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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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closed down this ramp my 25 and colfax. their tracker seven flew over it earlier tonight. the officers are still out there searching for evidence. potus erupting, students and highlands ranch making is that stevenson us flag on fire. these pictures of rock canyon high school students will post it on facebook. it is legal to burn the flag. it's considerably more speech. the message continues, love trumps hate. students in lafayette walked out of class as other purchasers head over to the state capital upset over the presidential election. with gathering on the capitol steps comes hours after governor talked about the election. >> mark stuart is out there live. >> there's a tremendous amount of reservation. purchasers have left the state capital. they've gone down colfax,
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this is a peaceful protest although is disrupting traffic. if you want to take a look at ear tracker seven you can see the card is, getting at the intersection of broadway and colfax. this is in front of the denver post building. people are holding signs of messages we've heard before through the selection including love trumps hate. this is a diverse crowd. they're young and old, families of is a caring the kids in arms. the print is happening after a significant meeting as pleasant and collect and present that for the first time since the first time since election day, trump and president obama met at the white house.
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criticism between both men, this first meeting to discuss the transition was called -- komen cordial. >> this meeting will last for 10 or 15 minutes and we're just getting to know each other, we had never met. i have great respect. the meeting lasted almost an hour and half. it could have gone on for a lot longer. check out mr. trump speaking to reporters in the capital, the governor says he's being optimistic but realizes attention of the election. >> was almost like the hatfield mccoy's or like coke and pepsi. in terms of the bitterness. jurco while republicans will be in control in washington, hickenlooper police are many issues were democrats can find common ground. such as helping small businesses in improving government efficiency.
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not budget including deportation. >> i hope this becomes one of these issues of being around people. i hope people speak of! speak up. i know i will. >> reporter: these protesters are on the move. we're walking down broadway tore the 16th street mall. at one point on when a mistake close down broadway. it's now open. people are walking and being orderly, they're basically chanting saying that our presence. mostly calm and respectful. we're headed toward the 16th street mall.
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-?denver elections still busy. starting today, they've hundred 35 busy. starting today, they've hundred 35,000 ballots to count. can it will not be finished until monday. taking a look at the new house speaker. a shock appearance in jeffcoat. the principle of the senior high school has been arrested. number seven learn to tony edwards was assault and domestic violence. he is only the school decided he can keep his job. he's run the fourth best high school in our state. this couple found guilty in fort collins. they almost?their seven-year- old daughter to death. when she was now she only weighed 37 pounds. they didn't get her the medical attention she needed for a seizure condition. mute, it woman calls police telling them this man set her on fire.
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taken to the hospital. anderson is facing assault charges. and about a teenager tragically dies while crossing the intersection of wadsworth and most of bread. her mom wants answers about what happened to her dog. what our police telling you? >> now much right now but we know schuyler hamilton died at this intersection behind me it's very busy. her mom doesn't believe how it all happens. >> everyone had fled due to rumors about vampires and werewolves. check that's what her 17-year- old daughter and aspired to be. >> she can never finish the story. jurco perhaps this piece of writing won't have an end. this time, because the 17-year- old won't get the chance to. her mom says the ones that check she died will crossing a road.
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-- she is my only child. check it she knew something was wrong she didn't hear from her daughter. >> i knew. it hit me, this to read. check after driving on to look for her daughter she saw police near the intersection and that's when she found out the tragic news. >> they said, there's no easy way to tell you, this is your daughter. >> said police daughter crossed illegally aminu struck by a car going southbound. >> she was in construction, she was a flagger. she knows road safety. i struggle with the fact that she wouldn't use a crosswalk safely. >> arvida police won't commeet on the nature of what happens to tell us the investigation is ongoing. >> she wasn't stupid. if i find that she made a mistake, i will live with that.
