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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 26, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MDT

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this morning on "world news now," hours away from the first presidential debate, and how are the candidates preparing, and are the fireworks already happening? interesting invites to tell you about on both sides. breaking news, golf legend, arnold palmer, passes away at the age of 87. new reaction coming in at this hour. the album that changed the record business creating a new genera entirely, nivana's album, the baby on the cover, and what he looks like now. >> could be in a retirement home now. and the upset at the box office this weekend giving new life to star power. the movies that have been dominating theaters this month
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thing in common. can you guess what it is? the answer is in "the skinny." it is monday, september 26. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> sully was a man. denzel, i don't know. we'll see. >> okay. >> all right. we'll get to that a little later on "the skinny." but fist, a long awaited showdown between donald trump and hillary clinton set to tee off on the debate stage for the first time. >> with 90 minutes to make their case, and the fireworks already started over the guest list. the latest now from abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: the stage set and expectation game in full swing on the campaign trail. >> what we're concerned about is that there might be a double standard here. >> i don't appreciate campaigns thinking it's the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact checkers. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump's campaigns trying
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likely be the most-watched political showdown in american history. their first presidential debate compared to the super bowl. 100 million people expected to watch. and the race couldn't be tighter. a new abc news "washington post" poll shows clinton holding at 64%. donald trump two points behind, but still within the margin of error. donald trump lies, it's point out. >> reporter: trump expects the moderators to be harder on him, the most powerful republican in congress, house speaker paul ryan, hopes trump's doing his homework. >> look, hillary clinton's done this most of her life, the pro, this is new for donald. overprepare for it. >> reporter: the psychological warfare already started. clinton's campaign invited trump's nemesis, billionaire
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the republican nominee responded by tweeting, perhaps i will put gennifer flowers beside him, reportedly said yes, i'll be there. >> why send out that tweet? >> to remind people he's a great counterpuncher. she's not been invited by the campaign. >> reporter: while both candidates are spending the day preparing behind closed doors, they both had meetings with israeli prime minister netanyahu, a brief pause before the epic face-off. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> as you saw there, both sides actually met with the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, and tried to emphasize a strong relationship between the u.s. and israel. >> donald trump and benjamin netanyahu in trump tower and talked about the border which fence which trump cites when talking about building a wall. >> hillary clinton talked about iran and syria and a two-state
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israeli/palestinian conflict. >> you, of course, can watch the debate here on abc with our power house political team coverage live monday night starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> we'll have team coverage right here on "world news now" with our banl joining us, i believe, from hofstra university. the death of golf great arnold palmer, the man credited with making the sport popular with a wide audience died yesterday from complications of heart problems. he was 8 years old. the television era started. >> his good looks and charming personality made him one of the most popular in the world. his fans became known as arne's army and he was the king. he won seven major championships and 62 pga tour wins, and he was a pioneer in sports marketing. the praise for arnold palmer is pouring in this morning. tiger woods tweeted, quote, thanks, arnold, for friendship, counsel, and a lot of laughs.
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espn analyst jay bilac referring of the recent death of ali saying we lost "the king" and the greatest in the same year. how lucky we are to have them both. >> fox sports showed this photo adding, seriously, how can you ever be cooler than this? it's impossible. meantime, now, we move on, though, to a possible future sports legend who passed away. this weekend, miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez and two other people killed in a boating accident sunday morning slamming into a jetty off the coast of miami. they left cuba on a speedboat eight years ago to become one of baseball's dominant young pitchers. they cancelled yesterday's game. the manager, don mattingly, was emotional talking about fernandez. >> as bad as he would make, just some of the stuff he'd do, you saw the little kid that you see
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league or something like that. that's the joy that jose played with and the passion he felt about playing. that's what i think about. >> marlins star slugger stanton posted on instagram that this nightmare. there was a moment of silence for fernandez before every baseball game played yesterday and the dolphins game against the browns. the man suspected of shooting five people to death in a seattle area mall is expected in court today. he was arrested over the weekend after a day-long manhunt. the motive remains a mystery, but investigators say he had a run in with the law over recent years including charges he assaulted his stepfather.
