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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 13, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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aleppo killing at least 15 people and leveling several buildings. part of the biggest market district in the eastern part of the city. that area has been the target of a russian backed syria offensive since the collapse of a cease fire last month. back to this country with the latest on the deadly plane crash in connecticut. officials now confirm that the flight instructor and his student fought inside the cockpit and that the instructor was unable to regain control before the crash. now the crash does appear to have been a suicide attempt by the student and terrorism ruled out. we have the latest from
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who has more on the investigation. >> reporter: investigators taking pictures and gathering evidence at the scene of the fiery plane crash now confirming this was no accident. >> information indicates the plane crash was intentional, but i want to be crystal clear, the circumstances beyond that are still being investigated. >> reporter: the plane had taken off from a airport in hartford, connecticut, when just before 4:00 p.m. tuesday afternoon, eyewitnesses plunging into a busy street and taking down utility poles and power lines. >> three poles, when it hit the last one, just boom. >> power went out at work and everyone ran outside. >> everyone on the ground, the plane merely missing a van carrying a mother and children. >> sidewalks were full, businesses were full, and heavy amount of traffic. the fact that there were not more casualties as a result of the incident is amazing. >> reporter: as for the two men
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28-year-old student abc news learning he died in the crash. a jordanian national attending a flight school nearby. officials are searching his connecticut apartment and questioning roommates, but so far, no official word on a motive. police will only say they are not ruling anything out. kendis, diane? >> elizabeth, thank you. now to the weather. hurricane nicole set to hit bermuda today. this is what the storm looks like from the it's now a category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. airlines have cancelled flights to bermuda and cruise ship visits are being delayed. schools and businesses closed until nicole passes. and as flooding in north carolina shows no signs of easing, officials there ordered thousands more residents to evacuate their homes. the movement of the flood waters is called a slow motion disaster. some communities in the eastern part of north carolina are in danger of being cut off as more bridges in the area close.
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aren't expected to crest until tomorrow or saturday and the death toll from matthew is already at least 38 people. breaking news from boston where two police officers were shot, one critically responding to a report of a person with a gun last night. in east boston when they came under fire. it appears a domestic dispute led to the call. one suspect shot dead at the scene and another in custody. murder charges have been filed against a man prosecutors say killed two palm springs police officers. john felix is an ex-con and to be arraigned today. authorities say felix specifically targeted the officers for death. >> this individual wanted to kill police officers. he armed himself with a weapon to kill police officers. he put on a vest so that he would be protected so he could kill police officers. >> prosecutors say they will decide in the coming weeks whether he'll face the death penalty if convicted. a public funeral for the
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independent autopsy conducted for the family of a black man shot and killed by a charlotte police officer shows he suffered fatal gunshot wounds to the back and stomach. the shooting of keith scott touched off days of violent protests in charlotte. scott's family members says they were forced to have an independent autopsy because medical examiner refuses to release any information. the embattled ceo of wells fargo stepped down. john stumpf was under fire about senator elizabeth warren was among lawmakers who demanded he resign. warren tweeted he should still face a department of justice investigation. stumpfwalks away with 20 millionpension and more than $100 million in stock. so we rarely have the time to show you an event, an entire race from beginning to end, but
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voila. >> the epic battle of the tortoise and the hare. and they are off. >> the hare with the early lead, but the tortoise -- extra confident with a break, just the same as the story goes. >> the hare was in serious smack talking. the hare cracking under the pressure. >> but is he hustling, folks? just hustling. is he going to take the lead? the tortoise and the hare, coming to life again. and crossing the finish the tortoise! and the tortoise, oh, wins. >> oh, the humanity. all the bookies just tossing up their papers, just, no, no, no, no, we had the hare. oh! we need a rematch. >> frank was disappointed, by the way. >> frank, your rabbit. >> he did not like the results of that competition at all. he's challenging the tortoise to a rematch. >> we'll have the continuing
