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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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>> they want at access to medical marijuana to treat ptsd. their cases heading to the court of appeals. >> reporter: they fought for our country but these veterans are now fighting for power -- colorado to recognize a medical marijuana as a treatment for pts the -- ptsd. >> two and half years to the appointments. >> five years in the army kurt return to describes it came to grips with the reality of living with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> there is a stigma attached to ptsd. >> he said hh didn't use marijuana until he moved to colorado. >> it is a big release for anxiety and depression and being able to sleep. >> healing comes not only group cannabis but meditating
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project to help other veterans find an outlet but it is marijuana that changes quality of life. >> a lot of veterans don't think it is a real viable option for them. >> this veteran met others like him to read the cannabis to cope with the horrors of combat when they returned home voted against adding ptsd to the treated by medical marijuana. there reason not enough research. kurt this battle is much more than a matter of policy. >> veterans are dying every day because they don't have the resources. having these resources available to them can literally save lives. >> ptsd can be treated with medical marijuana in 18 states but not here in colorado despite our state being at the forefront
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this fight is turning into a long court battle. just this weekend an attorney filed additional paperwork in the appeal. if that does not work out another option is turning to lawmakers. a homeless campus where huge fire started. viewer share this video. the halffden school buses caught fire as well and thankfully no one the homeowner got even with so-called porch pirates. the homeowner tied a bungee cord to a package that would be thief takes the bait only to have the package yanked from his hands. the homeowner says he filed a police report the guy hasn't been protest in america for the third straight night following tuesday's election. this is a live look at the los angeles california. a, seen certainly and the
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last protesters on the streets of la once again tonight as there are a handful of other towns. we have not heard of any protest tonight in denver. in michigan kids yell build a wall in the cafeteria. in colorado student say they are also hearing racist comments and they are taking a stand. >> i have seen and heard many unkind and hurtful things said and done in the halls directed at some of our >> this video air today rocky mountain high school in fort collins. tv production student saying the school has a culture of respect and of embracing diversity. the principal said there have only been minor incidents reported nonetheless he decided be proactive and address of this to make sure it there -- stopped to their. >> high schools or small microcosm of society. we have we've seen the students fearful of what the future holds
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what is okay and not okay to sa anymore. >> meanwhile students celebrated the diversity day writing down stereotypes on rice paper and then letting them dissolve in pool. president-elect trump is getting his transition team in place. mike pence will now lead. on 60 minutes he said he won't get rid of one of the key provisions of obama care. >> when u going to make sure that people with pre- existing conditions are still covered. >> yes because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. also with the children living with their parents for an extended period of time. >> president-elect trump says he will work quickly to rewrite the healthcare law. people shot in denver for
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butte -- police have not been shared the condition of the victims. more homeless children in our nation than ever before. it is a heartbreaking statistic. one out of 30 cases homeless. >> how a little bit of hope through the camera lens is changing the lives of some denver children. >> these pictures are the of hopes and dreams of 15 homeless children in denver. >> well-known photographer linda solomon partnered witt the children and teaching them about photography and challenging them to photograph what they want most. the photographers revealed their there's pictures for the first time this art show. >> these children are driven for ipads they dreams are for families. their dreams are for homeless animals. their dreams are the things that truly matter what.
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with their dreams. >> the camera become something much more. it gives them hope. it shows that they can express feelings and -- that may have been difficult to express verbally. >> the pictures were turned into these holiday cards are being sold with the proceeds going back into denver army. walgreens and only the cameras which have been changing lives of the last ten years with this program in the hope they changed even more with the christmas cards. a lot of people ask where they can get these. it is $10 a box which is a great deal because the money is going back to the kids. you can get them on the salvation army's website. we will also link this story on our website. in the spirit of giving see you will let drivers a off
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-- with food donations. feel inspired. don't go intentionally parking illegally because the food provides program only works for tickets issued before november 1st. there is a new contender in the big box store wars. people are now turning to amazon to bite every day good for their family. are the deals better than sam's or costco. >> sam's club's costco or amazon prime. frankie is loading her car outside cosco says she won't by househd items anywhere else. >> i am total costtgo. i love cosco. >> i love sam's for paper towels toilet paper. >> then there is ellen glascow who gets everything she needs from amazon prime. >> a quick two minutes i order it and now it is set and going front door the next day. >> warehouse stores making a crockpots clothing and paper towels easily online these days
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services like tire installation. what about prescription drugs or hearing aids or eyeglasses or consumer reports magazine says sam's and costco's prices on those services are lower than most chains. what if you just want household goods. joni calls herself the crazy coupon later -- lady includes compared prices on 170 price it -- items. the low price winner is costco with the lowest prices overall. >> we found costco is still 12% less and average prices of those items when compared to amazon subscribing. >> sam's club was in second place. 5% -- cosco. joni warns cosco's high $55 membership fee means you have to shop more to see the savings.
