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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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. it's been what they call a historic event. but to be truly historic, you have to do a great job. i promise i will not let you down. i'll do a great job. >> that was president-elect donald trump, calling for unity. >> and this was a scene of hillary clinton victory party and she never took the stage. john podesta spoke, telling people to go ohm and she already called to concede. >> things are over, not as
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in colorado. >> first, outside, shaping up to be a nice day. 39 degrees right now. the lisa hidalgo, eric lupher out and about this morn. >> this is part of the freebies. >> we are kind of raking leaves. paul davis restoration, working with this and they are raking and coffee and donuts. >> tt' doing. drinking coffee and eats doe naught nut. >> been working. it's early, i don't want to cheers, but you're having a good time? >> we are. thank you for having us. >> and looking for the viewers at the forecast on wednesday. temperatures near 70 degrees. wear a jacket, bundle up, this afternoon, highs near 70. it is going to be a warm one. nice. >> going to be warm.
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we'll see you in a few minutes. >> i like that. let's get back to work, hands somebody a rake. very nice. on the east side of town, 70 and 225 there, the east and westbound side and so far through stapleton, going to be nice. and a lot more congestion on the southbound side of 25. nothing there, but almost every day in the last week, an of problem. on the roefrl map, one accident in denver at tenth and knox court. one -- the rollover at 10th and knox. with the results, people jumping up and down, after a long campaign season.
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been the margin. pennsylvania, ohio, north carolina and florida, also won big in the midwest. and wisconsin going to the g.o.p. for the first time. indiana, iowa, and ohio. plenty to celebrate because hillary clinton won this state by thousands of votes. denver7 is live at the headquarters with more from the g.o.p. good morning, amanda. . >>reporter: good morning. yeah, last night we caught up with republican chairman, steve house who says the fox is moving forward after last night's election, focusing on the 2018 governor race. they did not back the g.o.p., something the party was
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those voters is critical, a logical solution would be breaking down old beliefs and describes what a perfect candidate would have. >> have to set aside ideology long enough to listen and understanddthe issues better. because we have a dozen or two two-dozen major industries in this state. they need to understand it very well. still going to come down to put the state together. >> house says above all, the candidates are going to meet to understand business and it's going to need to be tough enough to get the job done. reporting live in downtown denver. colorado republicans couldn't grab michael bennet's
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challenger darryl glen. said he's not ready to concede just yet. saying, let's just wait and see what happens. voting issues in el paso county. could take a while before it's counted. let's get to marshall marshallzelinger.. >> the big picture and what's going to happen next in washington. >> here to talk about that is denver. thank you for joining us so early. donald trump did not get much support from many in correct me if i'm wrong before the election. though this map is red, what's next, will he play nice with congress? >> that's a good question, i republicans holding the senate and the house, still close in a couple of races. but they do have party control
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difference on some underlying issues, some similarities and having the ability to move things forward. >> abc news says 278-2 18. all you need is 217. still a few gray states that haven't been finalized yet. but hillary clinton has a little more than a hundred thousand vote edge. what will this election be remembered for? >> it's a stunning outcome. in my lifetime, i can't remember the long, the ago gas station of the polls, first woman running and she didn't win, probably the most unusual candidate in decades in donald trump, not a governor, senator, no elected office, run an unusual campaign to say the least and it's succeeds. >> is there anything to be said for hillary clinton not talking overnight early this morning? ? in terms of the concession
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forward for the country. it's not a 2000 florida issue. it's clear from the electoral vote. it is close. if she wins the popular vote, that's going to be the second time in five cycles that the democrat won the popular vote, but not the electoral. let's take a look at the ballot initiatives. amendment 71 passing by a wide margin, making it difficult to change the colorado constitution. this one, raising to 12 $12 an hour, that's amendment 70. going to hit $12 by 2020. almost double the federal minimum wage. and markets already reacting
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way. . >> nicole brady has. >> it's been interesting since last night, the markets reacted pretty quickly worldwide and take a look at the u.s. now. the dow is down about 200 points in premarket trading. that is not as bad as expected. the nike is down and the european, slight drops in those, that trump's speech last night calmed things down a little bit after that initial chaotic reaction. during his campaign, he said that the economic policies will bring 25 million jobs, promising new business investment, obviously, the impact of his presidency on the economy remains to be seen. we won't see a lot of that for a while. experts are saying that the fed will not raise interest rates
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and that of course could have an effect on housing of course, interest rates. jason gruenauer has more on the impact on colorado economy, including our real estate market. jason? . >>reporter: yes. talking about a study done by zillow. and this is looking to either a clinton or a trump presidency. what would that mean for future home values and whether or not, ugly, coming out with a trump presidency closer to the last two. they surveyed over a national economic experts in this topic. 45% said a trump presidency would impact it either very negatively or somewhat negatively. the reasons, uncertainty on policy and lack of political experience.
