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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  October 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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county. the entire beulan valley -- destroyed 7 buildings. it's a different story in ss . crews pulling out the plows and they could get more snow today. we're not too far from possibly getting/for freeze right here in denver. >> lisa, do we need heavy coats? >> it's g early thursday and friday. temperatures dropping to nearly freezing. today we're tracking winds that's startiig to calm down. the winds kick up yesterday with our cold ront pushing through and it was spot highs near 90 degrees. cooler for eeerybody. you're looking at 40s as you walk out the door. upper 40s and low 50s ann we'll get to 62 by 12:00. 67 for a ?igh by 3:00. and then it gets
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here's your first alert. our mountain in the 40s and 50s all day and there is a chance for more snow we'll talk more about that. i'll show you what it looks like and speaking of, jason is taking us up there. in the eisenhower tunnel.e have- sno chain laws up, but you're going to need good tires because even ou effect, you need good tires to get over loveland pass. the commercial vehicles are required to carry those chains and the traction devices from september through the end of may. take a look at the drive here in town where we have one accident. you see the flashing lights and they're trying to pick up the cones on the construction side of the construction side, the southbound side of c-470 near quincy and boles. we're seeing
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285. around else around town looking good. a lot of green this morning. from the first alert desk, i want to show you images from haiti rht know where hurricane matthew is baring down bringing a storm surge to this country. 6,000 people housed and 10 million in the path of the stormm we have a death toll. the storm contributed to 4 deato in haiti. one in columbia, and one in sait the potential impact from matthew on the u.s. mmre on that coming up at 6:00 . this next story is tragic. family members say these young five people killed in a horrible wreck over the weekend. love ones came to remember them. it happened on east county road southeast of aurora. the flames so intense the car was almost unrecognizable. a friend who says she grew up with two of the
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the siblings got along. >> this is heartbreaking. they have their whole life ahead of them. >> she says she were headed to a haunted area known -- the damage is so bad, so the coroner hasn't been able to identify them. a woman walkssinto a tailor shop and this happened at duman's custom tailoring. the man is expected to survive. it was a case of domestic viooence. in sin seen - in centennial near parking road. a man was shot. investigators g to figure out what happened. we're learning about what happened the night that boulder
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jeffrey collins affidavit shows he admitted to wanting to knock her out. the victim picked up collins and two friends. they were hitch hiking and collins said the friend wanted to attack tte woman, but investigators say it was his friend. both friends ran tt ggt help and he hit her and she's charged with attempted murder. in evergreen, these two parents admitted to starving she looked like a concentration camp survivor. barton could get 15 years. the four children are with their grandmother. the cofounder of aol wants to help start up companies in colorado. us in denver with more on this plan. >>reporter: well, the plan is pretty simple. be the best start up here in the denver area, and win $100,000 in who is coming into town.lionair-
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rise of the rest.e%- so steefbl case of aol, fame and fortune will be in denver. he's been doing this all over the world. he's going to tour companies and its pitch competition time. of the finalist of the 8 finalist includes a company that helps introduce kids tt new age career fields in science and technology. another one of those finalist, dz slulgss helping those understand their health care and plans, what they're paying for, and save some money. this event station in just a little while. the governor and the mayor are going to be here. ?e're going to talk to them in a little while. at 6:00, we'll have two more of those finalist advertising to millennial and trying to steam line work flow. much more ii a little bit. live at union station, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> exciting if you're a new business owner. thank you, jason.
