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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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right hand side which is isaiah [ name indiscernible ]. this 16-year-old is jeffrey collins. police say he should be considered dangerous. he attacked a 71-year-old wommn. the victim picked him up hitchhinon lefthand canyon leslie. when the group got back to her home, collins reportedly beat her so badly she ended up in icu with serious head injuries. get answers of a suspect did bomb threat at hamilton middle school school -- hamilton middle school. they did evaauate four classrooms but no one was ever found. it's been a tense day at area schools. north high school was on lock down today as well due to shots fired.
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following this all day long. what do we know about the suspects now? >> reporter: they got away. we know right now with the police say there was an attempted robbery in this neighborhood. 3 or 4 young men apparently shot at a car. police found shell casings here. two went westward the school which led to confusion. it sounded like a s.w.a.t. team was about to be sent into north high school but that was not the case. the police were not able to link t at all. several people heard shots but no one was injured. >> i came out to my work van to grab the parts and i heard a couple of people yelling. it was off in the distance, probably a block away. then i heard two gunshot and that was it. -- gunshots and that was it here
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as two other schooos were placed on lockout, no one could go in or out. it's business as usual inside of the school however. police are still looking for the suspects. if you saw anyone running from this area at about 9:15 this morning or if you know who may have been involved in the shootings, you're asked to contact police. this video shows a fatal shootout the could've ended up worse. rival gang members started confronting each other at a local carwash. the man in the white t-shirt was just sentenced to 57 months in prison. he fired several rounds before taking off. two of the suspected gang members died. thankfully no bystanders were killed. gross mismanagement at 100s of millions of dollars to the yet to be finished aurora va
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reports from the watchdog just va senior official knew it was heading for huge expenses and did not tell lawmakers when he testified about it. construction costs have tripled in the early -- to nearly $1.7 billion. the va warns its patients that were treated at the air force academy could have been exposed to infection. there reaching out to 300 patients who had these procedures over the last four months. a member skipped a step to clean an instrument. this is so disturbing. isis fired mustard agent that u.s. and iraqi troops. troops say tests came out positive for a chemical agent such as mustard gas. one official call the shell in effect if however. part of the major deegan
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device that has been found. this is a picture police activity. wabc channel seven reports a bomb squad is on the way to the scene. we will stay on top of this story and bring you any updates just the moment we get them. the new york and new jersey bombing suspect may that helped the fbi put out this alert, two meant seen in surveillance video taking a second explosive of luggage amendment and witnesses. they are not accusing them of doing anything wrong at this point. 3 a new scandal and a new low for anthony weiner. the daily mail reports the former new york congressman sexted for months with a 15- year-old girl. the girl claims a relationship beggn in january and messages suggest that he knew she was underage. in a statement today, he admits he has repeatedly shown terrible judgment at this time
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but himself or -- then he adds, he has no one to blame but himself for putting himself in this position. protestants charlotte, north carolina peko police are bracing -- north carolina. police are bracing for another possible night of protest. the officer who fired the deadly shot american. he has been placed on paid administrative leave. local high school football players are following in the footsteps of several nfl players. several players have decided not to stand during the national anthem for their first three games of the season and do not plan to stop. in a statement the school says its staff respect the right of its students to protest in a peaceful manner. the district says it is using this as a teachable moment and to start meaningful dialogue. firefighters rushed to keep
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inspiration. away from homes and parker. >> reporter: this was very close to 3 homes. this homeowner even try to put it out with a garden hose, trying to keep the flames back. when south metro fire arrived there was already thick smoke they had to act very quickly. they also had to trucking water because there areeno fire hydrants in this area. the grass here is this fire spread pretty fast. luckily they were able to get they still do not know what caused the fire. liz gelardi denver7. warm temperatures and very little moisture in the last few weeks is not helping the fire situation. we had 84 degrees as high for this last afternoon of summer. it was 95 in lamar. relative humidities are pretty low, 80% in the metro area and
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in the area. some of the activity is in the area but there's a bigger band coming from idaho which is we are going to bring us some snow for the mountains and much cooler weather coming up in the plains -- on the plains for the next couple of days. you will hear gunshots in montbello tonight but don't call 911. the new shots fired system will midnight tonight. these sensors quickly pinpoint where the shots are coming from. officers say they will shoot but they are going to be shooting into a bullet trap. there is no safety risk. he hunt continues for a driver that state troopers say may have hit and killed a cyclist at carter lake. that cyclist died. we have boron that investigation and the ongoing issues with that sometimes deadly stretch of road. >> reporter: this is a
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motorists heading to the lake, but it is also extremely narrow and windy which can be a deadly combination. this is the cyclist that was struck and killed last night, 43-year-old j holden of berthoud. one of the drivers that hit tim didn't stop. to why did they not stop? maybe they were drug or didn't have a license. >> eileen malloy says she avoids that road as much as possible. --, especially on weekends when there are so many cars on the road. >> they come within inches of you. >> it's like in the marines when you have to crawl under the lighted fire. it's like that. >> we try to stay as safe as we can. police department c.j. anderson says it's a cyclist who are often the problem. >> they don't stop at stop signs. they don't do anything there >> reporter: anderson says many times cyclists are breaking the law.
