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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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when a gentleman came out with an ak-47 and opened fire on everybody. >> a man with an assault rifle taking aim at officers and anyone who gets in his way. we have details on this investigation in a moment. for no reason in johnstown and now the owner wants answers and see if you can help. plus. there were four shootings across the denver-metro. two turning fatal. we'll talk details next. first we want to get to breaking international news. a deadly plane crash in europe. >> danielle has the latest from our first alert desk. >> we have the moments this plane went down at the multa airport. all ive people
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killed. we got word that the five were french officials who were tracing trafficking routes from libya. that's where this plane was headed. let me play this video for you right now showing the moment the pllne went down. you can see the plane. it apparently tilted, then fell out of the sky right after take off and then it blew up. a dramatic fiery crash. the five people onboard were fr. all of them killed. reopened as investigators look into what caused this. it's now 4:31. here's your first alert that we're in for a beautiful day. we have a broncos game today. perfect weather. upper 40s and low 50s in spots and dry conditions. beautiful weather. again today, you're going to find low to upper 70s across the metro area between 2:00 and 3:00. a mix of
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skies tonight and really mild temperatures. by 8:00 tonight, low 60s. denver today, 75. fort collins, 76. jason, here't alert that we have a nice looking 7-day forecast. slight chance for a few showers. we'll talk about it coming up. a great weekend for over the weekend construction. we have going on rrght now at i-25 and arapahoe road. plan 5:30 in the morning. take a look at the drive down that way, but out to the west where there was a full closure of highway -- the lincoln project. all lanes open early for us yesterday. 4:32. a stabbing in a home in golden as a 5-year old girl was inside. police found a man with a stab wound in his neck. the 5-year old daughter home at
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in aurora now, a homicide vestigation underway. this is in the morris heights neighborhood. police say a man was shot and killed, but they have not released his name. aurora police say there's no police at large. they have not said if they've made arrests. we're going to update you as we learn more. is violence on the ride around the metro area? people are worried it may be after four shootings in four showers. >> denver 7 amanda -- amanda del castillo joins us. >>reporter: police are investigating the shootings today, but two turned deadly. that's what we're focusing on this half hour. on saturday night, two small groups got into a verbal confrontation outside of a 5 points liquor store on washington street when someone started shooting. the victim in that incident died and a shooting in green valley ranch
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suspected burglar was confronted and shot. no arrests have been made in the four shootings, but police are continuing their investtgations. we have a detailed information on each of the four shootings on our free denver 7 app. in the next half hour, we'll talk about a resource available to you if you're looking to track the crime trends in your neighborhood. reporting live in downtown denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. lot of people angry. this dog named grizzly is brutally shot to death and his family wants to know who did it. the family found him in the johnstown background barely breathe, the vet confirmed the dog was shot with a pellet gun. >> now me and my brother has a broken heart because our
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neighborhood. police and animal control are investigating. a long recovery for a man who fell 40 feet off a cliff while hiking in castle wood park. this happened over the weekend over castle rock. john and his nephew climbed up the cliff to ttke a photograph and on the way down, he landed with his feet cross and lost his balance. >> when i saw my dad on the ground, i was, like, oh crap, i'm not going to be able to say i'm sorry or i love you. >> this is some cell phone video, paramedics pulling him out of the canyon on the stretcher. his family set up a go fund me page to pay for medical expenses and we have a link to that on
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judge for murder and attempted murder charges. he shot at two teens earlier this month. he was growing marijuann in his backyard and the teens may have been after it. he shot a teenager in -- one suspect in custody after officer-involved shooting in el paso county. this happened yesterday morning springs. demetrius and moore shot a woman -- one suspect was killed by a deputy and the other arrested. we know how bad officer white was injured. detective white's brother is sharing that he's paralyzed. a special event was held to help bright''
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a fundraiser in douglas county. $10,000 was raised and 100% of that money goes to the family. turning to your voice, your3 vote. the election -- >> clinton is 53%, trump is at 41% as you can see from this graphic. the candidates are moving their focus to the south. >> trump visited voters in florida o clinton visited north carolina. there's polling -- voters can use electronic tablet or drop in mail in ballots and there's no on hand to help you to vote or you can request a mail in ballot if you need one. >> voters getting encouragemeet to get their voices heard. the a and m church held a ballot blessing. they invited those to
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ballots. after the church service, they walked down to the denver museum of science to deliver their ballot. >> we're encouraging the community to vote. this is an important election and as a church we want to do our civic community to do their civic duty. >> tile letter went onto sayy3 this is our future and -- 4:38. superior town leaders will vote whether residents can use golf carts on roads. they say you can drive on a street that's 25 miles-per-hour or slower. superior would follow in the footsteps of neighboring towns like erie and lions if approved. the broncos are back home at mile high stadium tonight for the much anticipated game against the houston texans. >> brock osweiler back in town to take on his team. jason has
