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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, violent protests erupt in north carolina after a deadly police shooting. >> how many times? >> protesters destroying police cars injuring at least a dozen officers, setting fires, shutting down a highway and looting trucks. the driver trapped inside terrified. >> they're on the back of the trailer as we speak right now. >> as outrage grows nationwide over police shootings. breaking right now, massive wildfires tear through the west torching 12,000 acres. burning through an air force base and delaying a rocket launch. and closing in on a highway. now concerns growing as winds pick up in the west. donald trump facing new questions about his charity accused of using more than $250,000 of donated to settle
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portraits of himself. the investigation this morning. and a hollywood ending. angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt. after 12 years together and just two years married -- >> are you out of your mind? what is wrong with you? >> you're what's wrong with me. >> what was behind their surprising split and who will get custody of their six children as the power couple parts ways? we have a lot of breaking news to get to starting with those protests that erupted in charlotte, north carolina overnight. >> take a look at that scary scene. hundreds of people, people in the streets closing down a highway after an officer shot and killed a man. police say he was armed by his family says that is not true. these protests come on top of that deadly shooting in tulsa, oklahoma. tensions mounting all across the
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had a violent and chaotic night. steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. even now hours after the fighting, you can still smell the smoke in the air. we are standing outside a store where a number of people broke in and tried tgs. lawmakers, looters and common criminals ended it. through the night the streets of charlotte were on fire frightened families watched the televisions at home as large crowds of mostly young african-american residents blocked highways, set fires and tried to overturn this police car. police used flash grenades to send the crowds away. at least a dozen officers were hurt. the night began peacefully, hundreds of people came to protest the police shooting death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. he wasn't the person they were looking for, but police say they were forced to shoot when he pulled out a gun. police say they recovered a gun at the scene.
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weapon, they engage him and one of the officers felt a lethal threat and fired his weapon because of that. >> reporter: but his family says he was unarmed and holding a book he was reading in the car. on facebook his daughter posted a livestream that appears to come from the scene. >> the police just shot my daddy four times for being black. >> reporter: but in this case police confirm both the victim and the police officer are african-american. it's a much different story in tulsa but no less controversial. in the police shooting here officer betty shelby says terence crutcher would not listen to any of her commands when the officer says she felt the man was on drugs. >> she's screaming at him, stop, stop, stop. he walks up to the window, faces the suv and then looks at her and then his left hand goes into the car window and that's when she fired her shot. >> shots fired. >> reporter: but attorneys for crutcher's family tell a different story and say the video shows there's no way he could have reached into that
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>> the window was up, so how could he be reaching into the car if the window is up and there is blood on the glass? >> reporter: police tell abc new that is investigators found what they believe is pcp in crutcher's car but the tests are not complete. crutcher's attorney says this is another case of police denizing the victim and justifying the shooting of an unarmed man. authorities are promising a thorough investigation into the shooting. the black police chief here and the mayor are asking for calm. robin. >> all right, steve, thank you. we're going to bring in abc's senior jus sis correspondent pierre thomas. this seems like an especially dangerous moment in time. have you ever seen tensions this high? >> reporter: good morning, robin. it is. rioting in charlotte comes at a tinderbox moment. dramatic killings of african-american men caught on tape. remember that case in minnesota with the woman describing her boyfriend being shot to death on facebook live. also the baton rouge police
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days before the charlotte shooting, that chilling video of a man in tulsa being shot with his hands in the air, unarmed. these have left many in the african-american concerned, fearful and quite frankly, angry. nfl quarterback colin kaepernick and the debates he sparked shows this is part of a national dy log -- dialogue, and it also comes at a time when violent crime is rising in some communities andhe shoot-outs is up dramatically, so many officers are concerned for their own safety and believe the black lives matter issue is overblown. >> if the police didn't have body cams in charlotte, how does this affect the investigation? >> it makes it much more complicated. you need the body cams because the days are over when many in the african-american community will simply accept the position of the police and that's why i expect to see the justice department to come here and investigate because they are now the referee in these cases. >> yes, they are. all right, pierre, thanks very much. >> so much will depend on whetheor not they can
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we move on to the race for the white house. with 48 days until the final vote donald trump under fire over his foundation. "the washington post" reported that trump used more than $250,000 to settle personal business lawsuits and tom llamas is on the trial with trump in raleigh, north carolina. good morning, tom. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. this is exactly the type of story that has knocked trump off message in the past. trump has said he's donated more than $100 million to charity. but he's never provided any proof. this morning there is proof he donated a lot of money to charities for questionable reasons and a lot of that money wasn't out of his pocket. donald trump is always pointing the finger at systems he calls corrupt and rigged. but now it's trump's foundation being accused of shady deals. "the washington post" finding several instances where trump allegedly used foundation money to settle lawsuits and for personal gain. a charity violation known as
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in one case, trump racked up a $120,000 fine at his mar-a-lago resort for a flagpole nearly twice the size allowed in town. he settled by agreeing to donate $100,000 to a veterans charity. the problem, abc news has learned the check came from the donald trump foundation, not trump himself. >> let's make clear to the viewers a veterans charity received $100,000 because of that. i'm sure they benefited from it. >> reporter: just last night, uses in his businesses, called -- >> opm. other people's money. >> reporter: a way he can spend without using his money in some cases. >> i do that all the time in business. called other people's money. there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> reporter: but did trump do the same thing with his foundation? the billionaire candidate is accused of buying art with the foundation money.
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on this portrait of himself seen here on tripadvisor's website. the foundation's tax returns show the last time he made a personal contribution was eight years ago. "the post" reports since then he spent $12,000 of the foundation's money at a charity auction to buy a helmet signed by tim tebow. >> one candidate's family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation his charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. >> reporter: now the trump campaign says that everything has been reported to the irs and this report is, a, quote, distraction from the corrupt clinton campaign. we should mention the new york attorney general is investigating the trump foundation right now for a donation it made to a group supporting florida's attorney
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at the time bondi was considering investigating trump university. she never did. bondi says she would never exchange favors for donations. george. >> okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk about this with matthew dowd and now you have this new york attorney general investigating the trump foundation amid these allegations. trump university in court in california and possibly in new york. as well, and at what point do these charges start to weigh trump down? >> i think they're already going to have an impact. it's exceedingly problematic for trump and his campaign making the argument against the clintons on their foundation. now it's almost as if al capone is accusing bonnie and clyde of being crooked and you're in a position where you can't do that anymore so i think it's already beginning to undercut them. >> in the meantime, this comes up before the first debate monday night. the stakes could not be higher. you'll have more than 90 million people, maybe more than 100 million watching 90 minutes, the two of them on stage with a moderator. both you and i have helped prep presidential candidates for debates like this. in this case with that kind of an audience both of them would
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possible, be as positive as you can? >> they will try that, but it's incumbent for hillary to have trump break out and incumbent on trump to stay calm and steady. this will be the largest audience any of these candidates faces, three times as what watched the republican convention and democratic convention so it's a super bowl size convention. >> you think hillary clinton is under more pressure to go on offense, to go on the attack. >> she's been dwindling in the polls. the polls closed over the last the issue on donald trump. if donald trump doesn't do anything in the debate he wins so she has to force the attack. >> the prep couldn't be more different. hillary clinton tapering off the next six days full-blown debate prep. donald trump meeting with his advisers throwing questions back and forth. >> i think hillary clinton's really smart about this, because if you look at the moments left in this campaign, there's four.