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>> reporter: malloy argues it's about being considerate and shroinad. >> they have to learn to look ahead and slow down if you have to. >> reporter: state troopers were out your today looking for evidence but they are still looking for a small suv or white sedan involved in the crash. the driver of a hit -- pickup with the cyclist did stop to render aid. j holman was a according to family and friends. cdot is doing something new, going where it's young drivers are, snapchat. they want to get the message out about seatbelts. you can see some of the messages to teenagers. last year 16 teenagers died in crashes in our state and they were not wearing seatbelts. at colorado family is whole again, five years after someone stole their dog right out of their yard work >> those of you who have dogs -?know they are more than pets.
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weddinn photos it might make you drive -- drop to your knees. >> we said you made it body. you are here. you are here at for fall arrives -- you are here! fall arrives tomorrow. what better way to celebrate than
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pueblo police are saying 20 one- year-old ryan crew's -- maria -- mariah cruz and her son had in found. in venezuela, doctors in the cash that -- cash strapped hospital in barcelona have started placing infants inboxes. this was posted to social media. the ceo of mylan appeared before congress today to defend the rights increase of the epipen. despite the criticism the albany is going to change the price. mylan will start selling a generic version -- despite criticism, my land is not going to change the price.
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a new polls that most people are ready for this presidential race to be over with. the pew research center found city -- 57% polled are frustrated with this election. 55% are disgusted and only 10% are excited. this next story is why you never give up hope. a colorado family will reunite with their dog later this week five years after someone stole ms. see the st. bernard just turned up in missouri pickett county tracked her down -- missy the st. bernard just turned up in missouri. they tracked her down and were able to bring her back to colorado. get out your tissues for this next story. a colorado dog with a brain tumor holds on long enough to be part of his owner's wedding.
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you will see why they have gone viral. >> reporter: these photos show there wasn't a dry eye at this wedding in buena vista especially as the native owners scooped up and carried the 15- year-old dog named charlie down the aisle. at the marriage of two veterinarians, of course pets are in the wedding party. >> we absolutely love animals. >> reporter: but for this veterinarian, having charlie there was more. >> charlie was my best friend. >> reporter: g rescue the lab next 15 years ago. >> when i saw him, i don't know what this was. this was like, this is my dog. i am taking him home. >> reporter: the energy of the puppy forced her to take on running and more running. >> i did many marathons all because of charlie. >> reporter: when she met her husband to be in 2 children, charlie had to approve 1st and he did work >> to be at my wedding, charlie was literally that symbol of the 2 families coming together and getting to know each other
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and they learned that charlie was dying. >> we had an mri done and found he had a tumor in his brain. >> reporter: her best friend on borrowed time. he made it down the aisle in her wedding day but was too tired to make it back. >> my sister being my sister scooped up all 80 pounds of him and carried him back down the aisle. dropped to her knees and we kept sayingg you did it body. you made it extra not you are here! -- you made it! you are here! you are here! wasn't a dry eye in the house. >> he died shortly after. >> i am just so thankful forr the time we had with him. >> she had no idea that those photos were given strikes such record. if people see a rescue -- such a
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rescue animal and help them, [ overlapping speakers ] boulder police just made a new friend. this rabbit was rescued by boulder police. it's hard to see but that rabbit got tangled up in a hockey net in the table macer -- table mesa area. they rescued the rapid and then back into the wild. if you do one thing this weekend, go up to the high country. over clear creek canyon, the aspens are in full gold. >> as if that isn't enough, we also have a rainbow in the area. it's looking pretty good in the mountains right now. we've had clouds and some rain showers. this is loveland ski area.
