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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 29, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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look at his schedule the next two weeks, there are several events and fundraisers. it's up to trump to make the call. this is part of the process he likes bes, speaking in prompt of large crowds. tom llamas, abc news. >> donald trump continues a feud with a former miss universe suggests he deserves thanks, not criticism. last night, trump told fox news he saved her from being fired by
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she has complained that trump invited reporterers to her gym sessions and called her miss piggy. trump said it was a beauty contest and she knew what she was getting into. hillary clinton is campaigning in iowa today after getting some help from friends. bernie sanders joined clinton at a rally at the university of new hampshire telling students that her plan for free college tuition is revolutionary. clinton hopes to broaden her appeal to millennials and says the changes they want will not happen if they will not turn out to vote. >> and there's no group of americans that have more at stake in this election than young americans because so much of what will happen will affect your lives, your jobs, what kind of country we are, the kind of future we want to build together. >> first lady michelle obama was drumming up support for hillary clinton, making stops in philadelphia and pittsburgh. she praised clinton's experience
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needs an adult in the white house. early voting is under way and shows signs of surging, and 40% of all votes cast across the country, people are seeking or casting advance ballots in north carolina and florida than at this point in 2012. hillary clinton is expected to benefit most from early voting in those states and likely to help trump in iowa. >> and we'll have more politics later in the half hour when we hear from bernie sanders. >> talking with david wright about what he's telling supporters, and why he's with her now. more u.s. troops are headed to iraq to help reclaim the city of mosul from isis. the white house says an additional 615 troops will assist and advise the iraqi military joining 4500 u.s. forces already working there. the operation to oust isis from mosul is set to get underway fairly soon. the city is the islamic state's last major urban stronghold in iraq.
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have evacuated a popular national park after an unexpected volcano eruption. it's spewing ash 6,000 feet into the air. search teams escorted hundreds of hikers stranded near the crater to safety, but they believe some deliberately hid to hope to document the eruption. authorities are now warning visitors to stay at least two miles away. back here in this country, at this time yesterday, we told you about a nearly catastrophic wedding proposal all witnessed stadium as well as, you know, probably millions watching on tv. >> it could have been a rough one for him. now we are hearing from the bride-to-be, and her fiance who nearly made the biggest error of the baseball season, one could say, heather says she panicked with him when the horrifying moment happened as andrew tried to give andrew an engagement
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>> it's not just all tse people at the stadium, but everyone watching on tv seeing me fail really badly at this. and i didn't know if we were going to find it. >> andrew said he shed a few tears in the five minute search, but it turns out the ring had fallen into the cup of -- cuff of heather's pants. >> so it's her fault. >> yeah, that's exactly -- i hope that wasn't the angle he took when he >> see, it was your fault. >> trying to get a second ring, oh, we can't find it. we have to get another one. >> we have to get another one. i got to go to jared's. so he planned this proposal, by the way, for more than five months. >> can you imagine all that planning if he lost the ring? the tickets to the game were a birthday gift for her, and heather said she had no idea it was going to happen. >> great surprise there. coming up, sanders tells us whether he misses being on the campaign trail every day. growing protests in the
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residents there express anger about the police shooting death of an unarmed black man. >> check out our behind the scenes pictures on instagram, abcwnn. and you're watching "world news now." i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong... ...they can dry practically frizz free. because strong
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this is awkward. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. a man wanted for vandalizing a los angeles hotel room led the highway patrol on a chase that lasted for more than two hours
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he finally pulled into a gas station when the officers lost him in a dust storm of all things, but within moments, the officers caught up to him and took him into custody. also in california, tensions rising in el cajun over the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man. >> hundreds of protesters marched last night in the san diego suburb, shouting slogans and hurling obscenities at police. the vast majority of protesters were peaceful as hundreds of officers remained out of sight. say while the man assumed a shooting stance, it turns out he was actually holding a vape-smoking device, not a gun. abc's lauren lyster has the latest. >> reporter: protests in san diego after an unarmed black man was shot and killed by a police officer there. >> did you shoot him? >> reporter: this comes on the heels over the outrage of shootings of black men in north carolina and tulsa, oklahoma.
