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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  October 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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your team grow up. absolutely. young team learning how to win on the road. they win tonight, one of the toughest atmospheres in the country. >> chris: kirk, it was an interesting week in the top five. it was alabama emphatically but you had number two and three in the polls having to go to overtime to survive. give us your top four. >> kirk: clemson kind of has the feel of ohio state a year ago where they have a team and nucleus, a lot are back from a year ag drop them down to four and move michigan up to three. ohio state stays at two. alabama if i could create a gap and go alabama, gap, two, three and four i would do that. i think alabama right now is kind of all by themselves. >> chris: huskies first out? >> kirk: yeah. >> chris: give a shoutout to another team, your street cred brought to you by allstate this week. >> kirk: how about vandy. >> chris: a road win. >> kirk: impressive.
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derrick mason gets a big win. something we've been doing all year long with street cred. it's something on twitter, a chance for us to recognize a team that's the team of the week. with vandy being able to win on the road and a game that not many people anticipated, congratulations to derrick mason and the commodores with a big win, their first sec road win. >> chris: we'll be back in this time slot a week from now, this ohio team on the road against penn state. the lions have struggled. environment. >> kirk: i think if you're urban meyer and j.t. barrett and the staff, you've got to feel like going into -- you know what it's like with penn state at night. you have to feel like having this experience, next time you get put in that position there's confidence with the youth now that they've seen what's out there and how you have to grind through these games for 60 minutes. they found a way to win. we'll see what happens next week. >> chris: ohio state surviving
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for one and the fourth sack of the night for the buckeyes finally seals it in overtime. hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. ohio state wins it 30-23 in o.t.. tonight for our entire talented and dedicated crew, so long. next week again in state college in beaver stadium for the buckeyes and the nittany lions. and cassidy hubbarth back in the studio. >> thanks, chris. we begin and end the day on abc with a thrilling win for a top three team. welcome to the ford wrap-up. there's something to be said for finding a way to win and there's something to be said for knowing how to win. that's what clemson head coach dabo sweeney said after their game today.
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this game the tigers were in search and rescue mode. tie ball game, two seconds left in regulation. kyle bamber attempting a 33 yard field goal for the win misses. he was one for four in the game. we head to overtime. watson finds scott for the touchdown. watson 378 yards passing, three tfds. nc state needs a throws a pick. clemson wins 24-17 in overtime. in the acc, number 17 virginia tech trailing syracuse 24-17. second quarter, goes the distance for the 84 yard touchdown. syracuse upsets virginia tech.
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francois had his third career game with at least 300 yards passing. the 'noles get the win. tennessee has been the most exciting team of the season erasing double digit deficits in five of its first six games, not to mention they've played a ranked opponent four weeks in a row and happened to save their best stretch for last or if you're a vols fan worst as number one favorite in knoxville and they would have much more than that. they absolutely rule with tennessee down. jackson with a stutter step here. back to receive the punt, he would take off. 79 yards for the score. tied with 11 nonoffensive t.d.s this season as they handed the vols a second straight loss in blowout fashion, 49-10 the
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miss and arkansas. rebels down four. fourth and 16. kelly trying to get the first down but he fumbles the ball. bad end to a strong game. razor backs drop ole miss to 1-2 in the sec. florida scored on a pair of pick sixes against mizzou giving them three nonoffensive touchdowns for the first time in 8 years. am strong finds stanley morgan junior. nebraska wins 24-22. improves to 6-0 for the first time since 2001. kansas state taking on oklahoma. third quarter, mayfield to westbrook. westbrook 26 receptions for 574 yards and 8 touchdowns in his last three games.
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for the first time since 2009. baylor led kansas 42-0 at halftime. bears roll 49-7. to the pac 12, number 21 utah wins stanford had a hard fought win, dropping notre dame to 2-5 on the season. ucla is playing at washington state, this game on espn. washington state with a 10-0 lead. the bruins, they're playing without their injured quarterback. houston taking on tulsa. dane evans to jesse brubaker. stopped short. look how short.
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houston wins 38-31 behind 254 passing yards and 142 rushing yards from greg ward junior. tucker finds a hole and the end zone. western michigan wins 41-0, the first time they're 7-0 since 1941. it took until the sixth game of the season but boise state faced its first deficit but leading 7-3 over colorado s 2. game day will be in tuscaloosa for alabama and texas a&m. that's it for the ford wrap-up. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you next week. ? ?