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one vice presidential debate and those are the most important things left. it's not three rallies around country. i think taking time off resting is the best strategy in this. >> the moment on monday could not be bigger. thanks very much. to the latest on suspected bomber ahmad rahami. officially charged with using weapons of mass destruction here in new york and new jersey. as new details about the attack and his wife emerge. abc's chief investigative correspondent, brian ross, is here with those details. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the new federal charges lay out in detail how rahami assembled the components, built the bombs and planted them in four locations. alleging he was motivated by calls from overseas jihadist leaders to attack nonbelievers wherever they live. officials say the planning for the fateful day he would plant allegedly hidden in roller suitcases began at least three months ago. the complaint says fingerprints and forensic evidence tie him directly to the bomb that went off in new york. the bomb that failed to detonate four blocks away, plus the bomb placed at a marine corps charity race in new jersey, and at a new
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and the complaint also describes two of rahami's favorite videos on youtube as jihadi anthems including this one. ? the charges come the day after rahami's father told reporters he had warned the fbi two years ago that his son had developed connections to terrorists. >> i called the fbi two years ago and told them you got a connection with this guy. >> reporter: but the fbi says the father later recanted his allegations and the son was never questioned by the fbi. investigation at that point, i would have asked, why are we not doing it? >> reporter: the father's allegations followed his son's yearlong trip to pakistan, which is now a key to the investigation. officials today are reviewing photos posted on facebook of the accused bomber. while in pakistan, rahami also married and had two children with this woman, asia bibi who entered the u.s. at kennedy airport in may 2014 and then
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in june around the very time officials say her husband began to build his bombs. this morning, officials confirm rahami's wife was interviewed by the fbi tuesday after she was stopped at the dubai airport attempting to board a flight to the u.s. the fbi's looking to talk to other relatives as well in the complaint, officials sara -- say family member's cell phone doing a kind of test run in the family backyard just days before the actual bombing. the complaint does not identify which family member may have recorded that. >> that's the issue there. all right, brian, thank you very much. all right, everybody, take a look at this massive blaze. one of the wildfires tearing through the west burning through an air force base and ginger is here with the growing threat and good morning, ginger. >> another morning where we wake up and the canyon fire is even bigger but now it's 45% contained and the rocket launch on sunday was delayed because of this fire, but again, they are saying in their small area, things are getting better.
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getting better. look at this video in california. this is in newhall, california where they had to shut down parts of i-5 northbound for a time so just north of los angeles. things are really lighting up there. we wish that the remnants of paine which was in the pacific would have made it there but the moisture did just only a little. most of this area still going to see those santa ana winds kick up. we could see gusts up to 55. it's not looking great, george. >> thanks very much. we move on to the new outrage over epipens, mylan's ceo on the hot seat facing tough qstions from congress over whether her mom was improperly promoting the product. abc's mary bruce is on capitol hill with the story. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, george. the mylan ceo is already being
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and now learning more about the role her family may have played in the lucrative growth of this life-saving shot. this morning, embattled mylan pharmaceutical ceo heather bresch facing new questions about the role her mother played in promoting her company's blockbuster product. >> you should always carry two epipen auto injectors. >> reporter: mylan under fire for raising the price of the life-saving treatment used by severe allergy sufferers from $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today. >> the last thing that we would ever want is no one to have their epipen due to price. >> reporter: now "usa today" reporting bresch's mother, gayle manchin, the former head of a powerful national education group, led an unprecedented encouraging states to require schools to purchase products like epipens. a campaign that reportedly drove the devices to become staples in schools. the drugmaker now pushing back saying in a statement that the report is factually inaccurate and that hundreds of thousands of epipens were donated with no restrictions. but at least one state, new york, is beginning an investigation into mylan's school contracts for alleged anti-competitive business practices. bresch's family ties have been called into question already.
7:16 am
senator, joe manchin. we caught up with him recently. are you satisfied with mylan's response to the outrage over epipen pricing? but he declined to answer our questions. >> i'm happy to speak about that later. >> reporter: and senator manchin is not commenting directly on his wife's role. meanwhile, his daughter will be grilled by lawmakers today. heather bresch is expected to be unapologetic and fierce in her defense of the company and her salary. george. >> but she will come fire. okay, mary, thanks very much. now to amy with today's other top stories starting with a mystery near san francisco. >> that's right. thousands of people were told to stay indoors overnight. this was in the city of vallejo, california in the bay area and told to shelter in place with windows closed because of a strong gas odor sweeping across the area. firefighters say the odor is not natural gas and it is not coming from a nearby refinery. the coast guard found a sheen on the water but they were not sure where it was coming from so we'll have more details for you as we get them. in the meantime, millions of drivers paying more at the pump
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the largest pipeline in the country is resuming operation today thanks to a new bypass line. a recent leak in alabama caused two weeks of disruptions leading to gas shortages in several southeastern states. well, the united states blames russia for attacking a convoy carrying much needed humanitarian aid in syria. 20 people were killed. the u.n. has stopped all such deliveries. four aid workers died in a separate attack. the board of directors at wells fargo will now decide whether to punish ceo john stumpf after he was grilled on capitol hill for the bank's massive account frau senator elizabeth warren demanded stumpf resign and accused him of gutless leadership for blaming junior employees. stumpf apologized for the fake accounts but acknowledged no executives were fired. how about good news? how about a mother's love on display. take a look at what happened during the baltimore orioles game when a player, trey mancini, made his debut.
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mom's reaction there in the stand. you know, they later got the ball, gave it to mom as a souvenir but think about this. his first hit in the major leagues was a home run. >> all right. >> oh, the joy, the joy, the joy. you got a little baseball behind you there. >> i do have a little baseball. anywhere else you see a tarp on a field, rain delay, no big deal. this only happened six types in the san diego padres' history so diamondbacks were playing them. hey, padres, what is that on your field because people from san diego and arizona say we're not used to that. more rain on the way and more in parts of the nation. wisconsin back to minneapolis could see flooding rains. your local weather in 30 seconds. first though, this is brought to
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good wednesday morning. today is the last official day of summer and highs also feeling warm. above average temperatures still 83 in denver. same in highlands ranch. mid to upper 80s across the north eastern plains and 60s and foothills. a mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon. as we so i'll do more sports forecasting. twins and tigers, watch out. rain on the way. i had to ask though -- i thought it was the minneapolis twins. it's the minnesota twins. i'm learning. >> close enough. >> yes, you are. coming up, the surprising
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angelina jolie and brad pitt announcing their divorce. what both are saying this morning. caught on camera. >> some disturbing video of a man mugged while playing pokemon go. >> i'm sorry, george. does a fitness tracker help you stay in shape? a lot of people wear them and you'll find out in the research. >> who has one on? >> not me. >> get moving. trey brown, director of college scouting. the surface pro allows us to be flexible and get work done where ever we can. it's a laptop, i take the keyboard off, it's a tablet.
