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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  October 9, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MDT

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had a rough starts -- stirs starts -- stirs -- first start. it wasn't all his fault. lots of blaming to around. the broncos look at a short week. thursday night game against the
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panic in the streetsment the broncos have lost. welcome to xfinity sports extra. there's no panic in the streets for broncos country. no trevor siemian and no victory. the broncos have their first blemish. you've seen the highlights. paxton lynch sacked six line line -- times. o line was awful. running game got 84 yards. freeman and the falcons had more than that by himself of the jones had two catches. coleman and freeman caught seven balls for a touchdown. 23-16 the final.
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woody page, that's you. first loss, try, in a nutshell what happens -- what happened here? ge they warrant -- weren't tampa bay -- able to run the football. they put lynch in a pinch. they brought in a a new rightward guard. we'll be back for the chargers game thursdays. they got scootsment the defense and inability back. ouof the back field, you look at coleman he set a record for the falcons, 132 receiving by a running back. not only that, we've seen they are not very fe against the run. if you run effectively as atlanta did. and the game plan was sclevenlt we're going to establish the run. people think we're going to throw the ball 50 times. no. and own -- on the other side
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offensive line as out of state two-way check you might get for dependable. terrible foot work from the rookie. he looked uncomfortable in the pocket. >> yeah. >> all of his balls were sailing. they were high. nothing was low that. was a sign to me that he wasn't getting a good angle on the ball. he wasn't there heing heing foot. >> i thought he would settle down after the first few passes bitty body w -- went high but he wasn't able to get into a rhythm. people were in his face. gary kubiak was brought to the emergency. it was flu-like symptoms. >> we don't know if he will remain hospitalized. it was an odd situation.
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personnel was quickly trying to clear people out. it was unusual. and then we had to exit in a different way. when i walked out, there was an ambulance taking him away. his wife was there with him. he's hospitalized for through -- flu-like symptoms. we don't know if he's staying overnight. the fact i had a mini-stroke in 2013, it creates concern. will he be they said the coach could could available lollsed on the press release. >> in the past kubiak had a situation one day after john fox was also feeling light had hadded -- light-headed and had arrieta replacement. he was -- aorta replacement.
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dan reaves had heart attack symptoms when he was a coach here and later had surgery when he was with the fall son son -- falcons. i think that's the biggest concern, to make sure this was precautionary. maybe he was experiencing some of the symptoms he had when he did have the problem with his health before. >> thoughts and prayers with are -- are with the kubiak family. we hope everything turns out to be okay. before that, the struggles lynch and the end result on the scoreboard. >> we put him in a tough situation. we battled. we didn't go -- do good. the falcons came in to our place and did well. played with a lot of poise. >> i'm up september because we lost but i'm kind of happy that i got the first one under my
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the first start. if i get put in that situation again, i'll know how to handle it better than i did the first time. i'm glad i got the experience but i'm upset we didn't come away with the win. >> we could have done better. we got things to work on. we can watch and see what we can do better. but i do give credit. >> it's color rush week. thursday night in san diego. let's check what the chargers did in oakland today. black hole. hourj and two. -- fourth and two. going for six. 21 yards and a touchdown. 27-24 raiders. chargers going for a 34-yard field goal to tie it. edward scissor hands was holding.
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are 4-1. >> we lost a game like this last year to indiana around the same time. so, you know, this team is resilient team. we'll be able to bounce back. we got to get back. the harder you work, the practiced harder. come with itt give everything. do 5% more. >> we're the type of defense, we plan at halftime. we do what can he -- we do. today it didn't work as well as it did in the past. we're not going to change the approach. we have a chance thursday. looking forward to the chargers. >> chargers 1-4. the raiders 4- one 1 as we talked about. woody said it, this is a sufficient -- tough division. oakland is much improved. what needs fixing? you have three days.
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scrimmage. getting stevenson back in right will help the running game. nd you look onnthe other side of the ball, they need slight tweaks to stop the running gawk -- game. >> they need to get better up front offensively. >> i think about stevens son and drain. are they -- stevenson and green. are they ever going to show up? i week and they don't. it's hurting the right side and the offense when there's no tight end involved. there's no time to fix it. kubiak won't be around tomorrow. they will try and take one day off at least during the short week and then they have to get on the lane. the chargers have an advantage, it's only an hour flight from san francisco to san diego. i think whatever coaches on the staff had been preparing for
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come oot hot. >> okay. look, they are missing stevenson, green and siemian. that's a big three on offense. you talked to trevor avert games. you asked if he is readd for the thursday game. >> take one day aa a time. i'm sure they will have me do stuff. >> one day up at a time is a great drink game. everybody drink up when th i got to figure tramp siemian is in the game thursday. >> -- trevor siemian is in the game thursday. >> they want him in the october 20th -- 20 fourth game against houston. if he got in today he might not be variable for a few weeks. they had fear of making him worse if they played him today. i think siemian will fanlight a way into the starting line up.
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for his job. >> if he surf -- survives surf -- survives -- survives till thursday, he know that's thursday night -- there -- this is their last year in san diego. if they want to attract attention and foam come to games, we know it will be a come to nappeding crowd for the broncos thursday night. that's going to figure in to what goes on out there. >> we'll talk more in minutes. we're going to have now -- right now we're going to take a break. tom brady back in action for the patriots. then -- and this doesn't look good for the rest of the
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es for only 160, with no surprise overages. on america's best network. tom brady first start after a four-game suspension. he said he was rusty. really? i didn't see it. thank you, sir. may i have another? bet -- bennet three td passes. gronkowski is aliv one 109 yards receiving. brady had four 406 yards passing. pats won 33-13 over the browns. back it college. the buffs out of the -- in top 25 and out. the loss will unrank them a week after they busted intt the top 25.
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gallop jolt from above. that was a cattle prod to the rams. the game winnnr in the fourth. 31-24 rams. three -- they are letter of this -- 3-3. never say die attitude saved the day. >> i say it all the time you you -- you've got to fight for 60 mitts. weigh -- we talked in the lack -- locker room after the game. the way you want it to feel s to give it everything you have for the guy next to you. >> everything hasn't been clicking for us in the last up -- couple of games. tonight we needed to do it. we did it and we're going to do it again next week. >> next week is boise state gentleman time for one more break. whennwe come back, more local sports.
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nascar in charlotte at today. it was on fire in the pit today. oo fire. dude, you're burning up. flames were skiing issued and -- extinguished and everybody was okay. truex this nerd -- in third.
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into the infield wall. truex was not trying to wreck him. he said he was trying to give him a push. oops. there was no doubt about the bump. he said no way was he trying to wreck the three complete and he was very sorry. stalled coming off pit road. finished 13th. jimmie johnson wags the winner. in the lane gall arcs -- gallo ne -- on the drive. he drove and the big jam. the iron barely felt that. 124-one hundred 115 lakers. we're looking ahead to san diego. short week. chargers are 1-four. 4. mike mccoy may be playing
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chargers were in every dame dame -- game they lost so far. what's the number one thing they need to do. >> protect the quarterback. run the football. . >> siemian coming back. >> that could help. >> siemian has got to be back this -- in there. i hope this shuts up all the people, including me, before the season started that paxton lynch should be in the line gyp we talked about it's face a pass rush. he's not ready to stay in the pocket and as he -- you said, his foot work needs a whole lot of work. >> i just want to add this, i think when he came into the game the previous week, they simplify phied it so much. there's an offensive line that's week -- weak.
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falcons were sending everyone after him. >> we're done. zip it. >> we're not done on facebook. ssitch over the going facebook live. xfinity questions and comments we'll see you in five minutes. >> it's going to be a nice week.
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