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moments before an officer shot alfred saying he assumed a shooting stance appearing to point a weapon at an officer. >> it was a two-hand hold shoulder level like you would be firing a handgun. >> reporter: this facebook live video purports to show the aftermath. >> did you shoot my brother in front of me? >> reporter: the woman crying is his sister, a representative of the family tells us she called police for help with her brother who was acting erratically at a strip them he was unarmed and suffering from an emotional breakdown. >> why couldn't you taz him? >> reporter: police officers say when they arrived he refused multiple instructions. >> he's still noncompliant. walking all over the parking lot. >> reporter: 24 hours later, anger still sharp. >> now the nation's eyes are watching, quote-on-quote, america's finest city, it ain't looking so fine right now. >> reporter: a witness handed over cell phone video of the incident to police which has not
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authorities urge for calm during the investigation and the officers involved are now on administrative leave. kendis, diane? >> lauren, thank you. coming up in the next half hour, new developments in the mystery at sea off the coast of massachusetts. the young man rescued after eight days in a life raft, his mother still missing and feared dead. hear what he says happened to their fishing boat. but first, could bernie sanders be hillary clinton's ticket to telling his millions of followers just 40 days until election. you're watching "world news
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with only 40 days to election day, by most measures, the race between donald trump and hillary clinton remains tight. >> but could clinton's secret weapon be the man who once bitterly opposed her accusing
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middle class? abc's david wright sat down with bernie sanders. >> reporter: we caught up with sanders here in new hampshire as he tries to convince his voters to come over to clinton. >> senator, we've met any number of people for whom even at this stage it's bernie or bust. what's your message? >> my message is that people have got to get beyond personality and they got to take a hard look at the issues that impact the lives of middle class anwo hillary clinton's positions are far, far superior than donald trump. >> reporter: do you see this choice in november as the choice between the lesser of two evils? >> no, i really don't. hillary clinton and i disagree on a lot of issues, that's what we campaigned on for a year. i don't deny that for a second. i think if you look at her proposals, issue by issue, a number of them are very progressive. >> reporter: millennials
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in the primaries, partly because of his progressive message -- >> a nation based on social justice, economic justice, racial justice -- >> reporter: partly because of his anti-establishment views. >> it is time for a political revolution. >> reporter: millennials are a huge group if you can get them out to the polls. roughly 30% of the electorate. a slightly bigger share of the electorate than latinos. now that their candidate is out, it's not clear that clinton is an acceptable second choice. >> if it came down to tomorrow, i don't even know who i would vote for. >> i will probably end up voting for clinton. i mean -- >> reporter: the lesser of two evils? >> exactly, yeah. >> reporter: are you going to vote?
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his people to vote for hillary clinton, does that carry any weight with you? >> no, not really. >> reporter: if she were to lose, any part of you worry you go down as ralph nader? >> no, not at all. no. we should anoint someone to run. more people think that my candidacy made her a stronger candidate against trump. >> reporter: even so, bernie sanders plans to be out on the trail in the battleground states, no longer his own man. now he's with her. i'm david wright for "nightline" in durham, new hampshire. >> clinton had surrogates out in the last few days helping her out. of course, you know, you have the first lady michelle obama in philadelphia and the president as well on the campaign trail for her. >> speaking out for her yesterday. >> all right. it's a tight race. i think they are pulling on as many friends as they can to speak out on their behalf. coming up, how to score a free cup of coffee on national
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? okay, so people often ask how are we so awake at these early morning hours? >> this is your answer. >> that's the key. yes. on this national coffee day, yum, we are letting you in our secret. usually we have an iv of coffee strapped to us, but we decided to bring out the big mug. >> so it is, by the way, national coffee day, meaning several big chains are offering free cups of joe. or at least -- >> free coffee for you, free coffee for deb. and tony. >> dunkin' donuts, crispy cream, starbucks, pilot flying j, whatever that is. >> i have a smile from deb, that's, like, the day's made. >> did you offer her coffee? >> probably what it was. so you can get free coffee all
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action as well. you're going to finish that whole thing? i mean, we have the rest of the show to go, and a couple more -- >> that could have been very dangerous. >> exactly. celebrate as you will. >> it's a lovely surprise. another lovely surprise for you. imagine you book a lyft ride, a drive sharing app, and you end up with this guy in the driver's seat. >> oh. he looks like -- >> in the car, and that was their driver, especially chatty, friendly, and in some cases being a little humorous and inappropriate. >> i like the afro. >> then they eventually notice the wig wasn't so convincing and they may have noticed a familiar smile. >> am i superstition? >> uh-huh.