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good morning, hospitals have to be ready for anything and one denver hospital is practicing for a mass casualty situation. jason gruenauer has details about today's drill. >> reporter: good morning, starting around 9:00 a.m. if ambulances than usual, don't worry. it's just a practice. they are work b on an exercise for radiation exposure. they are bringing in fake patients treating it like a real life emergency. if something were to happen they would come here and want to be ready. it's 7:23. this is your first alert today
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denver metro area. 65 at the airport and a slight chance for a few passing showers and storms mainly in the mountains and foothills. highs today still above average. 76 degrees and highs in the low 80s under mostly cloudy
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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a busy day for body shops because numerous crashes around to before university, southbound at i-25 before the franklin bridge. heavy stop and go out of downtown. take a look at the map. other problem spots and they finally cleared the accident on i-70 near havana. the traffic jam is back to tower road also affecting northbound 225 up from mississippi. an accident on i-70 before federal causing the extra jam from sheridan, heavy stop and go. earlier problems there and still
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7:30 am you think this story you think this story is going to have a happy ending. >> happy endings are stories that haven't finished yet. >> well, a not so happy ending for brad pitt and angelina jolie. there they are in "mr. and mrs. smith." their romance reportedly starting while filming that and now she has filed for divorce and we'll have much more on that in just a moment. >> took a lot of people by surprise. also right now the mayor in charlotte, north carolina, asking for peace after violent protests erupted over a deadly police shooting. a least a dozen officers injured and an investigation under way right now. samsung devices will be available for exchange today after a malfunction causing them to overheat and explode. the company announced over 500,000 new galaxy note 7s are available. >> hallelujah. we have that big headline about fitness trackers in your health. do they really help you lose weight? a lot of people around here use
7:31 am
we have new research with dr. jen ashton here live with us. >> not just wearing it, you have to do the work. >> yes. >> interesting what it does to your mind to what you think you can do if you're wearing it. >> that's it. that could be it. >> or give it to somebody else and let them do the work. sneaky. >> you're the hall of famer, okay. we begin with that blockbuster breakup. angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt. so many questions this morning about what went wrong and what it means for the couple's six children. the split. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. despite rumors of a possible brad pitt affair, sources telling us that a third party did not cause the split and while the couple hasn't directly addressed the rumors of what separated them, both issued statements about what still unites them. the well-being of their kids. in the two films in which they stred together, "mr. and mrs. smith" then "by the sea."
7:32 am
stop. >> reporter: angelina jolie and brad pitt portray couples more cruel than caring. >> anybody who is married or in a long-term relationship knows this, that you cannot just keep things in, and you can't play it safe. >> reporter: apparently not. on monday jolie filing for divorce after 12 years of being together and just two years of marriage. in this 11-page court document obtained by abc news, irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split, not asking for child or spousal support, but asking for physical custody of the couple's six children petitioning her soon-to-be ex to get visitation rights. her attorney telling abc news this decision was made for the health of the family. pitt releasing a statement to "people" magazine saying, i'm very saddened by this but what matters most now is the well-being of our kids. the new surprising family. >> sad time and i'm concerned about the kids. >> reporter: and catching famous
7:33 am
>> i didn't know that. i feel very sorry then. and they are -- that's a sad story. >> reporter: the couple reportedly fell in love while making "mr. and mrs. smith." >> you think this story is going to have a happy ending. >> happy endings are stories that haven't finished yet. >> reporter: while pitt was still married to jennifer aniston, and then pitt, eventually her children and expanding the family and finally tying the knot at the behest of the kids. >> my kids don't even know what i do. i want them to say dad was pretty cool. >> reporter: recently the couple's been beset by rumors that pitt had developed a romantic relationship with actress marion cottilard on the set of their upcoming world war ii drama "allied." >> now kiss me. >> but sources telling abc news, there was no third party involved in the breakup. for a couple that always made
7:34 am
woman to brad and then my work. >> reporter: it's fitting they were last seen together in july grocery shopping and in this tmz photo having dinner with the kids. the now former hollywood couple has a net worth estimated in the hundreds of millions and while that blandly worded divorce document mentions that jolie will not seek child or spousal support, it doesn't mention how they would split u fortune, including their french chateau and homes in new york, hollywood and new orleans. >> we'll bring in "people's" executive editor kate coyne and our chief legal analyst dan abrams. a lot are talking about this around the breakfast table this morning. we saw the statement that brad pitt released to "people" magazine. what are your sources tell you about how he is handling all this? >> he's incredibly sad. he's heartbroken. but for an interesting more nuanced reason than i think a lot think.
7:35 am
they have had issues for quite some time. there have been ongoing discussions about calling an end to it, about calling it quits. what is particularly devastating for him right now is how this played out. his expectation was of something in the gwyneth paltrow/ben affleck and jen garner vein, they would announce a separation jointly in some way, go underground with their kids whilthe storm raged outside them. that they would basically put on a unified front and so instead to essentially wake up and learn that she had sort of acted unilaterally was incredibly saddening for him. >> the statement from her attorney, kate, that really spoke volumes saying, quote, that the reason she's filing for divorce is for the health of the family. the health of the family. >> yeah, that little statement right there sort of speaks volumes between that and filing for sole physical custody, you know, i was saying to dan
7:36 am
but from when i sit, those are fighting words. you know, that's an opening salvo right there and it really was an intense way to kick off something that i think at least from brad's camp it had been hoped this wouldn't be a battle. >> any idea why she has filed? why she's asking for divorce. >> i think it's fair to say in these ongoing discussions, in the issues they've been grappling with clearly one or both of them reached some sort of a breaking point and it wasn't pretty. >> now, you saw those well but when it comes to the whole issue of physical custody. the matter is notof husband he was, but what kind of father he is. >> the affair wouldn't matter particularly unless it related to somehow the kids. and kate is right, this is a very aggressive move to be asking for sole physical custody. she's saying let's agree to legal custody jointly meaning we make decisions for the kids together but when it comes to physical custody where they live, i want them to live with me. that's not easy to get, right.
7:37 am
children together in a family in a place to say, these children should now all be moved to me and me alone, is going to be her burden now to demonstrate that as a legal better in the best interest of the children that they should be with her and not with him. >> if you have that in the best interest of the children standard wouldn't that move pore tors a settlement than going to court? >> always, always, particularly this. and i'm sure that his attorney when he gets all of this sorted out, is probably going to mention that in the context either off the record or on the record that, boy, would have been a lot nicer to have been able to resolve this in a much
7:38 am
dragging the kids through this public separation. >> they're all minors ranking from age 8 to 15. got to keep those six children in mind in that. >> the number one priority. the preview of the big board. >> coming up on our big board, that big story about fitness trackers and see if they actually work. and lunch shaming backlash. a cafeteria working resigning after she's forced to take away a student's hot meal because his parents weren't paying. our insiders join us in two minutes. there they are.
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welcome back. time now for our big board. our team of insiders standing by li top stories. jennifer ashton ran to the table pulling a hammy to do it. we'll get to her story in a moment. we're going to start with that political bombshell first. former president george h.w. bush number 41 reportedly overheard by multiple people at an event saying he would vote for hillary clinton in november. abc's jon karl joins us now, of course, we know about the facebook posting and all.
