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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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right now. >> let's begin with good news. legacy strong does even stronger. the high school has its head football coach back three weeks after the deadly crash at dia. >> wayne voorhees is back on the field and jennifer kovaleski was at practice tonight. he called support from the community unbelievable. >> reporter: this is unbelievable. remember this photo from when the team played in california? their coach flew out and visited him in hospital. he says that support played a crucial role in his recovery. it was office bumps and focus at legacy high school football practice. >> think about it. finish through. >> reporter: all of these players, grateful to have their head coach wayne voorhees back on the field doing what he loves. >> it's unbelievable. talk about therapeutic. >> reporter: nearly 3 weeks
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their school bus crashed at dia. the driver died. wayne voorhees suffered a concussion and several fractures. >> it has been a long couple weeks but i feel pretty goodd >> reporter: he says he doesn't remember a whole lot about the crash other than getting on the bus and waking up in the hospital. % >> i'm just happy to be back. >> reporter: he says the tragedy brought the team closer together will also changing his outlook on life. friends and family and all that kind of stuff, you cherish that a little bit more than you previously did. >> reporter: he is still not well enough to go back to teaching full-time but says right now he is focused on practice. >> we were a little choked up. the biigest thing is getting back to them. >> reporter: and leading his team again under the friday night lights. >> i am excited to see what we do this year . >> reporter: we got an update on the other injured coaches. coach mcenroe per remains in the hospital but is doing better. coach kyle rider is no longer in the hospital but has yet to return to the field.
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this is all new tonight. another clown sighting. a school in adams county spotted this. a crown was spotted looking around the school and the sheriff's department checked it out. no problems but describe it with one word, week. a lot of people are on edge with clown craziness but mmstery solved. a 15-year-old girl at northridge high school is now in serious coofessing to making creepy clown shooting threats t two greeley schools, northridge and franklin middle. investigators say the student now can't go to school and is facing criminal charges. an elementary schools student is in critical condition after a young gunman opens fire at a outh carolina
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gunman is 14 years old. investigators say he shot and killed his father at home for gog to the school. police are still trying to figure out why. the other student and teacher have been released from the hospital. the search for who caused $20,000 worth of damage to two construction sites near longmont. overnight, vandals took parts from 11 heavy construction vehicles, broke windows, cut tires, poured dirt into fuel tanks and engines and they haven't been caught. denver 7 following a developing story. a massive drug test across several colorado counties. tens of thousands of marijuana. adam hammond is here to tell us what happened. >> reporter: we're talking about 22,000 pounds of marijuana. here is some of it. that is how -?much was seized across southeast colorado. the dea says this drug ring has international ties with suspects coming from southeast asia. the drugs were being shipped from colorado tt arkansas and texas. it took 13 warrants to get all that marijuana. take a look at all these pot
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in one best alone, 300 plans were seized. we know several homes were used just for growing pot and tonight, the dea believes this was all part of one big tim ring. all of this pot, all 22,000 pounds of it, are set to be destroyed. >> thanks, adam. president obama suffers his first veto override. congress voted overwhelmingly to override the presidential veto rerd would allow victims of 9/11 to sue the saudi arabian government. this means courts could seize saudi assets to pay for any dgments of 9/11 families if found saudi arabia played a role in the attacks, which it has denied. critics argue it could encourage other countries to take action against u.s. diplomats and maybe troops fighting overseas. the whiie house conveyed -- called it the single most embarrassing thing the senate
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president obama says he understands the override vote but says it was still a mistake. the issue came up at a military packed townhall meeting. another topic tonight, and what about which the militaay is quite sensitive, athletes kneeling during the national anthem. >> in a democracy like ours, there are going to be a lot of folks that do stuff that we just don't agree with but as long as they are doing it within the law, then we can voice our opinion objecting to it but it's also their right. >> the president went on to say honoring our flag and our anthem is part of what binds us we must respect the rights of those who dispute it. you will not be voting on an anti-fracking initiative
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issue on the ballot in november. russell haythorn is here to explain what went wrong. >> reporter: it started in a neighborhood just like this. petition is going door-to-door collecting signatures. they thought they had enougg. 98,000. but then their first misstep. thousands of those signatures thrown out because they were either forged or invalid. then, the petitioners filed a challenge but quickly they run out of money and today, september 28 was the deadline to appeal. anti-fracking activists and her group -- and their group eventually ran out of time to collect signatures. >> at some point, it would have gotten enormously >> reporter: this outspoken grandmother, excepting defeat -- accepting defeat. -?>> do i think it was rigged? no. >> they fell short. stroke the failure of the ballot measure coincides with news today that opec is cutting production for the first time in years. >> what this tells us is the united states is really driving these global markets. >> reporter: here is why it is kind of a big deal.