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the national highway traffic safety administration accuses tennessee air bag parts maker of stone walling its investigation into a fatal crash this past summer. the agency is looking into several incidents of exploding air bags including one in july that killed a woman in canada. the manufacturer of the air bags is ark, automotive based in knoxville. the investigation is focused on the inflaters similar to those involved in the tacata recall in 2014. >> what's similar between them is using the same type of propellant and overpressurized
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>> the air bags under investigation believe to be in older gm, hyundai, fiat and more but officials tell abc news they don't know exactly which models are affected. another major recall involving samsung galaxy note 7 smart phones. >> owners of the original and replacement phones are told not just to unplug and power down, but return phones after packing them into special fireproof boxes. here >> reporter: samsung sends customers these prepaid fire resistant return kits. this man posted a video of his online. inside? thermally insulated packaging and protective gloves. on the outside of the box, a warning. >> forbidden for transport by aircraft. >> reporter: meant for ground transport only. >> put this inside the shield. >> reporter: because the phones are now considered fire hazards, the company is telling everyone
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and this video shows why. watch as this woman in hawaii walks into a room with a galaxy note 7 with billowing smoke. seconds later, she faints. they are receiving 2 million phones worldwide, but concerns is those who do not return them and take them with them in cars, trains, and planes. linsey davis, abc news, new york. coming up in our next half hour, a tim tebow in his own words replaying the moment he helped a fan who fell over right in front of him. breathe be slowly killing your skin? the new warning for people who live in cities and other polluted areas. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
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? props to the producers for this choice of a song because here's the story. if you're a city dweller, you'll be shocked what's under your skin. >> nearly half of americans live in cities with unhealthy levels of pollution that dry and dull and even prematurely age your skin. >> good news is there are easy steps to take to combat all that. here is abc's mara >> move to the country. >> reporter: we all know sun is the main cause of skin damage, but now some experts say your skin may have a new enemy. pollution. data over the last few years finds pollution from car exhaust and emissions, tiny particles 20 times smaller than skin pores causes inflammation and irritation and could accelerate signs of ageing like wrinkles and brown spots. >> a lot of the matter in the air from combustion collects on
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by a cosmetics company compared two groups of women and found those living in the city had a 20% increase in hyperpigmentation and wrinkles than those living in the country. 23-year-old chelsea biles has been living in new york most of her life. >> i get home, and my skin feels greasy and heavy, just, like, it's been layer on, every layer that i could add to it, just on my skin and living >> that must feel disgusting? >> it feels awful. >> reporter: so what can you do? some experts suggest washing your skin thoroughly at night to get rid of pollutants stuck to moisturizer and makeup. looking with products for topical antioxidants and use a pore cleansing mask weekly. >> it's a more and more polluted world, and rid yourselves of all of it is so important. >> reporter: mara schiavocampo, nabs news, new york. >> good tips. >> living in manhattan, we're in trouble. also, indoor air filters help.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. okay, mix here on a thursday morning, and we'll start with the most famous address in the entire country, 1600 pennsylvania, beautiful houses, you know there, recently on zillow, priced out at $300 million, but say you wanted a house that looked just like that? apparently, there's two of them right there in the neighbor. this is in mcclain, virginia. >> oh, wow. >> replica of the white house, and both are on sale right now, two white house style mansions. on sale. one for about $2 million, and the other for about $4 million. one is a true man style. one of them is a balcony there, built in 1995 by a vietnamese engineer, three stories, six bedroom, three car garage. >> not bad.
2:56 am
surprising enough, and let alone they are both on the market at the same time. >> within two miles of each other. if you don't get to real 1600 pennsylvania avenue, mr. trump or ms. clinton, there's a place in mcclain. in case you heard the last of ken bone, ladies and gentlemen, think again. remember this scene in "space balls"? merchandising, merchandising. well, ken bone's in on the action. >> oh. >> ken bone now has his own t-shirts. they are already on sale. while we may never know who he supports in november, he uses the fame to encourage followers to vote. >> i'm embarrassed to say i ordered mine. >> i was going to order you one and thought to wait if you have. >> and i did. >> he did. >> i hope it gets here before the 15 minutes is up, but i think i'm screwed on that front.
