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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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4:30. a hack that could affect you. yahoo! dealing with a massive data breach reaching more than 500 million people. more on this teen accused of beating an elderly woman. >> reporter: what type of vehicle you need out for coming up. first, we're closely tracking developments in charlotte. protestors took to the street, this is the third time last night, but they were peaceful. >> the message was clear, the people of charlotte want answers. the state has picked up the investigation into the death of keith lamont scott, who was shot and killed by officer brently vincent. police say scott had a gun. >> we've seen pictures of what
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video tells more of the story. they're not releasing that video yet. the chief said it would put the crime victims at risk. >> our sexual assault victims, our domestic violence victims will have a lot less faith in us. i would be losing a lot more than people are willing to acknowledge in the hopes to gain additional support and transparency. >> the chief did let the family watch the video, but th it's impossible to tell if he had anything in his hands. out of tulsa, officials releasing a mug shot of this police officer, now charged with felony manslaughter. this is after shooting a man who had his hands up. >> officer betty shelby is out on bail. the shooting happened last week after this video was released. the family of terrance crutcher say they are relieved to hear charges have been iled but will not be satisfied until the officer is convicted.
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chill in the air. >> good morning to you. here's your first alert a cold front is approaching the state. it will move from west to east, bringing a change in the weather. take a look at your cheat sheet. we'll see windy conditions across the front range and plainssthroughout much of this afternoon. a lot cooler for the weekend. red flag warning goes in effect at noon and it lasts until 8:00 p.m. tonight for all the areas in red, including metro. winds from the south about 15 to 20 miles per hour, sustained winds, and gusts near to 45 miles per hour. in the san luis valley area, a freeze watch tonight heading into tomorrow. this could kill sensitive crops and vegetation. by tomorrow we have the chance for seeing snow in the mountains. look at that, a freeze watch already. we are getting closer and closer to winter. now we're not seeing the windy
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foothills. c-470 at 285, breezy in some places, but won't throw you off too much. it will later on today. the paving is a big issue for us there. the other big issue is this week, i-25 and arapahoe road, starting tonight arapahoe road will be closed down under i-25, will stay that way all weekend. the highway will stay open, but underneath the highway will remain closed all weekend. thank figure out what caused this rollover accident at west gunnison, west of ruby hill park. neighbors tell us this isn't the first time someone has been driving too fast in that area. they want speed bumps. the scare on boulder county road is hopefully over after people stole a car and shot out the windows of a car with a bb
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saying they saw the van the men were in they were accused of stealing. police put out stop sticks, but the van ran over one of the cruisers. speaking of stolen vehicles, check out this video, because it happens pretty fast. it shows thieves stealing this pickup. they did it in less than 60 seconds. >> police say this isn't thieves around the metro seem to be interested in trucks. jason gruenauerris looking into this for us. what have you found? >> reporter: we're here in jefferson county where these thieves seem to be doing a good portion of their work. we are talking not just about trucks, but a specific type of truck. we're going to show you that dash cam video one more time. it's from a morning in the middle of a driveway. a truck pulls up. that truck was also stolen.
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only takes 46 seconds. fast forward 46 seconds and that white truck stolen out of that driveway. law enforcement officials say they're targeting f 150, f 250, and f 350 pickups. this one is a diesel. this stolen truck was recovered by police same day it was stoleed after the videwas posted to facebook. the man who owns the internal chatter in these trucker facebook groups says this has happened over 100 times already this year. see a tellen truck or a -- stolen truck or a theft in process, call police immediately. live in jefferson county, jason gruenauer, denver 7. other bold car thieves still on the run after stealing not one, but two cars from a family in aurora. the cars were parked in the driveway overnight aad were
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two infinites. inside the home they found her purse in the home which had her car keys in it. >> we're really shaken up. the kids are scared. they don't want to stay here tonight. we just feel vulnerable. >> thieves took her wedding ring, i.d. and credit cards and she's five months pregnant. they even took her new ultrasound pictures. jefferson county deputies are looking knocked over an elderly man. the man was walking a couple of weeks ago when the cyclist came up behind him without warning, knocked him into the shoulder. the 86-year-old man fell and fractured his elbow. the search is over for this teen accused of beating a 71- year-old elderly woman. 16-year-old jeffrey collins faces an attempted murder charge. the woman was trying to help collins and friends who were
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poker. the friends that were with collins immediately called police. she is still in the icu this morning. a former craig police officer is facing misdemeanor child abuse and assault charges.. the details of the case not known yesterday. today we hope to learn more about hobbs. after heepulled a gun, officers tried to arrest him. he was wanted in connection with a home burglary. a former va executive charged for perjury. a new report founddhe knew the program was headed to huge cost overruns but didn't tell
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nearly tripled to $1.7 billion. a local group is declaring a state of emergency when it comes to affordable housing. the women's group known as nine to five released a report and according to theii report, the rising costs we face, lack of oversight and lack of rent control are the biggest obstacles. the only way afford housing is making less money than the designated amount. >> our money is so limited. i have to watch my mileage, i have 2 miles today, you guys, until we get money later on today that somebody is going to let me borrow. >> the organization would like to see more community and resident groups fighting unfair evictions and policies. they want a cap on how much rent can be increased on a tenant in colorado.