7:41 am
that surprising. donald trump brutalized former president bush's son, jeb bush, during the republican primaries but another sense this is a bombshell because not only is he saying that he is not going to vote for donald trump, but he is going the other -- all the way to say he will vote for hillary clinton. this is the former republican president who was beaten, you'll remember, of course, by bill clinton in 1992 saying not only can't he not support trump but he's going to vote for the democrat. it's pretty shocking. >> but, jon, even if he does do that does it really sway people who traditionally maybe vote republican and say, well, he's doing it, i'll do it too? >> yeah, i don't think there's a huge constituency out there that was waiting to find out how president george h.w. bush was going to vote before deciding how to vote but, look, michael, this is the latest in a series of major figures in the republican primary and republican party, mitt romney, john kasich, ted cruz all coming out and saying that they are unwilling to vote for donald
7:42 am
it's a pretty big step. i don't think this is going to move a lot of votes but it can't help. >> how about the debate on monday? that's hispangoing to be huge, it, jon? >> that is going to be unbelievable. i mean, seeing the two of them on stage at the same time, the stakes as high as they can possibly be and you know, the experts say this will be the largest potenti potentially, that we have ever seen. >> super bowl numbers. >> i'm tuning in. guarantee you that. now to that lunch shaming backlash. a cafeteria worker resigning after she says she was forced to follow school policy and take away a student's hot meal because the child's parents owed more than $25. yeah, unbelievable stuff. here's what she had to say. >> i didn't say anything. you know, i just put the cheese sandwich on his tray and he just -- that's when he just looked and his eyes welled up. i'll never forget the little boy or forget the eyes welling up
7:43 am
>> we have educator ron clark who is joining us right now. ron, this is what the district superintendent said. he said, there has never been the intent with the adoption of the policy to shame or embarrass a child. but so how does something like this happen, first of all, and what was the school's policy in the first place? >> first of all, regardless of the policy, you ner want to shame a kid. it really breaks my heart. i feel this is a crisis but the policy is that if you receive free lunch then you automatically get the hot lunch but if according to financial afford to pay then you need to pay and if you can't, then you get the bread and the cheese. but the problem is, that's putting the kid in an embarrassing situation. the parents have not paid their lunch fees and they owe $70 to $100, all told for the district so the district trying to find a way to get the money but putting the pressure on the kid and that's wrong. you never want to put the kid in the middle. it's awkward and uncomfortable.
7:44 am
ashton, a nutritionist as well. we all know a healthy meal is vital, vital to a child and for education. >> it's extremely important because if kids or even you if you're hungry you're going to be cranky, kids will have issues, discipline problems, but when kids feel good about themselves and when they have a healthy meal, they can focus better. just think about where you work. if there's good food there you're going to want to go there. what we did at our school we have two lunches every day, a lunch at 11:00 and one at 3:00 make sure they're nutrition and healthy and kids are happy and can focus. that's what we need in our country. we're the world's number one economy, number one military, number one infrastructure and we can't provide kids wonderful lunches at school? it's a crisis. come on. >> i know, but to come on y'all is right. thank goodness for that lunch lady. to step up like that and bring it to attention. >> the hot meal is on the plate and take it away, you can't serve it to another student anyway. >> absolutely no sense. fitness trackers and your health. researchers at the university of pittsburgh monitoring over 400 millennials trying to lose weight and concluding those wearable
7:45 am
>> here's the lowdown. this is where most of the media headlines on this study got it wrong. we are getting it right here. they didn't find that the wearable devices didn't work. they put this group wearing the wearables head-to-head against a group who tracked their fitness routines online and found that they did the same. they both improved. they both lost weight. so i think the bottom line is with these wearables, if it holds you accountable, if it inspires you, if it motivates you, we know that if you record what your behaviors are people tend to do better. so, again, it's very individual. but they do have a place. >> they motivated me before i lost it. >> to get to the hall of fame. >> yeah. >> you were like, i got to get to the hall of fame. >> i have to keep up with these guys. dr. ashton, thank you very much. ron and jon, thank you both, as well. coming up, that disturbing
7:46 am
playing pokemon go, and raising big questions about safety when he come back in just two minutes. we're going to talk about that. scary situation there. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? this is ridiculous! this is ridiculous! from car insurance... to car loans. state farm is here to help life go right. feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells..
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7:48 am
and we are back now with some pretty disturbing new video that raises safety concerns about pokemon go. you see it right there. a man livestreaming the game near central park in new york captured his own mugging on camera. t.j. is here with moment. t.j.? >> you remember when this game first came out i did a story right here about the immediate safety concerns that law enforcement had about it. over the past couple of months sure enough we have seen and heard so many stories about those concerns playing out. yes, this time we're actually seeing it play out violently on camera. >> just a lazy pokemon player. >> reporter: a disturbing new video shows a man livestreaming himself playing pokemon go but ends up capturing his own mugging near central park. >> no, no, no, no, please. >> take it off. >> reporter: the attack happened
7:49 am
while rickey yaneza was searching for pokemons. the attacker sneaks up on him then pounces. >> please, please. >> reporter: the mugger then takes off with the three cell phones yaneza was using to play. he believes he was targeted because he frequents the park with other pokemon players. >> okay, i'm alive. that's all that matters really. >> reporter: the incident raising more safety concerns about the pokemon go craze. in charged with armed robbery after staking out game locations and waiting for distracted players to show up, their potential victims. this distracted pokemon go player in baltimore was caught deswiping a parked police patrol car while officers watched just steps away. >> he hit my parked patrol car. >> reporter: according to a new study in jama within a ten-day span, there were 14 crashes reportedly involving pokemon go.
7:50 am
the dark they encourage you to be aware of your surroundings and go out with friends. let this be a warning to all of us. how many times are you going to run into somebody on the street? you got to dodge them because they got their head down. >> 1:00 in the morning, central park. >> three phones, he's streaming and playing like he's at home not aware -- don't want to blame him for it but be aware. >> he never saw that punch coming. >> never saw it coming. >> glad he's okay. >> you warned us too. >> yeah. >> okay, thank you, t.j. coming up, a working mom says parents who stay at home aren't as happy as they claim and you can imagine, stirring up quite a debate. she's going to join us live. re , the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough.
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you'll notice a lot of activity around saint luke's presbyterian hospital because they areepracticing a mass casualty situation. >> reporter: it's training that they hope to never use but in case there was a large radiation exposure and people needed help, this is where they are going to send them so they want to be prepared. about 20 people with fake through a decontamination tent and things like to make sure in case something like this happened they would be ready. saint presbyterian luke only two of hospitals in the state ready for this. if you're in the area and see unusual activity, don't worry it's just a test, just a drill and just practice.
