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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  October 31, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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denver 7 at 5:00 a.m. begins with brraking news. a man wanted for a double murder is kimmed after a week on the run. 38 year old michael vance was shot by police late last night after a farmer call 911 reported seeing vance's car. call. he was accused of killing his aunt and uncle. a search is underway for a man behind a man -- police are looking for a man who robbed and sexually assaulted a woman. this woman found this stranger inside of her apartment manhattan.
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for surveillance video hoping he may have been captured after that. get your halloween candy buckets ready because hundreds of trick or treaters is going to be outside. >> carson is top ten cities to trick or treat. >> lisa, we should have great weather. >> last week we were tracking what could have been a cooler evening, but mild. temperatures are going to remain well above normal. this morning, you're going to find upper 50s to low 60s early on. we're going to denver. we're under a mostly sunny sky. by 7:00, it's 64 degrees. even by 9:00, we're in upper 50s to near 60s. perfect weather for trick-or-treating. it has been too dry. we wanted hoping for rain later this week. mid to upper 70s covering the entire metro. around aurora, 75 and near du, a high of 77.
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going to see will be toward the northwest part of our state. here's your first alert. we're tracking a weak cold front. they're weak. we'll show you what happens to temperatures coming up. >> all the activity oo your map is leading windy conditions up ?n wyoming and they have a blow over risk, alert right now along i-80 for the big trucks and empty semis and they're restricting access to those that way. expect windy conditions. in town, not that bad. of i-70 picked up after the lane shift into havana. it will b another lane shift put into its final configuration after the final bridge. take a look to the north side. we open there, but we're open at i-76 near 96th avenue. closures, lisa. she's staring at me blinking lie this going, really. that's vvry interesting. more on that coming up.
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lane configurations sound fun, that's why. thank you, jason. investigators are going to search a landfill in weld county. they're going to look for a missing toddler's body. this is day 1 for this 13-month-old anthony. he was reported missing. this man was -- this is 23 year old logan roger and he's the boy's mother's boyfriend. >> amanda del castillo has more on the story. >>reporter: a disturbing story that's -- a timeline that's leaving authorities with more questions than answers. now, the boy wws reported missing wednesday. that was seeeral days after he was last seen. now, interviews leading authorities to believe the child died. his body dumped in a larimer community college trash
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landfill. the man arrested, logan's arraignment was scheduled for friday, and his hearing postponed and he decided to talk with detectives. detectives tells denver 7, they have to comb through 200,000 pounds of garbage and that search starting at sunrise starting at 7:30. we'll talk about the developments throughout the morning. live in weld county, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. turning now to your vote this morning. there's a new abc news washington post out. this one shows trump and clinton separated by one point. it's 46% to 45%. turn out on election day could be crucial in deciding this close race. trump was in golden on saturday and
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about voter fraud. >> do you think those ballots are properly counted? i know they're all saying of course, everything is so legitimmte. perhaps i'm a more skeptical person, okay. >> speaking of ballots, deadlinessfor voters. >> denver 7 jason grueeauer breaks it down and what you need to know, jason. >>reporter: yes, good morning to you. at 4:30,,we told you today is the last day to vote or update your voter registration online if you want to receive a blank ballot in the mail to thank you. speaking of deadlines and speaking ever mail, tomorrow, another important deadline when it comes to mailing back your completed ballot. if you want to choose that snail mail option and put it in the mail, the u.s. postal service is urring all voters if you want to mail in your completed ballot, do it by tomorrow. that's november 1st. that's to try to get all the
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so the earlier the better. these early polling locations have also been open here at the denver election's division, a ballot box as those started to return their ballots. if you choose to not mail it back though or miss that tomorrow deadline, all you have to do is bring it here, drop in the ballot box and go to the in-person voting -- if you want a quick and easy way to find the closess one to you, it's quick it at 5:30. reporting down ton, i'm jason gruenauer. chelsea clinton is campaigning for her mom. he'll be in boulder on wednesday. for information on her visit, head to clinton is trying -- the fbi obtained a search warrant to review e-mails used by anthony