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>>rrporter: we have story lines as the broncos take on the texans. this game is important for the broncos. eeery team in their division won yesterday, but the biggest story line is going to be the return of the brock osweiler. the former for manning last year.o came he was benched for manning who went to win the superbowl and he bolted town for a big deal in houston. neither quarterback for the broncos or the titans is playing specifically well, but you're goin denver defense is going to want to get pay back as brock come back to town. a match of two and four teams both in the playoff hunt. off the field, we have other story lines including the three newest members of the broncos ring of fame. their pillars are in front of the stadium at mile high, and on top of all them, denver police department sergeant tony lopez, the officer who was shot in the
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country hero. monday night football, we'll have -- more from mile high in a little bit. i'm jason, back to you. >> jason, very good. 20 minutes before 5:00. there's a violent man on the run accused of killing members of officers.y and shooting%- we'll have details after the break. new details it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet,
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coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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it's 4:43. in oklahoma, a manhunt is underway for a man who shot two officers. >> they were responding to a deadly shooting at a home and that's when the suspect came out with an ak-47 and started shooting. >> we have a look at michael advance. he killed two of his own relatives and a patrol car and car jacked someone else. the two officers shot should survive those injuries. we're getting word of a couple of bad crashes thiss3 morning. this first one you can barely tell this is a car. this isswhat's left after a wrong way crash killed 5 people in massachusetts. a driverrwas going southbound in a northbound lanes of interstate 495. and it struck another vehicle with four people inside killing all of them. the wrong-way driver also
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a car has collided with a new jersey transit bus in new york. 13 people are hurt in that. 2 of them seriously. we're learning new details on the deadly tour bus crash in california. a tour bus and a big rig collided near palm spring and this killed 13 people hurting dozens of others. the driver was killed as well. ?fficials says it appears the tour bus driver never hit the brakes. we're seeing roads in arizona where 17 people were hurt in a 20-car pileup. police say a cattle truck hit all of these cars near black canyon city. a family in oklahoma is using halloween to share a message for teenager. a crashed car with its victims surrender rounding it. and the message is don't text and driver. this family knows how devastating a car accident can be. >> not only texting, but
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killed in a car accident when i was 10. and it's something you don't quite ever recover from. >> it could really happen. it's real. i mean, yes it is a makeup of dummies and a bboke down car, but it could really happen to someone and it does on a daily basis. >> this family hopes drivers will stop and put down their phones and focus on driving. back at home, a watch out for bears right now after a man was forced to fight off a black bear with only his hands in park county. this happened near red hill near fair play. the man was looking for some where to hunt when he came across a bear that charged him and knocked to the ground. the man is banged up, but expected to be okay. officials looking for that bears. bears are hungry right now as they prepare to hibernate. wild life officials are considering a new tactic to help
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down on the bear and mountain population. they're proposing killing mmre of them as predator control. our partners at the denver post says there's 110,000 deer left. that's below -- that decision by wild life officials is set for december 16thh let's outside right now. this is a beautiful start to the day. under 50 degrees. what a beautiful weekend we hav. >> it was per >> wasn't it nice. >> you don't need me here this week. 70s and sunshine. >> thereewe go. >> it's nice . >> tomorrow a chance for a few showers. here's your first alert headlines. it's going to be a gorgeous week. it's an extension of what we saw weekend. tomorrow, a chance for showers and cloud cover. we're looking at 70s from today through the coming weekend. i'll show you how warm it gets on our 7-day in a minute. here this morning, we've got mid to upper 40s, so you're stepping out the door to mild air. we'll
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and then some middto upper 70s between 2:00 and 4:00. we get a few clouds filtering in today. mild tonight though. that broncos game right around 6:30, we'll see temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. we'll break down the broncos planner in a little bit. congress park today, you're at 75. highlands ranch, nearly 80 degrees. it is warmup77.%- and down the front range. again, closer to 80 near pueblo and lamar this afternoon. and you have 50s in the mountains today. warm state wide. not necessarily what they're want nothing the mountains as of course as a basin opened up on friday. future cast is going to show showers roll you through the mountains. 2:00, 2:30, we have cloud cover. as we set this into morning, dry conditions today. it's really tonight that our mountain could pick up a few scattered showers,
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10,000 feet and then overnight, a few more clouds for us in town. tomorrow morning, we're likely waking up to dry roads, a few light showers possible so you'll see early in the morning throuuh the afternoon, skies will gradually clear out. we have a number of bright spots on there. should we go to 7-day bright spot. >> why not. >> 75 today. 72 tomorrow. so it's only a little cooler. we'll be in the low 70s tuesday anwe the end of the week. thursday into friday, upper 70s, closer to 80 weekend, still -- >> who is driving this boat? >> i told you i don't need to be here. >> you're the captain now. on. easy driving as we have overnight construction going on at i-25 and arapahoe road. traffic is okay here. as we look at the map, there's restrictions on i-25 and arapahoe road for a little bit.