7:57 am
seeing a partly to mostly cloudy day. this tropical moirs is due to remnants of hurricane pain. -- -- moisture. our temperatures today still above average, mid 80s in greeley and 82 our expected high in boulder. 83 degrees the high in denver. relatively warm as we start our first day of fall tomorrow morning and a cool down in store temperatures back in the 60s. a lot of traffic and it's been busy for tow truck drivers. you can see the flashing lights back in here southbound i-25 before university. they are just about to clear the left lane. it's heavy and you can see it on the map coming in from downtown denver past there down to colorado boulevard and the construction zone. with all the problems on i-70
7:58 am
morning. very busy, an accident near federal is clear but still feeling the effects and seeing heavy traffic on the north
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking new details on those protests erupting overnight. riots in charlotte after a deadly police shooting. demonstrators flooding the streets there injuring at least a dozen officers shutting down a highway. we'll have the latest live from the scene. ? wake me up. more details on angelina and brad's surprise split, 1 years together, six kids. most glamorous couple. are stay-at-home moms really happy? this working mom says they're all just lying. she has parents coast to coast all fired up. now she's here to explain herself live. all that and look who is here live, mark, sofia and kiefer. look who we've designated to say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
>> yeah. >> "designated survivor." des significant natured. >> he did it. he had his mr. president voice right there for good reason. he plays the president, great new series, "designated survivor," we're talking about that i a little bit. >> i cannot wait. >> it's good. >> look who else is dropping by this morning. sofia vergara. >> teasing us last night she's right here in new york city. >> yes. >> with her man, joe manganiello right there. lara, you have big, big news about two very popular -- i won't say >> no, no, why would you even -- tinder is not my favorite app. but deejay, hit it please. we'll tell you why that song could get you in trouble on tinder. >> one of your favorite apps. >> yeah, i'm not on tinder. just saying. i have nothing against it. >> popular. i didn't say your favorite. i refuse to say -- >> it's a great way to meet people for some people and there is a new thing that we'll get into later as you might imagine. >> that is coming up.
8:02 am
morning rundown in good morning. the big story this morning, protests erupting overnight in charlotte, north carolina, after police shot and killed a man they say was armed and posed a threat. but his family and witnesses deny that. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene of those violent protests where several officers were injured. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, amy. this was yet again another case of two different groups, the demonstrators who were out earlier in the evening and then the looters and law breakers who set fires aos broke into this store and started stealing things and then overturned a truck and started stealing the cargo and burring it out in the middle of the highway. earlier in the evening, there was a group out that was peacefully protesting the shooting death of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. he wasn't the person police were looking for but they say they were forced to shoot him when he pulled out a gun. police say they did recover a gun at the scene. but his family says he was unarmed and was holding a book
8:03 am
in this case, it's important to point out that both the victim and the policeman were african-american. amy. >> all right, steve osunsami with the latest for us from charlotte. meanwhile, in tulsa, oklahoma, protesters are demanding the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man be fired and arrested. a lawyer for officer betty shelby says she opened fire on terence crutcher because he ignored police commands and was reaching into his suv. but a lawyer for crutcher's family says the suv's window could not have been reaching into it. we have new details this morning about the pan accused of setting off those bombs in new york and new jersey. he is now charged with using weapons of mass destruction. authorities say ahmad rahami planned these attacks for months and bought ingredients for the bombs including citric acid on ebay. his journal reportedly shows he was inspired by osama bin laden. his father says he warned the fbi two years ago that his son had ties to terrorists but the
8:04 am
questioned. donald trump's campaign is denying allegations he broke the law by settling lawsuits with money from his charity. "the washington post" has found that trumpdown donated more than a quarter millions to resolve disputes against two of his private clubs. in one he agreed to settle by making a 100,000 contribution to a veterans charity but the check came from his foundation, not from trump. overnight the campaign accused "the washington post" ofet the facts wrong but did not specify which facts are inaccurate. and finally on this last full day of summer, we would like to present this, an entrepreneur has received a patent for this creation to revolutionize your next barbecue. it is a combination hamburger/hot dog. he calls this the hamdog. >> yes. >> yes, all right. we're getting some yes. he first showed it to the world on the australian version of "the shark tank" and i just
8:05 am
fact calling him a hero. >>h, nicely done. >> wait for it. wait for it. boom. good job, amy. thank you. building up to it. have you recovered from the emmys? >> of course, i have. thank you. thank you very much, my friend. time for "pop news" and we're going to begin with the news you probably have heard about. a lot of people sad about angelina and brad pitt splitting up and so is adele. last night she dedicated her entire madison square garden show to the pair and in video from tmz adele addresses the hollywood heartbreak to the crowd. >> brangelina are broken up. i mean, i don't like gossiping and private lives should be private but i'm dedicating the sh tonight to them. >> she said she feels it's the end of an era and wanted to dedicate and who better to dedicate songs because, of
8:06 am
heartbreaking and she sang her heart down singing -- sang her heart down, i'm sorry, heart out, hello, it's my monday. she sang her heart out with her breakup anthems for the rest of the night and she is playing by the way in madison square garden for the rest of the week. >> oh, she is? >> yeah, you know, just -- >> do you have tickets. >> no, i don't have tickets. i'm dying to see her. i heard the show is great but she is very sad. we'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour. also in "pop news," guess who is on magazine. take a look. >> who could that be, pray tell. >> oh, that guy. >> no. it's -- no. block me out. it's the kids who -- >> there you go. >> oh, wait for it, people. i love this. >> the other four are the most important ones. >> michael jr., tanita, sofia, isabella. you were learn more about him inside.
8:07 am
family. how michael juggles it all and his mentor, his mom, dad and robin roberts. i love the story, michael, that you share about robin's advice. you were very nervous on a particular occasion. >> red carpet at the oscars, robin walks up to me. i'm so nervous, i'm sweating under this suit. she said, michael, remember, i came from sports too so she gave me the energy and just to focus and say, i can do this too. >> ever grateful. >> if i can do it, anybody can do it it was basically. >> that's sweet you shared that. >> yes, i did learn a lot about you. your kids are spectacular. >> the kids are my crowning achievement. >> my untold story. >> yes. >> my son's probably walking around college holding that right now. >> you're a very good dad. >> yeah. >> he's got some serious cred.
8:08 am
congratulations. >> thank you. meeting michael's parents were like ron alston. every parent can get a takeaway from this. hi morning ritual with his little girl. >> i am strong. >> i am strong. >> say, i am smart. >> i am smart. >> say i work hard. >> i work hard. >> and ron says they do it every day. sometimes the messages of always ends with this. >> say thank you god. >> thank you god. >> for making me. >> for making me. >> the greatest. >> the greatest. >> there's nobody. >> there's nobody. >> better. >> better. >> than me. >> than me. >> all right. give me five. give me a kiss. >> that's a great way to start your day. absolutely. i feel like -- i mean i can tell you when i saw it up in the office i left text messages for both my kids. i got to do better.