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others injured in a pair of early shootings sunday including on university of illinois campus. they believe the two shootings were related. the first shooting was a result of an argument at a party. thousands of people out of their homes as flooding threatens cedar rapids, iowa. the cedar river threatening to overflow banks, prompting volunteers to fill sandbags. public schools canceled classes through wednesday. the river is expected to crest tomorrow morning, although not as high as it was eight years ago when billions of dollars of damage. okay. this is how grunge rock fans know they are getting out. nirvana's baby on the cover of this album is now 25 years old. >> no. wow. many of us remember this picture. you saw him immediately. >> oh, yeah.
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>> under the water was a four month old spencer, and this is spencer today. he recreated that for the 25th anniversary and wanted to be in the picture naked like in 1991, but the photographer apparently was not a faofhe idea. >> so many hits on that album, come as you are, you know, lithium, and bloom, and go on and on, but that photo is awesome. >> so good. >> he's got tatted up. >> missing my skater jeans and sneakers. >> ripped jeans. >> smells like teen spirit. >> it does. that's the best of all. like a retirement home. >> or your cologne. coming up, 8-year-old girl in moisturize who is a hero this morning and what she did that likely saved her mother's life. and we're just hours away from one of the most anticipated presidential debates in recent memory. and if past debates are any indication, tonight could be loaded with surprises. but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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a maryland woman fortunate to be alive this morning thanks to the quick thinking and calmness of her 8-year-old daughter. she felt numb on the left side of her face and told the third grader about it. luckily, she had recently looked up the word stroke, and the girl called 911. >> hello? >> do you have an emergency? >> i'm in the house with my mom, and i think she's having a stroke now. the door's unlocked, i just unlocked it. >> you're doing a great job. more mom's going to be awful proud of you. >> reporter: what a move. she got an award for bravery and
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very, very exciting. >> wow. turning now to politics and first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton set for tonight. >> trying to keep it a secret, but, yes, it's tonight. what can we expect? well, you know, if past years are any indication, just about anything. ali has the latest from washington. good morning, ali. >> hi, diane and kendis. a record number of people expected to watch hillary clinton and donald trump finally duke it out on stage in the first presidential debate monday night in a race that's been anything that ordinary. the question is, how will the candidates perform in this key hallmark of the american electoral process? if history's any indication, we know this to be true, debates can be awkward and up expected. before we see how this debate measures up, take a look back with us at some of the most awkward moments in presidential debate history.
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ben carson caused thee most awkward traffic jam in election history. >> florida senator marco rubio. ? ? >> sarah palin kept things simple. and ross was brutally honest about his experience. >> who am i? why am i here? about his experience. >> who am i? why am i hererwas brutally hone about his experience. >> who am i? why am i herowas brutally honest about his experience. >> who am i? why am i hertwas brutally honest about his experience. >> who am i? why am i here? >> mitt romney's definition of a dollar looked a little different than hours. >> $10,000 bet? >> reporter: donald trump crossed a line with tmi. >> look at those hands. are they small hands? and he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee it. >> reporter: president obama
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>> yes, how how the national debt permanently affected -- >> the word oops forever immortalized in debate history. >> education and the -- what's the third one there? let's see -- i can't. the third one, i can't, sorry. oops. >> likabilities were settled. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough. >> thank you. >> reporter: shouting matches ensued. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> reporter: and lloyd benson dropped the mic on dan quail. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: clearly, clinton and trump have tough acts to follow, but that hasn't stopped either from leaving their unique stamp on president equal election history. diane, kendis. >> all right, thanks. when we come back, the movies that have been dominating the box office this month all have one thing in common.
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the big announcement from the backstreet boys. the skinny's next.
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? skinny so skinny ?