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>> i do the same thing for every ride. >> wait a minute! [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> david ortiz. >> all these people were riding around with david ortiz without . >> this happened in new york. if i was a yankee fan, like, oh, next time, i'm taking uber. all right. so beautiful scene in australia. take a look at this. this is a mom koala and her little joey. what happened here was the tiny koala would not go over the fence so mom climbed all the way down to try to get the joey over the fence. >> come on, little guy. >> come on. >> come on, buddy. oh. there you go. climb it, do it, do it. >> right on mama's head. there you go.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump is facing new criticism over the debate performance coming from an unlikely source. his attacks against hillary up clinton as their second showdown looms. anger in california growing this morning over the police shooting death of an unarmed black man. prot remaining mostly calm. new details straight ahead. new this half hour, if you thought things were rough on the campaign trail here in the u.s., check this out. >> look at this. check out how these candidates tried to settle differences in a tv studio. >> the exclusive interview, do you want that one? and beyonce is now a school subject. >> yes.
3:01 am
a professor promises it's not as easy as it sounds, and that's coming up in "the skinny" on this thursday, september 29th. ? >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> do you know the dance moves? >> i don't know that i know the dance moves, but with these lyrics that i want to call mci and cut me phone out, ho not want to study the lyrics of beyonce? >> i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we start this hour with politics and the murmuring within the trump campaign. top aids apparently were not happy with the performance. >> senior level sources on the trump team admit that he missed opportunities. they say they were shocked trump did not bring up benghazi, for example, and acknowledged trump should have been better prepared and should have held mock
3:02 am
execution than preparation. >> okay. well, with the next debate ten days away, candidates and surrogates are out in force. >> donald trump going after hillary clinton on everything from her record to her health, and clinton is getting a helping hand from some democratic friends. here is abc's mag guy rulely. >> reporter: both candidates are moving on from debate day, being at multiple swing states, calling on the help of their entire team. hillary clinton hits the trail with former rival, bernie sanders, taking on new hamp shire, a must-win state that sanders claimed in the primaries. he's hoping to sway his supporters to vote for clinton. >> secretary clinton and i are going to change that, you have the ability, you will be able to get a college education. >> reporter: also out for clinton -- >> going high when they go low. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama refusing to mention donald trump by name, instead builds on clinton. >> no one in our lifetime has ever has as much experience and exposure to the presidency, not
3:03 am
woman. >> reporter: the loud crowd of diverse young people cheers her on, the first lady reminds them their vote counts. >> each of you can swing an entire precinct and win this election for hillary just by getting yourselves, your family, your classmates out to vote. >> reporter: donald trump's on the trail where he was on the attack in wisconsin. >> we are being run by people that don't know what they are doing, and in my opinion, hillary clinton is the most incompetent of all. >> reporter: trump's focusing in on wisconsin, a battleground state that's gone democrat since 1988, but kendis, diane, this year, it's surprisingly close. >> indeed. thanks, maggie. with so much at stake in the upcoming election, fbi director james comey warns that data bases are under attack by hackers. he says the fbi has uncovered
3:04 am
compromised. now he's urging election officials in all states to go the extra mile to ensure voter information is secure. president obama admits congress made a mistake in overriding his veto of the 9/11 measure that allows families to sue the country of saudi arabia. it's the move that marks the first time that one of the president obama's vetoes has been overturned. here is abc's mary bruce. 15 years after tom strada was killed in the north this is the moment his wife, terry, had been waiting for. >> the bill passed. >> reporter: the bill allowing families of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia for any roll in the attack. >> now i can go home, tell my children, good wins over evil. good wins over bad, and the fight was worth it. >> reporter: it is a humiliating blow to the president who staunchly opposed to bill. congress, for the first time, overriding his veto. the white house says it could now put americans abroad and the u.s. government at risk of lawsuits too.
3:05 am
and it's an example of why sometimes you have to do what's hard. >> reporter: and earlier, the white house called the override the single most embarrassing thing the senate has done in decades which did not go over well with lawmakers here or the 9/11 families. mary bruce, abc news, capitol hill. president obama is leading the u.s. delegation to israel for the funeral of shimon tomorrow. flags will be flown at half-staffed to honor the leader who died yesterday at 93. his body lies in state today at the israeli parliament to allow the public to pay respects. unicef says 100 children have been killed since friday in aleppo. some children are trapped in a, quote, living nightmare. u.s. warned russia that it will suspend peace talks unless they stop their campaign. the recent bombing has been the
3:06 am
lifted in charlotte, north carolina following protests that were sparked by the shooting of a black man there. keith scott's death led to two nights of violent protests. we're learning that officials say a suspicious package that led to the evacuation of the charlotte police headquarters was not a bomb. however, it did have indicators of an explosive device. on the ore coast now, peaceful protesters blocked the streets of el cajun near san diego, the night after a black man was kill by police. investigators say he was holding an object when he assumed the shooting stance during a confrontation with officers. police say the object was an electronic cigarette device. the family demands cell phone videos be released of the incident. new details in the investigation into the new york city bombing. the fbi says they know the identity of two mystery men. they were apparently seen taking a suitcase from a manhattan street, removing a pressure
3:07 am
then taking the suitcase. the pair believed to be employees of an egyptian airline and have since returned to their country. investigators still want to question the men, but that might be difficult unless they are willing to talk voluntarily. daytime tv fans remember soap opera legend, agnus nixon, a pioneer and creative force behind "all my children" and "one life to live," the first to inject social issues like aids and alcoholism in story lines. susan who played erica cane saying i adored her and admired her and am grateful forever to her. agnes nixon was 93. a new warning about popular pain relievers. researchers say medications like prescription strength ib profin can increase the risk of heart failure. researchers those drugs known as nsaids can risk heart failure by 20%.
