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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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she was spotted 12 hours later in deer trail, colorado. she drives a dark new toyota camry with a colorado license plate. if you see her call 911. now to a rather odd and spooky threat that is going on in greeley. this is a conversation on facebook. this went on all night long, people were up ooernight afraid that armed clowns may be running around the city of greeley. >> people are so freaked out they were calling our newsroom saying they are hearing rumors that these clown although this does sound silly, we really could not ignore what everyone was talking about. >> we sent amanda del castillo to greeley to look into this clowns care. >>reporter:we actually made a call to tte greeley police department to ask if there were any legitimate sightings of these clowns. we have not gotten a call back yytt but they did post publicly as well as the greeley evans school district 6, saying they do not believe any of the
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but still, people have taken to -?social media. we are here at jerry's market this morning. this is one of the locations where people have posted that they saw these clowns, all through this greeley clown update facebook page. nearly 300 people, more than 300 people have actually joined this facebook page ovnight. posting screen grabs of conversations that they are allegedly having with these clowns and that they are seeing here in greeley. that have been spotted nationwide. that it is summer sunntatian that has gone all summer long. overnight it has made its way to greeley. we are going to be following developments as the morning continues. reporting ffom greeley this morning i am amanda del castillo, denver7. >> if you do see any of these clowns out there, if you can, safely, take a picture and send
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let's get over to lisa, she has our first alert forecast this morning. >> temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 40s as you step out the door, 47 in denver right now. we are dropping closer to if not below freezing this past couple of days in the mountains getting a lot cooler up there in the early morning. clear skies making for some cool beautiful mornings. mid to upper 70s by noon, at that point here in town we will be at about 77 warm it is clear, it is really another gorgeous afternoon. you will find low '80s and boulder, highlands ranch today 82. here is our first alert, in the 80s through wednesday into thursday. and then start to cool over the weekend. details coming up. the kids going through the first rate pile of leaves yesterday afternoon. >> that many leaves already? >> yes, leaves all over the
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someone has conked out near santa fe and alameda. we are tracking developments after 2 separate bombs in the german city of dresden, overnight, it appears the 2 are related. one of the attacks targeted a mosque and did some damage there. the second one was at the international congress center in dresden. both of these were caused by how may. fortunately, no one was injud, just property damage we have seen so far. at response ability for the bombings. a teenager will face a boulder county judge accused of beating an elderly woman nearll to death. although he is just 16, jeffrey collins will be tried as an adult. jason gruenauer joins us with a preview of thissmorning's court hearing. >>reporter:the teenager was arrested last thursday. he will be formally charged, as iyer we hear a boulder county court for an emergency hearing today? it turns out it all comes down
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a judge is going to rule whether or not to release to the public the arrest affidavit of 16-year-old jeffrey collins. he is the suspect, accused in that meeting. generally, arresttaffidavits may include details of the case that normally just don't come out from investigators that give ada, a judge, and people in a grand jury enough information as to whether or not to charge someone with a crime. whatdi enforcement happened. what did witnesses say happened. what hard evidence was found in this case. those are just some of the things that could be inside that arrest affidavit. a judge will decide whether or not to release out to the public at that emergency hearing were collins will be in attendance. coming up att10 a.m. here in boulder county court. we will bring yyu the details as they become available. for now, live in boulder, jason gruenauer, denver7. video you're only going to see right here on denver7, it's
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in trouble, after this video from a commerce city bus stop went viral on facebook. you can see there is a bully in the back, and he is using a stick to poke one of the boys. we asked -- that kid asked the bully to stop 14 separate times. the studenn recording the whole thing seem to antagonize the student evvn further. the sun -- the student has special needs. >> kids with special needs can definitely be a target for bullying behavior. one of the key aspects of bullying is the power differential. where one students, or individual has an upper hand. >> brighton district 27j says it does not have enough staff to provide routine security at bus stops. it does take bullying varies
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a woman is in jail this morning accused of killing her own children's father. we told you about this y esterday. we have look now at roxanne sanchez, she shot the man at a home on 56th and randolph place in green valley ranch. police have not said wwat motivated the shooting. it appears to be domestic related. ood news this morning, a 15-year-old girl and her baby are now back home. yesterday morning we told you they disappeared in arapahoe county on sunday wwre, but they were told that they are now say. a former montebello teacher accused of a sexual -- of sexually assaulting a 7-year- old says he now wants to clear his name. prosecutors dismissed the charges against the 26 year last week, but not before he lost his job as a teacher, and the ability to coach high school basketball. he said the family dispute gone bad is what led to him being falsely accused. >> i slept okay last night, for the first time in a long time.
