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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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it is 11:00 a.m. ann we begin with a couple of breaking news stories. right now more than a hundred injured. some of them critical. >> federal investigators are headed to the scene to figure out how this happened. happened. it's a major trance it hub for manhattan. these are picturrs inside the terminal. major structural damage to it. >> one says the train wasn't slowing down. plus abc joins us live in 30 minutes. he's going to have the latest information. more breaking news right now. the man accused of shooting and
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pot edibles has found he can stand trial. richard joins us live with the latest developments. >> richard kirk pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to the shooting death of his wife, chris. court documents show he was allegedly hallucinating after eating marijuana laced candy. it showed weeks before the shooting, he changed his payroll deposit from a joint account to a personal account. there were to stand trial. the court received a report from the colorado mental health institute in pueblo. it's not publicly available but we can assume he's competent because the court set a trial date of march 6th. now, i spoke briefly with his slain wife's mother after today's hearing. >> we miss our daughter every day. the children miss their mother
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this over. >> she and a few others are in, to get this going. we're told the trial will last about two weeks. a special jury panel has been ?alled. this is a high profiled case. reporting live in downtown denver, denver 7. >> also breaking right now, two american sisters found dead while on vacation on the african island of seashell and we're just learning one of those sisters most recently lived here in denver. >> the sisters are anny and robin corkey. anny was a senior administrative assistant at j.p. morgan here in town. >> there's also a go fund me page set up for the family. peop athrowing their support behind a memorial fund. their relatives are traveling there to hopefully learn what happened to them. >> tensions between police officers and tension across the nation are high as more police
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things are escalating all beginning with the 2014 shooting death of my al brown. >> just this week the shooting death of a man in california. today the u.s. attorney general is making a stop dehenver hoping to bridge the relationship. reporter: the big word that kept coming up before today's meeting was trust. how can with all the shootings happen we one don't happen in denver and start to repair that strange astranged relationship between the law enforcement and community. the second in command of the entire .s. justice department was here in denver to have a frank discussion, an open and honest discussion with local leaders, law enforcement and some community members as well. so frank in fact after opening comments were made, the rest of
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closed doors to work out some solutions or at least start them to one of the biggest problems facing our nation today. >> if the public we serve doesn't trust law enforcement, everything falls apart. i think the events we seen going back to ferguson, they haven't started the distrust. they reveal distrust. >now, speaking of trust in law enforcement, today's event just happens to coincide with release of an associated press investigation into police departments across the nation that shows that at hundreds of different times they actually use their official power, their official police databases to search for personal information for personal reasons. ss i asked the deputy attorney general of the u.s. what she had to say about that. hear her answer coming up at 11:30. reporting live, denver 7. >> meanwhile, in california the protests continue to grow in
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there this week. faith leaders, naacp took to the streets rallying for justice in the shooting death of a 30-year-old man. their calling for investigators to release video. the man who was a father was shot and killed on tuesday. here's a look at a facebook live video momes after the shots. he pleaded with officers not to open fire and he may have suffer the sister was the one that called police. >> police are telling a different story. the police chief says the man refused several commands and investigators release this video showing what reveals him taking a shooting stance. >> it was a shoold -- >> police revealed that an object the man removed from his
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statutory raping device. these shootings are making people less likely to call 911. in milwaukee, the study found more than half the loss of calls happened in predominately african american neighborhoods. >> well, back here at home, fights like this one just becooing too common along 16th street mall that's why private security has patrolled the area. is it doing enough to keep everyone safe? the partnership holding a forum about safety and security. it just ramped up and that's where we finderric. is it getting any better along the mall? >> you know what, dale, law enforcement seems to think so and they're contributing that to private security.
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an up of patrols by the denver police department. the problem is there's been something else really casting a cloud over this and that is all of the crime. something else that came out of this forum, how important the 16th street mall is to the city of denver. it's a cash cow that attracts thousands of people every single day. lately, it's crime casting a shadow over denver's main street. now you see the videos, random attacks and late night brawls. denver p.d. next year. they're aware they made it clear today they don't want to arrest helplessness. >> hour goal is to hopefully get the verbal compliance or compliance through verbal warnings and staff and they work out an escalation that could ultimately lead to charges as it goes on. >> they're clearly serious about the mall.