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as long as the drugs are not over used most patients can still continue using them safely. so "the u.s. today" called the debate on monday night fight night. i beg to differ. especially when you think of this. here is a campaign moment that got a number of hearts racing. it happened in the soviet republic of georgia between two candidates. >> you see the split screen there. one candidate throws a glass of water. then h then another water glass flies. the news anchor jumps into the middle of things trying to keep the peace unsuccessfully. >> the fighting continued off camera as the anchor tried to look composed. it's the second time this televised event resulted in a fight in the past week. what i appreciate here, you know, and i'm glad she's okay, but she's making sure her hair is okay. >> of course. you have to have your priorities in line. you guys carry on. >> continue. continue that. >> they're lucky she didn't go after them for messing up her
3:09 am
>> we've seen this thing before. do you remember debates in ukraine and georgia, completely have it out on the floor of the parliament. >> this was an argument apparently over what's better, diet pepsi or diet coke. >> oh, is that what it was? >> yes. >> i see. >> and this one in ukraine, former prime minister there. >> didn't like the flowers, huh. >> whoa. >> was not and that was the end of that. >> i guess he prefers carnations, yellow ones. he had it for yellow carnations, there the prime minister brings roses. come on. >> we thought our debate was too fier >> that one in asia as well. so there. >> maybe they just get it out of their system and the next day they show up, let's talk policy. >> exactly. coming up in "the skinny"
3:10 am
going to tell you who will play the republican nominee straight ahead. and beyonce 101 is coming soon to a college classroom. students are getting ready to taste the lemonade with credits at stake. >> because it's not right that you be calling me, stressing me, paging my beeper. ? you're just nonstop ? >> come on. >> oh, yes. of course we're going to hear for the first time from the survivor of that mystery at sea. what he's saying right now. but first a look at forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by unitedhealthcare. re. eligibility? proaching me don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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pampers. unlike ordinary diapers with two layers, pampers have three absorbent layers to stay up to three times drier, so babies can sleep soundly all night. wishing you love, sleep and play. pampers. a disturbing scene in
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caskets that were unearthed during this summer's flooding are still visible along a roadway near the cemetery. >> the city owned cemetery says they can't do anything because the cleanup process is mired in federal, state, and local red tape. >> set a pod out here, put the remains in it, and put a lock on it instead of just anything is better than just shoved to the side like everyone's homes that have been gutted. >> problem at other cemeteries. mystery at sea, for the first time we're hearing from the young man rescued after spending eight days on a life raft. he is now speaking out about the ordeal. >> and this comes as police search his home after his mother was never found who was also on the trip. here's the latest. >> reporter: the man rescued off martha's vineyard is speaking out and answering new questions about his eight days lost at sea. >> but i didn't know that we were sinking until we sank.
3:15 am
up by a passing ship. the coast guard questioning the 22-year-old about how his boat took on water and sank during an overnight fishing trip. nathan, who has aspergers says he lost sight of his mother as he scrambled inta lifeboat. >> i did see the life raft. i did not see or hear my mom. i was calling out to my mom. >> reporter: she was never found and presumed dead. but just hours before in vermont were seizing items from his home. a search warrant revealing nathan is under investigation for reckless endangerment, resulting in death. his boat, it says, was in need of mechanical repair, and that nathan could have potentially rendered his boat unsafe for operation. nathan says he believed the boat was safe. >> i would not have taken my mom out fishing with me had i not believed the boat was safe. >> reporter: nathan says he is
3:16 am
but knows she would have wanted him to survive. linzie janis, abc news, vermont. when we come back, who is set to play donald trump on "saturday night live"? >> and the security scare for kim kardashian in paris. "the skinny" is next. the skinny is next.