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even. >> amazon was the most expensive even with free shipping. she says there is no single winner or costco is best if you buy a lot and what organic produce. sam's is best for services and membership fees as low as $10 and amazon is best for convenience. and maybe you won't impulse buy as much. 10-year-old boy from broomfield is ggtting a big boost for watching jack on a shark tank. these are pictures of his watch party. 's lemonade stand is bring him some sweet success. this kid has more business sense than i do. >> it's hard to believe hat jack here is only in the sixth grade. if you talk to him you would think he is the ceo of a fortune
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jack appeared with the sharks. >> sharks i'm seeking $50,000 in exchange for 10% of my company. >> he was selling lemonade at the farmers market in broomfield a business grade with a cause. >> this started because i wanted to lay go star wars set. cost $400 . after that i could get it and he said i could but i would have to pay for it so i thought how it may go to pay for it. i'm ten years old and its $400. >> after 12 weeks he made in profit got his legal set and it of interest in bbing a business owner expanding's lemonade stand to local shopping centers and stocking merchandise made by other young entrepreneurs like a dog treats and let bomb. now he wants to take his kid centric business model nationwide. >> i love teaching kids a cause it is going to benefit them in the future. i love working with kids and seeing them grow.
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except they will have to provide enthusiasm. >> we would love to take your deal. >> jack walked away with a $50,000 loan and advice from some of the best in the business. >> pitching in front of the sharks was unreal. there was a lot of preparation that went into it but it was totally worth it. just a great experience. >> do you think he lacks charisma. >> i think it would be just >> he has a really good moral comfort -- compass. he serves paul newman's lemonade because all the profits from this coopany go to charity and that was important to him. he has made dimensions. he is a black belt in karate and he also plays piano. we also want to say thank you to all veterans and their families. tonight denver with the county
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who you would like to think tonight. >> i want to thank my father horst junior who served in the army. >> i want to thank my abuelo john fernandez he served in korea and in the army. >> thank you all. it will go down at 12 most memorable sports moments in history. world series game seven comes indians and has a colorado one of the most historical series of all times. >> in 90 seconds we talked to this local umpire about being
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chris guccione he never saw this but that's final out of the world series this angle because he was watching it for this angle. >> i did make the final out call the it was really cool. i worked one of the most historical series of all time. it was insane. the crowd was so loud. >> imagine going to work in front of 40 million people. that's the way to denver the fiial out call by this local boy from a slider. >> i have more stuff. >> he keeps all his memorabilia in this great in his denver basement. >> dodger stadium 50th
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i worked in puerto rico. here's an older shea stadium for -- ball and this is my old umpire that from 1985. helena montana clinton iowa lansing michigan by failure middle and odessa odessa shreveport louisiana jackson mississippi. >> traveling the minor leagues from 1985 to his first big-league game in 2000. >> >> de remember this -- do you remember this. >> of course i do. >> that hurt. it was that's a mask. >> diagnosed with a concussion he had to take a week off which brought back to denver to is now 1-year-old gemma and wife amy. >> without her the support and love and putting up with me
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would be possible. >> the even got to travel with him to the world series where on the biggest stage even chris thought he had an oops. >> there was one play the whole series that i wasn't too sure about. we go off of sight and sound. we heard the pop of the glove and i called him safe and i thought that was close but it never went we play -- replay so obviously i got it right. >> now back in denv more memories to store away. >> from an audience of 4 million the world of just three this umpire is now safe at home. four people shot this is northeast denver in fillmore and mlk. police have not sure the condition of the victims. we do know for people have been shot tonight in denver. this new video shows a
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you can see two dogs attacking a little boy. this mom grabs him and runs toward her the california home to shield her son. neighbors fought off the dogs. the boy's injuries were so bad he ended up in the hospital and he is back on tonight. doomsday planners you can live cozy to. and investor is building a $300,000,000.00 community. the trident lakes community northeast dallas has all the be survive a bomb or another disaster . the golf golf course white sand beach and polo field. there is also a dna vault for family sustainability. units start at half million dollars. more efficient vehicles mean the less we will need to fix our roads. the department is recruiting volunteers to track mileage and see if a one half cent per mile