2:57 am
there's also a ken bone costume, just because we like to say the name. ken bone. >> not quite the kind of costume you're thinking of. >> it's a sexy ken bone costume. the ladies can get in on the act. it's a crop top, and black zipper closure, and the must-have mustache, and black glasses and microphone. the energy policy your own. >> wasn't he in khakis? i don't know. >> details. >> seems like a slacker uniform to me. should at least be a knitted cardigan style crop top. >> true. now. now to the laziest pumpkin carver, perhaps in the worm. while everyone showcases their elaborate art skills, this woman put out a little small face
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this morning on "world news now," new accusations against donald trump. several women say the republican presidential nominee made unwanted sexual advances on them. the trump's campaign calls it fiction. we'll have the full story in just a moment. breaking news, u.s. retaliating overnight against multiple missile attacks by rebels in yemen. new video released by the assault. we'll have the late, breaking details of this latest offensive. and new this half hour, tim tebow opens up about praying over a baseball fan who had collapsed in the stands. >> what the newly minted minor league baseball player is saying this morning about the fan's health scare and why he dropped everything to rush to the man's side. force is out with this year's highest paid dead celebrities. so who landed at the top of the list? here is a hint, it's not david
3:01 am
and we'll tell you how much he made last year. you might think he's a smooth criminal. on this thursday, october 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> somewhere. somewhere. >> i don't know that's a list i want to be on. it's great to make a lot of money -- >> i don't think a lot of people are aspiring to make that one, at least not yet. >> absolutely. let's talk abo t donald trump accused of doing what he described in that lewd recording that shook up the campaign. >> two women are now accusing trump of groping and kissing them without consent. they tell the "new york times" separate incidents occurred the first time they met trump. the alleged incidents happened years ago. now his campaign is firing back, demanding a retraction, even threatening a lawsuit. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: hours ago, the "new york times" posted a video
3:02 am
businesswoman who says she sat next to a young donald trump on a flight to new york city in the early 1980s. >> somehow or another, the armrest in the seat disappeared, and it was a real shock when all the sudden his hands were all over me. he started encroaching on my space. and i hesitate to use this expression, but i'm going to, and that is he was like an octopus, like head he was all over the place. >> reporter: she did not report trump's alleged behavior to anyone. >> in the late 60s, 70s, and 80s, the culture instilled on us it was our fault, the attention we received from men, that we were responsible for their behavior. you didn't complain to the authorities. you didn't complain to your boss. if something happened to you, you just bucked up and you went
3:03 am
>> reporter: she tells the "new york times" she is a clinton supporter, and trump's campaign says the entire article is fiction, and for the "new york times" to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against mr. trump on a topic like this is dangerous. sources say donald trump's team is drafting a lawsuit against the new york times for defamation. dan harris, abc news new york. trump is also facing allegations of inap queen. >> former miss arizona is says donald trump walked into a room with partially clothed contestants for the miss usa pageant and said it happened back in 2001 when trump owned the pageant, of course, and described feeling helpless. >> our first introduction to him was when we were at the dress rehearsal half naked changing into bikinis, to have the owner come waltzing in when we're naked or half naked in a very
3:04 am
the, you know, the people that work for him telling us to go fawn all over him. go walk up to him, talk to him, get his attention. >> dixon's allegations are strikingly similar to a scenario trump once described to howard stern, but trump says her claims have no merit. hillary clinton's campaign is doing some more damage nt hacked e-mails. the e-mails from the clinton campaign chairman were e-mails published yesterday by wikileaks urging clinton to reach out to prominent tino politicians including former new mexico governor bill rhardson. quote, ndyat los a one to, easy call. podesta is blaming russians for the hacking saying they're conspireing to help trump. the fbi is looking into that hack. breaking news from the defense department this morning.
3:05 am
attacks on u.s. warships in the red sea. military officials say tom hawk cruise missiles were launched early this morning targeting three radar sites controlled by yemeni rebels along the red sea coast. they believe the targets were destroyed, and they'll continue to respond to future threats on military or commercial ships in the red sea and elsewhere in the world. more breaking news from boston, back here at home. boston police officer fighting for his life after being shot. in the incent when police responded to reports of man with a g. th asked residents to shelter in place as they search for a suspect. they said the suspect was killed later, and the situation is under control. new details about a plane crash on a busy street in connecticut. officials confirm that flight instructor and his student fought inside the cockpit and the instructor was unable to regain control before the crash.
