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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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an attack at a denver restaurant. man slices a customer's throat. live with details on where it happened. the nfl kick off village we'll have details in just minutes. good morning, happy wednesday, thanks for being here at 4:30 in the morning. lee's give you a look at top stories. this is a shot from the roof cam.
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to be home. you have fog you're finding in east parts of colorado. we expect temperatures this morning to in the 50s and 60s this morning. temperatures near 60 by 6:00. warm intoog the mid to upper 80s this afternoon. it will be a touch warmer and skiis will clear out. this afternoon lot of sunshine. beautiful day today with temperatures above normal. here in denver, 86. foothills mid to upper soifts and in evergreen a high of 80. here's your first alert. it's getting cooler. we'll talk about it. the nfl kick off village has some restrictions in and around downtown. we haae a good drive overall out
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the drive going to the airport after e-470 and you will see delays heading out there the the airport. southbound side is open for now. we will have restrictions over the weekend. it will be closed again sunday for the september 11th presentation they're doing there. afrjts it's 4:32 now. a manhunt is underway for a man who denver, slit a customer's throat and took off. this appears to be a random act of violence. >> ive from this happened at meat street station in west high lands. >> good morning, the victim was sitting at the bar here yesterday afternoon when the suspect walked in and immediately attacked him from behind. a bartender says they thought the suspect was hugging the
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suspect stabbed the victim in the throat missing major arteries. the victim ii okay. he was senttto the hospital yesterday afternoon but he's recovering from that attack. we know that police are looking for a black male, 6'3" weighing 250 to 350 pounds. we're hear from the owner as he describes the lands. paris where a car with gas cylinders was found outside the notre dame cathedral. the owner of that vehicle is in custody but we'll continue to follow this story with developments. an armed parol is under
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officers. an officer opened fire and missed but they did subdue him with a tazer. this man is always waking up in jail following a police shooting in denver yesterday. his name is shawn scott. denver police officers opened fire at scott while trying to arrest him. he's wanted in connection with five metro area bank robberies. who could forget this video of hundreds of bikers shutting down i--5 in july? now three f the riders a behind bars and police say it's thanks to video posted on social media to catch these guys. three riders were arrested from colorado springs and pueblo. they haveealso seized their bikes. organizers say the important message got lost in chaos. >> there's lots of ways to bring
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have laws change for strict enforcement for people who hurt motorcycles on the roadway. >> police say more arrests are likely and the bikes could be pounded or crushed. several banks and financial institutions claim the company noodles doint enough to protect its computer systems. the breach likell started in january but the available until may. acyber security expert says there's potential enefits for you, the customer. >> it continues to put pressure on industries i believe in my heart should be doing more to everyone elementary cyber security. >> if you think your information was compromised contact your bank and request a credit report. the nfl season is just about here. today the league is here to help us celebrate kick off village. >> there's free shows a chance
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other goodies. live from civvc center park with the details. good morning, it's exciting. the broncos don't kick off until tomorrow night but there's still a lot of activity and fun out there for the broncos fans. take a look inssde civic center park. this is the nfl kick off village. you can see the helmets. there's interactive things going runs through about 8:00 tonight and tomorrow 10:00 to 6:00. the set up yesterday is still going on. they built up the stageefor the concert tomorrow night. also part of the kick off village, the pregame show with the sound checks going and everything and here in the park we're talking about autograph
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lombardi trophy. some road closures will affect your drive downtown. bannic and 4th street will be closed. 14th goes around the park here because they had to bring in this stuff. this is opening at 3:00 today and tomorrow we are talking about the concert and the kick off with peyton manning. we'll talk about the nfl kick off village as super bowl champs. sounds like fun. happening today we're expecting to learn more about the expansion the boulder to fort collins. organizers aren't saying a whole lot but scu's new stid yum will play a big part. >> we have been on and off having a conversation the last three years and i guess good things take time. >> organizers will announce the
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collins so keep it here on denver seven. a travel alert for you at 4:38 right now. you can buy tickets from denver to havana, cuba today. the fares are being offered at an introductory price for now. look at december 1st, the first% day you can. fly first to miami then to havana. it's not a bags as well and carry ones. frontier is one of eight american airlines selecteded to provide this international serrice havana. it is now 4:38. crews are racing against the clock to stop the spread sof zika. why senate democrats are saying
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event today. it's 4:39. we have some low to mid 80s in store this afternoon.