8:09 am
that. it has gone wildly viral and a little takeaway. you know what, you're the greatest. you're the greatest and you're the greatest. >> back at you. >> i was fishing. i was fishing. that's "pop news," guy. >> good "pop news." i feel good inside right now. >> you should. you're on the cover of "people." everybody, coming up new details about brad and angelina's split and what's next for their kids. are moms who work happier than those who stay at home? we have the best-selling author who is making that claim and as you can imagine getting a lot of reaction. she's here live, come on back. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by centrum silver mul multivitamins, upgraded with
8:10 am
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8:13 am
? what cao mean ? back now with more on brad pitt and angelina jolie, the two announcing their split. >> after 12 years together, two years of marriage, six children, the power couple is getting
8:14 am
>> brad. >> reporter: their love story began on set starring in the blockbuster "mr. and mrs. smith" while brad pitt was married to jennifer aniston. >> what is wrong with you? >> you're what's wrong with me. >> reporter: swirling speculation about an on set romance created a tabloid meltdown. in march of that year, aniston filed for divorce. at the time, brad pitt denying to diane sawyer that his relationship wh was to blame. >> did angelina jolie break up your marriage? >> no. >> everyone says she's a home wrecker. >> that's a good story. >> reporter: a few months later the pair went public posing for the cover of "w" magazine depicting themselves as a happy couple with kids. jolie who was already a mom to adopted son maddox later adopted ha zahara from ethiopia and had
8:15 am
jolie gave birth to twin, vivienne and knox. >> i wake up every day, you know, just the happiest mommy and i'm so lucky. >> reporter: jolie talked to george in may 2014 about whether she and brad would ever get married. >> i think the important thing is that whenever we do it that the kids have a great time. >> reporter: tying the knot just three months laettner a family affair at their chateau in france, her veil designed by all six kids with colorful drawings and jolie changing her name legally to jolie-pitt. think there's an added security that comes with it. >> you know my reason. >> reporter: the couple's last film together, 2015's "by the sea" directed by jolie depicted a husband and wife with their marriage on the rocks. >> resist happiness. >> don't quote some book -- >> you don't resist happiness. >> reporter: turning out to be a foreshadowing for hollywood's most glammous couple. here to get into it is larry hackett, the former editor of
8:16 am
you covered them for years and years. did you think it was very different priorities. >> i don't think it was very different priorities. there is a way that celebrities break up. usually it's a joint statement together, we love each other but we're going our separate ways which is what brad pitt and jennifer anise stand did. that didn't happen this time. this has the earmarks. a rough he breakup. when you have one of the parties issue a statement and saying i'm doing it for the health of the family, that is a cannon shot -- >> what do they mean. >> better be careful what's coming next is what they're saying. we better settle this and asking for sole custody of six children? that's not a good sign. that's to the press. can you imagine what's going on privately and then he said this is all about the kids which is his code for saying i'm not going to give up without a fight. it means i'm -- i'm going to fight for my kids. i don'think either one wants this to get nasty because if it does, would that affect their careers? >> you raise a very good point. no couple that i can think of in recent history has been burnished by being together.
8:17 am
definitely risen by being together. so, again, that may not be front of mind right now but if this becomes super nasty and in public and dragged out it's not good for both of them. >> what do you see next steps? >> i see cooler heads prevailing and i see lawyers and representatives of both sides saying, how can we settle this without collateral damage to the children to ourselves and to our careers and what we really want to do. she wants to be a humanitarian and do her thing. ef clearly wants to stay in hollywood and do his thing. you know, hollywood is a very forgiving place in the community. on the other hand anybody wants to see wreckage but remember this marriage as being a wonderful thing with six children and people who try to better the world and let's try to preserve that even though the two at the top of it are no longer together. >> i agree with that. >> i agree with that. larry, thanks for your insight as always. coming up the working mom making headlines saying those claim they're happy at homere lying. she'll join us next live on "good morning america." don't go anywhere.
8:18 am
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8:22 am
be happy staying at good wednesday morn, the first last official day of summer. sun and clouds throughout much ot day today, slight chance of showers and storms mainly for the mountains and foothills. tomorrow is our first day of autumn starting at 8:22 in the mo and we are back now with that big debate, samantha ettus, best-selling author stirring it up a working mom of three stirring up this debate in her new book "the pie life." >> because she writes the pursuit of mothers who do not work outside the home, she says they're making a mistake and samantha is going to be joining us live in a moment. first here's a look at her philosophy.
8:23 am
>> reporter: in bad "moms" stay-at-home moms try to mask dissatisfaction. >> i'm very happy. >> reporter: and in the new book "the pie life," best-selling author samantha ettus claims that the misery is real when it comes to moms who choose to forgo a career and stay home with the kids. saying a healthy balance of work and personal success is the key to a happy life. you owe it to humanity to work. if experienced women disappear from the workforce who is left them? >> how hard she works. >> such a hard worker. >> reporter: another important slice of the pie, letting go of the guilt that comes with being a working mom. ettus says i realize that when i was away from my kids i could be helping my framily more by being as productive at work as possible. and "the pie life" author samantha ettus joins us now. you have caused, well, let's say a discussion, a lively discussion. that would be fair to say in
8:24 am
mothers should keep a foot in the workplace and that people, women that work are happier which implies if you're a stay-at-home mom that you're not happy. that's a big debate there, samantha. you've got to admit. >> if you told me you were spending all of your time at work i would say to you your life is woefully imbalanced and it's the same thing. if you're spending all of your time parenting your life is woefully imbalanced. and we got to this place in life where we think that women should either be doing motherhood or dimensions of us and in working with thousands of women i found that the happiest most fulfilled are those that play in six or seven places, not just one or two. >> might feel overstressed, though, don't they. >> the idea is those six or seven are not all stressful. they include your friends and relationships so go on those date nights, they include your children and your career and your hobbyes and your community and your health so go to the gym. i'm saying let's get to this
8:25 am
again. >> you use this metaphor with the pie. can you explain what you mean? >> sure, instead of thinking of life as, you know, as i said these couple of dimension, think of all of these seven slices and whether you have kids or not you should be playing in six or seven of them. so a relationship or a quest to find one or your friend, you shouldn't be saying, i'll save friends for later on in life. i'm saying go on the moms night out and do it guilt-free. you'll be a better parent, a better worker, better partner, better friend if you're happier and more fulfilled. >> what do you say to those moms that say there aren't enough hours in the day for all that? >> i know. >> i like when mops tell me that because one of the things i share there is a lot of tricks to getting what i call a 25th hour in your day. a lot of ways to manage your life. whether it's i call it the golden try ang the. do all of your errands between work and home and your child's school. you know, there is a hair salon or gym or doctor in between those points and you can find
8:26 am
that that just make your life easier and better. >> a ppply to stay-at-home dadss well. >> we keep a foot in the workforce. the statistical reality more than 50% of women who take time off from the workforce can't go back. they can't find positions. so i'm saying, you know, we talk so much about women and choices, but the most important thing is that you keep your options open because if you leave the workforce, even for just one year, you lose 18% of your future three year, almost 40% of your future earnings forever are lost. work part time and keep that foot in the door if a lively discussion as we said. samantha, thank you. lara. >> thank you so much. robin, guess who is here? you don't have to guess. he's right here.
8:27 am
boulder county deputies searching for a teenager who was attacked in her home outside of ward. the sheriff's office says the 71-year old picked up three teenager hitchhikers and invited them back to her house. a 16-year old boy her. the other two teens ran to a neighbor's house and called 911. the suspect got away. people living in montbello may be hearing a lot of sun shots. denver police are firing rounds but all of this is a test of the detection system they have in place from 8:00 to midnight
8:28 am
it's a warm end to our summer 2016. autumn begins tomorrow but a slight chance for showers and storms mainly in the mountains and foothills and elsewhere across the state, temperatures in the low 70s on the western slope and 60s and 70s much in the mountains and mid to upper 80s across the plains with warm temperatures down to the
8:29 am
a ery busy drive. a couple problems, the southbound side through the correction zone and paving that's still rough in there especially in the right lanes past yale and hamden causing this delay. taking a look at the map, it's still solid 234 there down to the denver tech center. 225 is looking better. the westbound side is tough, 270
8:30 am
still left > ? [ applause ] ? i love it.pplause ] i try to get the crowd -- and you're doing this. >> i wanted to see what that power felt like. >> they're so confused. good morning, america. good morning, you here in the studio. [ cheers and applause ] oh, it's going to be a lively 30 minutes. we got a lot of live guests that will join us here. >> that's right. let's get right to it right now
8:31 am
oscar winner. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> nice to see you. how are you? >> doing well, thank you. >> how are you doing, man? good to see you. >> how cool is his walk? how cool? he's got the coolest walk. >> that's the just woke up walk. >> but you just woke up. we're excited you're here, man. your new movie "deepwater horizon." it looks incredible and we'll talk about that in a moment. you'll join our panel which i'm excited about. i got something good -- >> drink some coffee. >> yes. >> we learned that butters you up. there you go. warm you up a little bit. we got something really good -- i'm interested to get everybody's take on especially -- it's about music and about dating. and we teased it a little bit earlier in the show.