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we're going to start with the upset this weekend at the box office. >> denzel washington and remake of the 1960 western "magnificent seven" galloped into a strong opening this weekend taking in $35 million. that was followed by storks and together they push sully out of first place after two weeks down to third place. >> but there is an interesting trend going on this month at the box office. the lead actors dominating the top movies this month are all over the age of 60. denzel washington is 61 years old. >> tom hanks plays the lead in "sully," of course, turned 60 back in sully, and steven lang starring in "don't breathe" is 64 years old. >> having hollywood pundits rethinking the star power. denzel washington and tom hanks were the overwhelming reason for people buying tickets for those movies. >> oh. >> while there's been this trend about you have to have, like, modern music and go to modern movies. no, you know what, it's good to
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>> i saw hell or high water, and jeff bridges in that too. >> exactly. >> that was excellent. >> exactly. next, tv star power, bringing out fans of a classic '90s show. >> the will and grace reunion that no one expected. it happened over the weekend, megan and her husband, nick, have been performing a live show in santa barbara, california apostrophe." >> this week, the former costars eric, debra, and shaun showed up to support their old bestie. >> sharing this photo and another on instagram with her 287,000 followers a lot of followers. >> yes. >> and it looks like not a single one of them has aged a single day in the ten years since "will and grace" went off air. >> saying they even smell the same. of course, we hope that's a good thing. >> yeah. i guess. >> could go either way with that. >> oh, my god, they're back again.
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? oh, my god they're back again ? ? that's right, ladies and gentlemen. the backstreet boys surprised a crowd saturday night at iheart radio music festival in nevada with classic hits including backstreet's back, all right. they were alongside florida georgia line. >> and they're really, really back. they announced they'll headline their own las vegas residency show called backstreet b larger than life at access planet hollywood resort and casino. >> residency contains 18 dates from march 1st to july 1st and presale tickets starting today. finally, a weekend wrap up of celebrity good tidings. >> a surprise announcement from
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model girlfriend catherine boyd on saturday. and after the private ceremony, he shared this photo on instagram with a line from e.e. cummings poem, saying, i thank you, god, for this most amazing day. next, "shark tank" popped the question to long time girlfriend, heather, on the set of the show. she did say yes. after he pulled out a custom designed 9.5 carat diamond ring, she said definitely yes, absolutely, no doubt. the couple shares a six month old daughter who witnessed the proposal, by the way. a family event. >> members of the crew said yes, and they were not asked the question. speaking of bling, dina manziel flashed her $30,000 engagement
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her boyfriend and former represent cast member, congratulations to the happy couple.
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? ? i found out all i had done was made it easy for the cleanup woman ? an elementary school principal never expected to turn into a cleanup woman, but she found out you have to get creative to get the job done. >> while trying to figure out how to boost attendance, she got a solution tt coming, and it involved washing machines. here's david muir. >> st. louis, missouri, the just over the bridge, the principal and her students. many of those smiles were missing when she took over as principal of gibson elementary two years ago. absenteeism, an epidemic, going door-to-door in her community to find out why. >> we heard we didn't have clean
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students were feeling like, well, i can't come to school because my clothes aren't clean. >> no clean clothes, hearing it over and over. >> we have a washer and drier at home. it's just that our electricity was shut off. >> we had no clean clothes because we only had a little bit of money, and we used our money for food. >> reporter: so dr. gunn had an idea. she got in touch with whirlpool, asking for help. donating washers and dryers to washington elementary. >> they want you to put as many clothes fit in a bag, and then they have you bring them to the school. then they wash them. >> volunteers, parents cleaning clothes at school for free. and in just one year after 2,300 loads of laundry, attendance shot up 90%. >> went from being embarrassed to this confidence level of, look at me read.
3:27 am
initial pne call, whirlpool started the care counts program, doing the same thing in more than 30 schools. hundreds more interested. >> principals will say, well, how did you get this? i was like, ask, just ask. you have to look at what is one thing that we can do to make a difference and immediately show change because that is when people know you are listening to them. >> reporter: david muir, abc news, new york. >> the program plans to expand this to 20 more schools next year. they had more than 300 schools express interest in the ram. >> you can understand why. donating to some 17 schools in missouri, california, and illinois. it's branching out. quite popular all over. don't miss our updates on facebook, >> stay with us. we have more world news coming up. this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here's the hop headlines on "world news now." donald trump and hillary clinton battling it out on the same stage for the first time, going in the debate neck and neck in the polls hoping to win over undecided voters. >> dozens of northern californians have been o to evacuate as the sawmill fire grows and destroyed more than two square miles of rural countryside. it's 10% contained. high temperatures, steep terrain and strok winds are hampering firefighters' efforts. florida marlins fans are mourning the loss of pitcher jose fernandez.
