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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 13, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MDT

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it's october 13th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a bride who survived a terrible accident is determined to enjoy her big day. >> she was going to have the wedding to the man she loves. >> how the groom guaranteed there wasn't a dry eye in the place. rescuers can see climbers stuck on a steep mountain but can't quite get to these guys. why the daring is one clip of the blade away from disaster. smooth sailing for a street luge competition until -- >> everything goes wrong. >> what leads to the moment the racer meets the road. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. we break down what's blowing up on the web, including the
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engaged. why a lot of people are betting this one won't last. >> she found three girls hiding in my closet. that was one of our first fights we had. >> that shouldn't have been called their first fight. it should have been their last fight. they got married back in august. they're high school sweethearts. it's a big day for both of them. the venue is absolutely stunning in hanna's dad walks into the room. as her wedding party, her bridesmaids start walking down. you see her father is actually pushing her in a wheelchair. she was involved in a car accident just weeks before her wedding that broke her pelvis. she decided that injury, that accident wasn't going to slow her down. she was going to have her wedding to the man she loved. as her dad is pushing her down
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this. and this is what set the internet on fire. he goes to his beautiful bride and picks her up and finishes the walk down the aisle together. >> most of us just do that when we go, you know, into the home. he's just doing it all the way to the wedding. oh, stop crying. she's losing it. >> i just think it's so pretty. >> isn't it wonderful? but they still do the very traditional thing. her dad still hands stewart her hand in maesrriage. u away. it's like he literally took her away. >> the ceremony continues. they have a beautiful wedding. when it's done, he carries her back to the wheelchair. now it's time to party. >> is she expected to make a complete recovery from this? >> we don't have details, but it sounds like she's just going to need time for her pelvis to heal again. >> better or worse, sickness in health. i'll carry you when you can't walk. you go, boy. >> then in the end you have
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we really take for granted that if you get in trouble, you call 911 and, poof, help is there. not so much the case if you're mountain climbers. climb up a very tall and steep mountain in northern spain. a pair of climbers got stuck. they couldn't go up, they couldn't go down. they were able to call for help. but help can't quite get to these guys. this helicopter was able to just >> i cannot believe that. i cannot believe what i just saw. >> now the two rescuers have been deployed. they're running up the mountain to make sure the climbers are okay. they are. all four go back to the area where the rescuers were deployed, and the helicopter has to make a return. skid comes down, touches down just like before. now all four guys jump aboard. imagine that pilot. that's a slightly different
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>> every time someone steps up, it's going to change the dynamic of the hover you're in. >> all four guys aboard safely. there goes the helicopter dipping below the horizon. now, can't quite say the same for the skills in this next video. got a guy who has lost control of his heavy machinery. >> uh-oh. >> it's a front-end loader. little tractor just spinning around and of the street. the buffoon who let this thing get away from him also doesn't quite seem to know how to catch up to ts tractor as well. he's running around in circles. the circle is getting wider and wider. it did hit a median. that's what caused the tractor to sport. reports say it clipped somebody. they don't mention anything about injuries.
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serious. a woman saw a snake slithering in the bathroom, so she called wildlife aid and had to come in and find it. i le how they had to start looking in drawers blindly to see, are you in there? >> it's in the cotton balls. i know it. >> where do you start? >> the camera guy had to start looking because simon couldn't find it. >> he must be a really small snake then. >> can you see something? >> >> what the heck? >> just the head of the snake right there. >> aw, look at it. it's so small. >> it is small, but simon says this is a medium size grass snake. not exactly happy about being grabbed. but he let it go out in the garden and hasn't been seen since. a different type of animal
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that's a wild boar. he's about to poke it. >> good he's scared and up there. >> wait, did he poke it with like a tranquilizer or just to get it out of there? >> it was with a tranquilizer, but nick, it did not work because his skin and fur is so tough, the needle was too small to get at it. so it starts running. eventually they get something around its leg. they start pulling it up the wall. finally, after quite a few attempts to tranquilize this thing, they don't know where it came from, but they did move it somewhere else. dana in new jersey is the latest winner on the "rtm" ipad giveaway. >> you could win too. you just these thursday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old, and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. stand by for the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. this is essentially a tea tray with wheels. he's taking part.