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middle east. that means global supplies drop and prices rise, which leads u.s. producers to drill more including here in colorado the seventh largest oil-producing state in the nation.. that brings thousands of jobs and billions in tax revenues to our state but, and it's a big but, because oil prices go up, you pay more at the pump, likely $.10-$.15 more. >> we don't believe you will see a huge impact. >> reporter: bottom line, fracking i continue but this group isn't giving up. >> it affects our air. >> this issue is dead. i think was you are seeing is people who are planning on putting this ban on the ballot and coloradoans said no. >> reporter: the good news is according to the department of energy, gas prices are only expected to rise a few cents in the short-term and actually, they could drop in a few states to below two dollars a gallon
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we are live in denver, russell haythorn denver 7 tonight, flags will fly at half staff friday. resident obama made the order to honor shimon peres. your voice your vot keeping an eye on candidates visiting our state. for the first time in his campaign, donald trump will be in northern colorado. he will -- he will be speaking at the budweiser even center. available on the website. because clinton and trump are so close in colorado pulling, trump campaign just bought another $2 million in state tv advertisements. an 11-year-old boy is in critical condition after being hit by a car while crossing the street on his way to school this morning. it happened in aurora on police say the driver had a green light and likely will not face any charges. denver police are now doing an internal investigation
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this morning, the department had to put down a horse used on patrols. the horse, named mc hammer, was taken to the vet yesterday. he got colic in his stall after work and now the department wants to find out if there was any negligence. this one may end up on an episode of 2020. the young man found adrift at sea during a fishing trip on which his mother disappeared was a suspect in his grandfather's murder. nathan carmen was found off th commercial ship. he was in a life raft with food and water after he says his boat sank. his mother, who was on board is missing and presumed dead. liferaft. he life draft -- i did not see or hear my mom. >> hh called -- told investigators he was doing repair work on the boat recently but today his home was searched. carmen is also a person of
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wealthy grandfather in 2013. he was nevee charged but his grandfather's death remains unsolved. carmen says he had nothing to do with the death. we have a lot more news. you have see the protests and advertisements on tv. new tonight, what is behind the push to raise the minimum wage? >> we have video of a deer attack. you will have to hear the story behind this one. and the technology inside this special car made here in colorado. we have very exciting news about the paralyzed mannit was designed for. or i -- more 80s
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this is the wildest video of a deer on a rampage. just watch. a woman driving in new jersey hit the deer, pplled over, opened her door to see what happened and the deer attacked her. you can see her literally kicking it to get it out of her suv. a police officer captured this video on his dash cam. a man convicted of killing a state trooper with his car is the verdict today . cooper taylor typo was just 21 years old when he was hit during a high-speed chase in longmont. golden police will have a new tool that will give them an eye in the sky. they'd join a handful of departments using drones for police work. they can be used to help find
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investigations, searching for evidence and helping the fire department get a better view of what they are up against. we have an exciting update. sam schmidt lost the use of his arms and legs after a 2000 crash but didn't lose his love of driving. that's when a colorado company stepped in building technology so we can drive again with a breath or turn of his head. >> 15 years ago, i figured i was done driving on the street forever. right now, anything possible. >> sam got his drivers license today in nevada. this is the first time a license has been given out for an autonomous vehicle. the va has handed over documents to congress about how construction costs ffr the new va hospital in aurora ended up $1 billion over budget. the hospital, which was supposed to be finished in 2018 is expected to cost $1.7 billion. the va previously denied
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results of its internal investigation. you could soon have to pay even more for paper or plastic at older grocery stores. the $.10 per bag fee was implemented in 2013 and that reduced bag used by nearly 70% the first year. however, since then the numbers stayed the same. city council will look into raising the fee to $.20 per bag neet year to encourage more of us to use reusable bags. you know you do it. soon there will be a way for you to use facebook at work without getting in trouble. next month, facebook will launch at work. facebook says the website will be catered to your company and allow you to communicate with coworkers faster than email. companies will be charged by how often their emppoyees use the site. are you ready? we got this picture today showing snow at resorts. most of it on the peak is
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your first alert, making snow is about to get easier. it's about to get a lot cooler. >> we have had great weather lately but things will change. here is our camera out the western hotel. the sun was setting and a few clouds showed up to the west. this one, a beautifullshot in the sangre de cristo mountains. clouds on the increase as a weak storm system begins to move into the state. let me show you what it looks like on satellite and radar. not a whole lot to see. a few light showers showing up toward the west toward montrose and durango. it's part of an upper air disturbance coming our way from the four corners area down into arizona. this is a pretty minor deal with a stronger storm system coming through the gulf of alaska that will affect us early next week. in the denver area, skies are mostly clear, a few high clouds and mostly mild. the high today 82 degrees.
