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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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f0 right now at 4:30 we're tracking breaking news out of lakewood are rescuers rescued a 5-year-old child when the fire broke out from the second floor. the child and father were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. both apparently should be fine. it's not clear what started that fire. this douglas county detective is in the hospital, a why his doctors say it is a miracle he survived. did you stay up? the broncos won. but their victory over the panthers is not what people are talking about this morning. it's what one of the players did before the game that has everyone talking. >> it was an amazing game. yes, it was a little late. my voice is a littling from e this morning -- little froggy this morning.
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chilly. the front rolling into the state as we speak. expecting fog east, stretching into nebraska and kansas. you're going to find sunshine this morning. mid- to upper 50s early on, and pretty cool this afternoon, compared to yesterday where we were at near 90. we have highs today in the mid- to upper 70s with a lot of sunshine. like yesterday, blue skies are going to dominate. tonight into early saturday it gets cooler. upper 40s now, denver today 78. our foothills, upper 60s to near 70. evergreen 73. in castle rock 74. here's your first alert this is a dry system, so it's going to be cooler, but we're not going to see rain from it. here's your first alert we're going to need new tape. >> that was nicole. >> oh, that was nicole? good. you can see i-25 by mile high looking just fine. we had a lot of people trying
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yesterday. took a long time. now wide open conditions anywhere around the stadium this morning. you see a lot of green out there. drive getting out or from dia. overnight road work on the outbound side of pena, but no significant delays at this point. if we were to bobble this snap, we could get another chance. >> and the kick snap a little high. probably just enough missed timing. >> what a win for the denver broncos. it came down to a missed field goal at the last second. final score denver 21, carolina 20. >> you were there to see it, dayle. the broncos were 3-point under
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moments of the game happened before the kickoff. all eyes were on the players during the national anthem. number 54, brandon marshall, took a knee on the sideline. denver7's jason gruenauer is live at mile high this mmrning. he says this is all about social justice. >> reporter: yes, social injustice is what he said he is protesting, takingga stand by taking a knee with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick who started kind of this protest originally by sitting on the national anthem, then by king a knee. we knew it was going to happen at some point during an nfl game this weekend, and sure enough last night linebacker brandon marshall took a knee. afterwards he was asked about that protest, that symbolic geste he did. he said "i'm not against the military or police. i'm not against america. i am against social injustice ." he tells our troy renck he
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the broncos released a statement that said they encourage their players to stand during the national anthem, but respect the fact it is a personal decision to do so or in marshall's case, to not to do so. he also says he is going to go beyond just a gesture. along wi donated money to charity, marshall says he'll be donating money and plans to continue to kneel during the national anthem. it l social media. we'll be talking about it throughout the morning. coming up, hear from marshall in his own words. live at mile high, jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> we will have plenty of broncos' coverage all morning long. woody paige and lionel bienvenu will have more coming up.
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police confirmed it was road rage that led to two deaths. police say a driver of a kia got out of the car and began banging on the window of a prius. the prius turned up the onramp but accidently hit the man. a good samaritan, ron johnson stopped to help, he and the other man were hit by another car and died. we spoke to johnson's daughter and he was a former emt. >> that was so like him to get out of the car and help somebody who needed something. >> the driver who hit the two men will not face charges because he stopped to help after the crash. today marks one week since this man, douglas county deputy dan bright was shot in the line of duty. katie lasalle is live outside the hospital in parker with the latest on his recovery. >> reporter: good morning to
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bright was listed and his doctors told us he is making promising progress, this after being listed in very critical condition when the shooting took place about a week ago today. here this morning we're hoping to learn a little bit more about his condition and about the investigation that's still ongoing at a press conference starting at 8:30 here at the hospital. about a week ago detective bright was injured while responding to a suicidal suspect. he was shot when randall broddick fired shots. he was shot and killed by a responding officer and there's been an outpouring of support. now, today the douglas county sheriff and the district attorney and the trauma medical director here at the hospital
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bright's brother, will all speak about this ongoing current condition, and ht's hopefully we'll bring it to you onair and online at in parker, katie lasalle, denver 7. in fort collins four people were taken to the hospital after possibly being exposed to arsenic found in an abandoned storage trailer. the men were hired to prepare the trailer for auction. one of them accidently opened a bottle labored arsenic. the workers were taken to a hospital for evaluation. it's not clear in arsenic was actual in the bottle, but the substance is being tested this morning. a new study says more steps should be taken to make marijuana edibles less appealing to kids. this is out of the university of washington. our state already has changed some guidelines. animal shaped edibles have been banned. the study says the color, taste
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as well. arvada police want to find this man as soon as possible. he was caught looking into the window of a 17-year-old girl's bedroom window. if you recognize him, arvada police want you to call them. police on the cu boulder campus are trying to find this man in these photographs. he gropeed a woman at broadway and college station. happened sunday morning at 8 if you know ssmething call crimestoppers. liftoff, 7-year mission. >> with that, colorado is back in space. united launch alliance based in centennial put together yesterday's launch in florida.