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>> a curfew in effect in charlotte since thursday has now been lifted. there were violent protests following the fatal police shooting of keith scott, but demonstrators have been peaceful in the last two days. those are some of the top stories on this monday, september 26th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good monday morning, breaking news, a sports legend passed away, in fact, one of the greatest golfers of all time, arnold palmer passing away yesterday afternoon at the age of 87. >> he won seven major tournaments. the masters four times and british and u.s. open each twice. overall, he won nearly 100
3:32 am
palmer will be remembered for more than just his athletic ability. abc's lindsey davis has the story. >> reporter: in the golf world, he's known simply as the king. the place of golf in modern pronal sports owes everything to arnold palmer. in the 1950s when golf was largely a country club sport, he became the people's golfer. >> arnold palmer is the master. >> reporter: the son of a greens keeper from pennsylvania, he blended a working class background, dashing good looks, and a go-for-broke style. his famous flamboyant swing delighted crowds, making him golf's number one star as golf moved into the television era. the come-from-behind victories legend, adding the word "charge" to the sports vocabulary. he charged from seven strokes back for the win. the thousands that followed along the course and television were known as arnie's army, never deserting him, right up until the end.
3:33 am
brilliant businessman, and a pitch man for scores of products and causes. he leaves behind a legacy of arity work, almost as long as his golf victories. in almost 50 years, he won 92 tournaments overall, seven of them major championships. >> when you walk up the 18th and you get an ovation like that, i guess that says it all. >> reporter: and now in his passing, his influence lives on whenever and wherever a member of arnie's army tees off, abc news. politicians to other players, all remembering arnold palmer understandably. now to politics. one of the biggest days of the campaign season, the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton hours away. >> as many as 100 million people are planning to watch this stage for tonight's big showdown right
3:34 am
george step nom stepanopolis has the story. >> i am not a single issue candidate. >> reporter: hillary clinton the most experienced debater in modern history. 34 presidential primary debates under her belt. >> you are the fickle biggest liar, probably worse than jeb bush. >> reporter: donald trump with 11, taking out 16 rivals. >> let me talk, quiet. quiet. out of time. >> reporter: but this debate is one-on-one, 90 minutes before a huge tv audience that doesn't much like either candidate. shortly, right? >> reporter: trump's challenge? close the gap with clinton on world affairs, qualifications, and temperament. >> i'll be very respectful of her. i think she deserves that. i'm going to be nice. you never know how it will turn people watching.there's a lot of >> reporter: clinton's campaign worried he could win just by showing up and expectations working against her. 47% in our poll say she'll win,
3:35 am
>> even before the candidates step foot on the stage, sparks fly over the guest list. >> looks like bill clinton's former miss stress will not attend. trump threatened to invite flowers after offering a seat to mark cuban, a trump critic. he says now flowers was never actually invited. concerns trump may be allowed to go unchecked at the debate. they demanding the moderators step in, set the record straight if trump says something that's not true. >> all that we're asking is if donald trump lies it's pointed out. >> i really don't appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to go and be these virtual fact checkers. >> republican nominee said for all the debates, moderators
3:36 am
challenge each other on the facts rather than interrupt debates to point out inaccuracies. of course, you can watch the debate right here on abc with our power house political team live tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern and full analysis here on "world news now." >> iowa's second largest city braces for the worst flooding in years. thousands of residents told to evacuate, and others get ready as the cedar river rises. devastating flooding eight years ago cost the city billions of dollars. here's more now. >> reporter: the major flooding disaster in iowa is only getting homes. entire neighborhoods swamped by rivers. the only way in or out is by boat. >> we built what we thought was going to be good enough, but it wasn't. we'll rebuild back. >> reporter: this baby deer
3:37 am
good samaritan rescued it from the dangerous currents. in cedar rapids, they scramble to fill thousands of sandbags to protect against the growing threat. evacuations begin as residents brace for one of the worst floods in the city's history. >> we have to push hard the next few days to be fully prepared for that crest. >> reporter: right behind me, one of several bridges now shut down in anticipation of the river coming to street level, coming up and over the banks, which is why there's temporary levies to hold back the river forecasted to crest at 20 feet tuesday and mississippi crests sunday. a multiday event, likes of which has not been seen since 2008 which was devastating. they hope to be more prepared this time. abc news, cedar rapids, iowa. a class action suit filed against wells fargo, wanting $2 billion on behalf of the workers who tried to meet sales without fraud and were later forced to resign or demoted.