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3:18 am
? skinny, so skinny ? oh, yeah. so on this national coffee day, we are enjoying some coffee and then some, or is that chardonnay? topping headlines this morning, a bit of comic relief off the campaign trail. >> counting down to this weekend's season premier of "saturday night live," you can expect to see an old familiar face in a brand new high profile role. alec baldwin will debut his donald trump impression saturday and will reportedly play that part for the entire season. >>his will be epic. saturday night live skit sees the return of kate as hillary clinton, as the two face off in the debate. >> baldwin apparently had ambivalent feelings about trump in the past, would love trump to be the republican nominee, but in june of this year, he said
3:19 am
>> all right. he'll play it with a lot of passion, i'm saying. next to an overseas security scare for kim kardashian. >> this is quite the scene. she was arriving at a restaurant in paris when a man ran over and tried to attack her. >> the man turned out to be a notorious prankster, attacked by her body guard as he tried to kiss her on the cheek. >> it's a former news reporter, and he tried to kiss her famous derriere as a protest, quote, to popularize natural beauty. >> the 27-year-old attacked a supermodel, but she elbowed him in the face. a good shot. he spent two days in jail two years ago after attacking brad pitt. >> all right. next, beyonce apparently infiltrated the halls of academia in texas. >> this semester, a few lucky students at the university of
3:20 am
class called black women beyonce and popular culture. >> students will spend the semester talking about lemonade and its relationship to black feminism. >> while the class looks like an easy "a," professor cautions it's not just an opportunity to listen to beyonce music. are you registering for that class? >> i am disappointed, professor. >> sorry to say, the professor requires her students to be mature, self-direc >> no, not me. >> they have to care. >> about the issues. apparently students who work hard enough shouldn't expect anything less than "b." >> a "b," get it? like the grade, a "b" and queen b because of beyonce.
3:21 am
the bet single ladies' dance, you get an a, my friend. >> i'll practice. and finally, if you're looking to buy a sizable chunk of '90s nostalgia, look no further. >> this is the pacific heights neighborhood that's home to the iconic house featured in the 1993 film, "mrs. doubtfire" starring robin williams and sally field. ? dude looks like a lady, no? no one? >> not so much. >> we'll bo go back to the 3,300 square feet, victorian. built in 1893, four bedrooms three and a half bathrooms, and a two car garage. >> that's good there for san fransco. the house is listed for $4.5 million. the current owner is a leading doctor specializing in facial femmization for transgender patients and is retiring to the wine country. can you believe that? >> what's the odds of that? is that on purpose?
3:22 am
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? we just came up with our halloween costumes in the break. >> we're happy about them. you'll have to wait and see. >> if standards allow us to go with it. a hot new sport is gaining popularity in philadelphia, and we decided to send our washington, d.c. correspondent karen traverse to check it out. >> karen is known for hard-hitting reports on capitol hill, but we've never seen her like this -- >> reporter: from the backwoods of canada to a hip wear house in philadelphia, check out this ax-citing new trend, urban axes, the first competitive ax throwing facility in the u.s. yes. you heard that right.
3:26 am
>> when i originally found out about it, i thought it was a typo. >> reporter: open for a few weeks in the city of brotherly love, it's gaining a cult following, and pro-athletes are into it. two players from the phillies stopped by. it's simple. rent a lane, throw an ax at a wood target, repeat. it's a huge adrenaline rush. >> speaks to the primal thing in everyone. once you kind of get that ax in the wood, you feel more. >> reporter: one cool thing about ax throwing is it's a level playing field. strength doesn't matter. you can be a huge guy and come in and you cannot throw and then the little old lady next to you nails bull's eyes. it's actually not as scary as it looks. local ax-pert says safety is a key part of training in demonstrations. >> you have coaches watching
3:27 am
don't be an idiot. it's an ax. >> reporter: after a short clinic on proper form, it was time to take my shot, and if at first and second and third you don't succeed, just keep throwing. >> oh! [ applause ] >> reporter: karen traverse, abc news, philadelphia. >> nailed it! right there, bull's eye. >> favorite thing about this place, it's byob. who's got the vodka? and the ax. >> and the ax. >> let's go right now. >> oh, my god. because that's what you want, a byob place where you can then throw an ax. >> you want to know my other favorite thing? >> what about it? >> they're open for corporate events. >> that is ax-nine. >> that is for an ax to grind. >> i have a field trip for you. >> it's ax-citing. >> when are we going?