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>> pretty cool to see. the broncos' primetime victory put denver on the national stage. but did it highlight our homeless problem or sweep it under the rug? a horrible case of child abuse that was going on for years. we're loooing at how a boy slipped through the cracks in longmont. you're going to find a lot of tired people today staying up last night for the game. but it's beautiful in through the weekend. today cooler. we're tracking a cold front. we're going to talk about the
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denver police believe this man, anthony marquette ealy, is the person who slit a customer's throat at a restaurant in highlands. he is due in court this morning. he is being held for investigation of attempted murder and first degree assault. it happened on west 32nd. injuries. police say this was a random act of violence. the father of a malnourished blind, and set to be in court this t is morning. david hall is accused of felony child abuse, and his wife, vanessa, is facing the same charges. an arrest warrant states it's been eight years since their son went to a doctor, dentist or school. we wanted to know how he fell through the cracks. the concerns only came to light
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this week. doctors said it was from near fatal malnutrition. autism experts we spoke to say autistic children often do want restricted diets. >> a lot of time it's lack of awareness, lack of education and these problems build and build. >> according to the arrest warrant, the parents denied their son's condition and the father was more concerned abt security payments. you may have been paying fees on an account you didn't know existed. federal investigators blew the lid of a a scheme at wells fargo. employees this made 2 million phony savings and credit accounts so the bank would earn overdraft fees, boosting employees' sales targets. the company has already fired more than 5,000 employees.
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governor, john hickenlooper, rappeling down a denver highrise. he of course was wearing a broncos jersey, too. he descended the 32 floor apartment building yesterday to raise awareness about cancer. he raised over a thousand by doing that. here's another thing you don't see every day, hundreds of pictures taking pictures of this black bear on the cu boulder campus. >> the bear was just hanging out then he climbed up into a tree. just taking in the afternoon. parks and wildlife decided to leave him alone because they say he wasn't bothering anyone. >> he's a college bear. >> and it was a pretty day. >> can't blame the guy. perfect yesterday. it was pretty hot in the afternoon, though. we had temps near 0. today we're a good 10, even 15 degrees cooler. we are at this point. tracking a cold front rolling that front is going bring much -
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heading into the weekend. we'll slowly start to rebound saturday into sunday. still very dark, but we have clear skies here in denver, and likely still patchy fog on the far eastern plains this morning. futurecast showing a few clouds, again, closer to burlington. toddy with that front rolling through, it's a pretty dry system, so we're likely going to see plenty of sunshine here in denver. we'll get a few more clouds by this afternoon. look up to the northeast, near sterling and just east of a few isolated storms, a little bit more cloud cover there. and a few clouds rolling into town by the afternoon and early% evening. pretty dry system, though. all in all, when you look at this front. and by early tomorrow morning we're under more sunshine. it's going to be a mild, cool day. low, mid-70s between about noon and 2:00. denver today a high of 77, which means a bigger cool down
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some of our mountain towns are going to see lows tonight in the 30s. erie, you're at 78 this afternoon. allenspark, 66. we've got parker today at 76. some pretty good numbers and about 4 to 5 degrees below normal. still warm down to the south and east. pueblo and lamar in the mid- to upper 80s. still warmer there. but more 60s and 70ssfor tomorrow warmer, closer to normal. the dry weather we talked about. it will be sunny through the weekend. it stays dry through the first of next week. monday a chance of a few storms. that's when we'll be tracking this next system that will bring a chance for more showers, cloud cover, and 60s to near 70 on tuesday. heading into the middle of next week we stay in the 70s. quite a bit cooler. normal high today, 82.
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feels nice and crisp outside now. light conditions anywhere you want to go, including on 225 from parker road. it was a really busy drive. we had an accident down here near yosemite yesterday and it caused a ripple effect and delays to linger from mississippi and iliff down here to the denver tech center. take a look at the overall driv and you're not seeing issues on parker or havana, hampden, all wide open through the east side of town. no issues on 270. we'll start to see more traffic in a little bit on 270. and through boulder, the diagonal also looking nice now. how about that broncos' win? our defending champs are keeping denver in the national spotlight. >> fans brought serious energy for the super bowl rematch. that seemed to be overshadowed by the problems at the 16th street mall. >> it means so much for the
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seeing how wonderful colorado and the city of denver is, this brings more attention. ?> officials with visit denver say it's still too early to know the economic impact just from last night's game. we already know at least one doctor's office in town gave its employees the day off so they could stay up and watch the game and celebrate the win. >> which is a smart move for them. this game could do a lot to help the broncos' chances moving forward. >> well, it was a night here at mile high, woody paige. started with a championship celebration. peyton manning coming out, holding the trophy, celebrating the win over the panthers seven months ago, and ended with the celebration. trevor siemian running off the field holding his hands high. they're 1-0 to stop the season. >> if i were the panthers i'd say, enough of this.