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just focused on that. this is very interesting. an average 14 million people take it. it's clearly important to the economy here. it has to be safe too. back to you. >> we have disturbing new details against the pueblo regional center. a federal report described several abuse issues there. now we know more about the cruel behavior. it includes some of the patients being found with the words die into their skin. this happened to disabled residents who can't even talk. % what's worse is staffers claim that par normal activity was behind it. all the incidents happened before last november. >> it's really upsetting to think that people are subject to abuse and put at risk. people may have been harmed because they weren't getting the quality of care they deserved. >> the pueblo county sheriff's 3 department investigated 19
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of them to the district attorney. state officials said they made staffing changes and changed protocol. >> this morning, we're learning more about a strange kidnapping. a fourtt man has now been arrested. this is marco and police say back in august, he and three other men kidnapped a 27-year- old from a lakewood adult shop. they then held the victim hostage for five days. then the suspect held $200 ransom for the releas they face a long list of chargee. >> new at 11:00, this fired denver sheriff's department chief is suing the city for retaliation. frank gail accuses a safety department head and city of firing him as retaliation because he was a union representative. for giving preferable treatment to a department captain facing
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for our state. this latest case is no hoax. a clown was found on tuesday night around a school. they checked it out and never found the clown. % in growly, a 15-yearrold is facing criminal charges because of a fake facebook post. she admitted to posting that clouds were going to shoot up north ridge high school. she's now not school. life in prison without parole. the trooper was 21-year-old when hit. he was helping a driver that just got into a wreck. >> new at 11:00, a jury found a man guilty of sexually assaulting a durango woman that died from the abuse. the 43-year-old was found guilty yesterday following a
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the charges stem from a 2007 death. weather has been quiet, not on the top of our list when it comes to features. beautiful but not lot to talk about. we are seeing a change and right now, you can see from our wireless camera at the airport, a few more clouds today. beautiful outside. temperatures are going to soar into the low 80s by this afternoon. mid-to upper 80s between 12:00 and 1:00 and 80 by 3:00. still very warm. quiet a bit colder though. cooler on the western slope and that's where we have showers moving in as we speak. we saw a few this morning. more scattered storms ann showers expected today. this wet weather is going to move east tomorrow. we'll talk more about your friday forecast. here's your first alert. it's going tooget a lot cooler -?next week. details coming up. >> coming up, an alleged assault caught on camera.
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camera. >> and president obama sits down with military families getting candid about issues
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. we are back now with incredible video. surveillance cameras rolling as a man armed with a hammer drags
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the 28-year-old with a hammer. police say the man had been stalking her for weeks and wanted a relationship with her and threatened her. >> this gentleman made mention he knew where her family members lived. >> to make it more creepy. he then brought her to a cemetery. that's where she was able to escape. police arrested the suspect yesterday after a short pursuit and crash. the woman is recovering in the police need help finding a driver involved in a hit and run. this is the picture police gave us from the scene. a driver hit a pedestrian monday night. we do not know how that person is doing today. a new shooting range is almost ready to be built off i- 70. the town in western colorado received $4 million in grants to buy the site from xl energy, colorado parks and wild life
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acre facility. the gun range should bring in 50,000 visitors a year and will host training and competition events. >> 600 more american troops are heading to iraq to help forces retake mosil from a sis. the plan has been under discussion for weeks. however, president obama and iraq prime minister just agreed on the details. officials say this group should be the last sent to iraq. right now, there's more than 4,000u.s. troops in iraq. also duri t with military families, president obama thanked the military saying because of their work the u.s. is safer -?than it was 15 years ago. he shared his thoughts on professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem. >> i want those on a knee, i want them to listen to the pain that that may cause but i also want eople to think about the
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>> at that forum, he also talked about terrorism and the benefits of opening up more rolls of women in the military. >> the v.a. has handed over documents to congress about how construction cost for the new v.a. hospital got to be a billion dollars over budget. the hospital which is suppose to be finished in 2018 is the v.a. had previously denied request to turn over detailed of its internal investigation. president obama addressed some of the problems with the v.a. health care system with town hall with service members yesterday. he says congress is working to restore an inefficient system so hopefully there will be no scheduling errors. when the u.s. navy launches the u.s.s. colorado later this year, some chefs trained right here in our state will be on board. yesterday two crew members got a special cooking lesson from
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traditional colorado cuisine. >> today we're doing rocky mountain trout and a little sweet corn. >> the resort in colorado springs and the four seasons are also giving cooking classes to navy crew members. >> it use to be you felt for the military because meals weren't good. that's awesome. >> here's your cheat sheet on this ttursday. we got a beautiful couple of days. we're going to say good-bye to the 80s. 70s this weekend and even cooler next week. 60s in store by the middle of next week. now, radar right now, pretty active as you get out on i-70.