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see, actually flipped the opposite way. 33%, expectations in a positive light and continuing the trend that we saw in 2016, just the last year. 4% for home values and now the trump presidency, going to have to wait and see if this survey is like the polls, turn out to be wrong or not. we'll have to wait and see. denver, i'm jason gruenauer, denver7. a beautiful crisp start to morning. 40s and near 70 this afternoon. highs near 70, it's going to be a very warm afterroon. details on the forecast and what kind of weather is coming up. the first highway accident is here on the transition from
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that's why you're seeing that back up there. busier everywhere else. we'll take a look at it coming up. a double shooting overnight in denver. one dead, the suspect is still out there. we'll tell you where this happened.
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. it is 6:14 on the day after the election. the traffic tracker, 225 and 25, things not too bad. maybe people are sleeping in after a late night for election day. police are trying to find a suspect in a ddadly shooting. this was last night, clayton near vasquez. one killed and another in the hospital with some pretty serious jushs.
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information about who the suspect is or could be. if you know anything, you are are asked to call crime stoppers. a man found after going missing. family called after he didn't come home. search and rescue crews faund him alive andd-- found him alife. good news, ski bums. not going to open as early as they want to. >> both supposed to open on veterans day. they made the decision late last night. no confirmed date. for key stone, second time they have had to delay the opening of the season. liia hidalgo is live at wash park, not talking about snow. >> she s raking leaves or pretending to be when we go live with eric lupher.
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sitting in the leaf pile that paul davis restoration made for us. so great. so what can we do to thank our viewers on this first alert freebie day? >> it's great. so comfortable here. >> this morning, looking at temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. going to be walking out the door just above freezing and warming up. today is the warmest da looking at the satellite and radar, things are clear. with this high pressure camping out, going to be keeping the temperatures above normal and a wind. the beautiful sunrise, gorgeous to start. your going to find out that by this afternoon, 70 to 72 in denver and up and down the entire front range, ft. collins and greeley, 50s to low
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so dry conditions. on the seven-daa forecast, not a major change. dipping a little bit on friday, 60s by the end of the week and that's normal. this time of year, low to mid 50s and could be tracking a storm this weekend. back out here live in south denver, we're raking leaves, saying thank you to all of our viewers, raking the leaves. >> all my hard work, probably been the hardest working here. . >> boo. >> pulling this, i think they were going to try to avoid me. back to you, jayson, more on the first alert. >> leaves in the back right there. the rest of the day. picking out the leaves from lisa's hair i'm sure. on the eastbound side of
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70, the two-car, vir minor, looks like -- very minor, looks like just minor damage. traffic trying to get around it and backing up traffic to -- on the north side, minor accident on 104th and they bumped and said it was oak and they split. still look at -- the overall a little bit of traffic on 6th avenue. and sante fe, not bad. back to the election, a n at about three in the afternoon. 3:00 in the afternoon. forced to stay in line while they fixed it. >> the officials at this point have not said what caused the problem, but do say the problem
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2 million colorado residents from voting. the secretary of state said it could be 80%, top three in the country. >> awesome. >> inspiring. >> not surprised with the turnout. so now, bringing in political reporter, marshall zelinger. >> he has more on he fallout from the election. >> i'm still professor of public policy at cu-denver. so who is this an upset to? >> the pollsters and those predicting it 24 hours ago, it's an upset, the agate polls has hillary winning. and that's -- she may hold the popular vote. and that depends on what comes in remaining.