3:06 am
student. terrorism has been ruled out. he was killed in the crash, a native of jordan. the instructor is still in the hospital. thousands more residents in north carolina have been ordered to evacuate as the flooding situation there grows more dangerous. that flooding, of course, caused by hurricane matthew which is now being blamed for at least 38 deaths, most of them in north carolina. abc is in the flood zone. >> reporter: the death toll rising in north carolina, along with the water. >> my brother is in none of the shelters. >> reporter: fearing the worst for her brother, ralph, who refused to evacuate the hard hit town of lumberton. >> i'm saying that he stayed behind in the house and maybe the water didn't crawl up so high. >> reporter: finally learning her brother is safe as the disaster unfolds in slow motion. some like this woman and her
3:07 am
me, my two kids, three dogs and a cat. >> reporter: rivers at record levels, still rising. overrunning this town of goldsboro. emergency operations still underway. the death toll in the state now at least 20. phillip mena, north carolina. abc news. an arizona woman under arrest this morning accused of conspiracy to commit terrorism. she was taken into custody after federal and local law enforcement agents served no information released at this time, but she's been complaining own facebook that she was denied visitation to the state prison complex. trial of a georgia man accused of leaving his 22 month old son in the car to die resumed after a four-daybreak caused my hurricane matthew. justin harris is facing felony murder among other charges because prosecutors say he deliberately left the little boy in the car for more than seven
3:08 am
another study is questioning the value of mammograms for breast cancer screening. researchers concluded a woman is likely to be diagnosed with a small tumor that's not destined to grow than she is to have a true problem spotted early. the study results to the ongoing debate whether mammograms are necessary. as always, women should check with their doctor. we want to give some love to the nhl on its owning night and to one player in particular. we often talk about hockey during the this is definitely worth it. this guy, no. 34, austin matthews. he's 19 years old. he was the no. 1 draft choice for the toronto maple leafs. last night, in his debut, all matthews did was score four goals. that's mama. his parents were in the crowd. his mother getting more and more emotional as the goals kept going. four is the most in a debut game in modern nhl history. the only downer, toronto lost
3:09 am
in the first five minutes. >> the fact that they lost 5-4 and he scored every single one of the goals, unbelievable. i don't know his family minded the loss. they were probably just focussed on the goals. >> so excited for him. hat trick, please. >> game two's going to suck for him, though. it's all downhill from there. here's something to look forward to the when the nba season begins. underhand free throws. >> check it out. courtesy of the houston he's been shooting granny style since his time at the university of louisville and he's not stopping now that he's in the pros. he showed off his underhand method during houston's exhibition trip to china. they all loved it there. do we like it? >> i'm game. apparently, there's players that shoot much better this way. they just won't do it because they don't think it looks cool. >> it's not like --
3:10 am
would you shoot, quote-on-quote, granny style, if it upped your free throw percentage? >> absolutely. exactly. >> whatever works. >> not everybody would. >> after last season, the knicks are training everybody like that. ken bone probably shoots like that. >> i think -- if i were a basketball player, i'd shoot like that. i get better numbers that way than this way. >> really? >> though, i did play basketball for a >> what? you did it over? >> yes. we're all learning. coming up, what would tebow do? he would shoot underhand if it was better. we'll find out in his own words. it's not about that, though. he's opening up about a frightening moment after a fan collapsed in the stands and how he rushed in to try to help.
3:11 am
hear of dead presents? but now dead celebrities. forbes has the highest paid ones. can you guess who made it to the top of the list? first, here's a lock at today's forecast. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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get move free ultra, and enjoy living well. an australian photographer treading water when suddenly that happened. a humped back whale decided breach just a few feet away. the photographer got the whole thing on video and just for a little bit -- wow, got the above water and underwater vantage point. >> so cool. >> amazing. >> humped back can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. >> unbelievable. >> yeah. i would have screamed like that. >> out of excitement or fear? >> both.
