jason people are worried for their safety. thing to talk about the one loudness and it's another thing to talk about the burnouts neighbors say about 150 cars gathered here every weekend and many take off on federal and into neighborhoods. videos like these is what is happening outside her neighborhood. street racing that could turn tragic. she had her chain-link fence not down a car drove up ootdoor
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other neighbors say they've had power knocked out and we reached out to the police they are aware of the problem is trying to crack down on a citywide but did not give us specifics. until something happens neighbors will continue to call the police but they want something done because it's one thing to have burnouts and and it's another thing to have something lost more offense. they're worried about the children that play here. for now reporting live along south federal. the city is ready to sign a new five-year contract there are four red light cameras and for speed cameras around town but no money -- no word on how many more could be added. >> :34 a.m.
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ins. chuck frederick knows the pain of having his vehicle broken into. frederick said he cost -- caaght his man -- this man stealing $20,000 worth of tools from his truck. he increases the crime to the population boom. >> it's the price to pay with big population growth will probably put up some floodlights and stuff like that around the house. >> law enforcement is laughing -- asking anyone to call the castle rock police. >> 4:35 a.m. a new poll out. cnn pull just in has donald trump topping hillary clinton by two points. 45% to 43%.. we have green parties jill
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with the brand-new attack ad that focuses on donald trump -- trumps abouttveterans and sacrifice in he talks about veterans and showing clips of wounded veterans as well. we have some sad news. helicopter spotted the body of a missing colorado man in the grand teton national park. we told you about this last week. after days of searching the body was found. home. he was only 21 years old. 436 and a warning for see you students. -- 4:36 a.m. this is the suspect. a woman says this man broke into her home and she woke up to some trying to ssault her and another assault sunday morning. >> the murder trial continues
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killing a mother. brookfield remains were not found until 2012. jones is charged with kidnapping and murder and could spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted. it is the most infamous murder case in both -- boulde sexual jonbenet ramsey. now the case is back in the spotlight. new details on the never before seen dna report. 20 years later and we were -- we're learning more on just how focused boulder was on the ramsey family. report -- points to a dna test on the spot of blood found in her panties.
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passing it off to the da for months. evidence analyst say prove an intruder is responsible. >> i think the inescapable conclusion is that an unidentified male committed this crime. this person committed the assault and murder jonbenet. >> the new documentary is trying to shed new light on the cold case. more of what was revealed in the next half-hour. from denver police after an officer involved shooting and in gunfire. >> this is at third where an unwanted man was arrested. he wasn't hurt by gunfire. police still have not identified the suspect. >> we're hearing from the family of the suicidal man killed in a shootout on friday. he has released a statement saying they extend their sympathies to the detective hurt
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he is in critical condition. a gofundme page has been set up during his recovery and the donations have reached more than $29,000. >> -- should the city of boulder put on sugary drink tax on the ballot that that -- the text will up here but drink makers are appealing to allowed on the balance you -- city wins the case then voters there would have to decide whether or not to put it $0.02 per ounce cat -- tasks on soda. >> new details on multiple breaking stories. deadly building collapse in tel aviv in a suicide bombing in baghdad. why an earthquake in oklahoma was far from natural. mother nature says summer feels like it is over. we see
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just into the first alert desk at 4:42 now, black lives matter protesters in london have just been removed from an airport there. the london city airport says flights should resume soon. these protesters got on o the runway and were able to disrupt flights. they had to ground all flights incoming and out going. they locked themselves together, but several have been arrested, and the city's airport says
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another traael situation we want to update you on. british airways had a some failure overnight late last night. this morning, flights will be delayed. i just checked out of dia. no major delays this morning, but we are seeing delays at other airports around the be aware, especially if you are flying british airways. in israel, the desperate search ffr survivors continues this morning after a multiple-story parking garage collapsed in tel aviv. at least four people are still missing in the rubble. three people are confirm hurt. the parking garage was under construction at the time of collapse. frms the death toll continues to rise after a suicide car bombing in central baghdad targets shiite muslims. we know tles at least 12 people have died. another 20 victims caught in the blast were injured. isis is taking responsibility for this. 4:43 now. right now, people in oklahoma are dealing with the damage caused by a 5.6 magnitude