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creek can get you around it for now. the rest of the ride looks okay. it is now 4:48. at&t proposed -- so what would it mean to consumers at home. we have answers in today's tech bytes. roar in today's tech bytes, what the at&t and time warner means to the consumer. >> they are -- i believe merger will let them do better. >> opponents counter that prices will go up and privacy goes down and supporters says it will be better content. iphone 7 may not e the same on the i side. apple chose two companies -- >> the intell mow testimony is 30% motems is slowing. jobs introduced the first ipad
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and it paved the way for future inventions like the iphone. >> and pricey at more than $300. >> those are your tech bytes. it has been a wonderful program that was started with her mom's vision to help kids be healthier and be leaders, and be able to play soccer. >> this week 7 everyday hero is helping local kids succeed and
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welcome back. an arvada man came up with a man to help -- >> he's using something that once changed his life. take a look. >> i need two defenders. >> i'll be a forward. >> all right. >> there's no shortage of en day. >> i love exercising and you get to meet new people. >> i play a lot of defense. >> are you pretty good? >> yeah. >> basic rest elementary school students are among kids at six jefferson county schools, playing soccer thanks to sez for the southeast arvada soccer lead. >> all of our kids get to play for free. >> we ended up with 180
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beliefs soccer can include children with fun, physical -?fitness and self worth. >> maybe the most important here is the passion. the engagement. >> before this, i was playing basketball, and didn't know much about soccer. >> hermon believes this will pay dividends later in life just as soccer did for him as a boy growing up in mexico. >> i grew up playing soccer. i soccer with no grass. playing in the streets. and really soccer helped me to be out of trouble and really it encouragement to finish my college. >> the league is its 6th league. so suucessful the colorado youth rapid's board are onboard providing free uniforms and soccer balls.
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southeast valley league is a template we're hoping to use in other school districts. >> it started with one idea -- denver 7 and trusted choice, the insurance agents of colorado wanted to make you a 7 everyday hero for all of your work with this great club. [applause] >> if you have a hero in your life doing great things, we would love to hear about it. go to and click on community fill out a nomination form under 7 everyday heroes. -?>> you're mines. >> yeah. 4:55. a pretty start. 46 degrees in denver. winds out of the southwest. we're going to see the southwesterly wind. more beautiful weather. for the kids that have school this week, upper 40s. wear a sweat shirt. a touch chilly at the bus top early on. mostly sunny skies and a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. we'll see more clouds in the mountains today.
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tonight. denver though, a high of 75 degrees. and it stays warm all week. in our 5:00 hour, we're going to look at that and a look at showers and what we can expect here in denver and plus a look at the snow. it's an easy drive. no snow in town. someone asked me when are we going to see snow. when it gets cold enough. we have i 75 to the north looking good. no problems highway 36 looking great. wrapping up the overnight construction there along arapahoe at i-25. we have a football game here tonight. we wiil have a mad house drive on i-25, colfax, federal and all% the usual suspects so plan accordingly even if you're not going to the game today. it's 4:56. we're working on for 5:00 a.m.
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national guards mans to pay back their bonuses. a man caught on camera punching a student. the mother is speaking out. is the gain control -- is
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denver 7 at 5:00 starts with breaking news. two police officers shot in oklahoma and this is the man they say did it. >> he's on the run. he has been identified as michael advance. police say the officers were responding to a call of shots ?ired where advance shot and killed two of his relatives. shooting at them and advance stole a patrol car and car jacked another car. the officers shot should be okay. a man in golden recovering after being stabbed. officers were responding to a call about domestic violence when they found a man with a stab wound in his back. you're looking at a map in the area. his 5-year old daughter was home, and she's okay. right now, air police are investigating what led up to a


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