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maybe it's time for a new beginning. >> the das office says it dismissed the charges because the prosecutor did not think she could win at trial. this morning, cnn says hillary clinton won the first residential debate against donald trump that we heard them say this morning there pole does skew a bit left. you can form your own opinion. here is mike sachs with a closer look at the debate. >>reporter: presidential debate is coming down, we watched a 90 minute slump fest here that boil down to 90 seconds for you. >> donna was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis brady said, back in 2006 , i hope it does collapse, because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. it did collapse. >> that is called business by the way. she doesn't have the stamina. >> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates
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release of dissidents and opening of new opportunities and nations come around the world, or evennt spe 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. >> she's got experience, that i agree, but it is bad experience. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> you are telling the evan -- the enemy everything you want to do. you are telling the enemy everything you want to do. no wonder you have been life. >> i have a feeling, by the end of this evening i will be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> why not? >> why not. ju join the debate by aying more crazy things. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, her family, and i said to myself i can't do it.
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>>reporter:after that they all came here to the spin room where the light blue signs have hillary clinton people saying hillary clinton one, and the red signs saying >> i think that both candidates have some major missteps in the debate. if i had to choose a winner i would say that hillary clinton came out a little bit stronger. >> i think donald trump lost the debate. he spent a lot of time explaining. when he spent a lot of time explaining your record, you >>reporter:sounds like momentum for hillary clinton, 2 more debates to go. >> we are sure you have your own thoughts about the debate. now a clever person from right here in our state, created an app that creates a real-time presidential pool letting you weigh in. the app is called voter mode, let you cast your vote and see real-time data. it also breaks down demographics that shows you
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it is meant to be a snapshot in time and provide a way for potential voters to engage with each other. both candidates made pretty bold train -- claims during the debate, was donaad trump telling the truth when he said voters are to have his tax information. to you see anything controversial about this cake? why walmart is apologizing this morning. we do not have a single cloud in the sky, it is going to be clear, bright and sunny all day long today. coming up we will show you a better chance for a few storms here in town. here in town. in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama
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i was so shocked when donald publicly invited vladimir putin to hack into americans, that is unacceptable. it is one of the reasons why 50 national security officials who served at republican administration -- have said that donald is unfit to be the commander-in-chief. >> another powerful claim from debate. this time hillary clinton referring to when donald trump asked russian president vladimir putin to find e-mails clinton might be hiding from her time as secretary of state. the candidates evidently went at each other, but what is bakhtin will -- fact and what is
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defended his refusal to release his tax returns saying the voters have plenty of information about his finances. >> you will learn more about donald trump by going down to the federal elections, where i filed a 104 page essentially financial statements, of sorts. >> our partners found little evidence to support donald trump argument that the financial disclosure that allows observers to learn more than they would from a tax form, and for that reason trumps sta donald trump was just on fox and friends. we have been monitoring the conversation never the hostt asked him if he regretted not asking hillary clinton and pushing her more on her e-mail scandal and benghazi? donald trump said he thought lester holt should have brought up the e-mail specifically in a question. he was asked what grade he would give lester faulty said he would give e thought he did okay, but he also
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end of the debate. coming up in our 6 a.m. hour, i am going o tell you what donald trump said just now when responding to something that came up last night, a ms. universe candidates weight gain. we will tell you what he said about that. we are hoping to learn more about why a lawyer who opened fire near a houston strip mall yesterday morning, before killing himself. we brought it to you as "breaking news" as it was going on during our six am broadcast yesterday. issues the man had with the law firm while searching his car officers found several weapons. some appear to have a swastika on it. nine people were injured in the shooting yesterday. in georgia, walmart is apologizing for refusing to the store employee says there was a "blue lives matter" theme was racist. the family wanted it on the officers retirement party, they ended up going to another
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walmart ended up donating something for the party, along with a gift card. this week, marijuana edibles are getting a makeover to try to protect our kids. starting saturday all edible labels must feature a new universal symbol on the front. it is meant to promote safety, raise awareness, and help people identify with marijuana companies will not be able to make the prooucts look like enticing to kids, meaning candy cannot be on the this is pretty awesome, two of the country's hottest zip codes are right here in c olorado. 80233, north and cos in third on's 809 -- 80196 in colorado
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but. here is your cheat sheet. it is going to be warmer than normal, lots of sunshine -?statewide, not only across th plains, but in the mountains, perfect conditions as we see these leaves change as we get those clear skies but then some good heat building in the afternoon prayer we will see a transfer a few showers, but really not until the end of the week area day and friday. for mother's here is a live look near peds, i know it looks like the moon, but you can see some clearr skies there and a lot of sunshine expected early on. we will be in the low to mid 50s about seven and 8 o'clock, and that even by 11-12 already, at that point in the low to upper 70s. we will top out right around 8 0-82 here in denver. again, clear skies expected, not only today but tonight. highlands ranch 82, and some upper 60s to low 70s for the foothills.
