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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 18, 2016 2:05am-2:35am MDT

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all right, sweetheart. we are near najaf. i'm not allowed to say exactly where. hey, dwight, say hello to jenny. he's cheating on you! nice. with a camel -- a drunk, slutty camel. all right, look, it was one time, okay, and the camel's been texting me, but it's over, i promise. hello? psd. you see those guys? private contractors. they make 700 bucks day. i ke 7. hey, yeah, but you know what they got to do? they got to -- [ gunshots ] dwight! [ gunfire continues ] [ static ] [ tape rewinding ] they got to -- [ gunshots ] dwight!
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well, she was, but... oh. oh, i'm sorry. i'm not mad. it happens. look, i don't want charity. we are not a charity. i just want my rehab. and if i'm gonna work -- and i want to work -- dr. laroque says i need another year and a half of hard-core rehab, maybe two more surgeries. castleman shot me up. i just want them to pay my bills. no more, no less. hmm. the army investigation determined you were -- what, they said you were hit by insurgents? yeah, that's because castleman refused to cooperate in that investigation. and they can do that? no one's stopping them. they're cowboys. they go off all the time -- boom, boom. you know, i just want them to do right by me. pardon me, mr., uh... oh, uh, nathan ford. you're dr. lar-- could i talk to you outside?
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with me. uh, yeah. i'll be in touch. you can't just come in here and get his hopes up. you know, i'm just here to provide options. there are no options! the veterans hospital -- 400 miles away and has a 5-month waiting list. everybody in that rehab room is a reservist. when reservists get out, they get sent home, no matter where home is reatment they need. nobody thought this through. we're not a rich hospital. i cashed in every favor i had to take care of these kids for as long as i could, but -- i have to go back in there and tell perry we can't treat him anymore. i have to do that. run your scam on somebody with money. it's not a scam. i'm here to help. people don't just show up to help.
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hardison, call them. [ voice breaking ] why? why? i can't live like this anymore! the lies and the filth! no! help me! i just -- i want to be clean. i want to be clean! [ sobbing ] yeah. you understand this is a soap commercial, right? uh-huh. well, when i thought about peggy, i came up with this idea that the dirt is really this giant, like, metaphor for sin. [ cellphone rings ] you should take that. no, no. you should take that. [ ringing continues ] hello? when? [ scoffs ] peggy killed her first husband.
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[ door closes ] [ cellphone ringing ] is that you or me? [ ringing continues ] it could be important. does your mama have your number? [ ringing continues ] yeah. nothing. why? [ cellphone rings ] parker: parker. oh, sh-- no, i wasn't shushing you. from the first job? yeah. i put all that money in a swiss bank account.


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