8:32 am
tinder teaming up with spotify to put an account together so when you go on tinder, you can listen to your potential person's playlist of music of what they like. >> so you know whether to swipe left or swipe right based on the music. >> i guess it's just another way for you to get a handle on whether you're simpatico. >> do you think -- >> i don't think that's enough. >> that's not enough for you? >> no, that's not enough. >> not enough to like the same music. >> no. >> you know what -- how about this, i'm going to play this song, and i want the audience, everybody to see if they would swipeig song or left. play this song, please. ? let's get it on ? >> oh, yes. >> all right. who would swipe right? [ cheers and applause ] ? baby ? >> you know what you're looking for if you swipe right. >> you know what you're looking for if you're on tinder anyway so, yeah. >> good point. >> that is actually somebody at the desk's song. who do we think that song belongs to? >> i think that is lara
8:33 am
>> it has you written all over it. >> lara, is that your song? >> it's my song because for the segment i wanted to make you laugh. >> oh, yeah, right, yeah. >> a likely story. >> and we got another song. would you swipe right or left on this one? listen to this one. ? a secret ? >> barry white. ? i don't just want to know ? >> sounds like barry white. >> again. >> swipe left. who would swipe right? [ cheers and applause ] >> >> we're 2 for 2. he's back there yelling, right! he's like sign me up right now, man. >> wow. >> whose song was that? >> that was my song. it's a little "secret garden." quincy jones back in the day. >> sounded like barry. >> quincy jones produced it but barry white was singing it. >> barry and a whole bunch of artists. albee sure.
8:34 am
>> i -- the only music i really listen to right now is adele. and everybody thinks -- ? well, i have a few albums on my -- i have a jay-z and kanye west album on my phone and have a tupac greatest hits on my phone and adele but i always listen to adele because i'm always listening when i'm traveling and it relaxes me and makes me feel comfortable. people think i'm, you know, a wimp because of it, but i don't care. i absolutely love it. i've listened to that "21" album probably 21 million times. >> i have a feeling, if someone is looking at your tinder profile and it is you, they don't care what you're listening to, they're swiping right. >> thankfully i don't have to be on tinder. i have a beautiful wife at home. >> let's talk about your movie, shall we? >> yep. >> "deepwater horizon." [ cheers and applause ] a lot of us clearly remember, and i have a lot of family and friends down there in the gulf of mexico and the bp oil spill
8:35 am
yes, environmentally it was horrendous, but as you have approved in the story, it goes so much -- so farther than that. >> yeah, i mean, well, look, everybody knew about the environmental disaster, and it was horrific, but what people failed to recognize or at least what the media failed to acknowledge i think to a point where it was deserved was that 11 people lost their lives and that was overlooked and for us, and for me it was the big surprise once i read the script and i read "the new york times" piece, i was just shocked. you know, i mean i realized affected. jobs were lost, you know, the fishing industry was completely destroyed, but 11 people lost their lives. you know, other people could find other jobs and other means, and those people aren't coming back, and we wanted to acknowledge them and their memory and honor them in a way that we felt they deserved and it was long overdue. and we were able to show the family members the movie the other day in new orleans and for them to finally have that was really special.
8:36 am
means a lot. you play somebody who was fighting for their lives and wanted to get back home to their families. here's a clip. >> that is mike. he works in a drilling rig. the pumps -- >> is everything okay? mike. >> wow. >> whoa. >> you play mike williams. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] wow. and he was on set during the filming? >> yeah, mike was actually the last man off of the rig. all the lifeboats were gone, everything was gone. you know, he's somebody that i admire for many reasons, but he hates the term hero. he just says, you know, i was just doing my job and i would have done what any of my other brothers would have done but he's a pretty remarkable guy and i asked him to come and consult on the movie. because we wanted to make it
8:37 am
wanted to make sure that he was there to make sure that we were getting it right. >> and it looks like a very physical movie stuntwise. how was that for you? >> you know -- no, i'm 45 and i get banged up pretty good in this movie but, you know, you always want to step up in movies like this or movies like "lone survivor." you know, the actual guys are there and they went through it in real life so you've got to try to make it as realistic as possible. things got really sketchy when they lit me and dylan o'brien on fire here. you can see they lit us on fire and i didn't feel too comfortable with that. >> you were actually on fire? >> yeah, yeah. >> you wore a flame retardant suit. >> they put gel and stuff on you but put some other fluid on you and they light you on fire and walk away and the other guy grabs his coffee and hold on a second. we ready to roll? dude, i'm on fire. >> action. >> yeah. [ applause ] >> how was the lovely kate? >> she's fantastic.
8:38 am
cast is -- i experienced it in "lone survivor" -- when you're making a movie like this, it's no long er about your own individual experiences as an actor, but you were coming there to pay tribute to these people and everybody is there to create that and make it real and she was fantastic. you know, she's kind of the anchor, emotional anchor of the movie and from the audience's point of view, she is, you know, in communication with her husband and, mike, he loved his wife -- loves his wife and daughter so much that, you know, that was what really inspired me too. he went out there to provide for his family and to create a better life for them. >> i had a lot of family and friends down there for the premiere in new orleans. two thumbs up. they really appreciate it. >> once we had that, everything else is gravy. >> mark wahlberg, thank you. >> thank you. [ applause ] "deepwater horizon" hits theaters on september 30th. my friends have already seen it. but you got to wait a little bit longer. who is going to go see it? [ cheers and applause ] all right.
8:39 am
we have mark here. we have kiefer sutherland coming up and sofia vergara all
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are back here with kiefer sutherland. he stars in abc's new show "designated survivor." you know, that's the name of the cabinet member left home during the state of the union
8:42 am
and in this show the capitol creates an instant president with big decisions to make. >> what do you want me to do, general, declare war? why not. 40 minutes ago they showed me the nuclear football. i guess i've had it long enough to try it out. [ cheers and applause ] >> kiefer sutherland here. in february you said you were so excited about this project because it's so well written. boy, i saw this pilot. it is a powerful, powerful show and the most unlikely scenario. >> w years in television before on a show called "24," which was one of the great experiences of my lifetime, i certainly -- [ applause ] thank you very much. i saw how easy it was to paint yourself in a corner with regards to story. and david guggenheim, who wrote this, "designated survivor," tells three beautiful story lines at the same time.