3:15 am
now to sports personalities starting with tom brady. the new england patriots' quarterback has been photographed with donald trump in the past. >> at his news conference yesterday, brady was asked a question about his long-time friend. >> how do you respond to donald trump's version of locker room talk? >> thank you, guys, have a good day. >> just like that. >> yep. he was off. brady and trump have golfed together, and trump has mentne campaign trail. >> brady, clearly, does not want to talk politics. >> didn't want to talk about it, yeah. another sports hero talking about a health scare about a fan collapsing in the stands. >> this is the section about future hall of famers. images viral of tim tebow rushing to the aide of brandon berry who collapsed on tuesday. right after he played his first game in the fall league there on
3:16 am
over the man. >> looked like he was unconscious for a little while, and when he came to, the longer he was conscious, the more comfortable he got, but you don't know what's going on. i was praying for him at the time when he woke up, just try to be there for him until the paramedics show up, and, honestly, try to make him smile and take his mind off of whatever he was going through, just treat him normal like anybody else. if you can rag him, rag him, give him a hard time, talk about hi my opinion, when people are going through some really tough times, they still want to be treated normal. and they still want to be, you know, treated like a friend, not, you know, necessarily, you know, just coddled, but, you know, that's around here, georgia fan giving him a hard time and trying to take their mind off of that, you know what they're going through at the
3:17 am
come out of a seizure, and they are talking smack about your mama? >> i don't know. i was enjoying taylor swift in the background. he reportedly said the fan was diagnosed with a brain tumor earlier this year. >> berry is doing fine now at home after being released from the hospital, and, apparently, they talked smack being from rival schools. when we come back, this year's top earning dead celebrity. and whoopi goldberg's venture she hopes will bring joy
3:18 am
3:19 am
? skinny, so skinny ? time for "the skinny," and topping the headlines this morning, the top paid celebrities in the year after. >> forbes is out with the annual list of dead celebrities who it's true. landing in third place, arnold palmer, golf legend, who actually just passed away 18 days ago. over the past 12 months, however, palmer made $40 million. >> number two on the list, peanuts creator, charles schultz. >> blasting ahead of them, the king of pop, oh "smooth criminal," raking in $825
3:20 am
half share of the beatles off to sony for 750 million. >> rounding out the top five, elvis presley in fourth place and prince in fifth. >> prince is fifth, huh. all right. next, a month's long speculation is finally over. >> janet jackson confirmed her long rumored pregnancy at age 50 showing off her growing baby bump to "people" magazine. >> you will recal postponed unbreakable tour to focus on planning a family with her husband, a retired businessman. >> the five-time grammy award winner says, quote, we thank god for our blessing, and a source says she's doing well and resting until the baby's due and is already thinking about baby names. >> cool. congrats. >> congrats. next, hoping to spread serious christmas cheer, whoopi goldberg is laumplging a new fashion line, but not the kind most celebrities launch, it's ugly christmas sweaters. >> the kind ken bone would love.
3:21 am
i'm jealous actually. >> it is great. "the view" host entered into an exclusive partnership. she says there's 11 styles with different styles and different names. >> there's santa love, the skirt the issue resembles a skirt. >> the sweaters retail for $139 and will hit stores november 1st. >> that one is -- >> interesting. >> yeah. finally, some exciting news for "star wars" fans. >> our parent company, disney, released the first movie poster for "rogue 1," and darth vader is looming over her shoulder. the death star and six of her costars. >> the movie poster release comes ahead of this morning's release of the film's very first trailer. look for that later this morning on "good morning america."
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ditch the misery. let's end this. we all have at least one friend who insists on showing every cat video ever made ever in the world. >> we're fans of many cats. we're not going to judge. this morning, this is some of the most viral of those videos. how he's taking funny cat videos to a whole new level. here's abc's dan harris.
3:26 am
overrun with cat videos, but these are a cut above. videos of aaron's cat doing everything from jet skiing to jamming out to have made his youtube channel a viral hit, but aaron is quicko admit that he is, of course, not the main attraction. >> this is prince michael here. i got him years ago, and he was super chill, so i made videos. >> reporter: prince michael and the adorable cat of costar critters rack up millions of views, but aaron says it's not easy. >> the challenge with working with prince michael is he's a cat. sometimes he wants to film. sometimes he wants to swat at a bag. >> reporter: when you add in the other personalities -- >> there's a lot of egos involved. the most difficult was the house cat party video. it was an absolute mad house. >> reporter: relying on special effect and creativity to get the
3:27 am
swallowed, and we used that to make it seem as though he was sad. >> reporter: now that the brand sponsorships are rolling in, he has more reason to smile. >> the brands i love working with the most are movie brands. one of our early videos was called fast and the furryist. our audience loved it because it's organic of what we've been making anyways. >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, new york. loving people that we talked about before, dan harris is one of them. >> dan harris is one of them. >> he has said in the past, by the way, just so you all know, i love my cats. he said at the end of the story, he wasn't sure if it made him
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. here's some of the top headlines we're following for you this morning on "world news now". "donald trump is facing accusations of inappropriate touching. two women are coming forward and telling "the new york times" that they were groped and kissed by trump years ago. the trump campaign is denying the claims and demanding a retraction. full details in a moment. the u.s. hit back yemen rebels for attempted attacks on u.s. warships. the pentagon confirms missiles were launched early this morning targeting three radar sites along the red sea coast. investigators say the deadly plane crash in connecticut was the result of a suicide attempt, not linked to terrorism. they say the instructor and the student fought in the cockpit before the crash, and the student, a native of jordan, died in the crash. that's hurricane nicole,
3:31 am
category 4 storm with sustained winds of at least 130 miles per hour will hit bermuda today. flights and cruise ship arrivals to the island there have been cancelled. those are some of the top stories we're following this morning on thursday, october 13th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's gets right to the trump news this morning. >> that's right. donald trump embroiled in another scandal accused of making unwanted sexual advances >> jessica leads tells the new york times that trump groped her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt on a flight to new york back in the '80s. and another woman said in 2005 trump kissed her directly on the mouth when she met him for the first time at trump tower. both accusers are hillary clinton supporters. they say they didn't feel authorities -- they didn't tell authorities rather what happened but told family and friends.