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situation, the electoral and popular. >> this one doesn't show the total, the popular vote, doing that before we came on. 135,000 votes in favor of hillary clinton. what did we learn from 2000 when al gore had the popular and george w. bush won. >> yeah. the popular vote doesn't elect, the swing states, suggesting th th more of them and one of the things early last night was north carolina and ohio coming in to the trump camp and upper midwest, wisconsin in particular i think was the big surprise. >> and you're still seeing the gray, michigan, arizona, because the margin is still too close to call. that's why those are gray and those electtral votes have not
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dvrn first alert. tracking breaking news on the election. pope francis is tweeting this morning, the day after this historic race, says on twitter, make god's love more evident through eternal cooperation. and the highest ranking diplomat wished trump well, saying he would pray for him to be enlightened. saying he was not christian because of his stance on immigration. talking about something
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. good morning, it is first alert freebie day. eric lupher is warming up. and doing a lot of work. another way to do it, roll around in the leaves. makes it look like you're work
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with paul davis restoration, going to have them come out and say thank you to viewers. on the forecast, it is chilly this morning. 30s early on and at the bus stop, highs will be near 70 treegs for the kiddos and up and down the front range, highs in the low to mid 70s. we have had two minor accidents on that transition from 25 to 70. both moved they're sitting you saw the denver police officer just leave there. it's will be out, but still drawing a lot of attention here on 25 at 44. very typical on the southbound side onn25 into down townn gopro is recalling some droens.
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falling from the sky, causing a safety issuer risk obviously. there is a recall. an new recommendation for pregnant women from the world health organization, visiting the doctor eight times in the pregnancy, most in the third trimester. it is now 6:26 some trump supporters are already hitting the streets to protest and -- >> celebrate too. >> after the election result. more on that when we return. a police officer recovering from being shot in the face
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? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. ? . denver7 news starts right now. >> it is 6:30 and the election
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this one from montreal, can say, oh, my god. and this next one from las vegas review journal. the largest to endorse trump. u.s. to trump, you're hired. that's what the headline says. >> very clever. the defr post, a little more simple. two words. it's trump. >> right to the point. donald trump made the acceptance speech last night around one in saying he would be happy to serve. >> been an amazing two-year period and i love this country. thank you. thank you very much. >> he says he hopes to bring people together, once he takes office and congratulated hillary clinton on a hard fought campaign he said. >> and this is what it looked like inside hillary clinton headquarters, never spoke last
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about an hour from now. last night, it was his campaign chairman to tell people to get some rest. hillary clinton called donald trump to concede last night. hillary clinton campaign has not confirmed that. up late watching results? we did too. some of you need a little extra pick me up this morning. we are out with a first alert freebies, lisa hidalgo is live morning. >> this is awesome. hit probably ten houses so far, cleaning up pennsylvania street, all the awesome neighbors are going to walk out to clean yard. all thanks to paul davis restoration, and eric lupher, kind of been working. a for effort. all right. a beautiful morning, sun is out and killer skies.
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warming into the 70s this afternoon. close to 70 here in denver and that includes the entire front range this morning, under a clear sky. coming up in just a few minutes, we'll have more with paul davis restoration, and a look at your weekend forecast. again, not feeling much like fall. we have a couple of issues that have been cleared up. i-70 and 25, smooth, 20 minutes or less from this point to downtown. some con vegs around 84sth -- congestion on 84th downtown. heavy congestion in some of the usual spots.
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all the polls showed hillary clinton with a lead. those were clearly not right. >> trump sending shock waves through the area, including here in colorado. many there expecting a celebration, instead, the mood was somber. job john hickenlooper talked about it. >> this was a case that for a lot of reasons, people of colorado were not big supporters of donald if he wins, we'll support him. that's the way this is suppose today work. >> going to focus on a national level. our state was the first to legalize recreational marijuana, but now nevada and california and nain. >> going to be a lot of revenue, will these be cutting into it? jason gruenauer has more.
6:34 am
mra, all passing the recreational use of marijuana and others for medicinal purposes. and then we're going to talk about recreational. when colorado was first, saw this green rush, millions and millions of dollars, flooding into our economy in tourism and people that wanted to take this single state economic model that we had in the country. now, adding more players to that, is that going to thin out to share those dollars with other states? we spoke to one pot shop owner. saying he's worried. 80% of that comes from tourism and with the very warm state of california, the east coast of massachusetts and the tourist destination of nevada, does that mean it's them? and the housing market, that's the other question. all of that money, influencing in cash, could that affect it?
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tell, but with more players on the block, colorado will feel an impact and how much and how long that's going to take remains to be seen. jason gruenauer, denver7. we are monitoring a lot of breaking news. not just the election. this massive fire burning in new york. this is a facility there, a former steel planac used as some recycling site. the thick smoke, billowing from there and right now, we don't know what caused this fire. the roof collapsed there and no word on any injuries. turning to international news, a train derailing in london. the driver has been aarested and several trapped in that wreckage.