3:38 am
for opening accounts without getting customer permission. first google, now snapchat with eyeglasses called skepticals, and the glasses can record up to ten seconds of video each time you tap a button by the hinge. they come in three colors, but they are only one size and cost $130, distribution limited, and they admit it's a toy. >> kind of looks like it. when i first heard the idea, i thought it was the onion article, but it's real. to football now, chicago has the cubs, that definitely distracts from the other bears town. >> da bears. o-3 after losing 31-17 in dallas sunday night. that's seven losses in the last eight games for chicago dating back to last season. the cowboys snapped an
3:39 am
one man at the game learned a hard lesson. if you're on the sidelines, pay attention. oh, see that? end of a run there the bears' jordan howard. took him out. the guy in the suit wiped out by jjwilcox, and both players run off and leave him in the heat. >> they didn't check him? >> no. >> come on, man. >> at least help the guy up. come on. >> i assume he was okay. >> he was just standing there. >> that's part of with having seats so close to the play. >> geez. >> yeah. >> i like the nosebleed ones. >> is that why you sit up there? >> yeah. >> me too. okay. so a bit of marilyn monroe's blond hair sells in an auction for $70,000. the two locks of hair were expected to go for $8,000. the auction house will not say
3:40 am
author truman capote sold at that same auction for $45,000. again, the winner is unknown. okay. how much did your hair go for? >> when i shaved it all off? it went to propecia. >> people were not standing waiting for their locks? >> no, not at all. >> all right. >> shocking. coming up, the transatlantic flight diverted by a samsung tablet catching on fire. what happened on the detroit to amsterdam flight after it fell inside a seat and was jammed. william and the duchess, kate, are on their second official visit to canada. and what a difference five years makes. first here's a look at today's temperatures. "world news now" weather
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authorities in cleveland are issuing a warning after seven fatal overdoses in one day. the victims died from either heroin or phetynol or combination of both. the cases are not believed to be linked. >> a tablet believed to be cause of a smoking problem causing and emergency landing in england this weekend. they reported spoke in the caused by an overheat the tablet wedged in a seat. samsung not commenting on this. the faa is reviewing the incident. no issues for the royal family, on the second official visit to canada. >> boarding yesterday to travel to vancouver.
3:45 am
canada. >> reporter: a royal family affair touching down in canada with prince george stealing the show. all eyes on charlotte mastering the wave on her royal tour. well, this is it, this is the moment they kick off their highly anticipated tour of the west coast of canada packing in more than 13 engagements of the next seven days. canadian prime minister justin trudeaux and his wife rolling out the red carpet welcoming the cambridges. complete with military honors and 21 gun salute. >> we're so pleased that george and charlotte can be with us in canada this time around. beginning their own lifetime of
3:46 am
>> reporter: kate looking regal in a blue dress and a little bling borrowed from the queen. they began the tour with a royal walk about, and a solemn moment remembering those who served. the prince took this day to thank their hosts for their warm welcome, and then saying a few words in french, or trying to. [ speaking french ] it's a little rusty, work with me. >> reporter: so this is an action-packed tour. the palace described it outdoorsy and casual, but they had a tea party with their kids and families serving in the military, and more than 30 engagement on this tour, we are going to try to keep up with them every step of the way. wish us luck, abc news, vancouver.
