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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 3, 2016 1:30am-2:00am MDT

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fresh viral videos right this minute. a woman leaving a spa followed by a woman in a towel. >> there is some businesses out there that's evil. >> if you can spot what's wrong with this picture. >> oh, i get it. a dad had a heart to heart with his kid after more grueling cancer treatments. >> he had two surgeries and four round of therapies. >> yeah, daddy! a trucker try to maneuver on this muddy and slippery hill. >> the moment of the let down. >> oh, that's a wrap.
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>> so genius that does not cost any money. what these two are doing that you cannot help but laugh. >> a day at the spa, it is supposed to be relaxing and pretty chilled. lets face it. regardless of where you are at, there is no chilled day. >> sure, we have the lobby, you see this woman walking and she got a bag in the left hand and a wallet in the right and she stops by that room and kind of waves and steps in the she's head todd ed to the car. >> yeah, business as usual, right? >> there is some business out there that's unusual. now, the footage inside of the spa where the towel is wrapped around her. she heads outside, what, what? what? >> she had the wallet in her hand. >> did she just robbed a woman that was naked at the spa and her clothes, too?
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wallet. that's the part that had her up and adam. >> another woman grabs another towel and she takes off with the woman who's now hop in her car. you see some folks escorting her. she was all bloody. >> oh no! >> they dragged her. she returns injured and without wallet. >> look another her shoulders and back. >> this is the thing, they have gone through all the protection that needs to be done and the cctv but it still happens. >> the spa called for help and ambulance arrived and took the woman to the hospital, unfortunately, they never caught the woman who stole her wallet. this is a very emotional video that you are about to see. it was taped months, mike smith, that you see on the left side of
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>> he had two surgeries and four round of chemo therapies and the chemo was still there. >> he went back for more chemo and he had a much more extensive surgery to remove two large tumors and still the cancer was there. they also did a stem cell transplant. he was in the hospital for 29 days. the whole while he could not see his son because he was three hours away from tir he's now back in their living room, updating them on where he's at. >> as of right now, there is no cancer! i was like this is too much! all of this talking means dad no longer had no cancer and look at the kids' reactions.
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for what it means for the family. you do this for family. i cannot imagine what it is like to be the oldest brother and knowing that your dad maybe dad dying and he may take on that responsibility. >> today, he's returning for observations and making sure that the cancer is not back. the cancer set up a go-fund me bill, their bls bills started mountain up. if anyone wants the link, you can head on or you can get it on our app. i like this one. here is some people outside having a picnic and look who comes along? >> a squirrel. it is friendly. too cute. that thing is adorbs.
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wagon. >> that's cute. he puts his hand out. >> oh no, no, this squirrel is like, oh, i want some cuddle time. >> thelet me climb on your branches. >> the squirrel is not going to treat them like a tree. they usually like to hide in small, dark places. i am going to make a friend for life. this next male experience with the squirrel. at the beginning, it is not good for the squirrel. the former fighter and his son trying to get the squirrel out and as you can see, not exactly eas easy. the tool is used to break that bottom part off. they use that space right opened, dig your way out of there. >> go towards the line. i think he heard both of you p tch this.
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>> ah! >> it ran a 50 in about two-second flat. >> action. all the time, you move on and no big deal and you move on. the first two video at a mechanic shop. he's going to go and turn the key of this tractor, he made one big mistake. >> oh, oh! oh! oh man! >> he like dragged him and rolled over him again. this guy stays down for a while. the guy knows as bad as it looks, he wound up with a fractured foot. ay-yah-yah. this next guy got the burden of backing this truck down and slippery hill. he's on the ramp there.
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again. this is where things probably don't go the way you expected to. oh, you are making a bridge now, well, not for long. >> there goes the driver, he bails out. >> come on! that's a wrap. the entire cab gets sunk and the car goes in seconds. this thing is submerge >> the new video looks at how much time it takes to be a woman verses a man. >> oh! find out what the number really reveals. plus, a rescue team may explore the hidden danger in antarctica. and one exercise means you are
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dry mouth can effect how your mouth feels closed captioning provided by. mouth. this video, it is titled the time it takes to be a woman. >> they take a split screen of a man and the woman starting their day from the time they get up to the time they're going to bed. here we start with the shower
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hair and the shaving. >> and pathe time it takes for to brush our teeth and wash your face. >> you got to do the scrub and the toner. >> i see it is unfair and ridiculous and i am with you guys. >> now, it is time to pick out what you are going to wear. >> that's ten minutes. i love it, woman. >> it looks like it takes you guys longer to put on your shoes here they are all nice. >> what about the maintenance? >> i clip my nails once every five week and that's 45 seconds. >> we paint then scrub. >> that's true. the fitting room lines for the women's compare to the men, that
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on? it looks like at the end of the day when we come together at night. women spend a total of 24 days and seven hours and 40 minutes of their lives a year doing this work. you guys spend about nine days and five hours and 27 minutes. >> i got to cut that time down, man. that's a waste. >> i am going to become a dude. >> back international polar foundation shared this video about a hidden danger in antarctica. if you are out there like these guys are doing research, you may end up inside, stuck in one of them. that's actually why they have shared this next video. oh. which shows their team members doing a training session of a resc rescue and how danger a training session can be.