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by federal agents weeks ago. james comey says these e-mails need be to -- need to be looked at. three men were shot and two killed in denver. the shooting happened near east 43rd avenue. police are looking into what led up to this shooting. the third man shot remains in critical condition. in boulder where police are looking for a shooter after a bar fight. it happened on c, boulder. the people involved are not cu students. >> right now, denver police are looking for two vehicles related to two separate hit-and-run cases. one was deadly. this happened at 13th and broady . a person was hit possibly by a white pickup truck. at the same time, another person was hit by
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suv in that case. if you know anything, ccll police. the broncos take on another win at mile high beating the chargers 27-16 >> or 19. >> that's right, 27-19. the broncos leading the way. sacking the chargers quarterback philip river four times and the broncos are taking on the raiders this sunday in oakland. >> that's going to be a tough one. raiders have been looking good. unfortunately. but the figure story out game wasn't the game win which is great. wade was hit on the sidelines. >> he's supposed to be back at work. wade was knocked down by a chargers during bradley's pick six. he goes on the ground and he appears to hit his head on the ground. mile high stadium went silent. i don't think those knew what was happening and they saw teams taking a knee. doctors waited for several minutes and he was
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that number one sign as he was wheeled away. >> he's fine and upbeat. we've been in contact with laurie and his life. he talked to me before he left the field. all indications are he's doing okay. >> wade is like my dad so you get a ittleesentimental, but you can see a lot of guys saying now, you know, since wade is gone, let's pick up where he left off. all the guys said you know what, let's stand for wade. >> when wade went down, it was like, man, i was scared, you know, i wanted to make sure he was okay, and all signs are saying that he's good and he'll be fine. >> well, the players love him. again, he's expected to be back at work today. >> which is amazing because that was a hard hit. >> that was a tough hit. >> good for him. it's 5:09. coming up, a warning to parents. it's the latest on a kidnap scam hitting colorado. a local mom haring her story to make sure your
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creepy clowns. there's a local teenager taking steps to make sure everyone has a safe halloween. he explains a website he created to alert you if there's an unsafe clown. here's your first alert. we have a beautiful day. mid to upper 70s. the winds are going to pick up north of colorado and through our -- gust near denver between 25 and 20 miles-per-hour. >> we have high wind adviser up to wyoming.
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it's 5:13. here's a look at the security wait times at dia.
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open. wait times -- the airport looks like it's smooth sailing. american airlines were forced to land yesterday because the airline says it was an odor they had onboard. one passenger tells us there was smoke around the emergency exits and there bring 105 people onboard, but everyone is fine. we're following all night long. there's a spirit airlines flight out the fort lauderdale was forced to evacuate. everyone had to get out because of a possible bomb threat. the plane was checked and clear and it has depart today its destination of dallas. a passenger told abc news that the aircraft was just about to take off when a man started screaming for a flight attennant saying he saw the passenger texting next to him
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flight attendant's took -- the flight attendant took that man's cell phone. it's not clear if he's facing charges. there's details on tte o'hare airport. the ntsb says something inside the engine broke apart. but the mystery into why it happened remains a >> there's hot metal and we see a quick fuel fire. >> his flight was headed to miami until the right side of the plane went up in flames. look at the panic captured in the cell phone video. you can see all that thick black smoke. >> everybody is coming towards the left side of the plane where he was, so everybody is pushing us and screaming. >> 20 people suffered minor injuries and all are out of the hospital. the runway back open.
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maintenance record. 22 people injured after a car plowed into people in virginia. this happened after a nascar race. yesterday, the driver was arrested. state police saying a chevy convertiile was trying to pass a jeep when it hit the jeep and pedestrian. >> i was standing right behind that truck, that chevy old-style truck. up against the fence. ? felt the wind go find me and i heard screams. >> when you turned did you see? >> i saw his driver's head down? >> the driver's head? >> yeah. >> the driver's injuries are minor. the police wanted to know if the crash was intended. right now, they do not think alcohol was a factor in this crash. happy halloween, everyone. tonight you're likely going to see those dressed up like clowns, but not everrone is going to be a fun clown.