3:47 am
>> french was a little off. >> they are human too. >> they can't speak it like the rest of us. they have a busy schedule, so the kids are left back there on victoria island while the royals travel all throughout the yukon, british columbia, and the tea party back in victoria later on this week. how adorable did they look coming off the plane? >> it's a little bit unfair. >> don't you look like that when you get off an 11 hour flight? >> i have flannel pants on, torn t-shirt, and that's what the duchess looks like >> wakes up like that. flawless. coming up, did you text anyone this weekend? >> well, in case you didn't know it, it was no text weekend. >> whoops. >> we'll explain the wisdom behind the technology holiday straight ahead. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc
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for many americans, texting replaced talking, and a growing number of mental health experts say it's not a good thing. >> one group issued a challenge for us, by encouraging us to embark on a no text weekend. how did you do? here's abc's rachel smith. >> reporter: ding, ding, and ring. our modern day melody.
3:50 am
of a tech company. >> so i am constantly working seven days a week, 12 hour days. i know what it means to be hyperconnected. >> throughout the day i probably grab my phone and text someone every ten to 15 minutes. >> reporter: one group aiming to change that. at least for a few days by launching no next weekend. >> no text weekend begins the personal online challenge to just try to talk. >> we encourage you to call your friends, call your family. >> no texting for the weeken problem for teens and tweens, even mom and dad find the challenge daunting. >> start at 7? >> 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: while texting is magical, we do it too often and use it for conversations we should be having in person. >> when you can text important emotional information, but you don't know how it's landing with the other person.
3:51 am
>> reporter: so this weekend is all about reclaiming conversations and connecting with one another with your voice, not your screen. >> this is awesome. this is something we have to do because it's important for me, as both mom and ceo, to know, stop, unplug, focus on the people right there, right in front of you. >> reporter: ready for this. >> are you? >> are you? >> harder for me to not text? >> you're always on your phone, just idly doing it. >> i am -- i won't be able to do it. >> no? >> i wouldn't be able to do it. i have problems, that expert said, you don't know how it's landing, but with the emoticons, there's a lot of options. have you seen the update. >> i have not because i didn't update. >> look. to diane, a text with balloons or let's go -- >> get me actual balloons.
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? ? ? you're dancing to the music. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> calling play by play for the los angeles dodgers since they were in brooklyn, truman was in the white house, and nat king >> now sports broadcasting legend signed off for good. here's david wright. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this weekend, they rolled out the blue carpet at dodger stadium. >> oh, come on. it's just me. >> reporter: the end of an era that lasted 67 years. >> hi, everybody, and a very pleasant good evening to you.
3:56 am
>> reporter: vince, calling them as he sees them since 1950s. >> the windup, here's the pitch. it's a perfect game. >> reporter: from jackie robinson, sandy cofax to henry aaron breaking babe ruth's home run record for the oos >> and it's gone! what a marvellous moment for baseball. >> reporter: what did that moment mean? >> for me, i tried to call the play as accurately and quickly as possible, and tn shut up and let the crowd roar because there's nothing better. >> reporter: fans watched with him, even when they are there at the ballpark watching the game. >> thank you for painting a picture for us, for our families that we'll have for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: dodger fans, vince was the sound track of summer. >> we'll miss you, my friend.
3:57 am
our cars, in our backyards. >> reporter: an endless summer finally finished. david wright, abc news, new york. >> he's seen so much, and we should point out, the dodgers are going to be in the playoffs, they clenched their division. but scully said in the agreement he'd retire at the end of the regular season. but many los angeles fans will so many great calls he made over his career. >> people are going to be wanting -- getting a seat next to him wherever he's watching the game to get a little private play by play. >> all right. well, that's the news for this half hour, everyone.
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making news in america this morning -- a golf legend lost. word of the death of arnold palmer is prompting an outpouring of appreciation from those in arnie's army. it's finally debate day for the presidential candidates. a super bowl-like audience expected for tonight's showdown between hillary clinton and donald t their campaigns sparring as the hours dwindle ahead of their crucial clash. a flood emergency in iowa. the water is forcing several thousand people from their homes. it's expected to keep rising for another day. and talk about an express delivery for the guy who forgot his lunch. look out below. a good monday morning to you all. we begin with breaking news this


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