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overnight, several protests in cities, including oakland, california, an anti-trump rally, spilling into the highway and one hit by a car and taken to the hospital. chants oo not my president. ucla students walked out of dorms, no reports of any arrests from this. and a protest march on the university of oregon. students gathering to sing anti- donald trump songs. thisprotest remained peaceful. a stand on ballot initiatives. amendment 69, colorado care, defeated 80 to 20%. go -- doesn't look like there's going to be an increase to the
6:37 am
$two in taxes to every pack of cigarettes. that was closer. 54 to 48%. you probably remember the adds for this -- ads for this race. coffman and caroll. we have more -- going to check in on a couple of proposals that were up for a vote in bode it is now 6:37, a development that stretched across the eastern area. -- shotting an aurora police officer in the face and the victim has not been identified. the officer should survive. it happened yesterday. police were investigating it when the gunfight happened.
6:38 am
help for a break in on a gun store. looking for a ford fusion, but no description of the suspect. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. broncos were not practicing, but helping some children, part of the salute to service. they play the saints this coming sunday in new orleans. another record month for the denver airport. we'll tell you what it means for the holiday season. donald trump's son all over because of his face as his dad was giving his acceptance speech.
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. it is 20 till 7:00. there is an accident on 25 and speer. a -- hitting a pickup truck because -- hitting your brakes, lowers the frond end of the car, gets sheared there and knocking out the bumper of this pickup truck. this is in the northbound lane -- 25 and spear, by colfax -- 25 and speer. we'll have delays in both directions. it's a first alert freebies day. in wash park, raking the leave and eric has been sneaking around, raking leaves? taking a nap? right, lisa? . >>reporter: yeah.
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there. doesn't know. >> unbelievable. this is great. just ten yards that are already raked? so cool they're working hard and helping us outlet. this is fun. >> thanks to paul davis restoration. these folks are going to love it. look at what happens next wednesday. in the forecast, 30s and my toes are cold. and in the afternoon, near 70 degrees. 70 in almost mid november? unreal. beautiful day. going to take a look at what we can expect for the weekend coming up in a few minutes. the nuggets were playing the grizzlies. they were ahead by one with less than a second left. take a look. >> no time left for the grizzly.
6:42 am
yes, yes, pau on the play.. >> losing a heart breaker. 108-107. still under .500. still optimistic. just like the broncos. donald trump will be the 45th expert. biggest upset since bill clinton.
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. i have spent my entire life in business. looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. >> donald trump trailed in virtually every poll taken in the month of november, but the only numbers that matter come on election day. won in dramatic fashion, winning almost all of the key battleground states.
6:45 am
map, he didn't win colorado, but did win several other baa battleground states, ohio, florida, north carolina. and so far, no comments from the clinton campaign. however, we have learned she will be speaking in about 45 minutes, the first time she's saying anything. we have heard a lot from the trump campaign. and say he's planning a meeting with president obama on thursday for transitional plan miss. >> they're at the white house. plenty of fallout from colorado and beyond. marshall zelinger has more on the big events. >> within these borders of colorado, we didn't follow the nation's lead. i'm here with the professor of public policy and paul, things are -- ballots city being counted. three of four of us votes. in the yellows and greens, 80 to 60% voter turnout.
6:46 am
haven't cal crated all of the ballot. should not be red. >> what are we learning from the colors of this map? >> i think good for colorado, coming in to vote, and could be a lesson for the nation and makes it easier for people to vote beforehand and on election day. and the actual results in colorado are a little bit status quo, interesting compared to the nation. a stunner. in senate, didn't change much. the congressional races, the incumbents won. different race in colorado than nationally. >> everything staying the same in the u.s. senate and congress, but the legislature. democrats tried to pick up one seat for control of the governor's mansion and the state house. picking up one seat, but a republican filmed another seat.
6:47 am
legislature. is that good for the governor? >> people think it is. and forcing one person to address more left issues than a fully democrat legislature would. and with hillary clinton not winning, looks like if governor hickenlooper has been thinking about it, could be less likely. and what about colorado being different from the nation. swinging that way for the future, will the nation come back >> interesting question. we'll see if we're a bell weather. and interesting results from the country. >> intereeting from the mail in and who still votes on election day and if we need more oting centers, guys. >> thank you, marshall. take a look at donald trump, barron trump, may have
6:48 am
father's victory speech. some speculate he was so tired and it was 3:00 a.m.. and he was literally there trying to not fall over and fall asleep. >> ten years old. >> boo poor guy. >lisa hidalgo is up bright and early to do some yard work and also has your first alert forecast. . >>reporter: yes, lisa is this is eric here, paul davis restoration, rakkng the fronts of houses, sharon is here, you have a coat. that's my fault. we got you out. this is cool, huh. >> this makes my day. cool way to start the day. appreciate this. still have a lot of leaves on the trees, but it's a great start.