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work. eastbound sixth avenue should opeminute now. and old pipe dating back to 1890 broke this mmrning. it was installed 14 years after colorado became a state. today did you see the sun dogs. jaden carter did. over the denver area. this shot from chris roller also beautiful picture of it and you can see another version what are these things. they are caused by the ice crystals in the serous clouds that act like tiny little prisms as the sunlight shines through and goes through those little ice crystals and takes and breaks all the colors of the rainbow spectrum. i have the time last year. look the sun dogs there. if you want to learn more about it i watched a -- i wrote an
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sometimes of that is the sign of a storm system coming in but right now not so mild conditions in the jet stream will stay that way through the for the weekend into the first half of next week but by late next week jetstream will shift a bit and bring us brrtish fast- -- fast-moving storm system next thursday and friday. mainly snow in the mountains but we have a shot at getting our first snowflakes falling in the denver area. tonit skies are clear and 43 degrees. forty-one out of the airport southwest wind at 10 miles per hour. there's not much happening around the country. there is a great big dry air mass all across the lower 48. no rain in the southeast or the pacific northwest. for our weekend it's good be quiet. clear skies and cool temperatures at night.
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lower elevations in operative the mountains . across across the state 19th one of the colder temperatures at alamosa. tomorrow sunny day just a few high clouds 87 in denver 66 at bible 48 leadville front range numbers will be very pleasant in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees at lower elevations. that is 50s expected in the mountains. metro area people saturday upper 60s to around 70 degrees onto mostly sunny skies. tonight some high clouds breezy cool winds from the so tomorrow mostly sunny and high temperature of 67 degrees. more mild stuff coming up through monday tuesday temperatures in the 70s looking had wednesday winds increase at of the storm. it's good be a quick move five to 10 inches of snow in the mountains and a rain snow mix that won't amount to much in a bit of a change for us down here on thursday and then certainly
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next week. we have a lot to talk about tonight. rocco's into the dome on sunday as the jets tonight and he was a mexico soccer qualifying rapids. pain-and-suffering tonight. that is next on seven sports extra. my dad served in the navy during world war ii. >> i want to think my buddy roger joseph. today is his birthday. he was stationed in puerto rico for a while. he was in the marines and navy. >> davis felt as is my coworker . >> i want to thank all the men and women out there who are still giving their service
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. kubiak said he likes the response from his team this week the energy is back but the crosswords games on the new orleans veterans will be out with the kids are right for now. your quarterback and running back trevor and montag the youngest are starting back of kubiak's coaching career. they have not experienced the superdome. it will get loud and crazy when the saints are waiting. gary said innocence lost on sunday. >> you have to grow faster playing big games here in tough places to play and guys like looking charter never walked in this place. had been there 20 times. they need to get going real quick. >> troy will be in nola for the game. watches reports from the big easy tomorrow. detroit talked baseball with matt holliday. the formal rocking a free agent said to be open to come back to colorado. you can read about exclusive from troy conversation with matt holliday on the denver channel -- denver channel .com. pepsi center honoring
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dropping the first pocket. lonnie and all that's think you for your service. went over time to 2-2. jets jets on a breakaway a chance to win it take away shot saved not . we will 3-2. hoops against the sack state derek wright first basket was a third rock. dominique collier also raining down rocks from the heavens. right down the leg three sacks no chance. box win big 90-53. usa mexico miguel scored it past tim howard of the rapids wanted noohing mexico. the look of disgust on teams
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howard made the statement that was it for him. grace is hand them out. here's what happened. on the kick he dropped to the ground after in obvious pain. muscle injury mri tomorrow. will not make the trip to close to rico. the rapids had the western constable -- conference finals coming up mexico wins 2-1. today. today nuggets for durell author showed up for the hundred and 50 to help unload the beautiful
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that forecast looks great.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in


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