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roger, he's an instructor of researcher. here is the rescuer that's carrying a harness that's attached to roger. once roger is completely strapped in, we see that they start their way backup to the surface. not fast enough. watch this. the harness that roger attached to broke. now, you see the distance between the rescuer and >> this training is turning into a real rescue now? >> they're trying not to use it because their focusing on the res rescuer's equipment that they would use on a rescue mission. >> so now know what to do in the situation that it happens. >> it works and you can high five your buddy. >> oh no.
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fortunately, not that deep. >> okay, what have you done today? don't fall. >> the international polar foundation where sentific research for the advancement of knowledge and the promotion of informed action and climate change and a development of a sustainable society. the foundation runs the polar quest cwhich is a research program. this training mission is under the polar request. everybody us okay in case you are >> sometimes all it takes is a stupid joke to get some people laughing. >> don't we know that? >> what the heck is this? it is a hamburger. >> so is our buddy jack and his friend christian who'll be familiar to a lot of people. [ laughs ] >> this prank is so genius and it does not cost any money
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they're going to public places and giggling until their hearts con contend. >> they're laughing layooudly i the car and these people are walking by and thinking what's so funny. [ laughs ] >> there is something contagious about it. it is like when you go see a funny movie and in the theater and everyone is laughing and laughing ten times louder. >> i love it when they're a crowded >> we are not having anything of it. >> here though, i think the post office should hire them because you need a good laugh when you are waiting in life to shift something. [ laughs ] >> of course, they have to go through a drive-thru. [ laughs ] >> now, he's not here for it. get this bag because i got drive time, stop playing with me. >> yeah, but brett right here is
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[ continuous laughter ] >> this where he fully commits to the laughter. >> this dog loves the pet store. >> it has everything to do with the smelly streets inside. find out why she's upset and they got a bag full of eggs, ship we are going to try and pull it around our bodies and attract a bunch of sea gulls. >> are you serious? you are going disappoint me on this? introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing
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of these germs. act? advanced. apparently, this dog loves this pet store and at 11:00 or so in the evening, while they're just out on a walk, they came across this pet store and this dog must loved it. samo loves the pet store so much that she does not want to move. >> sam, the pet store is closed, i promise they're closed. >> i think it has everything to do with the smelly treats inside and toys and stimulier that dogs go crazy over.
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going to be opened soon? >> another incredibly cute reaction is this one. this one soboy has been asking d for a dog forever. so today, this kid is getting it. >> are you serious? are you freaked? >> i am going to wash him and teach him and he's my squishy. thank you very much, dad >> no problem. >> aw. doggie. >> are you serious? >> i got both in this video. the first one featured model misty, she's out on the beach in hawaii >> hello, doing her thing, that's supposed to be so sexy.
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right. it looks cool and everything. you get water and hands and salt and everything. that's the truth right there. slow down the video and her hand is all wet and bye-bye curls. she's a good sport about it. it comes with territory. that does video involves mom? >> eggs, we'll try to pour it around our bodies and attract a bunch of seagulls. >> they toss it on the sand. oh my god. >> they love popcorn. >> the perfect nap is happening on the beach. >> like vultures circling around the carcass. as the video continues, more and more is coming.
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her back and food on her. that go to a great lift to attract these seagulls and mom sleeps through all of it and the seagulls were like oh -- >> is it cross ing the line fora seagull? >> they have standards and boundaries, too, >> i cannot believe it. > >> things never said about cell phones. >> no. see if you guilty of doing any of these. >> oh.
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razy crushes and you see them walking away just fine. >> i don't think i have seen a video and yelled no so many >> i think you will respect them. >> yeah, i just made a mistake. that's all. >> yeah, if you figure it out by now, those are things that you will never hear anyone say about their cell phones. ever. >> new updates? >> i will share it when i get home. i barely get facebook on my laptop.
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>> we are all busy. i am not going to lose a minor from it. >> videos put together by troy. person saying where they're so on the no. >> i need a new cover. i know i sound like a broken record but spotify rocks. >> no one ever. >> don't do that. i don't know what your intention is but -- [ laughs ] >> i didn't bring my phone at the gym. >> i am at a point of a snap chat story, i will skip it. >> hey mom, could you just put dad on. >> a waste of space. [ laughs ] >> i have done it before. >> oh. >> you have been through people's photos when they are not around.
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messages. >> i have reasons and i break up with them. >> i enjoy doing the knotts. it is so funny. i feel everyone that sees this video have been in one of those >> sorry. >> are you okay? >> that's the number that i know >> that's our lineup for the
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fresh viral videos today right this minute. >> a woman in labor is told to get in line at the hospital. she's having to deliver her child in the back of a vehicle. >> the chaotic scene leading to a whole lot of outrage. [ sirens ] going to stop for nobody. >> that includes the driver. >> the bedroom and the bathroom and the kitchen. >> this is what a tree house looked like after the owner spent about $200,000 and how he managed to pull off his grand plan. >> plus, a picture perfect wedding reception. >> there is the toast. >> what happens after the father of the bride botches it big time. >> oh!


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