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those thieves targeting our senior citizens and they have plans to stop the crooks and the businesses behind them. we've got details. plus, we're going to tell you what might be getting in the way of landing that new job. a new study says it's affecting women more than men. and information on the massive yahoo! account. temperatures across the front range slightly above average.
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4:42. we are tracking developments into the investigation of malaysia airlines flight 370. officials are saying the newly discovered debris isn't helping them answer what happened. >> some thought the black marks on the debris suggested a fire causing the plane to crash two years ago. now investigators say initial tests show it was not burned. the debris they found is actually from the plane. a plan in place to assassinate north korea's leader kim jong- un. it would only be implemented if they feel threatened by south korea's nuclear weapons. vengeance between the two has been growing since north korea's conducted its fifth
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month. most will never forget this photograph. the boy shocked, left alone, his home in syria was bombed. >> it inspired a little boy all the way in new york to write a letter to president obama. his request is now going viral. >> dear president obama, remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in syria? can you please go get him and bring him to our home? park in the driveway or on street. i will be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers and balloons. >> 6-year-old alex went on to say the boy would be his brother and he had share his toys. he said he would teach him to ride a bike and read math. president obama read the letter before the united nations yesterday. he sked what the world would be like if we were all like
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in colorado. a poll has them tied. clinton and trump in another poll done by rocky mountain pbs and mesa university, clinton has a 9-point lead. donald trump as in pennsylvania yesterday, while most of his campaign was here in colorado. his daughter spoke at a school in fort collins. >> if your father gets ellcted to president do you want to be involved in government? >> now, children and running businesses, that's my focus. but we'll see. >> another tmp sibling, donald trump, jr. was on the western slope holding a rally in grand junction. with northern and western colorado covered, mike pence spent the day in colorado springs. >> we know we're not in a narrative anything.
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we need a president who is willing to take the fight to the enemy. it is now 4:45. let's give you a live look outside over denver. nice and quiet this morning. 55 degrees. it is now the official first full day of fall. question for katie, is it going to feel like it? >> not so much this afternoon. fe yesterday. the weekend -- >> the weekend. >> you'll want the boots, mitch. >> pulling out his knee high boots. >> and sweaters. then we'lllstart to warm back up. it's not going to last for a long time. 60s are in the forecast for saturday and sunday, as a cold front enters colorado. this will bring a big change in the weather as it moves from west to east. scattered showers and storms likely, but the biggest story today will be the winds ahead of this front. we are going to be having a red
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it starts at noon, lasts until 8:00 tonight. wind will be gusty from the south, gusting up to about 45 miles per hour at times. also freeze watch in effect for much of the san luis valley. evergreen 45 and boulder currently 52 degrees. in terms of what we today for our high temperatures, a lot cooler than yesterday on the western slope, as that cold front starts to affect the western half of the state, starting this morning. 50 degrees our expected high in leadville. still seeing mid- to upper 80s across the northeastern plains and lamar won't cool down really until tomorrow. risk for severe weather, we could be seeing stronger thunderstorms mainly develop on the eastern side of the state today ahead of that front. our futurecast showing what we
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expect mostly sunny skies in the denver metro area through this morning. winds will pick up this afternoon. chance for scattered showers and storms across the high country and then throughout much of the afternoon we'll be seeing stronger chance for storms in places like sterling and akron later tonight. snow is expected for areas before 10,000 feet as -- above 10,000 feet as more moisture enters colorado saturday and sunday. tonight chance for a scattered showers. high temperature around 80 degrees today. mid- to upper 60s. saturday 68. a bit cooler, still breezy. by sunday, though, even cooler. 65 degrees is our expected high. mostly sunny to start. a few afternoon and evening showers. but as you can see, as we go throughout next week, temperatures start to warm back up into the midd70s to even low 80s by middle of next week. starting to feel like fall.