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if you're in any other kind of racing, pretty much you have, i don't know, a seat belt, harnesses, things like that. on a street, it's just you and the road. you'll see here when he comes up the inside. don't worry. doesn't stay in front for long. everything goes wrong. you can see from this other angle, watch this. >> it looked like he bounced a >> the worst. >> it's brutal. he takes us back to show us from his angle. you see bob hit all that straw on the left-hand side. now he can see nothing through the debris. just moves to the right. >> runs right into the earth. >> absolutely brutal. there were people around, spectators. seeing that happen, they come running up. people drag him by the arms and legs off the course. super dangerous after a crash
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but it is still an active raceway. >> he gave them the okay to drag him. he must feel like the wind is knocked out of him and not that he's got any serious injuries. >> i would argue against that. this come comes up and asks -- >> are you okay? >> no, i'm in so much pain. >> he's in so much pain he can barely talk. they call an ambulance. around this point is where i think he goes for his priorities. he asks -- >> is my go pro on? >> that a boy. >> did i get the footage? >> how is he,y >> you will be amazed to hear that basically he had bruising, well, everywhere. legs, heels, ribs. the worst was a really sprained right ankle and broke his right little toe. >> that's it? >> yeah. he's still bedridden but will hopefully recover soon. a kylie jenner lookalike is ready to hit the streets of new york. >> so how do you think it's going to go? >> why the answer is complete
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closed captioning provided by -- act? advanced kills 99% of these germs. act? advanced. love them or loathe them, you have to admit the kardashian family may be just about the most famous family out there in the world. kylie jenner herself something like 70 million followers on instagram, which means -- >> colby person can have some fun. >> i can't imagine why she's the number one kylie jenner look alike in the world. it's crazy.
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times square with fake security, paparazzi. >> they're going to see what it's like to throw the pin out of a kardashian hand grenade. >> how do you think it's going to go? >> crazy. >> bananas. >> turn up in a swanky black suv and a couple people to pretend to take your photo, and the sheeple will charge. >> oh, my gosh. this is so stupid. i can't >> all it takes is for someone to create a stir. whether they're fans or not, they just want to be in on it. >> watch the reaction. there's people taking photos with her. they're giddy. they're face to face with her. no one is actually noticing that it's not kylie jenner. >> this all happening so fast. people don't have time to be like, wait, hold on, are you or are you not? >> the chaos continues when they head across the street and take
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>> once they get into the store, it gets proper out of hand. >> it's like it's made their day. >> can't wait until they see this video. >> yeah, right. our old pal back at it again. this time he's on lake powell with a bunch of his buds. >> what are they doing this time? what cool thing are they riding around on? >> it's the bow and arrow trick shot battle. >> what? >> yeah, watch how it goes down. >> i know exactly what you're thinking. why don't we have these in the office? >> no, we don't.
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>> i'm literally going to be on amazon in five minutes. >> well, good for both of you. she's like, all right, let's go. >> this is like a classic western battle. >> this is like what the "right this minute" studio is like when we're done shooting. >> except for the water. looks like this around 6:00 at night. entire video, shooting at each other. >> this is cool. this is great. >> that's what's going to make them dangerous here in our confined office. >> somebody's going to get hurt. >> as always, it's a lot of fun. a lot of crazy, cool shots. there's also the behind the scenes footage that devin has posted to his page.