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here's some of the top headlines we're following for you this morning on "world news now." peaceful protesters filled the streets outside san diego. the demonstrators blocked traffic in el cajun after an officer shot and killed a black man who appeared to be armed but wasn't. we have more details straight additional troops to iraq to help take back mosul. they are joining 4500 americans who are working to train and advise iraqi forces. it's the islamic state's last major urban stronghold in iraq. there will not be a government shutdown this weekend. congress approved a stopgap spending plan including funding to fight zika and flooding victims in louisiana and other states. an elaborate system of flood
3:31 am
homes as well as businesses in cedar rapids from major flooding. but officials are worried that underground suers may give way there in iowa. those are some of the stories that we're following this morning on thursday, septs 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". good morning, we begin this half hour with reaction to the deadly police shooting outside san diego as hundreds blocked traffic in el cajun. >> protesters marched through was mainly a peaceful demonstration. it came hours after police released more information in the fatal shooting of alfred alango. here is abc's matt gutman. >> the ambulance is just now arriving. >> reporter: these are the raw moments moments after police shot alfred in the san diego suburb. a bystander filming this on facebook live, and you can hear the wails of his sister. >> come on, help him.
3:32 am
police for help for her brother who was acting erratically at a strip mall, making sure to tell them he was not armed and suffering from an emotional breakdown. >> still noncompliant, walking in the parking lot. won't get his hands out of the pocket. >> reporter: police say they fired because he assumed a shooting stance, appearing to point a weapon at one of the officers. releasing that single image of the inaccident. >> it was a two-hand hold shoulder level like it would be firing a handgun. >> reporter: police acknowlein protesters gathering almost immediately at the scene and, again anger here still sharp. >> now the nation's eyes are watching quote-on-quote america's finest city, it's not looking so fine right now. >> reporter: police released a single freeze frame of the video they say proves that one of their officers was threatened. locals here say they want to see the entirety of the video, and until they do, there's a threat
3:33 am
matt gutman, abc news. >> the item that sparked a bomb scare at charlotte, north carolina's police headquarters turns out was not a bomb. the package removed by robot tuesday night and taken to a remote location. there was indicators of an explosive device, but no explosives present. officials have not yet confirmed exactly what was inside the package. a small town shaken following a deadly shooting. a teenager killed his father and went to an elementary school where he opened fire. three people injured there including a 6-year-old. jacob hall who remains in critical condition. they say it could have been worse, but a volunteer firefighter managed to bring the shooter down. school was cancelled the rest of the week. the teenager is in custody. presidential candidates are unloading on each other as they scramble to sway undecided voters. >> donald trump hinted he'll be tougher on hillary clinton when
3:34 am
in the campaign trail, trump crushes clinton's health and criticized her for taking breaks from campaigning, and he took aim using clinton's own words against her. >> how can hillary clinton try to lead this country when she has such a low opinion of its citizens? how can she lead this country when she thinks america is full of racist irredeemables. you're not irredeemable. you're not irredeemable. you're not deplorable. >> clinton's riding high on the momentum from monday night's debate. she's rolling out the reenforcements in key states hoping to appeal to a block of voters she's so far failed to reach. ax abc's cecilia vega is on the campaign trail. >> hey! >> reporter: she's hillary clinton's secret weapon.
3:35 am
donald trump going after him for questioning where her husband was born. >> hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to undermine his presidency, questions that cannot be blamed on others or swept under the rug by an insincere sentence uttered at a press conference. let me take a moment. >> reporter: now in a starring role on the campaign til brought down the house, both obamas speaking directly to young voters at a time where more than half of them are not certain they will even vote in this election. >> if you don't vote, that's a vote for trump. if you vote for a third-party candidate who's got no chance to win, that's a vote for trump. >> reporter: clinton calling on an army of her famous friends. clinton with her former rival,
3:36 am
>> you know, bernie's campaign energized so many young people. some of you in this crowd. >> reporter: outside, not everyone was convinced. >> are you excited about hillary clinton? >> more or less. honestly, if we want anything to come from bernie, our best bet is with hillary. >> reporter: the clinton campaign hopes michelle obama can help energize and excite young voters like the ones we spoke to here on this campus, but also they say she is a huge asset when it undecided voters. one source telling us, if they could use michelle obama every day on the campaign trail, they would. cecelia vegas abc news, durham, north carolina. libertarian candidate, gary johnson, a difficult night on the campaign trail in a town hall interview on msnbc last night. chris matthews asked johnson to name a foreign leader he respected, here's what happened? >> anywhere, any continue tent, canada, mexico, europe over