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white house tightening. the campaigns are narrowing their campaigns on key battleground states. hillary clinton accused donald trump of assaulting america's veterans and lacking any real foreign policy plans. >> he says he has a secret plan he has no plan.but the secret is >> hillary clinton has taught us all how much of a problem we have by cyber security. >> these two will face off style focused on national security and veterans. president obama is paying tribute to survivors hurt by bombs dropped during the european war. obama is also attending a meeting of south eastern asian leaders. this morning a road block in washington could help the zika battle in florida.
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zika alling it too political. >> we know that we can save lives. this isn't something that's up in the air and debatable. >> several congressional republicans say now they might lump zika funding in with other government spending measures ho to resolve the issue before the end of the month. in november people in boulder will decide if sugary dr if the measure passes there will be a two cent tax added to soda and other sugar drinks. we're tracking tropical storm newton threatening to bring flooding to texas, arizona and oklahoma today. tourists watched as the strong winds and rain shattered windows
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out power. a shrimp boat capsized in the gulf of california killing two people on that boat and three others are still missing this morning. a woman in centennial is recovering after accidentally shooting herself. -?the arapahoe county sheriff's office says the woman was testing out a gun when a hot bullet casing went down her shirt. to get it out and ended up shooting herself the pickens county sheriff's office is legislating how a long monday man died. his body was found near a camp site last night. he had visible injuries but no more details right now. new this morning you could see a drilling rig near the entrance to a rocky mountain national park.
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in the grand view area is considering a proposal this week. an american indian tribe succeeded in getting a federal judge to temporarily stop construction of an oil pipeline. protestors interfered with the work crews by cutting the protestors say security officers threatened them with police dogs. despite larimer county sheriff's office recommendations to evacuate, some people refuse to leave along county road 59. the fire has burned 350 acres so far. no homes have been lost this morning. this morning we're learning more about the claims to revitalize a stretch of the
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obtained more than 2,000 feet of water they're using for environmental services. our partners at the denver post say officials want to restore the river to conditions that trout can reproduce in. nice weatherryesterday. the clouds were nice and cooler. the same scenario today. a few clouds early on and patchy fog is clearing out. back in the mid upper 80s today. pockets and highs are a few degrees above normal. we will be cooler by friday. in fact, quiie a bit cooler. we'll talk about that coming up. first today you're stepping out the door to low 60s. at about 72 degrees by 10:00 and then mid to upper 80s between about 3:00 and 4:00. skies clearing and more sunshine this afternoon and then overnight some pretty mild temperatures.