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park 72. you get closer to evergreen, conifer right around 75-76. it is warm, we have upper '80s near pueblo and lamarr. future cast is really quiet. if anything we are going to see clouds building across the southwestern corner of our state. later afternoon, early evening with my soon isolated storm. that is it, by 7 o'clock tonight so under a clear sky. it will be earlier tomorrow that we start to see some showers close to the four not much of anything for us here in colorado, even tomorrow it is bone dry. thursday, our mountains will see a better chance for showers and then on friday we get the chance for a few storms and showers here. look at these highs, low '80s expected through thursday. it's about 5-7 degrres above some of those normal highs. a little cooler friday, 78. then some low to mid 70s saturday and sunday.
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get into the weekend. this is a gorgeous seven-day forecast. at times, this is the best time of year here in colorado. >> i love it. right now a pretty busy 3 drive already south on i 25, we had a couple of cars off to the right shoulder here at 84th. you ccn still see some of the congestion down here. it's like this from thorton parkway. extra heavy already. another spot extra heavy is on the northbound side of 225 right near colfax. the only other issue somebody ha there at santa fe and alameda. from police beating victim to emmy award winner. we first told you about alex, last week, and now we are talking to him about it. he got a $795,000 settlement after being beaten by denver police back in 2009. since then he has been working to improve relations with officers. he was also part of a short animated film that just won a national emmy award in new york.
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>> . >>reporter:this and he will propel you to do bigger and bolder things. >> absolutely. it could potentially lead to revisions in the criminal justice system. as long as we continue the ground game, we will elevate ourselves to platforms to speaking engagements and et cetera. >> he wants the officers of all to be prosecuted, but he says this and thh symbolizes his own personal strength. it keeps getting worse for the makers of epipen. the company ceo really lie about the prophets?
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i have much better judgment than he does. i also have a much better temperament than she does it. i think my strongest asset may be, by far, is my temperament. i have a winning temperament. i know how to win. >> donald trump used the word temperament a lot last day. it seems a lot of people are not sure what that really meann. arian webster says during the debate, people were lookinggit up to 78 times more than people usually do. that is what they were searching on the internet. each of the candidates were allowed to invite whomever thee would like that they wanted in the debate, hillary clinton chose mark cuban you can see him right there in the center. the millionaire investor not a donald trump an, by the way. she had a 9/11 survivor, a siigle mom, and a 9-year-old with cerebral palsy. donald trump invited bobby
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new york city mayor and there was a navy seal their the family of the mom of a navy seal who died in afghanistan. take a look at this, that is the green party candidate just fine she is being escorted off the campus of hofstra university before the debate started last night. she did not have the proper credentials to be there. he forgetting turned away she the debate stage to be included in the debate here are the rules, candidates have to get at least 15% of support. right now she has a little over 3%. tomorrow the us senate wiil vote to override president obama's veto of the so-called 9/11 bill. that bill would have allowed relatives come of the victims, to sue saudi arabia. if congress succeeds, this will be the first time that one of president obama's veto is overturned. the bill would hurt us national security intere war on terror mordred -- more difficult.
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just admitted to uuderreporting his prophets is 60%. the ceo claimed my land makes just $100 on a two pack of epipen set cost more than $600 to the consumer to buy. before taxes, that prophet is $160. it is now 5:55, a little girl in mississippi loves animals so much, she gave up her birthday presents in order to help them out. >> instead of asking for toys for her birthday, she people to bring her some pet leashes on food for animals in ?he. then she deliver those to a local shelter. listen as she describes why she loves animals. >> i love them, not just because they are cute, because they help people. if someone is blind, they can help them go the right way. or, they can protect you from danger. >> she says she plans to continue to do this for all of
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>> sweet girl. >> by the way we were told you that story, we just learned that the missing 88-year-old, helen jean ruth, has been found. that is great. we were putting that alert out some -- hoping someone would have found her. it was cool over the weekend what does the rest of the week look like? >> it is warm. today through thursday we will be in the 80s. early on, bring a sweater. if you are in the sunshine it degrees. gorgeous, lots of sunshine t oday. in fact, we will see a lot of sunshine through thursday. i friday, a chance of a few storms, at that point. temperatures will also start to draw. as we head into the weekend, we will see some low to mid 70s. a lot of volume building on the freeways, you can see the northbound side of 225 getting very heavy after colfax passed 17th in making their way up to i 70.
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side is busy. you can see from my 70 it's also starting to get busy. that sunshine will be a major factor again today. by now, pretty much every kid is back in school, and that means there is new sicknnss going around. a virus hitting campus, what students and staff at older need to watch out for. a big honor for one of the most loved nuggets players of all time that is next on
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when you tried to ct holier than thou, it really doesn't work. >> the candidates came out swinging during last night's debate at hofstra university. >> were theyytelling the truth. our factor checks are happening all morning long. right now, just into the first alert desk,,dozens of people have been injured after a typhoon slammed taiwan. almost 1 million homes are without power right now. the typhoon made landfall with winds of 115 miles per hour nvidia we can show you actually cap assured construction scaffolding on a building collapsing. -- captured construction scaffolding on a building


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