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from grand junction stretching into utah. the peaches, you're going to find skies here in denver stay clear. some of the showers that develop there will shift farther east by the afternoon. right around 3:00, our cameras up near the park might get cloudier. we might pick up a stray shower or two there. most of it will stay west of the divide today. even tonight that's about midnight tonight. denver, bolder, fort collins, we have a few more clouds but that's it. early tomorrow morning we'll be looking at a mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow afternoon we get a shot at morr rain. it has been a dry week. by about 4:30 tomorrow afternoonnyou might need an umbrella. if you're heading out, you have a soccer practice or football game. rockies game tomorrow night you're going to find a chance
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through the early evening. i'm going to a game tomorrow night. if that's any indication you'll see skies start to year out. you're going to find temperatures topping out in the low 80s today. some 60s and upper 50s by early tomorrow morning and an increase in a little bit of cloud cover. bolder today, a high of 79. temperatures well about 5-7 degrees. our foothills low to mid-70s closer to 90. it's going to be a warm afternoon today. a touch cooler tomorrow. mid--0s on friday. as you try to plan t the weekend, there's a few storms
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here's your first alert by tuesday it's going to get cooler. upper 50s by wednesday and take notice of those overnight lows. by early wednesday morning, we're just a few degrees above freezing. >> that means all of the flowers are going to be just. >> they'll be okay for a little bit. we're watching it. >> thanks,,lessees. this is just in. broncos vaughn miller, the afc's defensive player of the month leaves the nfl sacks. that is the most ever by a denver bronco. >> we've got some good news, kids young and old, old ages. the circus is coming to denver to the coliseum. >> and here in the studio we have two of the performers to
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. . welcome back, the circus is coming to denver. they're debuting a brand new show. >> this one is called out of this world. two of our performers are here. >> nice to meet you.
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guys in the studio. >> thank you, it's great to be here. beautiful studio. you girls both look beautiful. >> you two match. >> you look beautiful too. >> thank you. >> i love all the colors. >> you look amazing. >> thank you. >> tell us what out of this world is all about? >> it's a brand new show. it's a circus spectacular on ice. it's a fight between good and evil and a whole new show we're great. >> it depends on how early i got up and if i've had breakfast. >> this sods different than circuses we've gone to as kids ourself. >> we have a lot of technology.
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i've seen that with the circus. >> we have ice skaters and free yle skaters. >> we have ice skating acrobatics. >> wow. >> not only do they skate they do flips and go through rings. >> and it's amazing. >> yeah. i fall and don't even wear. >> i see you guys don't >> we skate sometimes. >you guys fall. >> we're good at that part. >> it looks amazing. the acrobats are there. if you want a ticket we'll show the information. it goes through october 9th. >> yes, it starts this friday, september 30th. there's a lot of shows. evening shows and afternoon matinees. >> exactly. >> you'll have all the information. >> all right.