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hour. normal low temperatures 43 degrees, well above that tonight in the upper 40s to the 50s and right back into the low 80s tomorrow. the normal high is at 73 degrees but things will start to shift a bit. watch on the futurecast as this upper air disturbance starts to move in. not much overnight, a bit of cloud cover in the mountains and a few light showers near the utah border by morning. the low temperatures drop to 48 degrees in denver, 58 degrees and mild in the grand valley, grand junction. 42 degrees at limon. mainly sunny on thursday but as this system comes in, it's not real strong but it will spread clouds and scattered showers along the west divide by early afternoon and some cloud cover increasing toward the denver area by evening. 80 degrees for a high in denver, 82 degrees and greeley, mid-80s over southeastern colorado but only 59 degrees
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telluride. the front range 58 degrees in winter park, 70 degrees at estes park, 80 degrees downtown, 83 degrees in highlands ranch. the metro area mostly looking at low to mid 80s. aurora 81, 82 degrees in longmont. a slow cooldown after that. this is the last of those 80s for a while. tonight, 48 degrees, clear and pleasant. tomorrow, the high temperature climbing to 80 degrees, mostly sunny and ome high, thin showwrs over the west in the mountains in theeafternoon. a few showers on friday as this week system moves through and drops the temperatures to 75 degrees. for the weekend, not bad. upper 40s to around 50 degrees. highs in the mid-70s and a new stronger system comes in monday. some showers and a little bit of snow possible in the cooler tuesday and wednesday. look at wednesday. lows in the mid-30. might be starting to look at
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of next week. snow likely in the mountains and rain showers down here on the plains. >> the 30s? >> i am so pleased with myself that i went back to jacksonville and got all my coats. >> why did you even have coats and jacksonville? >> because i knew i was coming here. do you think this is too creepy? a lot of people are mad at home depot for selling this halloween decoration.
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a higher minimum wage. is that good or bad? you get to decide in november. political reporter marshall zelinger has been digging on amendment seven to find out who exactly is for and against it. >> reporter: you have seen these ads. there is three different ads the minimum wage group. the ads areetough to fact check because their business owners giving opinions about what will happen to their business. we're going to break down what it does. you are being asked to raise the minimum wage. right now it's a dollars 31 an hour. at the end of the increase, at the very bottom of this first gray square, you would go to $12 an hour. that is what you are asked for. does the minimum wage go up a
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year after that? if you vote no, that doesn't happen but the minimum wage with still increase because it goes up with inflation. in 2020, it would really be $9.18. a no vote means 2020. if you say yes, $12 an hour. something we found fascinating is where is all the money coming from when it comes to who is contributing for and against this? on, this top part of thii shaded box is the money foreman and the third column, 91%, $2.1 million coming from out-of- state telling us to vote for amendment 70. on the bottom half of this, about $630,000 telling you to vote no on amendment 70 and it's about 40% of that out-of- state. if you're going to the denver 7 app or, it looks like math will throw up on your computer.
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happened to jobs? in 2006, in the middle column, you will see waiter and wait staff. kind of went down after the wage went up but came back -- went down but came back up. we have all this analysis right now on the denver 7 app and >> we have a lot of homework to do. 40 days until election day. local groups keep you informed about ballot issues. tomorrow at the denver post auditorium, we will be taking a look at the minimum wage event. this is a free event starting at 6:30 pm. next week's topic hosted by reporter marshall zelinger is amendment 69, colorado care is. [ laughter ] >> if you like this sort of thing, you are nuts but nonetheless, this is a 13th floor haunted house in denver and it was just ranked the
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the country by the asylum on east 39th comes in seventh on the list. how do you rank them? >> you kind of stopped me at the names. the asylum? let you know, haunted houses are creepy. but so is this. this is called the scary peeper creeper and home depot is pulling this halloween decoration and canada after somebody complained it makes light of voyeurism. yes, it is still in stores here in colorado. i am lionel bienvenue. the broncos can be you and all sorts of different ways. von miller and aqib talib were
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no.
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coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun.
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all local all the time. a local boy makes good. trevor siemian named the afc offenses player of the week today. denver 7 broncos insider troy renck talked exclusively to don miller about the nomination . >> reporter: trevor siemian inspires confidence and in an exclusive interview with denver 7, von miller told me trevor siemian has an or a around him -- or a -- are a him. trevor siemian won offensive player of the week honors and deflected the praise. >> it's a great honor but i think it's more of a testament to the offense and the team. tto guys outside really played well. everyone up front is on the offensive line. a lot of guys stepped up and made some big plays for us.
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here you go. they have outscored opponents 45 to 13 in the fourth quarter. cornerback aqib talib said wednesday, it's no accident that the broncos are able to shell. >> we got the right group of mentally tough guys. we know in the 4th quarter we are taking it to the next level. we have a mentally tough defense. we have a mentally tough team. >> reporter: we're going to hear from von miller on thursday and star receivers emmanuel sanders and i'm going to ask them, are they the best do in the game today? preseason opener for the avalanche. the kids were all right, excited that hockey is back. look at this guy. dancing with the stars avalanche style. lots of action in the stands. dancing with fists on the ice. fight club tonight. joe mcginley got caught up and joe macleod is good for at
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jim o'brien took the shot, the avalanche beat the storage boarded checked 2. the kings of pepsi center on friday. rocky fire giants, nolan arenado being nolan. scored cargo, 130th rbi 200 -- two ears in a row. i am told that's pretty good. the rockies lead right now to do to zero in the 7th. tim tebow hit a home run on his first pitch. >> but what about trevor? who is this kid? >> being mentioned in the same breath as peyton manning. >> i would say that's pretty >> i would say that's pretty i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community.
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he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sarah jessica parker. from "black-ish," daveed diggs. and music from dan and shay. and now, and why not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i don't want to spoil the mood but here's a warning. on do any of you go online? oh, good.


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