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some say there might be more to this quake that meets the eye. scientists believe fracking triggered this quake. so, now, all fracking wells within a 725 miles of that quake's epicenter, they must be shut down by next week. we're keeping an eye on hermine this morning. the tropical storm is expected to weaken even more today, but officials warn it could continue to impact areas of new york to southern new england. it's still producing intense waves, coastal flooding and beach erosion. a tropical storm warning was i in fact, new york's long island to massachusetts, hermine hit florida days ago, but the effects are still being felt there. in tallahassee, for example, they got power out to about 10,000 people. >> the cleanup process has been intense and still ongoing. our weather a little quieter, but chances for rain? >> better chances for rain today, especially yesterday. so hot and dry across the state. ld use some of that moisture. we do have a chance for storms in the forecast. right now, looking at the radar
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activity really down to the southeast corner of the state. the rest of us will be dealing with patchy morning fog mainly awe cross the eastern plains and front range. here are watches and warnings for today. we ave a red flag warning still in effect for much of the western slope into the high country and mountain valleys. just be aware, very gusty winds, low humidity, warm and dry conditions mainly out to the west. we do still have the risk now for more severe weather, especiallyyin terms of showers and thunderstorms all across the front range northeastern plains and southeast for later on this evening and into the early and late afternoon hours. burr -- but here is our future caat. what we can expect this morning. we are going to be seeing very cloudy, dense fog across the northeast. we have a chance for seeing a few showers in the clouds there, but as we head throughout the afternoon, we'll see gradual clearing across the front range. the metro area is going to be experiencing more sunshine as we head into midday, but then increasing cloud coverage, slight chance, about a 20% chance of seeing some passing
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thunderstorms. this has stopped right now at 6:00. as you can see, we don't really -- we're not looking at the chance for a lot of measurable preccpitation associated with this cold front that's moving through the state today, but do expect to see some gusty wind conditions and the strongest of storms being off to the northeast, places like sterling and akron, by about 9:00 this evening. over night, we'll see partly cloudy skies before some warmer conditions for tomorrow. but highs today, a lot cooler than yesterday chl we hit in the expecting to see the low 80s acro 60s and 70s for the foothillss well as the mountains. elsewhere across the state, the western slope still staying toasty at 87 degrees. 70s, low 80s for much of the mountains, only low 70s across the plains with still hot conditions down to the southeast. tonight in denver, expect that chance of storms and then partly cloudy conditions with overnight lows in the low 50s. by tomorrow, we'll seeea lot sunnier skies.85 degrees is our,
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through thursday and friday a lot cooler. that's our bright spot on our 7-day forecast. as of right now, 70s back in the 7-day. upper 70s to low 80s, this weekend also looking sunny and dry. a pretty easy commute for us for most of us. yesterday, it was a traffic jam. this is i-25. before you would get -- it is moving smooth now. we had a bufrmg of accidents not only i-25, but also 83 bad drive for us down to the south. speaking of i-70, take a look at i-70 and pecos. wide open getting into downtown. you can see that on the overall map. we still have some road work here at havana under i-70 as we're doing the bridge work there. they are going to do extended closures here this morning to possibly even 7:00 this morning so we'll keep you posted on that. right now, you could do central park or peoria to get around it. it is now 4:47.
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the schaefer athletic complex. here is a look at the holes they've dug up. right now, there are more than ten holes in every corner of the sports complex. the most concerning ones are the ones found directly next to the buildings. >> we are concerred about infiltration of water and things into that and compromising the foundation of that building. >> so far about 15 of the prairie dogs have been moved out. now, they plan to poison the rest but the prairie dog task force says poisoning the animals is not the answer. we this race. thoi thousands racing down boulder creek. susan won the race yesterday. her grand prize, $1,000. normally this tradition happens on memorial day. it was postponed yesterday. many people in our state love to run or hike, but when it comes to your feet, do you have shoe sense, or are you hurting your soles? >> we'll explain after the
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well, apple seems to be challenging spotify with ns personalized music play lists. that story and more in today's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, apple's new feature is taking on spotify. >> the company is rolling out new personalized play lists to some apple music. it offers 25 tracks based on listening history, just like spotify's discover weekly.