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>> reporter: the funeral will take place this monday. there's a gofundme set up in her name to help with funeral expenses. your help is needed to find these guys. they knocked a woman out the night before halloween near 15th and market in downtown denver. >> also there's a search for this man who sexually assaulted someone monday at capitol hill. >> days before the basketball season starts jail. he's facing false imprisonment charges. >> this man has been arrested accused of setting a teenager and a woman on fire in colorado
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out at creekside elementary after lead was found in the school's water supply. we told you about this yesterday. cherry creek schools have not said how high the levels are but have placed all the faucets in the school. childcare workers wanted in northern colorado. (this found out about the desperate need for people to watch your kids. >> the parents of these young children are lucky. they found a childcare facility before there was a waiting list. the other says she gets calls every week from parents asking if she has room for their kids. any openings to 2018. truck it's the same throughout the county. >> a lot of people call every day. they need care and i can't give it. >> reporter: the early childhood council steps up launching a campaign to encourage more people to get into the home childcare business. or to become day care employees. >> we will walk through licensing, have some financial support to play this back to pay for classes. truck it's a rewarding job.
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who decided to become a provider herself. >> people need good providers they can trust and that will care for their children as their own. >> if you are interested in become a childcare provider contact the early childhood council of larimer county. the denver7 investigative shows you how to stop burglars and targeting your home. >> investigative reporter has gone through thousands of crime to shut crime reports. >> burgers will try just about anything but here are the most common ways burglars are raking in. -- breaking in. through your gate or your front door. they don't seem to care. they kick those right in. please tell me they have seen burglars to a planter or another heavy object through a
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number of homeowners are leaving their garage doors open sometimes all night. that leads to an evennbigger problem. >> a lot of people don't block the interior garage door. they just go right inside your house and are there for however long. jerk i discovered which neighborhoods burglars hit most and the days of the month most 3 burglars strike. the editing a story for 10 pm tonight, we'll show you if where you of top neighborhoods for burglaries. we'll see you tonight at 10 o'clock. a very stinky problem has parents demanding something be done.>> tonight we asked the school why the arts making repairs. we're breaking news on the streets of denver. protesters walk in the state capital data the 16th street
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we're live on the 16th street mall with the anger and ffustration concerning this year's election. protesters have taken up the entire 16th street mall as we take a walk here. they gathered around 530 today that part of the state capital and a move from building to downtown denver. many people are holding signs, many argue their families. they're holding very similar signs such as love will win, others holding new phrases like that's my presidents. so far, this has been very orderly and peaceful. nothing but the people seem to be very respectful. their older people, young people, families, all different religions and races.
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their tracker seven is flying overhead. we are on the ground to keep you updated. this was taken inside a school in north denver. one way to describe it. that stinks. stooges all over the floor in the maple leaf element tree school. we spoke with pressure to parents who want this cleaned up. >> you see normal than longer recess and eating lunch outside because it's not healthy or safe to them to be inside the school. major plumbing problems shutting down school into next week and only a bond issue that has yet to be approved can provide a long-term fix. be thankful you can't smell of these parents and students are dealing with. eyes watering and faces covered because the stench of sewage throughout the school is so strong. >> they say it's things, it's interfering with their learning.
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it's not good for their health. its natural gas and waste. >> reporter: students like this greater jackie maroth say they are feeling those health effects.>> i am a store. i get bad headaches and that makes it worse. >> reporter: the district says a permanent fix would cost millions. the school is said to be torn down and rebuilt if the $150 million bond issue frommtuesday passes. with some outstanding balance, the bond is 104 can to try to ask the problem, keeping our children safe and their children safe and healthy is the most important thing to us. jerk at the district has approved a grant from primarily marijuana he -- marijuana money. >> it's a great point the parents need to know it about doesn't pass, how important it is to vote because our kids are
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>> reporter: all eyes are on the bond election results. the district says it will continue to bring this bond issue before voters until they are able to rebuild old schools like this one. school was canceled at that element tree school tomorrow and monday while contractors try to fix that problem. police work thursday with his mother slope open. -- with another slope open. this year's really need some of there's some of that we help coming. we're tracking that. here's a view up in loveland. it still brown on the peaks that they managed to put my snow in. we need a change in the pattern. if it is smiled, dry pattern with the rich over colorado. ) have things are change next