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>> meaning just the same thing. coming up at 11:30. we're following the big breaking news story out of new jersey. a train crashing and one person3 dead. just coming into our news room, survivors now speaking out for the very first time. what they say happened before and after that crash. >> plus we have the latest on that shooting that happened on
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. police say a man shot and killed his wife while high on marijuana edibles. the murder was all recorded on a 911 call. a judge ruling that he is competent to stand trial less than an hour ago. he's now facing first degree murder charges. he pleaded not guilty last year by reason of insanity. right now, we're going to continue following that breaking news out of new jersey. at least one person is dead but others hurt. this is after the train crash there. >> we're just getting new details about what happened hearing it from passengers. they described the moments after the crash. >> it's pretty chaotic. the people are in shock. everybody has the photos and their cameras out and it was pretty intense. >> most of the damage to the firscouple of train cars and the terminal, that was the worst damage.
11:31 am
federal investigators are now headed to the scene. >> abc's ray is there with the latest. >> >> a major train accident left more than 100 injured. a train crashed into the flat form leaving multiple passengers trapped and the accident happened just before 9:00 eastern, the heart of the rush hour. authorities say train failed to stop at the terminal continuing to crash through the platform. >> i observed it coming at a high rate of speed and it went over the bumper block basically through the air and traveled about another 40 feet and came to a rest. >> witnesses say the crash took out a support beam causing part of the roof that covers the train tracks to collapse. >> i look to the left and see all this metal on the ground and pipes burst and water
11:32 am
being treated at the scene while those more seriously injured have been transported to area hospitals. >> i believe those injured in the front were badly injured. commuters are being evacuated. >a new jersey transit spokes person told abc news the train pulled in at a high ratef they said the normal speed is suppose to be 5 miles an hour. officials are on their way here. abc news, new jersey. >> we also have breaking news out of africa. two american sisters found dead in a hotel room on the island nation of seashell. the sisters are anny and robin
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here in denver. on your denver 7 app we have a link to this go fund me page here. >> in light of the resent poliie shootings across the country, the second in command to the attorney general was here in denver this morning meeting with local leaders and talking about how to strengthen the community's relationship with law enforcement. >> this has a new national report shows apews be of power. >> now, the timing of community round table discussion. we decided to ask the deputy u.s. attorney general what she had to say about it. the story revealed hundreds of instances where police officers used official data bases, their official power to access people's personal information for their own use and disciplined for it. this includes stalking an ex- girl friend and doing
11:34 am
journalist. since sally was in town talking about how to restore community trust in law enforcement, here's what she had to say. >> certainly anything that undermineds the public's confidence and the law enforcement can be an obstacle. >> now, the rest of that community round table discussion was held behind closed doors with local leaders, community members and law enforcement as they tried to work out solutions in the wake of these was a productive meeting. reporting in denver, denver 7. >> now to the latest on the school shooting in south carolina. one of the children who was shot is still in critical condition today. police say the 14-year-old gunman opened fire on a playground during recess. he shot two kids and a teacher. he was stopped by a vollnteer firefighter who got to the scene first and tackled the boy
11:35 am
>> he's a proud member of the volunteer fire department did nothing that any of the other volunteer firefighters wouldn't have done. >> the teenagers father was later found dead just two miles away. authorities aren't confirming if the teen shot his father as well but they're investigating that. back here in colorado an 11- year-old student at franklin middle school is facing charges for bringing a replica beebee gun to school yesterday. the student had a picture of a clown on his he's suspended and in a youth detention facility. >> have you been to the 16th mall downtown denver lately? do you feel safer?? >> the city hopes so. they held a forum earlier today to keep denver's top street in top shape. we have more on the progress. >> you know what, it looks good on paper. this is a hand out everyone got during the forum today.