3:32 am
ing a retraction. >> and in a statement the trump campaign said, quote, this entire article is fiction. and for the new york times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against mr. trump like this is dangerous, to reach back decades in an attempt to smear mr. trump, trivializes sexual assault a >> pouncing on this referring to trump's behavior as disgusting saying, here, quoting them, sadly, it fits everything we know about the way donald trump has treated women. and hillary clinton's camp has also been hacked by the way, the chairman there, this time, it was her twitter account. a tweet from john podesta's account said he was switching teams and voting for trump. it's since been deleted. podesta is at the center of the
3:33 am
a tweet from his account said he was switching teams voting for trump, but it's been deleted. more than a thousand new e-mails were just dumped yesterday. here's more on the clinton team's response. >> reporter: they started lining up to vote in ohio. stacks of ballots ready to go in florida, and nearly half of the country voting is already underway. hillary clinton driving that message home in colorado. >> and, you know, your vote can make all the difference. >> reporter: the stakes so high, clinton telling "the new york times," i'm the last thing standing apocalyp apocalypse. her team now trying to find its footing after wikileaks released thousands of campaign chairman's hacked e-mails, nearly 1200 exposing the inner workings of the clinton campaign. abc news has now authenticated these e-mails. trump pouncing. >> the e-mails show that hillary clinton's staff even has to give her secret notes on when she needs to smile. smile, hillary. smile. >> reporter: in one e-mail, he urges clinton to reach out to
3:34 am
mexico governor bill richardson, saying, quote, needy latinos and one easy call. podesta blaming the russians, saying they are conspireing to help trump. the fbi now investigating. vladimir putin asking -- is it really that important who did it? it's important what is inside of this information. trump brushing off the attacks. >> ever notice anything that goes wrong, they blame russia. a russian did it. they have no idea. they say donald trump is friends with putin. i don't know putin, folks, i promise. i don't know putin. >> reporter: he recently questioned whether there were hacks to begin with. >> maybe there is no hacking. >> reporter: the clinton team feels good about prospects here in the battleground state saying that colorado already has more democrats than republicans registered for the first time in this state's history. cecilia vega, abc news, pueblo, colorado. breaking news from boston
3:35 am
the officers we're told are in extremely critical condition after being hit several times. they responded to reports of a man with a gun when they came under fire last night. the police chief called it a domestic dispute gone bad. the suspect killed at the scene. police in portland, oregon used pepper spray to break up a demonstration at city hall and arrested nine people along the way. some protesters fought back throwing objects at oic protesters wanted to stop the city council from voting on a new police contract saying the current mayor should let the incoming mayor take up the issue in january after more public input. a new federal report finds that police in san francisco used force against blacks more than other racial groups, but the report says more research is needed to determine whether those figures reflect racism, discrimination, or other factors like a higher volume of calls.
3:36 am
population is asian and hispanic and blacks make up 6%. an emergency school call from a shooting that claimed the life of a 6-year-old boy has been released. abc's gio benitez has more. >> we have an active shooter. we have a child down. >> reporter: the frantic 911 calls after a 14-year-old boy allegedly shot two students and a teacher at a south carolina elementary school. >> please hurry. there's one child shot. >> reporter: that child was 6-year-old jacob hall. >> please hurry. >> i promise you, honey, they're coming as quickly as they can. >> reporter: police say after first killing his father, the teenager drove to the school and began firing wildly in the arieling he hated his life, bullets striking jacob and another teacher on the playground. fire fighter jamie tackled the teenage shooter.