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there's colder air should bring moisture in the pacific by next thursday. mainly for the nouns but enough to bring some measurable snow in denver. look at these high temperatures. 69 endeavor, 72 fort collins, 77 and north platte nebraska. crazy for this time of year. 69 well below the record of 78 way above the normal a 55. the morning low is very mild. right now, mostly clear, 57 downtown, northeast at 8 miles per hour. a cold front tipping through the area, it's not much of a front, a few clouds overnight and cooler conditions. some cloud cover by morning as low struck down to the low 30s and lower elevations expended in the nouns. statewide, 22 at gunnison, 26 of the planes for tomorrow clouds of eastern plains early. that burns out by late morning. sunshine in the afternoon but a
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over northeast colorado with highs in the mid to upper 50s. here's 60 down south and mid- sixties out west. the cooldown will not last very long. i temperatures in the upper 50s across most of the front range and mature area going to see upper 50s to low 60s coming up under a mostly sunny sky. tonight mostly clear, north winds 5 to 10. veterans day tomorrow, 58, mostly sunny and east winds will stack up saturday with highs back in the mid-60s, upper 60s sunday. brits got the basement bright spots on both days. assistant starts to move in thursday. a quick header which means no doubt most of snow in the mountains of northern and central colorado and hopscotch over us with light rain and snow . i think you'll be enough to
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welcome to seven sports extra. the latest from the valley. the broncos hope sunday.--- highly doubtful for to leave. they couldn't stop the run they find themselves six and three, third place in the west and a critical point in the season. the cheese are waiting on the other side of the bye week coming up. by miller said this is the nfl, ups and downs. you have to be able to pull up and get out of the nosedive. >> would like to play season we
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probably blow quivered is out in the super bowl. that's not how it works in nfl. we are in a tough patch. we're players in place, leadership in place, everything in place. with that ability and will to get out of it. it's tough right now. >> sunday and superdome trying to stop drew breeze of the saints offense, they discovered a running game to go the second- best passing attack in the late. they won four out drew brees said, those numbers mean nothing. >> i don't care what our record is. i don't care what their record is. i know you on the tape and they are very good football team. there's a reason they are super bowl champs. is not a weakling in that defense. for us, the matter where we are in the season, this is the next game. will need our best game to beat
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the best lineups in the field and at the plate. charlie lachlan one silver slugger awards. 41 homers and check that they had 29 homers from the leadoff spot. the nuggets at pepsi center, where is in the house, three and four. nuggets should be five and two. they lost their only home game department after leading in the last seconds. nuggets also lost on a buzzer beater. nuggets, just finish. they are close. we'll have action tonight at 10 o'clock with steph curry and kevin durant in denver tonight. this extraordinary election continues to days later, we went to go live to the protests, protesting trumps victory. this isn't ever going to state capital marching to the 16th street mall tonight. >> you can see one of those people marching. this group is in the hundreds,
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from what we've seen with our pictures, they start of the state capital, this is going on in several cities around the country. we continue to monitor these pictures in denver and around the country and we'll keep you posted. i wish i had a dollar for every time i said it never seen
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christina guerrero. >> we've got what's trending now. if this election has you thinking about getting out of country, you are not alone. americans have been googling about moving to canada, new zealand, and australia in record neighbors. and our neighbor to the north's immigration website even crashed on election night. maybe this will make you want to stay. there are places here in america that will pay you to move there. this is no laughing matter. new haven, connecticut gives new homeowners as much as $80,000 in incentives to move in. while detroit michigan will give new residents up to $2500 each year. getting paid to be an american. hmm, yeah, i'd vote for that. >> another perk about staying state side, america brew as great cup of coffee. but not all cups of joe are created equal. this story is a real eye opener.
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happy or at least zippy is with coffee. starbucks pack as bigger punch than a lot of other coffee chains. ? >> according to research from the center for science and the public interest, and caffeine, starbucks gives you 20.6illigrams per fidunf coffee. to put that in perspective, that's more than double the caffeine mcdonald's gives you. >> smooth, nice, care medical, blendeju >> it's 4 milligrams more than pete's gives you and 8 more than coverage brothers and dunkin donuts. another place where starbucks wins, their coffee has up to 16 syllables, and mcdonald's's mccalf eight has just two. new features from facebook and snap chat: we've seen our


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