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the nation and a teen has you covered. marchito created a website. there were hreats -- it's called >> and i have friends telling me that they're seeing clownsswhen they're going home. i had my sister tell me her friend told that to her. >> more than a dozen sightings have been reported and none have checked out though. >> wha have a website to track that thing though. >> that we're tracking clowns. >> he's a smart kid. >> yeah. a beautiful day. could not ask for a better forecast for halloween. it's the 4th warmest october. >> oh, wow. >> today, well above normal again. another very dry week unfortunately. again, when you look at ourrlatest first snow ever in denver, november 21st,
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date than we are to our average snow which is october 18th. we have another dry day today. you're going to find clear skies this morning. right now, we're at 55 in denver. winds at 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. we do have a light breeze at this point. and it will get breezier. look at temperatures, low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. that means 75 by 1:00 and then a high today denver of 76. mild again through tonight.% i'll going to break down your halloween forecast coming up in a minute. trick-or-treating. congress parr, 76. lakewood, 77. lone tree a high of 7 5. in the mountain, more 50s and 60s. once again, near 90 degrees in lamar this afternoon. very summer-like there. this morning, it looks like mid morning, we'll see rain and snow develop across the north western corner of our state. this is going to be the best spot for a
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we're dry here in denver; fort collins, and sterling and n . dry conditions through he afternoon. clear skies tonight and early tomorrow morning, we'll see a few clouds building, but otherwise, a very mild couple of days even with this weak cold front. wednesday, 66 degrees. thursday, we're at 67. and then it's warm friday and saturday. highs back to near 70. tonight as you're heading out the door, we'll be at around 5:00 to 6:00 in the low 70s. mostly clear skies. 64 by 7:00. and 55 by 9:00. no concern for a jacket as i take out this wall behind me. >> i'm turning out the lights at 8:00. 8:00, it's over. i have to get up tomorrow morning for this. >> his wife says she's going to put a sign out that says i need my beauty rest. i'm on tv.
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of the morning on the border of the line of aurora and denver at 16th and yosemite. you can see from the live picture, the vehicle is wheels up. the other one in cherry creek. someone took out a light pole. therefore were minor injuries. on the map, we can get around it using the neighborhood roads. there's a con figure a configuration change. we have -- be careful out that way. >> very good. 5:20. there's a news alert for parents. scammers could we have something else to worry about. this is a new virtual kidnapping tool. >> she received a phone call her daughter was involved in a crash with a motorcyclist and the scammer said he was the
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dad. >> i was angry they play on my emotion that you hear your daughter is in trouble. all you can think is getting her back safely. >> collins police say this sounds like a case of virtual kidnapping. we have a list of tips to keep you safe of scamming. at 5:30, another online scam that will shut down your phone. the world series. up next, we're going to show you the play of the day that helps -- >> you can see on van miller's -- you can see von miller's truck. you just have to pay the right money.
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happy halloween. 5:24. we have clouds across the easten plains and some fog out near burlington. showers moving into north western colorado and that's where we''l likely see rain and snow. it's dry in the metro area. great start. we'll see upper 50s to near
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bus stop this morning. mid to upper 70s with winds gusting up to -- we'll look at the cold front that's moving in and the front is pushing up our winds today. gusty at times. >> we have a rollover crash at denver that's being cleaned up. tow trucks are blocking the the driverhe car.%- fell asleep and hit a pickup truck and pushing it into an suv it's closed down. take a look at the overall map and you can see a lot of green out there with leftover con strungs after the -- yukon instruction after the lane closure. here's the catch of the game. trevor bbwers pops one up -?it it right field and -- he climbs the wall and catches it.
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>> it continues. there's an internet prank. 911 call centers flooded with these -- >> the phones just went off the hook. >> ttose hacked phones keep calling even when you hang up. what you need to know at 5:30 this morning. plus high power assault rifle in the hands of criminals ?n a growing trend that has gun shop owners worried. >>reporter: also coming up and tomorrow, important election day lines and it comes to get and returning your ballot. what -?if you miss it, the solution s
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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it's 5:30. big dead liens for voters. >> today is the last day ballots will be mailed out to you and
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your ballot. jason gruenauer joins us live with details. jason. >>reporter: yes, and that is if you want to receive one of these in the mail to your home. today is then the last day to register to vote online. the last day to update your registration online in order to get one of these mailed to you. then tomorrow, another deadline. if you want to mail this completed back, you're urged to get it in the mail by then. if you miss one or both of those deadlines, don't worry. you can do everything you need to do, but you need to do it in person. those in colorado have maps. the different county election's websites and that includes here in denver. all the ballot box locations and all those in person voting -- you can register to vote in person up to election day. they'll give you a ballot and you fill it in and drop it in. you can drop in


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