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the colorado high country tomorrow night and into friday along with some gusty winds, hopefully this won't knock down too many leaves which are near their peak. this is the camera at the westin hotel in westminster. some of the scattered showers are trying to get out of the foothills but not having much success. this is downtown denver. our skies are partly cloudy, 78 degrees, 80 degrees at the i-8, 18% humidity. there's not a lot -- humidity. % there's not a lot of moisture. is the first day of autumn but we are looking at 80s again tomorrow. the scattered showers should fall apart as they move across the area. these are the remnants of hurricane pain which was -- paine which was near baja california just a couple days ago. this isn't going to get your
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advance of the front most of the moisture will be in idaho and utah. a few light showers in the metro area and across the eastern plains, mostly just wrinkles. by morning noticed the heavier showers are near salt lake city in advance of that front. it will be a mild night tonight, 55 in denver, low 60s in the southeast and 40 up at leadville. you can see with a cold front is tomorrow, still off to the west of us for the most part. gusty winds and skies, isolated light showers possible but not that likely. this comes in tomorrow night and friday of the cold front moves across the state. high temperatures in the 80s tomorrow, 84 greeley, 83 denver, 90s for the first day of fall over southeastern colorado. front range numbers are mostly 80s in upper elevations, 60s and 70s and amounts. it's a good day to see the fall color and then cooler and wetter weather will start to move in.
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wrinkles, partly cloudy and 55. tomorrow will be a warm one, 83 with gusty winds coming in from the southwest. the cold front moves in friday with showers developing, 78 for the high. friday night into saturday, north and central mountains above 10,000 feet, 36 inches of snow. cooler on saturday and sunday with some showers here and there. 67 in the afternoon on monday and then back to the low to mid second is -- mid-70s after that. the kid-cam is at school district. they are just starting their weather unit right now. we needed to talk about jjt stream's and weather balloons inhalant tornadoes and all of that good stuff. -- and hail, and tornadoes, and all of that good stuff. the students had a lot of fun. it's allayy good to get back out there with the tornado danson talking about jet stream's. one tting i notice as the days
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tornadoes are getting slower. i used to be in ef5 and now i'm about an ef3. 3 >> [ laughter ] i get it. [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] von miller scored another
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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welcome everyone to 7 sports extra.
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the earlybird gets the worm. there was no virgil green who strained his calf in sunday's game and is a question mark this week work dt looked good. check out those personalized socks. those are sweet. thomas told nfl network the broncos are going to be needing more offense, thrown to sanderson others. >> i would like to -- sanders and others. >> i would like to see the highlights on espn. i weighed on the big game. ?e know this is going to come. >> the frustration as we can have a better offense than what
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3 or 4 times and had three turnovers in 2 games and haven't made it for a touchdown. that comes to point you at the end. >> the numbers depend on number 13, how trevor siemian respond in his first road game remains to be seen. he has played well at home but this is the bangles home opener. -- cincinnati bengals home opener. cincinnati is a 3 1/2. favor because of the great or is trevor on sundays big test. >>cincinnati has a heck of a home field and a great crowd and they had been pretty successful there. we will have our hands full for sure. it's going to be excited. it will be a new environment to play in. it will be lower. we're looking forward to it. >> we wanted to be aggressive in what he's doing. he threw a 33 times last we trust him with the ball and that is all over the field. >> von miller did it all on
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week's asce -- afc's defensive player of the week. >> i was on assignment and i saw two von miller jerseys. >> he's pretty good.
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tonight, breaking news. the mystery men. the fbi tonight releasing this image, two men, after the bombs in new york city and new jersey. they need your help. and new reporting right here tonight, amid that central question -- was the suspect acting alone? also developing at this hour, the chaos erupting in charlotte, after a deadly police shooting, a father killed. very different stories tonight. the new poll just out this evening, hillary clinton, donald trump. just five days before the crucial first debate. where this race now stands. and donald trump with his new outreach tonight. will it work? the pilot struck on the runway. the plane coming from behind. we have the pilot, right here tonight. and the split. brad pitt, angelina jolie. and tonight, you'll see a surprised george clooney take


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