8:43 am
is what happens to a family if overnight they move into the white house and the restraints of that for their children, et cetera. the political aspect of how do you stabilize the country after a terrible attack like that, not only domestically but at least perceptually on an international level and then ultimately the thrilling aspect of the show, wch is the investigation into the attack and what is the appropriate response. there are so many things to talk about, whether it's -- whether it's domestic policy and all of the things that need to be talked about within this country, again, the family dram something that i hope we get the opportunity to do for awhile. >> and you get all the big things right and get the little things right, as well. we saw kal penn right there. he could bring some white house experience. >> he's amazing and told me about his story, kal penn obviously a very successful actor, got involved with president obama's campaign. the two of them became friendly and kal is an incredibly smart guy and was asked to leave acting for two years to come work at the white house and
8:44 am
and a confidant of president obama's, and so literally everything from when i would walk through the two offices before i get to the oval office, he would say, well, those people wouldn't be allowed to be there so we would move them out. and so he's -- he keeps us honest. >> meanwhile, the white house is kind of becoming a family affairor your family. your daughter sarah stars in "veep." they won all those emmys again the other night. do you swap notes? >> no, we don't. first of all, they're two very, very different shows, and i had a really interesting experience growing up. my parents, my mother's an actress. my father is an actor. never talked to me really about work when i started working. they let me find my way. and my daughter has earned that, as well, and so when we get to spend time together, we talk about family. >> excellent. well, everybody is going to love this show, "designated survivor." thanks for coming on. premieres tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central right here on abc.
8:45 am
sutherland, everybody. and guess who is coming up, sofia vergara. expect a mix of sun and clouds. we start our first day of fall rather mild. we head through friday, sat >> and that report brought to you by colgate optic white. let's go to amy. >> we all know we've been seeing a lot of ivanka trump on the campaign trail with her dad. for the past two years she's been spearheading a different campaign, her women who work initiative, and today she is launching a new chapter redefining what it means to be a modern woman. take a look. >> we are women who love. >> we are women who drea >> we are women who advocate. >> reporter: it began as an initiative to inspire and empower women. >> we are women who work. >> reporter: and when she's not
8:46 am
trail, ivanka trump is focused on her own campaign, women who work. >> our newest campaign is really showcasing and celebrating not only the women but also their support system, because there's no way to go through this journey alone. >> reporter: and as women who work enters its third year, the businesswoman, wife and mother of three talks about her own support system. >> my mother-in-law is a great source of support as it pertains to my children. obviously my parents, my father, my father-in-law, my husband is my greatest champion and my biggest advocate and also my voice of reason. >> it's not easy to balance all the things she does but she does an amazing job. >> reporter: and this morning ivanka is introducing three new faces showcasing what it means to be a modern woman. a high school english teacher. >> i believe every child deserves the opportunity for a quality education. >> reporter: a stay-at-home mother. >> all too often people don't include stay-at-home mothers in the definition of work and being a mother myself, i know it's
8:47 am
>> reporter: and the ceo of a promising start-up. >> my parents came here from korea to give their children a better life. what motivates me is a sense of purpose. >> we want to celebrate so many different women with different aspirations. >> all right, coming up next here on "good morning america," we have a woman who works, sofia vergara live.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] back now with "modern family's" sofia vergara who stars as gloria pritchett on "modern family" and welcome back to the show. >> thank you so much. hi. >> hi. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> very happy to be here and in new york, i love it. >> we're happy you're here and we want to -- i want to get right to it. you got married to my friend, your husband now, joe. >> a year ago. >> happy anniversary. >> yes. >> he's here with you? >> he's in new york here with
8:50 am
he had a couple of meetings to attend and then i got really excited because then i get to go to restaurants and things that i love about new york. >> well, i want you to know you got married on my birthday. >> oh. >> yes. yeah, yeah, i saw that and i was like, whoa, i kind of love this. i feel like -- >> do you think that's going to be bad luck? >> that's great luck. look at me. it's great luck. >> okay. >> but then one thing you said learned more about colombians than what i have learned about italians. what is something joe learned about you after you got married? >> oh, my god, he learned way before he got married, if not, he wouldn't have been able to get married to me. >> what would you say was the biggest surprise thing that he learned about colombians and you? >> it's a lot of things. first of all, the most important things around our life is our coffee first in the morning. he shouldn't talk to me before i have coffee. yeah.
8:51 am
>> you know, sometimes if he has something important to tell me, he first bring me the coffee, he leaves the room. five minutes later he comes back. >> shows a serious conversation coming. >> but italians and colombians have a lot in common, very family oriented and very loud and very passionate about things. he's not completely, completely italian, he's also like armenian and german, and he has like a lot of mixed, so i'm more pure. >> as the driven snow. as the driven snow. i want to ask about your son. i can't believe you have a 24-year-old. >> 25. he just turned 25 two days ago. >> 25. you're 25. unbelievable. and you had a fabulous party for him? >> yeah, i wanted to surprise him, and i did so. a mexican fiesta for him, and he really had a great time. mariachi, food, i brought a taco truck, and i rented a taco truck
8:52 am
celebrating. i think, you know, birthday, everything is a time for me or like an excuse to celebrate the people that i love. >> i've seen you at emmys past and you usually have your entire family. >> yeah. i don't do that anymore. >> no? the last time i saw you had like 25 people. >> now i just have 10 or 12. >> better than half. >> because it got too expensive. >> you know what, everybody is excited about the premiere >> yes. >> now, in the premiere you, jay and the kids are at a wedding in mexico. everybody, take a look. >> she's going to be so jealous now that she knows that i'm a very successful businesswoman. >> aren't you 400 bucks in the hole on that thing. >> you don't think this looks bad? >> joe has a fever and he is sweating very much. >> no, i'm not. >> oh, no. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's gloria. i would never do anything like
8:53 am
>> we love gloria, and we love you. thanks for coming in. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> give joe a big kiss for us. everybody, "modern family," the new season premieres tonight, 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
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one of music's biggest acts performing live on "gma." well, just go to to find out how to enter "gma's" fall concert sweepstakes presented by carmax. ? show you what it feels like ? "good morning america" is brought to you by king's hawaiian. irresistible since 1950. >> our thanks again to sofia. we'll be watching tonight. >> happy wednesday, everyone. ? westminster police are
8:57 am
one man took off and officers say he pulled a gun on them and two officers opened fire ann that suspect died. rates in colorado are up 25% this year and they're going up next year by double digits. rates will go up by an average of 20 ht 4% because insurers are leaving the market. the hike effects 450,000 people who don't have insurance covered by an employer and for medicare or medicaid. members of the trump campaign in colorado this week. running mate mike pence and donald trump jr. are holding rallies tomorrow in colorado springs and grand junction. temperatures today still lightly above average for this time of year. it's the official last day of summer. expect highs in the mid to lower 80s across much of the front range. denver at 83.
8:58 am
cloudy conditions. satellite and radar bringing in a chance for moisture and by this weekend, highs in the 60s. it's getting better downtown. traffic is moving better than it has been the last half hour. you still see lot of red going down past hamden. northbound crowded and 225 still an accident at colfax. one on federal north of i-70. also one on 6th avenue by
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? welcome to "hot topics." we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. ? [ applause ] ? >> now, here's wendy! [ wild cheers >> wendy: yes! right back at you. hello, world! welcome. [ applause ] it's good here at "wendy." thank you for watching.


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