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announcement. >> wow. >> boy or girl, next "right this minute." and still to come, this waiter thought he was getting a tip, but instead -- >> he got an unexpected adventure. >> see how a group of strangers serve him a flight of a lifetime. plus, the thursday buzz word for your shot toin an ipad
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jackie mack did just that. it's somebody's birthday. now, somebody's about to hear happy birthday, but somebody's not liking it. [ screaming ] >> i've never seen this in my life. a child loves a birthday because you get cake and presents. >> well, it's not his birthday. it's her birthday. >> i understand >> what did you do? >> now, in this family, we know who the suspect is. >> the dog. >> maybe, maybe not. >> what happened? you put it on the floor? >> no, i'm trying to clean up the mess that the dog made because he can't talk. >> coder did it? >> they never really fully get a confession from her. >> well, that's a positive
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that a human starts to lie, the more intelligence they are because they understand consequences. >> she's joining mensa. >> did you make this mess? the cat did it? what do you all normally tip your waiters? >> 20%. >> 10%. >> 10? >> no, 20%. ment -- >> >> all right. weigh in. what do you normally tip your waiter? >> 20%. >> nick does 10. >> this waiter thought he was getting a tip. instead, he got an unexpected adventure. >> all the three of us. >> are you excited? >> that's trevor. a few minutes ago, he was waiting tables. now he's heading sky diving. >> your service was so good, we
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plane. >> yeah. >> i'll take ten. we're familiar with juan from "almost epic." he's there with his buddies cody and kyle. they're inside the airplane. here we go. >> where's the waiter? >> it's a video. everybody takes their turn. >> juan went first, hello. >> that's really cool. >> let's see what trevor has to say now that he's down on the ground. >> do you feel like a younger person right now? >> actually, i do. >> they give it the old bro hug. >> but did they ever give him a tip? >> that was i his tip, girl. they share a drink, they shake hands, and they go their separate ways. they say they plan on hanging out again. >> this is just the start of
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relationship. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> all you need is the buzz word. you need to be at least 1i -- 21 years of age and a legal resident of u.s. or canada. >> so let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it is quail. >> get on over to click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz be having a bonus giveaway day where somebody could walk away with a flat screen tv. make sure you play. good luck, everybody. his wild ways have earned him millions of followers, but now he's taking a wife. >> this is a love story in the age of instagram. >> i'm definitely a jealous girl, sometimes. >> take a peek into the lavish and complicated relationship
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gets right back out there.
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this is a love story in the age of instagram. tony and julian have a very interesting relationship. in this video from news dog tv. >> billionaire businessman, tony, who goes by lunatic living on instagram, stunned fans when he announced his engagement to his realtor girlfriend, julian nicole. >> my life has always been spending money on women and cars. >> he's from purchasing nightclubs in hollywood, in california. so he's made a ton of cash. he shares his post of his lavish lifestyle, his $3 million jet, his $4 million yacht. >> the first time we hung out, she found three girls hiding in my closet. that was one of our first fights we had. >> that shouldn't have been called their first fight. it should have been called their last fight. >> so you're trying to tell me because he's got money and a bit
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>> that's half the problem nowadays. >> people glorify this type of behavior because you have money and wealth. you put it out there, people follow you. you think there's power in that, but you're creating an attitude that's very misogynistic. people are continuing to enforce it without realizing how horrible it is. >> but that's nothing new though. this is this generation's hugh hefner. hugh did all the same stuff. >> i'm definitely a jealous girl sometimes. >> i kitchen, i don't go near her because there's knife sets. >> people were shocked to find out that he actually proposed to his girlfriend. now they're engaged. >> they said i lost my touch, i'm not the playboy anymore. >> i know that tony has this crazy lifestyle, this instagram and all the pictures and everything, but you know, we've grown to trust each other.
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the man for me. i love him. >> i think she's in it for the love of everything that comes with him. >> i see. >> i think that's what she loves. >> she also can't get mad when the game turns on her. >> my favorite things in life. that would be money. money, money, money, money. >> thanks for watching. has more.
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>> donald trump in crisis. six women come forward with shocking allegations. miss washington. miss utah. the receptionist. the people magazine writer. the photographer's assistant. a business woman. >> he was like an octopus. >> he was a perfect gentleman with me. saving bobo. >> yes, you are. >> what every dog owner needs to know before stepping on an elevator. the great "inside edition" fish test. when you eat fish in a restaurant, do you really get what you ordered in. >> to find out, we did some testing. >> wait until you see the kind


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