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denver 7news starts right now. >> we girl with the -- begin with the latest inferring on a wildfire -- information on a wildfire, it is burning on
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it's called the freeman fire, and crews say it's about 80 acres. smoke can be seen from fault and eagle. there's no words on how it started and its containment. >> fire danger will remain high tomorrow? >> it are, even into the -- it will, and even into the beginning of the week. we have higg fire danger across the range and southeastern colorado, and in the higher elevations as well. even into back toward near eagle and vail, where we have the fire burning, and the red flag warning in effect through tomorrow. a fire weather watch in effect until monday, and then as you see here, a high wind watch stretching in wells of fort collins, into the mountains, and south. these winds above timber line will be about 85 miles an hour. otherwise 25-45 miles an hour. so this is something we have the combination of the heat, we had record heat today, winds and low humidity that create
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it, but we'll talk about the rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes. the pacific normal west is currently getting pounded with another round of storms. there was a lot of cleanup in oregon after two tornadoes hit yesterday. and then you can see here, there were downed trees from strong winds in washington state. the system will make its way here to colorado next, a cold front that should make our temperatures dip next week. this just into the newsroom. denver police have at hotel. police believe this is their man, brent kelly. he is wanted for first degree members. this happened at the airway motel near colfax. we spoke with the grandmother, who has this message for the suspect. >> whoever did this, you know, we just want them to come forward, and do the right thing, because it's done.
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kelly's whereabouts, call police. if parking lot of your daily or overnight -- part of your daily drive takes you into metro area, we have information for you. drivers are already adjusting to changes where you are? >> reporter: the they're saying again? this is 470 and parker road. for those trying to get on. to southbound e-470 got more e - interesting. there's no more merge lane as the widening project moves forward, and has you stopping at the top of the ramp, before you with get into speeding traffic. >> unfortunate how it's slowing everything down, the headaches
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project -- stage of the project should let several weeks. monday of next week, and lasting about a week, crews will be shutting down lanes of traffic during the overnight hours on i-25 from ridge gate parkway to lincoln avenue. this is part of rtd fas tracks rail expansion, as they work to add more stations. monday and tuesday, crews at c- 470 and santa fe will shut down the ea during the overnight hours, and that widening project moves forward. but all of the construction isn't upsetting everybody. >> i think it's great they're expanding to make room for the influx of the population around here so i'm grateful for it, and i don't think it's that big of a hassle. >> reporter: but good news and bad news, this hiccups here at e-470 and parker will last
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big projects and we'll have closures on and off throughout 2018. >> get used to it. we have another big traffic alert to tell you about tonight. starting monday, u.s. 34 is shutting down in big thompson canyon until may. c-dot is trying to rebuild the highway after the 2013 floods. if you're going the detour through lyons just added about 15 minutes. >> your voice and vote. the candidates are hitting for one final push. donald trump addresses supporters in new hampshire, immediately, trump began lashing out at the media, saying they're out to get him. >> he election is being rigged by corruption media, pushing completely false allegations,
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aelect her president. >> hillary clinton is still having problems with leaked e- mails. wikileaks released what appears to be transcripts of clinton's prepaid speeches to goldman sachs. they appear to show clinton avoided direct criticism of wall treatment in the financial met down. the candidates are pushing for your vote. trump is coming back to colorado springs and grand junction a day after ballots go out, but first, trump junior is campaigning for centennial gun club on monday. bernie sander will be here on monday, at cu bowed. pushing for -- boulder, pushing for medicare for all healthcare steps. eagle county she have's office wants to heaa from you -- sheriff's office wants to hear from you. if you know anything about three buildings set on fire in gyp simm -- gypsum. if you have any information,
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threatened to shut them down for good, roseburg's bagels. moles of roseburg looks the same. it will be back open tomorrow from 6:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. we've all heard about the tourism boom happening across colorado, but that does not seem to translate on the western slope. the colorado tourismof bringing experts to grand junction to talk about how to ?ring tourism to all corners of the state. experts say almost all tourism is staying along the front range. state health officials are still trying to figure out if smoke released from the sun korea finery is in ffct hazardous, this orange plume of smoke was released yesterday. operations re started at the refinery, and you could see
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dust. final investigation could still take some time. adams county officials are looking into a new ordinance that would make it okay for you to record any nuisance dogs in your neighborhood. the county wants to put it in writing that you can use that video as evidence, if you believe a neighborhood dog is a nuisance. they say this could help with the cases. some dogs stay quiet when code enforcement shows up. >> if it's time stamped, they can use that as one piece of evidence for us to decide whether or not actually a code enforcement issue. >> you still have a chance to weigh in. the county will allow public comment next month before the ordinance is up for vote. there will be some more % -?road closures tomorrow in downtown denver for the rock 'n' roll half marathon. the race starts and ended in civic center spark, winds through lodo and city park. there was a zombie invasion at legacy ridge golf course in westminster.
