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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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bank near east colfax. >> a live look. you can see denver officers. they are searching the neighborhood. two armed men entered the bank and took off with cash and we don't know how much. >> i love that sound. that means it is time to think about winter weather. we sometimes measure snow in feet in colorado. >> last winter more than six feet. are we staring at that kind of winter. mike nelson has more. time around and the difference is that there isno el ni?o that has forced the warm water out in the pacific. cooler sea surface right down to the equator and that has an impact on the jet stream winds that is the storm track that determines how things move across the pacific ocean and the united states. it looks like a neutral pattern that is not quite el ni?a, just close to the average
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stream overall for the mean pattern and the winter and that drives the storm track to the pacific northwest across the northern rockies and through the great lakes. warmer conditions across southern colorado and especially arizona and new mexico, colder weather in th northern united states and the main storm track taking the weather conditions to the northern rockies and the northern portions of colorado rockies. denver area, probably about 60- in the upcoming winter season. i will have more at ten. here we go. a local case may rewrite national law. the u.s. supreme court has chosen to hear the case of a highlands ranch family. >> the son that has autism eidnve a minimum education as required with the individual for disabilities act. this family has had the uphill battle. >> this details three previous court decisions against them
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schools provided them with an appropriate public free education. now the supreme court will weigh in to see in schools just how high the bar is set for special education students. this is the p petition drafted by jack robinson. it says drew that spend four years from kindergarten was regressing in social education and behavioral and functional goals. those that advocate for families say the parents have a big battle in schools developing their education programs or ieps. >> you look at the incidence of dyslexia that is one and five and that's a lot of kids in a school syssem. sometimes the support that kids are getting in the ie p don't exactly match. >> and in a statement douglas county schools say the core decisions not based on merits. they look forward to their
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expected to be heard in front of the u.s. supreme court in january with a decision a couple months after that. and we will follow up on that. the man accused of shooting and killing his wife after eating pot edibles will be charged with murder and tried. after reviewing his records from the colorado health institute the court set a trial date for march 6th. it was in aagust of 2014 that kirk's wife was 911 when she was shot. her grieving mother says the trial will move forward. we miss our daughter every day and the children miss their mother every day. and we are anxious to get it over. >> the judge says this will likely be a special jury for this case and that means attorneys will select jurors from a larger pool. this is a sobering statistic.
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encounters involve people with mental illness. aurora police are trying to lessen the likelihood of a fatal police encounter by training more officers in crisis intervention and for 7 reporter lance hernandez attended one today and actors involved in the training classes. there were shannon, actors that realistically can end in in injury or death. >> all i did was come home. >> this man is threatening to jump off of a building but just an actor helping to train aurora police officers in crisis intervention. >> none of us are trained clinicians and we are not doctors and of. >> sergeant wilson is in charge of the training. >> we are not teaching officers how to talk but to listen. >> doing it in conjunction with aurora mental health experts.
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technique. >> heather says in 2015 aurora police responded to 1088 calls involving mental health or substance abuse issues as the primary reason for the call. with this type of training situations like those that can escalate. >> escalate to confrontation and to perhaps where there is an arrest that is occurring that maybe didn't have to. >> or escalating to the point that the individual gets shot >> now the virginia study says that people who have untreated mental illness are 16 times more likely to be kill than somebody that doesn't have mental illness than other civilians. heather says that person does have an untreated mental illness and officer has to be called to a situation involving that individual, the person making the phone call should
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officer to respond and it could help save lives. with tensions high between some police officers and communities across the country. today the u.s. deputy attorney general was here in denver hoping to bridge that relationship. she spoke with local law enforcement and elected officials and community members about what can be done to prevent the shootings and gain back the trust of the public. >> if the public who we serve doesn't trust their criminal justice system and law falls apart and the events that we have seen going back to ferguson have not started this mistrust. they have revealed it. >> this meeting was behind closed doors and people walking out thought the meeting was pro active and look forward to having more conversations like this in the news. a former denver police officer is in trouble with the law. officials say hubert vanarber faces charges of possession of a controlled substance and
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following an anonymous complaint of marijuana smell. he was arrested and released on bond. a sign of progress that will help to keep water running in our homes. we take you to a tunnel project in the pewter canyon and russell haythorn is there and there were a lot a lot of cheers. >> this project was opine and when the tunnel broke through the other side of the mountain they did so within a dime. they marked for breakthrough and they had to do so quickly with winter right around the corner. >> what looks like the inside of a space shuttle is actually the inside of a mountain. >> and this machine goes forward. >> for the past four months the crews have been boring out this tunnel to save the fort collins water supply. >> it is critical for fort collins. not ever year but in drought %
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water in storage particularly dry years. the water just becomes invaluable. >> the 760-foot tunnel a necessity after a mudslide took out a portion of the michigan ditch that used to carry the water supply. >> so much that we can get water across it. >> crews had the summer months to complete this project. we are in a race against time. >> we are at 11,000 feet so it snows quite a bit. >> we have been working 24 hours a day. morning ... ? head of the tunnel bore broke through. >> we have been up more than all night. >> and and marvel. >> this tunnel is 8 feet in diameter.