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overnight construction areas in places like here along courtroom 470 -- c-470. paving on i-25 south of colorado boulevard. drive on 36, now it's wide open at federal up to boulder. wide open spaces you can see on the map as well, a lot of green north, south, east or west, so quiet start to the commute. the federal government is now setting its sights on an elite group of international con artists. >> the justice department and other agencies to ssut down the international network of mail fraudsters. they have stolen millions of dollars from miilions in the u.s. alone. they typically target senior more than 500 million accounts at yahoo! have been compromised. 3
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>> they say user's personal data was stolen back in 2014. the fbi currently investigating the matter. some iphone 7 users are experiencing software glitch with their wired ear phones. >> apple says it will be fixed in a software update soon. a study shows count the number of likes on facebook posts don't have as much as confidence. >> those are your tech bytes. 44:89. turns out extra 5 pounds might keep you from getting a dream job. researchers showed a group of
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check out this picture, a reminder to watch out for wildfire life now. boulder county park rangers tweeted out this photograph showing a bear, mountain lion and bobcat roaming around the area. >> this is along walker ranch. if you're hiking in the remember to be on alert. take a look at this, that is an 800-pound bull moose hanging out in arvada. parks and wildlife tranquilized the moose. moose are rarely spotted in the metro area, but parks and wildlife gets one, maybe two reports a year. this is definitely something you don't see this time of year. a tornado touched down north of salt lake city, utah, damaging
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no reports of injuries. but katie, a great example severe weather can happen about anywhere, any time. >> exactly. that swirling area of low pressure around salt lake bringing moisture to the air, but a cold front will start in colorado today, and slowly moving east throughout the course of today. our front range forecast ahead of the front we'll still see temperatures around average, upper 70s in boulder, low 80s area. mix of sun and clouds. real big concern today will bb the wind. wind gusts up to about 45 miles per hour all acrosssthe front range. greeley will start this morning with areas of patchy fog, gradually clearing skies by this afternoon, bringing those temperatures become up to the low -- back up to the low 80s. as you can see, closuring skies in the -- clearing skies in the denver metro area. by 4:00 the mountains really picking up moisture.
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snow on the mountain peaks. throughout the day today and into tonight, chance of a few scattered showers in denver, before big shift saturday morning. that's what we're looking at in terms of snow. slushy roads can be expected. i-70 through georgetown dry conditions to the eisenhower tunnel. nice for now, but be aw on the map you can see wrapping up the paving on c-470 by 285, slightly slow on the northbound side. thank you, jayson. sad news for cu and the science community. deborah jin died, she was a professor there. she won the women in science award, and the only winner from north america that year.
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planning her funeral. this morning a wyoming man is being called a hero. >> david jameson ran into an apartment complex in cheyenne that caught on fire. he went in twice, first helping young men in the lower apartment, then his wife who was outside told him there was a child inside so he went back in. >> i just yelled, there's a kid in there, and my husband did in the hesitate. he's a photographer. buildings usually. but he did. >> he did. thanks to him, and quick work from the fire crews everyone got out safely. he'll receive a citizen's award from firefighters. >> thankful he was there. >> nice work. a dog is accused, a dog, accused of stabbing a woman. i know it sounds strange. police say it's true. plus, mark zuckerburg wants tt put an end to allldiseases
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where his mouth is. how realistic is this? a new poll shows colin kaepernick's actions may be affecting his fan base in a
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it is 5:00 a.m. a local man wakes up to the sound of his truck peeling out of his driveway, and he's not alone. find out what kind of trucks thieves are targeting. a teenager behind bars, accused of beating a boulder county woman within inches of her life. her so ii the hospital recovering after being shot. one simple thing you can do to help. before we get to those stories, got to talk about the cold front moving into colorado. >> let's get over to katie to find out how chilly the temperatures are going to drop. >> today in the front range 70s and 80s. but by this weekend, 60s are expected as the cold front moves into the state. the mountains will be affected first and the front will move from west to east. here's our cheat sheet for


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