3:37 am
africa, name a foreign leader you respect? >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former presidents of mexico. >> i'm giving you the whole world. anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> now, johnson was referring to another interview he did on msnbc's "morning joe" talking about civil yar, the syrian city and he responded what's aleppo? >> the young man rescued after sea after eight days says he did not kill his mother. nathan was on a fishing trip with his mom when their boat apparently sank. he managed to get on a lifeboat with some food, but his mother didn't make it. carman, who has asperger's syndrome spoke with abc about whether he tampered with the boat. >> i did see the life raft. i did not see or hear my mom. i was calling out to my mom. i would not have taken my mom out fishing with me had i not
3:38 am
his son was investigated for killing his grandfather. clark harmon says nathan was never charged and that murder remains unsolved. retired football player tim tebow made his debut in a pro-baseball game in spectacular fashion swinging at the first pitch in the minor leagues, tebow drove a fastball over the left field fence for a home run. his teammates swarmed around him to celebrate as he rounded those plate. the rest of the day, not as productive. he finished one for six. >> come on, it's a home run. it's okay. it's all right. he's got the number one selling jersey for the mets. >> i'm a fan. i'm rooting for it. go for it. i wanted him to strike the pose. >> didn't do the pose afterwards. too busy celebrating. good for him. so in new jersey, cars hitting deer, not unusual. here's a case where the deer hit
3:39 am
run at an suv. the driver has to fight off the buck to keep it from climbing into her car. >> wow. >> the woman actually ends up wrestling with the animal, and grabbing it by the antlers to keep it away, and she manages to get the door closed just as police arrived. >> wow. that's a dramatic scene there in jersey. >> i guess when they are not stuck in the headlights -- they come right at you. >> just wanted to get in the car there. >> wonder if she had food in the car. >> maybe. bandit in the news for outlandish crimes is back in the news. some people are not thrilled about it either. hunting scorpions. these guys pull out all the stops to go after the dangerous critters. first, here's a look at today's temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by
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this church in michigan has been saved from the wrecking ball. donors paid $60,000 to have the chapel picked up and moved half a mile up the street after where the park where it was located was sold. the chapel was built in 1932, it was moved to an historic village and will be open and available again for weddings. head of wells fargo bank goes back to capitol hill today. the ceo grilled last week before the senate banking committee with some suggesting he should resign. well, today, he's expected to say that wells fargo will eliminate sales goal for bankers by saturday, three months earlier than planned. this comes as california imposes sweeping sanctions on the bank for, quote, leasing its customers. to the young man who was the barefoot bandit, remember him,
3:44 am
flying a stolen plane to the bahamas. >> he was compared to "catch me if you can." the real life con man who leonardo dicaprio played. >> he's been granted early release from prison, and jennifer sullivan of the seattle station with his story. >> reporter: it was a story everyone talked about, a kid who grew up in the woods goes from petty crimes to the unimaginable, wrecking cars, landing three stolen airplanes, and flying one plane to the caribbean. colten harris moore known as the barefoot bandit because he often left a drawn footprint at the scene of the crime wrapped up his prison sentence and is working in a work release facility. they walked into the work release, adjacent to the king county courthouse at 10:30 a.m. >> a guy walking in, seen him go in there and just doing my job, and he looked pleasant to me. >> reporter: the department of corrections say that even though he was sentenced to more than
3:45 am
behavior resulted in his early release. he's required to be at the doc halfway house whenever he's not working. attorney john henry brown says his client will work for him. while his antics have been the focus of books and blogs, he has a hollywood movie deal in the works. his crimes are not amusing to the sheriff, mark brown. >> that's the part that irritates me the somehow made into this cult hero that portrayed sort of a dark life of crime. >> reporter: in coopville, jennifer sullivan. >> quite a spree back in 2010 when he -- everybody was searching for him. harris moore has a hefty amount of restitution ahead of him. >> that's right. hard for law enforcement in all of this is that he did become somewhat a media sensation in the midst of all of this. 20th century fox is making a movie about him, though, the $1
3:46 am
movie just went to his victims. >> so he won't be getting that, but he's in work release, 25 years old, and who will play him? >> oh, good question. >> a big question. coming up, what's worse than an infestation of cockroaches in your home? >> how about these guys? >> what? >> that's right. we will meet the brave men who are making homes safe in arizona one scorpion at a time. >> no thank you. >> yeah. i don't know if you're going to want to stay with us, but it's interesting even if it's creepy. stay with us, you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now"
3:47 am
3:48 am
? so there's nothing more frustrating or terrifying than an infestation of pests in your home. >> termites, cockroaches, mice. it's a domain of an exterminator, but what happens if the infestation is scorpions. the insect, not the rock group. >> not the band? >> no. >> i wouldn't mind if it was the band. scorpions, critters, a problem in arizona. where abc's clayton sandell caught up with a couple of fearless scorpion hunters. >> reporter: they look like demonic aliens, venomous