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smart phone apps now for half the time americans spend online. we use computers now only for online. third of our time tablets make up another 11%. analysts say we're just finding phones more convenient than others. and japan is embracing some new high-tech help in the airport. a 3-foot tall robot on roller skates. >> being used at tokyo's main airport to greet passengers and guide them to the proper teeminals. trials run through december. >> cute little guy. those are >> have a great day. it's 4:52. nicole is here with high-tech news now. cu student's invention that could change how you run. >> yeah. i got my dirty o s her way too late. how many ime -- miles have you guys put on your current shoes, do you know? >> i don't. >> most of us don't accurately track our mileage and don't know when ii's time to get a new pair of shoes. this group of cu students came #u7 with the shoe sense pod.
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tracks the mileage and some other details. you link it to an app. you enter your weight, your height, the brand of your shoe, some hings like that, and the shoe sense starts tracking your mileage. connor winter, who helped develop this, says that schumachers give a broad range, about 300/500 miles before you have to replace your shoes, but a lot of runners really don't bother replacing them until something starts to hurt. >> that's a really backwards way of doing it. i just thought, there's got to having something that tells you before it's too late. >> yeah. so this shoe sense pod measures when your shoes are worn out. it will kind of track the foam in the shoe and things like that, and it'll tell you when it's time to get a new pair. winter developed this through the help of cu's cat liez business accelerator program. all week long i'll be featuring some of the other ideas and inventions coming out of this year's group. if you want to be among the
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pod on your own shoes, go o our web site. >> that'd be fun to try. >> yeah. >> most people, you're right, wait until there's a hole in it. >> or my back or knees start hurting. oh, time for a newair of shoes. >> could be the shoes. exactly. well, today, it's going to be a great day if you want to go for a run. a lot keerl conditions. areas of patchy fog are prevalent throughout this range and eastern plains. front- a little more cloud coverage, gradually clearing skies, better chance for storms later on this afternoon. right now downtown denver at 63. same out at the airport chl humidity right now at 75%. good news is winds won't be quite as gusty as what we felt the last couple of days in the afternoon. our front range forecast for highs only in the low 80s tods,- upper 70s along with that chance of storms. jason. over all, a pretty smooth drive. not going to cause any kind of delay for us getting out of downtown.
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mississippi, the north southbound side moving along just fine. take a look at the overall drive and easy for us. out to the west, i-70 was a real tough drive, over an hour for some folks coming back through the eisenhower tunnel. north end looks nice, as well as getting out to dia. 16th and broadway doing the final cleanups here as they're picking up the cones and barriers. should have all roads open around seven center park in just a little bit except one. hilary clinton's speech was interrupted. but in the by a person. >> it was interrupted by her own coughing. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> now, clinton joked obviously donald trump was to blame, but the trump campaign had different reasons for the coughing ssell. >> his campaign manager tweeted, quote, must be allergic to media. finally spent a minute with
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candidate ben carson had one of those oh my gosh moments on live television. >> he was interviewed on cnn after showing donald trump his childhood home in detroit, but then, carson remembered ssmething. >> we just saw mr. trump here. i asked him how did it go. he said, great, and he learned a lot of things. what do you think he took away from todayy >> oh, my luggage. hold on. >> okay. looks like dr. carson is going to try and find his luggage, and he'll be right back with us. >> nice. still unclear what happened or luggage, but he happened to remember right there on live tv. still to come on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m., a murder that shocked the nation, the death of jonbenet ramsey in boulder. new details from a just-released -?documentary. plus, this is not what you want to find at the day care. details on this massive marijuana bust right after the break. and this is no laughing matter. clowns are popping up in the woods of multiple states right now, and they're offering children candy, and parents have
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denver 7 news starts rit now. >> it is 5 a.m., and denver police opened fire at someone. what prompted them to pull the trigger. and if this doesn't remind you to lock your car doors,,we don't know what will. thief caught on camera. the%- you won't believe how much stuff he got away with. one last fight before voters get should be taxed. let's talk about the weather on this tuesday. katy la sal is in with your first alert forecast. >> good morning, you guys. saw a really hot and sunny labor day, but today, a lot cooler and cloudy conditions awe cross the state as the cold front makes its way in from west to east. we are picking up a little moisture down to the southeast, but our current temperatures, cool start in the mountains. 39 degrees in steam boat. 33 out in leadville on the western slope in the mid 50s,


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