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it will supply water to the reservoir water supply. that is impressive. want to thank you. a victory tonight for an injured veteran that wants to have families. congress has given the green light to cover in fertilization. it covers active duty personnel but veterans that have to through the va. it costs approximately $15,000. congress listened to tyler and christa wilson. trying to have a baby but could not because tyler suffered an injury in afghanistan that left him paralyzed. they say that the fight is not over because congress will allow the va to cover costs for just one year. >> our goal is so that no other couple has to strain and has to go through this struggle when
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life paralyzed. >> the couple is expecting this month. donald trump's visit to northern colorado monday is stirring up local republican rivalries. the gop presidential candidate will hos a rivalry in loveland but the republicans and neighbors weld county says he should come there as well. that is a reliably republican county. we are just getting started. the community outcry. the local teenager saves a dog from a pack of coyotes. >> how the dog is in need for a second chance of life. aurora police s.w.a.t. team come together and put a
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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way. a thornton teenager thought this chihuahua would get a second chance at life but she just learned that it will be put down because of the concern of rabies. >> they can properly guaranteed a dog exposed to rabies because it could expose other dogs. if the dog owner does not come >> justin and her mom were on a run in their subdivision when they saw four coyotes attacking this coyote mix. >> we started to kick at them. >> they thought they were giving this dog a second chance taking it to the adams county animal shelter. >> this is as sad as it gets.
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carry rabies and the owner and vaccination history are not known, state protocol seen in this flow shot is clear. euthanized or months to quarantine. >> it will have to be euthanize because of the lack of documents of vaccination. >> we went to homes trying to find the owners. >> justin is offering to pay fo dogs. >> it made me sad because i am like this dog had a second chance and now he is like not going to have a second chance. >> adams county says the hand are tied calling this a sad reminder and how important it is to microchip your pet. >> adams county says they adopt out 85% of the animals here at the shelter like this guy here that needs a home. as far as the chihuahua mix there is no time line for when
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hoping the owner will come forward. if you are still trying to figure out what you are doing for dinner there is a way you can hope the legacy high school football coaches that were hurt in that deadly bus crash at dia a few weeks ago. right now in broomfield the living stone church has a fundraiser at blaze pizza and the public is welcomed to stop by and eat dinner for a good cause. 20% of the proceeds from five to nine tonight will go to injured coaches and help pay the medical bills. patients at children's hospital colorado got to see some of the favorite superheroes in person. members of the aurora police s.w.a.t. team dressed up as superheroes and look at that. rappeled down from the roof to surprise patients and they were just ear to ear smiles as you can imagine and the police department says it will do it again. hey, this is a nice shot.