11:36 am
1982 and grown substantially since then. it's this that has put a cloud over the good. we're talking about all the violence. violence that's gone viral on you tube. police said they've upped patrols. there's also private security teams walking up and down the 16th street mall. those are two aspects we've been covering for months. we're being told by downtown denver they're closing off alleyways along this street. >> no longer will we walk down allies and see people camping and doing undesirable activity in the allies. the businesses have benefit first degree the decrees in the activity. reporter: they've been talking about the downtown denver partnership installing new lights to make it brighter along the 16th street mall. that should be done by the end
11:37 am
>> the feds make a huge marijuana bust in colorado springs seizing more than 22,000 pounds of pot in a rrve yesterday. investigators think one large criminal organization was transporting marijuana out of colorado and into texas and arkansas. several people were detained but no arrest made yet. >> you may have to pay more for paper and plastic bags at stores in bolder. they're looking to raise the fee to 20-cents next year. this is a way to encouraging the original 10-cent fee was implemented back in 2013 and that's 70% in the first year. officials say usage as sense leveled off. >> now to the white house. there's trouble inside the trump campaign. one person said trump's debate failures stem from more of a lack of execution than
11:38 am
of things on the table. he pulled his punches, lost his nerve. publicly, though, trump has claimed victy. meanwhile, the u.s. army apologizing for this tweet. it says donald trump lies once every three minutes 15 seconds. the tweet was quickly sleeted but not before someone could screen grab it. the army manager meant to put it on her personal account. >> the former aid to hillery e-mail just got a pass from capitol hill. they postponed a vote to hold him in contempt of congress until after e presidential election. he failed to testify about the incident before congress. some good news for the libra tarn presidential nominee gary johnson. he just picked up an endorsement from the detroit news. this is the first time in 143 years the paper ii endorsing someone other than the g.o.p.
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now, you will nnt be voting on any anti freddie maciig initiatives in colorado this november as even though the group turned in the required 98,000 signatures to get on the ballot,,the secretary of states office tossed the signatures because they either appeared to from regular voters. they filed a challenge and ran out of money. yesterday was the dead line to appeal. >> speaking of the upcoming digging deeper into amendment 70 which would raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour by the year 2020. right now, on the denver 7 app we have a look at how employment has changed in colorado over the years as the minimum wage has risen. we also spell out how much money is coming from out of state to try to sway your opinion on 70. we look at what it would be in 2020 if the measure fails. if you want to learn more about
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other ballot issues, come out and join us for a forum at the denver post auditorium. it's free to attend. just come out at 6:30. football coach is back to work at legacy high school after he was hurt in a school bus crash at d.i. a. his face was broken in three places and he suffered a concussion. yesterday was a celebration as he returned to the field. he told us he has been eager to get back to work. >> it's been a long couple of we considering right now. it's unbelievable. you talk about therapeutic and just getting back to kids. >> coach matt remains in the hospital but doing better and coach kyle rider is no longer in the hospital but not yesterday returned to the field. it seemed like an amazing survival story. a 22-year-old pulled from the water. he spent a week at sea on a life raft after his boat sank.
11:41 am
reluctant about safety and i guess she had good reason to be. >> what he says happened before the ship went under and why he's under investigation. >> plus a local woman hoping to make parenting less stressful for families. how she's making sure kids are ready for school. >> i'm all ears on that. >> temperatures perfect. right around 70 degrees in and around denver. 70 at city park. 68 in bolder. 79 at castle rock.