3:49 am
prey. >> oh, my gosh, i just found a scorpion. get back. >> reporter: scorpions, not in the desert but in people's houses. >> it's ouch. >> ouch? >> yeah. don't touch it. >> reporter: in arizona alone, 12,000 stings reported every year spawning businesses like the scorpion sweepers that offer homeowners peace of mind. suited up like ghost busters, they hunt the creatures that haunt arizona homeowners. >> so you >> reporter: ben holland started the company a decade ago after graduating from college. >> we are exterminators, but without the use of pesticides, dusts, or granules. >> reporter: they are invisible at night unless you use a black light. >> these are our lights. >> reporter: the sweepers swarm late at night to protect the home front one stinger at a time. >> this is a perfect example of a habitat for scorpions, a crack
3:50 am
they love those. >> reporter: tonight, ben is with sweeper toby riley is at a home where they once caught 96 scorpions, that's right, 96. every time they see the creepy glow under the uv light, they get to grabbing from a wall -- >> playing dead. >> to a palm tree. >> nice. >> reporter: even in the grass. >> you have to be quick. you can't think, just grab. they can feel you. coming at them. >> reporter: they catch 35 of the most venomous scorpions in the united states. people have newborns. anybody's going to be concerned with a baby. the venom here is most dire to newborns, infants, and people with immune deficiencies. >> reporter: while some pay to get rid of the pests, amateur hunters like richard are getting up close for a different reason. >> this is the first scorpion i've ever described. >> reporter: hoping to discover
3:51 am
how many of these live scorpions do you have in your house? >> more than one. >> reporter: he says it costs about 5,000 of his own dollars to find and analyze discoveries. in the end, he says the threat of stings which are seldom fatal is worth the reward of just discovering something new. >> you know what? every time i see one glow like that, it makes my day. i love it. what i know is when i get done with these, i'm going to get to write a paper, more than likely, it's going to be a different species and i get to name it. >> reporter: for nightline, cottonwood, arizona. i'm clayton sandell. >> if i were there, i would be hiring them. >> can be found anywhere. do we have any around here? >> i don't want to check. >> let's just check here. let's see. what do we have. >> i know you're -- oh, there. i don't like it. i don't like it. i don't like it. i don't like it.
3:52 am
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? ? well, countless body ? well, there are countless body building competitions across america eh year, but gaining new traction is a type of body building that's a whole lot tougher. >> it's wheelchair body building forcing athletes to work through their disabilities. abc's stephmy ramos worked out with one particularly inspiring competitor in the nation's capital. >> reporter: it's been more than three years since derek benson has been able to walk. >> car stopped on the highway in front of me and i'm doing 60. >> reporter: that motorcycle crash almost killed him.
3:56 am
from the waist down and wheelchair bound, a challenging reality he was forced to deal with. >> depression and the pain of knowing that you're going to have to live life in this new condition, it was just horrific. >> reporter: sitting in the hospital room helpless, a suggestion from a friend inspired him. >> you could try wheelchair body building. >> reporter: it was founded in the u.s. in 2006. five years later, the international federation of body building officially recognized the competition. there's only 23 profes benson competes as an amateur and is the only wheelchair body builder in the washington, d.c. area. >> it's tough. that's the thing with wheelchair body building, every athlete's got a condition to overcome, and in a different way. you got to think out of the box with your training. >> reporter: yep, that's hard. from the pull down rope to rowing and lifting weights, benson here is not letting his injury confine him. not going to interrupt you.
3:57 am
last march, benson came in second in his weight class. he says the sport not only gave him the confidence he lost after the accident, but a new lease on life. >> you have to look at it as a gift god gave me to live my life and to carry on, to have a second chance, just it's more than myself. >> reporter: stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> man, in fact, he says it inspires him because he was suicidal at some point after the accident. that, but i just find it hard enough just doing a pullup, let alone a pullup with a wheelchair attached to you, too. that's amazing. >> absolutely incredible.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a second night of protests after a police-involved shooting. new video from the scene moments after officers opened fire. and what was the man pointing in this picture? a teenager opens fire at an elementary school. we have an update on one of the young victims and the search for a motive as police try to find a connection between the suspect and the school. hillary clinton bringing out the big guns, the first lady, chelsea and bernie sanders, plus the new strategy for donald trump in the next debate, and libertarian candidate gary johnson with yet another blunder. and an attempted kidnapping caught on camera. see the video as the man abducts a clerk dragging her through the store, then stuffing her in a car and see how police finally


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