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to hire 200 new flight attendants. the denver head quarter airliner is getting ready to expand by more than 14%. that will happen next year. thl increase its planes from 63 to 72. so contact frontier if you're interested in learning more about these job openings. dia is nviting you to search for aliens at the airport. they're showcasing its conspiracy all month long at the art exhibit. they're having fun here. dia is giving chance tt tour its underground tunnels. another local city could ease up on panhandling. the chief is going to ask city council to appeal the ban. federal courts say that peaceful panhandling is okay saying it's protected speech and not allowing it breaks the constitution. before you get too worrred, the greeley police chief says he can protect you if people ask for money get out of line. >> fortunately we still have a
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use like disorderly conduct, hhrassment, someone who is threatening you and someone touchinggyou, all those things% are still against the law and those are things we can and will enforce. >> a pan handler we ssoke withh3 says aakiig for for help isn't easy and he wish eople would have more compassion. as more people move to denver -- local leaders are up to the challenge, but they need your help. amanda del castillo ?s lloking make our city better, amanda. >>reporter: they say within the next 20 years, as many as 100,000 people are expectee to move in denver. this city is pretty crowded, the city is offering -- getting you the opportunity actually to give accommodating that grrwth. so if you have ideas about better
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workshops planned in the next 2 days. this is the first time for those to share their values of the cities. residents and business owners and city planners and park and recreation officials are expected to share their ideas and you're expected to do the same. >> if you care about mobility and the ability to get from here to there quickly and safely in a convennent way and how deever is developing. >> yeah, it's a start of 18-month process that has the ?ossibility of shaping the next 20 years. why city leaders choose now to accommodate this growth.% that answer in the next half hour. live in downtown denver, i'm amanda del castillo. indigenous day will be celebrated instead of columbus day. we're one of more than a dozen to honor our american
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we have good news. rosenburg's bagel will reopen. it's opening on the 16th. that's 5 months after the fire. get ready to let out your inner roar. luke's diner is coming to colorado tomorrow. the famous gilmore girls eatery is taking over the state. this is a way to promote the episode coming out on black friday. three coffee shops in denver in the area will be transform need go for a list of locations. >> oh yeah between that and the harry potter film, i'm thrilled. a poll shows that trump hasn't paid taxes for years. is that smart business or will it cost his votes. there's a new poll out this morning. more government money going to police offices across the state. on this tuesday morning we
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so from fire danger yesterday to pretty cold weather, that freesz warning in effect until 9:00. teal color here and there's a free watch that goes into effect tonight into early wednesday morning. that covers areas south of colorado springs. we have an accident here on 470 to the west side of town not you can see the flashing lights.
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it is 5:43. we're back with a live look in myrtll beach south carolina this morning. keeping a close eye on this because hurricane matthew, that's one of the areas that it may hit land as it rolls up the east coast, perhaps friday and saturday. when it does, forecasters fear it could be a category 2 aad may bring waves as high as 40 feet. we'll let you know as this develops. -?philippine president rodriego told president obama he can go to hell. this is the leader who referred to the president with a curse word. he held televised news conference now and said the united states has refused to sell weapons to his country, but he doesn't care because he can get them from russia and china. the u.s. and obama have criticized him for his brutal
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without a trial. according to u.s. officials, washington has been doing its best to ignore dutertta's comment, but this is the latest. a 3-year old is dead after being left in a hot car. this car was parked outside a mississippi police station. the little girl's mom is a police officer. she's now on paid leave as the investigation continue right now, it is not clear why the girl was lef we're learning that pueblo is getting $175,000 from the justice department to revamp its law enforcement department: u.s. attorney general hopes then in grants will help bring renewed focus to police especially at a time when tensions are high across the
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officers need to buiid relationships with those they serve. >> that goes a long way to get rid a lot of the problems before they happen as far as tensions between the community and the police. >> we're in beginning of national community policing week. it's a quarter to 6:00. the new york attorney general is going after trump's foundation. here's a look at the notiie of violation. it says the foundation has to stop asking for donations in the state immediately because of the charity is not registered the foundation has 15 days to hand over paperwork about its fund raising and the trump's foundation says they'll cooperate. the -- they're having an impact with voters. there's a that found 79% of trumpvoters%- supporters says that paying taxes is a civil duty. taken before the times report came out.
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avoided. log ontt facebook and you'll notice a lot of people doing -- they don't like trump or clinton. it has been happening all politicaa season.% that's why the running mate may have a into the vice-prest'idens debate happening. >> the big question is does the debate influencc voters. polls from gallard says none of polls from 2007 to 2008 haven't changed those decision. it happens in georgia. the college says its history is the reason it got picked. the civil war happened on campus where the vp debate is happening and a student strike helped launch the civil right movement. it's only time that thh vp candidates will -- it will be split inno more sectiins, so they're going to
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at 7:00 this evening. people here in denver really love theirrdogs, but there's a town in pennsylvania that might have us beat. pooches have their own restaurant. it's just for dogs. ressaurant that only offers food for dogs. here's how it workss owners pick a protein, two vegg% grain. it gets mixed into a bowl. >> i wanted a place that could be just for them that would just cater to them and their needs. ss it's all fresh meat and fruits and vegetables. >> the available proteins is impressive salmon that's on the menu. you can add cottage cheese, peanut butter if you want something extra. what if you get a human bag instead of a ?oggy bag. >> i said that sounds good. i -?would eat some we have have a nice good. good for walking the dog. cooler and not as windy. a cold front has pushed through and you're going to feel the changee
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so here's your first alert headlines. today we saw a little fresh snow. this morning we're waking up to it in the mountains and we could get more over the next couple of days. a lot of that falling above 10,000 feet. the storm itself, the storm system is north of colorado. here's the edge of that cold front now pushing east of our state. so we're getting some clearing skies behind it, and our winds having shifted direction bringing in cooler air. our northern and central mountains could see more snow earry this morning. but skies are going to clear through the afternoon, so we should see plenty of sunshine. from denver to the springs, it's going to be mostly sunny through the afternoon, early evening, a very pleasant fall day as our temperatures drop just few degrees below normal. overnight tonight we could see light snow showers across the northern and central mountains and there's a better chance for more scattered
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night we have a chance for a a better chance on thursday when it gets cooler. you're walking out the door to upper 40s and a few ow 50s. 51 in denver. ?inds coming in at 15 to 20 mil. it's not as windy as yesterday. the winds kicked up due to the ccld front. today it's going to be breezy and cool. we're going to stay in the 50s through about 11:00 and then we'll start to see a warmup. mid-to and overnight tonight, we're in the upper 30s, close to 40 degrees, even cooler tomorrow morning. by thursday and friday morning, we're looking at temperatures hovering close to freeze are you. i'll show you that in a miiute. denver today, 40s and 50s for the mountains. here's your first alert, we'll be in the mid-to upper 60s. also in both fort collins and in greeley. so 600 today and tomorrow. a better chance for showersson thursday.