3:37 am
jacob, but the damage was done. he died days later. the community honored him in a super hero themed funeral. they want to try him as an adult, but jacob's mother said she's already forgave him and her little boy would done the same. abc news, gio benitez, new york. well, wells fargo has a new leader this morning after the embattled ceo stepped down. john stumpf was under increasing fire over the account scandal. elizabeth warren was demanding he resign. he walks away with a $20 million pension and $100 million in stock. it's a big day for gamers and sony releasing a virtual reality platform that comes out today. vr. sony hopes tens of millions of play station users and competitive price makes it the leader when it comes to virtual reality experiences. it runs you $400, and you need to have a play station 4 in order to use it. >> details.
3:38 am
a stand against pornography. supporters of an effort to make the south of australia free from porn turned out for a rally there. among those in attendance, 200 civic leaders who made a simple pledge. >> i commit that i won't view porn, and i will help create a city free of porn. >> they say pornography promotes domestic violence and exploits women. the mayor pointed out it was not a ban on porn. 75% of the city's residents are christians, but supporters say the campaign isn't entirely motivated by religion. beatles fans likely to have a new lego item on the gift list for the holiday season that may take them back to 1969. >> it's a yellow submarine. you know the line, "we all live in a yellow submarine." >> think we hit it right there. >> not pitchy at all. >> we nailed it.
3:39 am
submitted to lego by a fan, and got enough votes to be considered for production. >> more than 550 piece set includes john paul, george, and ringo and will be released on november 1st. does it come with singing lessons? no? everybody's happy about it except yoko. like, why am i not included? coming up, looking into a new urban phenomena, and why they are into urban angling casting lines into the busiest and historically filthiest waterways in america. we checked out the action here in new york city's river. battle ground iowa, trump enjoying a lead, but now why the stakes are high for trump in the hawkeye state. first, let's check out today's temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by 23 and
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? in less than 100 days, that house right there will have a new occupant. 25 days now from election day. as many national and city polls begin to shift in hillary clinton's favor, iowa is one place where donald trump has been enjoying a consistent lead. elected officials stood firmly behind the nominee, the stakes are still very high for trump in the hawkeye state. abc's kevin traverse has more. >> reporter: it's a must-win state for donald trump. >> we're going to win iowa. >> reporter: the latest polling here shows trump with a 4 point lead. iowa's demographics seem to
3:44 am
of residents have a college degree, and trump's running mate, mike pence, on the trail tuesday. >> i choose to stand with donald trump. >> reporter: some republicans are backing away after trump's latest controversies, incoming house speaker paul ryan. voters here told us, they don't care. >> trump and pence don't need them. they don't need their backing at all. it's the american people that voting. >> reporter: the battle for iowa's six electoral votes could be organization. much better job contacting her supporters and mobilizing them, thus, much more likely to vote on election day. donald trump is not putting in that effort right now. >> count on your support? >> reporter: at a phone bank in des moines, they are focused on early voting. >> we are, right now, in a tight race in iowa. >> reporter: it's big here. nearly half the ballots cast in 2012 came before election day, and as of last friday, democrats have an edge in the number of early ballots requested. >> are you here to vote?
3:45 am
to vote early. satellite polling locations like this one on the campus of iowa state university in ames. a steady stream of students making sure they are eligible to vote and casting their ballots. >> we have worked very hard to get students registered ahead of time. >> reporter: hillary clinton does not need iowa to win the white house, but this state is a clear sign of how donald trump's election night is going. if he loses here, diane and kendis, he's likely short in t afford to lose, diane, kendis? >> that's why they are hitting up all the battleground states in the next three weeks. thank you, karen. coming up, the growing phenomena of urban angling. >> why so many sit dwellers are now casting their lines in the city's busiest waterways.