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baileys about ten degrees cooler in grand lake this afternoon a high of 70. mid 90s across south eastern colorado. hot and summer like there. in the mountains you'll find 70s and 80s. you can see on futurecast from sterling to akron with fog we coull get drizzle this morning. some light showers making for wet roads up along 76 and maybe even out east on i-70 to burlington. this all clears up. you notice more shine and clear skies out east and a beautiful start to ur afternoon. we're going to be in for more sunshine today and the tropical storm we were talking about down south is bringing more rain into arizona and new mexicoo we're going to see cloud cover from the northern edge of that but really no chance of any heavy raan for us today. overnight skies are clearing and
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skies here and patchy fog closer today in the middto upper 80s. same thing tomorrow. friday temperatures dropping 12 degrees under a mostly sunny sky with perfect temss through the weekend. low 80s on saturday. here's your first alert. we're in the upper 80s on sunday. look at next tuesday though. quite a bit cooler. numbers rop dramatically with a chance of showers on tuesday and that's going to feel a lot more like fall. >> people are going to and think when is it going to snow? >> that is what we think this time of year, yes. >> people are going to freak out. freak out, we have a good drive here ten minutes until 5:00 this is i-25 by cross roads. so far so good for us. no weather related issues there on i-25 to the north. take a look at the rive in the town a lot of green. 119 and 287 the drive out to the west side through long monday and fort collins and greeley
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open for us. no hold hold ups. itt tech is closing for food affecting two locations right here in colorado. westminster and aurora locations. if you attended itt tech and owe student loans the federal government says your loans could be forgiven. >> it's a big day for apple. they are unveiling a new today. plus one airport is using ?obots. in today's tech bytes apple is expected to answer big questions today. >> first, will the iphone seven have a head phone jack and how will you connect the head phones? >> apple is also announcing a second generation watch. for those looking for fashion and function, luxury designer michael cores is out
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watch. >> the price tag is 350 dollars. a cool new drone is taking to the skies taking off like a helicopter and flies ike an airplane with speeds up to 50 miles per hour. >> the quantum drone is a pro toe type but the goal is to use it for everything from deliveries to creating 3d maps. those are your tech bytes. have a great day. baptism is a joyous couldn't wait. this video of this boy going viral next. viral next. your kids ccn score fre moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing, listerine? total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care
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one girl in louisiana is an avid donald trump fan so much so she wanted a cake but an employee wouldn't grant hee wish so she took to facebook to vent. she posted this mesge and her mom went to their local store to get a birthday cake. she wanted an american flag with the words "trump 2016" on it and the employee refused. >> we needed a cake with donald trump on it and he was like trump? she was like i'm definitely not going to write trump on it. it's your job so we're not going for your opinion of what you
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we just wanted trump 2016 on the cake. >> the bakery released a statement for the behavior and would be happy to make the cake as requested. one brewery shop brewing coffee with actual pot in it. after months of daily cbd oil with coffee he decided to infuse coffee with hem with pain, anxiety and hang overs and other ailments. one pound costs 75 dollars. colorado kids can get a free breakfast at mcdonald's. students from kindergarten to 8th grade re eligible for a free egg mc muffin with apps slices and juice. call ahead for your location.
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for a beautiful day today. we have fog this morning. it's gorgeous. highs in the mid to upper 80s today and tomorrow. cooler by friday. we'll likely see these numbers drop a good 10-12 degrees. the radar is clearing out. you can see patchy fog up to the east. a dry day for us here in colorado. patchy fog early on and low 60s for your kids at the bus stop this 86 by 3:00. don't forget we're living in colorado. right now a good easy drive here around town. later on this morning at about 9:00 up hhre in silver thorn we're going to have ourselves a little cattle call going from the cake creek ranch and they're closing it down at 9:00. you can see near i-70 it's wide open but we'll have that
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down later this morning. the five mile summit stretch of mount evans road is closed. the road from echo lake to summit lake will stay open until early october. a 63-year old man is back the summit. he was rescued yesterday after getting hurt sunday night. have you ever been so excited about something you just can't wait? video of a going viral. >> it started out as a traditional baptism but he got impatient so he decided to ttke matters into his own hands. >> of the father, son. >> do it [ laughter ] one of the decons of the church says that's the first time this ever happened. this video has now been seen thousands of kids.
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there's more news coming up on denver seven at 5:00 including a group to protect prairie dogs. a new school year and new flu accinations and this year's guidelines may make it harder to
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? ? ?
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a man minding his own businesssat a local restaurant when someone slices his throat. who police are looking for. look at him. >> you don't drive over live animals. what does that feel like? >> local activists taking on developer saying he'' being uel to a common creature. live inside civic center park trans formed into nfl kickoff village. the fun starts today and everything you need to know coming up. let the party begin. lisa is back from her mini vacation. >> it's a good thing i love my job. waking up at 2:30 is no fun. >> i look forward to it every morning.


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