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anymore. next year they don't have to play them. they saw what happened in the super bowl, they saw what happened in a situation when they did get in the situation at the end of the game to kick a field goal. they kicked it and it was successful. but gary kubiak called a timeout. best call he's ever made in his and on the second attempt, he missed it. we talked game, swirlinggwinds down here. i think that could confuse the kicker. broncos celebration before the game as you said, exuberance after thgame. >> let's listen to some of the broncos talk about this victory. >> i'll tell you exactly what i tell the guys, i'm proud of them. close football game, great game. we won because we continued to battle and battle and believe, and at the same time we had so many mistakes and i will not let up on them.
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playing and coaching. we survived tonight. >> there you have it, the one team in just about everybody's power rankings. >> not anymore. >> not a lot of people picked the broncos to win. but they came through and i think trevor siemian's baptism under fire against a good got the turnovers out of the way early. what do you look for him to do in game two? >> i think we'll see the advancement you always want out of a yog from game one to game two. i think with the turnovers he realized what he can get away with. he was kiid of controllinn his passes in the second half, working more to guys that have better experience. so i think he's going to improve. got a situation here, i think, where this is going to be 3 nothing but another conffdence builder. the defense will say, see, we've been telling you guys, and the offense will say to %
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good for all of them. >> good for everybody here tonight. everybody broncos fan went home happy. back to you in the studio. old medicine going down our drain isn't the only problem. drain isn't the only problem. what 2 cu to those who don't run from mud...but through it. who know it wasn't a day at the beach... unless someone got buried. to the fullbacks... gearheads... and those with green thumbs. the stinky... even those who get a little icky. to all the beautiful mess makers, keep it up... with delta in2ition plus h2okinetic, you can. see what delta can do. dive into delight, where chocolatey-goodness intertwines with 20% of your daily fiber. so magical it could have been called paradise of heavens. but it wasn't.
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we have breaking news just in out of colorado springs, there's been an early morning
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dead. police are working to figure out how the fire broke out and the person died. stay with denver 7 and we will 3 bring you any updates. it's now 4:54. here's your first alert that out east we're still dealing with some fog. it has been pretty foggy every morning this week. live look from our viera wireless camera there in burlington, so that drive on i- 70 into kansas is going to look a lot like this. so do be careful. here in denver lots of sunssine this morning. we'll be in the upper 50s to 6 heading to school. cold front rolling through the state as we speak, so it's a lot cooler today. beautiful, though. here's your first alert we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s today, ith a lot of sunshine. 3 denver 77. highlands ranch 79. and in castle rock, jayson, highs in the low to mid-70s. i was thinking 77 might be one of my favorite temperatures. 7is not as fun. santa fe and florida is an easy
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we will see increased traffic, but nothing like over the labor day holiday. i-70 is wide open. i've seen very few cars or trucks here through georgetown. easy driving on 285 as well. prescription medications, waste, hormones, it's all in our water. twocu premed students are so concerned about that, they've created a new kind of water filter. their soon to be patented targeting harmful estrogen. >> for estrogen in particular, ere's landfill, seeping out, livestock, industry waste. >> we found hormone imbalances add up and has a serious effect on your well-being. >> they found the lel of estrogen is so high in the boulder creek when students are
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has been feminizeed. now to tech news, we have the latest on the mad dash for the iphone 7 and how chipotle is upgrading its delivery. >> the rush is on for the iphone 7. apple began taking preorders at midnight pacific time. >> don't expect to see the first weekend sales number. they won't release them, saying it already knows it binge watching streaming service is the new play for kids. a new study finds kids are spending more time watching programming than playing outside. >> they are spending an average of neaaly two hours a day, but average just four to seven minutes a day playing outside. finally, drone deliveries are the beginning of something
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students, with burritos. >> chipotle began the service at virginia tech. students across the country are looking for a new constitutional, after itt tech closes down, how scammers are cashing in. we'll tell you about the phone the feds don't want anywhere near a plane.
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it is 5:00 a.m. we are just getting new information about this house fire in lakewood. we have just learned from west metro fire that a 5-year-old girl was hiding in a closet when the fire happened. firefighters had to rescue the girl from the second floor. both that girl and her dad were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation. thankfully, they did make it out. this happened at a home on vakkar way. a local family's security cameras capture a man peeping into their teen daughter's bedroom. police are looking for that man before he does it again. a man groping women at cu boulder, where he was last seen. and we're going to keep on cheering this morning for the broncos. they beat the panthers. it went pretty late. i didn't stay up.


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