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>> when should we come back? next weee many. >> we'll be shovelling then. >> thaet great. thank you so much. >> thank you. go get warm. thank you so much. >> have a good day. >> thank you. . there. kind of chilly out %- a small pile there -- chilly this morning, temperatures in the 30s early on as you walk out the door. showing mostly sunny skies and highs near 70. and across the region, clear skies and sunshine and big ridge of high pressure in the region, going to keep us above normal. 30s this morning and temps this afternoon, we will be in tte 70s. defr highs to 70 to 72 this afternoon. it's the warm -- denver highs to 70 to 72 this afternoon. it's the warmest day of the week. mountains could use some snow.
6:50 am
and next week, we are tracking a storm that could bring that in the seven-day forecast. next week, dipping to the 60s on thursday and friday, still warm into thursday and friday. >> you have some leaves in your hair. >> can you get them out? >> that's a sign. >> we just want to say thank you to our viewers. we are going to be doing first alert --ively like a chimp and you're picking stuff out of my hair. >> more details on where we're going to be next wedn it. we're okay. we have a big problem in downtown denver. northbound side on 25 north of spear, a significant damage accident, doesn't look like people are hurtd too badly. 3 going to need some tow truck to clear it out. and with the traffic jam, the heavy stop and go traffic there from broad way. way.
6:51 am
coming off of 70 south on 225 and a new crash out there. you can see the heavy stop and go traffic out there. extra 15 if not 20 minutes. 70, 6th avenue, hammering into sheridan. stop and go traffic into downtown as well. touching on a couple of local ballot initiatives that could help shape policy in the future. and this one, 200, allowing to smoke pot in bars and restaurants. this is too close to call. for, 51%, those against, 49%. in boulder, passing the sugary drink tax, $0.02 per ounce to energy, some kombucha, two cities in the country now thatv
6:52 am
the republican party celebrating this morning. hillary clinton won colorado but the gop with a lot of victories across the country. >> we caught up with republican chairman steve house last night and said the focus shifting from the presidential election to the 2018 governor's race. didn't back the g.o.p. last time. was prepared for. and it will be all about breaking down old beliefs. hoping that can that i think before 2018, talking about the qualities the candidate will have. >> i think the candidate will have to be somebody tough enough to do the job, somebody who understands business and somebody who listens better and often in these kinds of races, start out saying, i am this,
6:53 am
listening. >> chairman house said the g.o.p. has no problem winning individual races are when it comes to the big races, there is a difficulty. and with trump walking away are with the victory, more work to be done. darryl glen, the u.s. issuing a statement, congratulating michael bennet on the senate win. not said anything, but saying thank you to the colorado voters and volunteers that came out to support our campaign and i'm honored to live in greatest state in the nation and call myself a coloradan. and new reaction from
6:54 am
watching. calling the united states and mexico friends and working for north america. and hoping to tightening ties with the cooperation and mutual respect. it is now 6:54 and as we head to break, we want to give you a live look outside. >> beautiful start to the day.
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6:56 am
. it is now 6:56. here's a look at what we have this afternoon. we have information about how dangerous the bomb outside the nederland bus station was. we'll have more on that evidence. this man will be back in court this morning. he's the man accused of hitting and killing a denver post reporteder on speer boulevard -- reporter on speer boulevard.
6:57 am
you? we have someone to break it down. bad news for skeers and intoebders. keystone and breckenridge is not going to -- and snowboarders. keystone and breckenridge are not going to open on veterans day as plans. lisa hidalgo and eric lupher has. >> we are outlet here rake some leaves. and and with that, i'm going to send it back -- >> and we're done. >> that look so cute. >> doing the mannequin. >> that's what it is. >> very still. >> snapchat of that. >> thank you for joining us this morning. the historic election night.
6:58 am
something to get you through the day.
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good morning, america. the most stunning upset in american history. donald j. trump elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> the political outsider billionaire businessman, reality tv star completes a slashing and populous campaign by promising to heal and unite america. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. trump winning in an unprecedented victory over hillary clinton. her campaign defiant till the end. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? and she is not done yet. >> but hillary clinton conceding early this morning in a phone call to donald trump. her supporters emotional. the world reacting overnight.


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