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thursdaa. then a gradual warmup, but look at these overnight lows, close to freezing. a few degrees above it. someone e-mailed into the station asking is this late for our first freeze, and no. typically our first freeze on average is october 7th whichh3 would make it friday. >> perfect. we have not so perfect drive in the high country or on the north side of town. both issues are different. this is a weather issue where we hhve very slick ?onditions. that snow right now up there a tunnel over loveland pass. slick condition s i-70. nn ?hain llws and the other trouble spot to the north side. take a thh cameras map.%- aren't working basically from ?orth of downtown to 120th. i 80th avenue. it's a car and motorcycle. we have the express lanes block. it's stacking up near thornton avenue. an extra 10 minutes on the southbound side as those are trying to use
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if you jump on 48th avenue, you'll save time. i'll try to see if we can the cameras there. helicopter is not flying because it's windy. there's an acciient on 470 passed 285 causing delays to the west side. the construction has been picked up. thanks jason. 5:51. the washington redskins are making a plea to keep their trademark rights, what the u.s. supreme court has to say about that.
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they put it on the endangered list. all the endangered species live in hawaii. congress isn't going to forget about the epipen and they want to know why the cost sky rocketed. top members of the oversight committee sent the ceo a letter telling her to hand over information on epipens troughity margin and the price rose by 500 bucks and the cc version that will cost $300. it's 5:53. the redskins lost a battle. they won't take up the team's appeal to eep the federal trademark protections ann the u.s. patton trademark cancelled the team's registration after native americann said the name is offensive.
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riihts of that trademark. the defense secretary welcomed 2-dozen athletes and coaches at the pentagon court yard. some won medals at the rio games. carter told them you inspire us. i'm proud of everything you have and will accomplish in the games and in the uniform. i'm cheering for you all along the way. you can do lots of things with the spare change you find around your house. >> pretty muuh annthing is -- look at this. his name is and he covered his 200 in fact, 51,300 to be exact. lissen how he describes how long it took. >> i had to put it on one by one and it took like 7 weeks, 6, 7 hours a day and took 80 tubes of silicon grub and -- it was supposed to be all
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few that got on the tail end, but when you're gluing that many pennies, you're allowed to mess up. >> this is like a seen out of the best of shore movie. >> this is not fake. >> the pennies added several hundred pounds to the car as you might imagine. sometimes you have to push really hard on the door to get it to close. larry says it's awesome. he wouldn't have done -- he loves it. >> i think it makes a lot of >> so bad. >> it was great. >> when mitch gives me this look, i've lost you. >> dead joke. we have a nice chilly day to start. you're going to find from our wireless camera in pets, just a few clouds. more sunshine expected again today. it's going to be clear and cool though. the kids need a sweat shirt or light jacket at the bus stop. we'll be in the mid-to upper 60s by the time they're heading home.
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good for the play ggound. not as windy today. it is going to be breezy and cooler. tomorrow, we'll start to see showers by nighttime. still sunny through ?he day. and jason, heee's your firrt alert. we're in the 50s on thursday. >> zackery bowls just sent me this video. the accident on 470. can yoo see the damage to this vehicle and the other one in the left lane right by 285. so we do have a big accident that's causing delays there. the other trouble spot, take a look at the map is up to the north side
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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it is 6:00 a.m. take a look at this. that's snow on the ground west of the eisenhower tunnel. winter is coming. we're going to have more on the chilly temperatures in a moment an this is a picture of the fire near pueblo, the beulah is 15 minutes of pueblo. no containment.rned%- 7 buildings destroyed in this fe officials says 500 others could be in danger. officials are called in to get this unddr control especially with the high winds. there's a bounce on our cameras. high


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