3:46 am
3:47 am
? ? nitty gritty band. i know this song. >> fishing in the dark. there's something fishy going on in the waters -- get it? fishy? talking about fishing. it's going on right here in new york city. a growing number of people doing what was unthinkable in the
3:48 am
more and will climbed on board the manhattan's east river to get a closer look at the fishing fishermen who have taken up some urban angle. >> reporter: it runs through the heart of new york city. bordered by factories and highways, fed by the most polluted creeks in america. a famed final resting place, a punch line for generations. >> the east river? the most contaminated? >> reporter: forget that. we're going fishing on the east river. welcome aboard the capital princess, this is your assistant captain, will, saking, we're going to catch serious fish. >> reporter: it's the ultimate in urban angling. fishermen casting lines in the shadows of some of new york city's most soaring skyscrapers, some even eating the catch. more on that later. the best way to learn about it is do it, right? my first few minutes on capital princess was anything but smooth
3:49 am
there was not a lot of instruction. i just got the pole, and i guess, when there's fish, there's fish. you don't wait around, you know? ? except for me, everything but the fish were biting. i'm so good at catching whatever we don't want. time to call in the experts. luckily, for me, fellow fishermen had experience up share sleeves they were willing to share with me. >> i started fishing at 5 years old. my father took me down and i've been fishing ever since. >> reporter: and after a little one on one instruction from the pros -- >> don't shoot this part. he's doing it for me. it was time to see if i knew what i was doing. >> reel it in reel it in. >> reporter: how many pounds? >> four pounds. >> four?
3:50 am
weight calculations were a little off, but it was the confidence boost i needed. in fact, i felt like, well -- >> i'm the king of the world! >> reporter: and back to reality. it was time to see if this king of the world could fly solo and hook a titanic catch all by myself. >> all right. >> that's a fish! reel it in. reel it in. don't reel, don't reel, don't reel! don't reel! it's a bass! he's got a striped bass. >> reporter: my catch of the day a striped bass, was really a catch of the month -- or longer. >> this is how we do it on the capital princess. >> yeah! >> hey. >> people spend a half a lifetime and don't do what you did in a matter of moments. >> i can't believe it myself. i think -- i'm learning from the best here. i think it has a lot to do with who is helping me out and less to do with me. >> well, it's a great crew, and i got to hand it to them.
3:51 am
>> here we are, reeling in bass, you know, keepers, not keepers, everything. a little bit of everything. yet, we're 20 minutes from grand central station. >> we are. >> oh! >> reporter: despite the proximity to the traffic and skyscrapers, the water is clean and fish is fresh enough to eat. back on land, our urban anglers can't wait to cook their catches of the day. will gans, abc news on the east river. >> that was a huge bass. >> it was a huge bass. nice job. seriously hoping there's no food that's brought on set right now. >> you're not going to test? >> i'm not testing that out. >> one of the fisherman on the boat, afarnt parentally he uses his catch frequently to feed some elderly around new york city, people that are less fortunate, and he will cook it
3:52 am
a full meal. >> would you eat anything from the charles river? >> no, i don't think so. >> i lived in d.c. -- >> not the east river either. >> sorry. ?living well? rise above joint discomfort with move free ultra's triple action joint support for improved mobility and flexibility,
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3:56 am
all right. >> not bad. now to an awkward moment. a big whoops before a high school volleyball game as the recording for the national anthem failed. >> failed. but a brave girl stood up and saved the day. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: friday night lights, san antonio, texas, the sport? women's volleyball, but when the home team, the huskies, lined up for the start of the game, no nation anthem. the cd player broke. not to worry, turns out the huskies had a ringer on the team. ? so proudly we hail ? ? at the twilight's last gleaming ? >> i've been singing since i could start talking, and i've been in choir since the third grade. >> reporter: senior maria garcia. >> i didn't feel nervous. i felt excited. ? the land of the free ?
3:57 am
the ball. ? and the home of the brave ? >> they had, like, all smiles on their faces, some teared up, and just that feeling i can give to people, that emotion, that was so exciting. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> and now the moment you've been waiting for, kendis is giving us his rendition. >> no, no. we don't want to see that. >> no. note >> really? we're going to do that? we got to get to the part. ? never going to dance again ? ? >> you think that was better, jack?
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
>> do check us out at making news in america this morning, a slew of allegations made against donald trump. several women are now coming forward accusing trump of groping and unwanted sexual advances. this morning how his campaign is responding. breaking overnight, the u.s. navy retaliates after missiles target american ships. we have new video just in. police officers shot in boston. the suspect armed with an assault rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. details from investigators just in. plus, hurricane nicole strengthens as it heads right for bermuda. its new track and what it looks like from space coming up. a good thursday morning. we begin with donald trump accused of groping one woman and


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