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out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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. a mystery at sea. his mother's disappearance and murder of his grandfather, he says he convinced his mom to take a fishing trip. after they arrived the starting acting up and the boat started sinking. >> i didn't know she had been dragged down with the ship. neither of us had been wearing life vest. >> his mom is still missing. he is now under investigation for wreckless endangerment. two years ago he faced similar suspicion after he gave conflicting reports on where he was the night of his
11:45 am
never been solved. >> president obama issued a disaster declaration for people in florida. they get help including temporary housing, home repairs as well as loans to cover uninsured property losses. >> the northern lights lit up the skies in iceland. it was perfect for photos because everyone was asked to keep their homes dark and now they're pictures with the rest of us. back here in colorado we are getting excited. some of us at least, about snow. they sent out this picture ?howing snow at the resort. most of it is natural but they've fired up the snow machines as well and temperatures getting cool enough for the natural spill. >> just looking at the ski area's web site and they're going to start making snow here. the count down is on their web
11:46 am
>> until this weekend. >> yeah, wow. >> it's one day away. >> it's crazy. we have down here llts of sunshine. take a look at lublin, we're going to find dry conditions. a few increasing clouds at this point and quiet a few showers as you get west of the divide. more rain near grand junction starting to spread farther north and east closer to craig and steam boat. we're going to see more sunshine here in denver again today. just a few clouds. closer in you're wet roads as you get closer to grand junction and utah. looking at future cast, a few of those showers start to move farther east by the afternoon. more cloud cover on some of our cameras there at the divide and then overnight the chance for a few more showers out west. denver, bolder, fort collins, we're going to stay clear tonight. early tomorrow morning some clouds starting to develop we'll likely be under a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow
11:47 am
of a break from the sun glare. it been really bright drive into work every morning this week. tomorrow aaternoon around 4:00 to 5:00 scattered storms and showers along the front range. denver, bolder, fort collins, we'll likely see showers and even through the early evening south of denver there along the palmer divide and closer to colorado springs, a little rain, lightning and thunder. skies then clear out friday night and then we're expecting saturday a little bit more sunshine. right now, 70 degrees. temperature wise, pretty nice. 80s here. to be in the low another 7-10-degree warm up by this afternoon between about 3:00 and 5:00 and then into early tomorrow morning, some mid-to upper 50s. our mornings have been really mild. typically this time of year it's cooler. 7-10 degrees cooler. same thing with our highs. we're normally in the low 70s.
11:48 am
kingsberg a high of 82. parker at 81. ever green, bayly, mid-to upper 70s. quiet a bit cooler with the showers out west. grand junction yesterday closer to 80. today a high of just 70. looking ahead, we have a rockies game friday. tomorrow night, there's a chance of seeing a few showers for the game. temperatures will likely be in the 70s for the start of it. dropping into the 60s you'll want a sweatshirt with you, maybe an um showers early evening. 77 saturday and here's your bright spot on sunday we're at 7 6. mostly sunny skies and it's beautiful. looking ahead, nnxt week it gets a lot colder overnight. we go from 50s we've been enjoying to 30s. about 15-20 degrees cooler in the mornings. your kids are going to need a jacket at the bus stop early wednesday morning. >> take a look at this.
11:49 am
roof top to surprise patients and their families at children's hospital colorado in aurora today. people behind the masks are members of the swat team. a big anniversary for the denver scholarship foundation. this year is the tenth anniversary of making college possible for 5,000 studentss the governor helped create the foundation after learning about the low graduation rates and high number of dropouts. to celebrate, his mansion for a luncheon. tonight the governor will be honored at the gala. denver 7 is a proud sponsor. in fact, our very own will be there as the n.c. tonight. >> speaking of school, getting new clothes for school is exciting. what if your family has no money to do that? we report the new 7 every day hero has a new solution.
11:50 am
>> that's why nancy started something called serving kids in jefferson county. >> we're hoping it provides clothing for babies in preschool through high school. >> it's a week's worth of new or near new clothing. for any student who needs it. last year, more than 25,000 pieces of clothing went to hundreds of students. >last year, it was 1325. >> not bad for an operation 20 years ago. >> she's been the person that's held it together. >> serving kids has more than 30 volunteers. many of them retired principals who together put in more than 2,000 hours of time. it's allldone behind the scenes but staffers noticed the difference when those kids get their clothes. >> we always get reactionses. they'll be really excited to open it and go through.
11:51 am
here. >> it's amazing work. >> we thrive on the stories we hear of what it's meant for a mom or child and that keeps us going. >> it's more an a new pair of shoes or jeans. serving kids is about improving student's self-esteem and their willingness to learn and succeed. >> kids feel so good about first of all, wanting to be there. second of all learning. >> you have been serving kids for many, many years. so denver 7 and trusted choice dependent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your hard work and service to young people. [ applause ] . >> if you would like to nominate someone as a 7 every
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i first met mike on a fundraising event
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at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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. before we go, we want to take a moment to give a shout out. >> he was out late last night being honored by csu.
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congrats. >> congrats to him. we won't say what year he
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