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westminster zombie golf tournament. live action zombies were on the hunt for special balls. prizes were giien to those who had the most number of brain balls at the end of the day. it's a feat that has not been accomplished in almost 70 years. after the break, more of this remarkable video showing a man
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this is something you'll never catch me doing, taylor crossed el dorado canyon in boulder county, while on a flat line, 500 feet above the ground, you can see how windy it was up there today. then he made the walk raising $5000 to help trails in eldorado canyon state park. he had a harness, still impressive, nonetheless. the last time the feat was done, 1948 when a 82-year-old man crossed the canyon without a harness. >> i think he was smatter than that -- smarter than that. >> did you see the wind? incredible and we're going to have really high winds the next few days, and a jetstream comes across colorado. it's beautiful now, clear, and
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seen the big hunters moon. it will be beautiful tonight, 80s in store for us tomorrow, and then rain snow chance into next week. but tonight, we have 57 degrees downtown, 36% humidity, and winds about 13 miles an hour. tomorrow in the hills, we could see winds around 60-70 miles an hour above the timber line, so keep that in mind. it will be windy in the next few days, satellite and radar picture very quiet, and very dry, and that's why an issue with fire. so we have a fire burning near eagle, and high fire danger across almost half of colorado which i'll show new a minute. high pressure in control for now. that means sunny, mild weather. today we broke a record, the record afternoon high 83 degrees, we got up to 84. but tomorrow, still warm in the 80s as well. we'll have clear skies for the rock 'n' roll marathon, 8:00 a.m.. warming up by 10:00 a.m., 67, and 78 by noon.
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eastern colorado from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. it does stretch back into our foothills, up to boulder, and fort collins, and just to the north of vail, and to castle rock. and then a high wind watch, a warning up into wyoming right now, but for sunday night into monday, winds will gust from 25- 45 miles an hour, gusting up to 85 above the timber line. a fire weather watch in effect for all the eastern colorado, including denver for monday. into a red flag warning, so keep that in minds. high fire danger into monday, and we change things up a little. tonight, overnight lows in the 40s. tomorrow, back in the 80s once again, with lots of sunshine on the way. so beautiful weather to enjoy whatever you're going to do. some scattered snow showers monday afternoon, i don't think in a will ttanslate into our area. 49 degrees, mostly cheer and cool tonight, breeze -- clear and cool tonight, breezy.
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-?mountains. our high for tomorrow, 83. it will be sunnn. the winds re starting to get gusty. low 80s here from longmont to greeley, bennett anddparker. we'll have 60s and 70s for the higher elevations, and 90s for southeastern colorado. our temperatures take a dive into the middle of the week, 77 on monday, then become much more windy into lows around reezing. then temperatures back up into the 60s on friday and saturday with sunshine. but for the time being, soak up the sun and warmth. it will be around for a couple more days, and then we get cold. today was absolutely gorgeous, and not too bad tonight. >> oh, yeah, it's mild. beautiful moon. >> one more day of nice weather.
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let's start with the buffaloes. live from boulder, it's saturday night! up the lights, folsom field, after that, homecoming for the buffs faithful. and the sun devils didn't know what they were getting into. the buffs came to play. opening drive, out of the gun, straight up the gut, carries a couple across the goal line. 7-7 late in the first. evans takes the screen, goes down field, breaking tackles to a 34-yard gain that led to a field goal. make it 10-7. to the second, under pressure, spins out of trouble. spots a wide open bo bo, i have no idea why he was slowing down, but he did. finally brought down inside the 10-yard line. a 67-yard pitch and catch play. then, he says i'm going to do
10:29 pm
to perfection. 17-10 lead. buffs running game was fierce. lindsay from denver south, check out these nifty moves. used the defender's back to get in. but he was just getting started. first drive of the second half, buffs were killing asu on that ?lay. huge hole, he takes off, leaving sun devils in his way. 75-yard touchdown run. the longest touchdown of season for cu. 30-10, and colorado 315 yards rushing against the fifth best team against the run, and the party was on. yeah, the buffs beat arizona state for the first time ever. 40-16. just an honor. jjst a blessing coaching these men, it's fun watching them grow up. we got a lot left to do, but i can't tell you how proud i am.
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us. >> and they rushed the field. csu ran under the lights in boise. looking to make it two in a row. stevens started for the ram, they have got on the board first with a ryan 39-yard field goal. but then just before the half, broncos take the lead. 12-yard touchdown pass, they just started the third quarter. that's where state has the -- stand, boise state has the lead. falcons, the home team. nate hits one. foot race to the paints, 53 yards, 21-17 new mexico at that point. now, this, my friends is what's known as blown coverage.
10:31 pm
45 yards, 35-24. they get close. 10th ranked nebraska and untee feeted in indiana. -- in defeated in indiana. he comes down with it.. the football hits numerous parts of the aanatomy. craay, fast forward to the 4th 4th. 17-15. armstrong makes the play of the game. a ro they go keystone cops, morgan goes 72 yards, huskers, yes, the huskers, 6-0. out last indiana. number one alabama. this was the volunteers blood bath. to stewart, got a con "the --
10:32 pm
the defense gets in. dobbs gives harrison a gift. 58 yards, 14-0 tide. hurst keeps it on the read option. tennessee wasn't even playing touch football. they tent -- didn't touch anybody. alabama rooms. clemson got a stair. nc state had a chance to win it with a 33-yard field it's wide right. dabo is rejoicing. field goal kicking isn't good in college football. finley gets picked off by marcus edmond. game over. clemson escapes. still to come on this episode of sports extra on denver 7, opening night for the colorado, where are you, the avalanche.
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welcome back. opening night for the colorado avalanche, their 21st season at denver they have a new coach, and a brand new attitude. -?is this heaven?


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