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at the denver museum of nature and science and it will get nicer because they will put in new hd model cameras. let me show you what it looked like across the state. beautiful day and warm. i mean this is late september, 87 in denver. and down at pueblo. 84 in lamar and really toasty temperatures. but this is the time of year now this day back in 1985 we had a very cold air mass coming. look at the low 17 degrees. we had a foot of dry powdery snow and on this day the high was only 29 degrees back in 1985. the record is 92. so lots of variety this time of year. right now it is 75 downtown and 77 at the airport. wind out of the southwest at 14 miles per hour. showers off to the west. scattered showers and a few
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eastern utah and that is part of an upper level disturbance. it will bring rain and clouds and cooler temperatures as we head towards the week. you can see by the morning it is in western larimer and route county and grand junction and the low temperature 45 is aspen and 47 in eagle and 57 in denver and 53 in colorado springs. tomorrow clouds and showers in the morning over western colorado and west of the fort collins area around red feather lake and the showers weaken as they try to move east. this is a minor storm and it won't get stronger. you can see that we will have showers and a few rumbles of thunder. the good news it exits the state in time for a nice week. 75 in denver and 76 in fort
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80s in the front east part of colorado. boulder at 76 and ever green at 67 and up at keystone only 59 degrees. 54 at estes park and tomorrow temperatures in the mid-70s. aurora and centennial and highlands ranch and under partly cloudy skies and a few showers in the afternoon and better chance west. tonight partly cloudy and mild for a low temperature. a nice night and tomorrow the highs good, close to the normal that is 73 and we will be 75 with some scattered showers developing in the afternoon. it gets out in time for a nice weekend. saturday and sunday lows to upper 40s and low 50s. mix of sun and clouds. monday windy and warm and by wednesday, first alert weather
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and rains on the plains and in the 50s for highs next wednesday. and you will serenade us, perfect. thank you, mike. the denver zoo showing off its newest edition. irenena an 8-year-old orangutan and likes to cover herself with blankets we are told. >> not today. >> we don't know why we were told that. >> zoo keepers hope she will be a mo you can see r at the zoo. the afc defensive player of the month. ready to face the bucks on sunday and we will hear from von miller.
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a 7 sports extra. >> remember von miller. spent the season dancing and globe trotting and doing this which is sacking. leading the nnl with five sacks and named the afc defensive player of month. von told us it is a team and no-fly zone. denver 7 broncos troy rank with the latest. >> von miller made tackles look silly on thursday he made history and became the first bronco to win defensive player of month honors three times. dynamic not his own personal 3 ability making this possible. players have taken ownership. >> we have come out here to work and practice. we practice and get it in. it is 100% football.
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you will have somebody to check you. >> i don't mind being a diva. i am a diva. >> use the term. it doesn't bother emmanuel sanders. he wants the ball thrown to him because it makes them better. them being the broncos offense. they took a lot of pride in its ability to finish off an opponent. >> that is what maaes the team so unique and special. >> a couple quick things. virgil g and racing the clock to be ready for sunday and the broncos defense emphasizing stop the quarterback run, the scramble and that's why the rushing stats are not where they would like. >> troy, you will see this on every show because it is so good. ryder cup practice. henrik stenson and rory mcilroy heckling about making a putt and they called him down. you think you can make it? go ahead.
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dave johnson an american and hand him a putter. laid a hundred dollar bill and justin rose and dave stepped up and sank it.
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right now on "the list. ." more affordable costume options. ? and easy egg hacks that will change your mornings forever. >> hey, it works. and a effect of success. how amy schumer's popularity has
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>> we have what's trending now. >> happy wife, happy life. >> we all heard this happy wife happy life advice, but now it's scientific fact. having a happy spouse makes your mental life much easier, but a new study published in health psychology found it may boost your physical he those with unhappy spouses had more physical ailments, were less likely to exercise, and compared their health to poor compared to those with a happy partner. so if you want to be healthy, exercise, and eat right. >> want a job that makes you happy? how about one that pays you a lot and gives you a lot of freedom. this could be your answer. >> $90,000?
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turns out the secret to a high paying job is learning to code. >> it makes it so much harder. >> they will teach you a very valuable skill. one of them says their graduates average more than $72,000 a year. >> you want to learn how to create things? >> they're great, but if you want less of a commitment, app for that. >> less people than can code -- >> apple's playground teaches kids and novice how to code on an ipad and the lessons are free. maybe you and your kids will be seeing something like this very soon. >> let's make an app. >> what other advantage of learning to code? coming up with new technology to


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