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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 12, 2016 12:36am-1:05am MST

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enter sleep number. don't miss the semi-annual sale, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! give the gift of amazing sleep. only at a sleep number store, right now save $500 on the queencse mattress with sleepiq technology. plus 36 months special financing. know better sleep with sleep number. all new today "right this minute". a good samaritan jumps into a river near a wrecked concrete mixer. >> and he's trying to get to the driver. >> the moment a giant digger delivers a little help. >> no way. >> a home owner sees something trapped in the roof. >> that is a starling that's stuck. >> the twist when rescuers go to great heights and the bird pulls
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a marine who lost his leg battles back by training for -- >> the month of marathons. >> the veterans day story behind rob jones' journey of strength and courage. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and what is it? video of something strange that -- >> spreads out on to the sea floor. >> the freaky creature with the mad skills. >> weird, man. >> what could have possibly been the worst day of this man's life turned out to be the luckiest. >> oh, gosh. >> a man driving a concrete mixer went over the bank and into the river, but luckily a passer by saw it happened, went running down the bank and jumped into action. and he's trying to get to the driver. >> i believe this person was thinking about all of that. you see him go to both sides of
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alone trying to fight metal and glass. >> not for long, because another man -- >> no, way. >> sees this going down and suddenly lowers in the bucket of a digger. you see him get out, he also jumps into action. >> i almost wish the excavator lifts it out of the water. i know it's probably dangerous, don't know the condition the guy's in. >> after a little while they use the excavator to move the other pieces of the truck out of th you see one of the men emerge, then they use the excavator to lift him to safety. >> awesome rescue. honestly, fantastic. >> they put him in, then they go to the top. once they arrive, there's a crowd there waiting for them. they've also called the ambulance, so they put the man on the stretcher, carry him to the ambulance, and he's taken to the hospital.
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i'm happy the folks were there and saw it happen. because this could have ended terribly. >> there he is, boyfriend from the uk, he's been called to a home because they've got a problem. >> i can't help but think every time you say that people at home are going, really? >> he's got the x factor. >> that's what it is? >> yeah, he does. >> rescuing children >> he's not rescuing dogs or children, but they've spotted something. it's up there. >> that is a starling that's stuck between the roof and a protective panel, and they need to get it out. so, laurie, who came with him, has to get the ladder. >> hello.
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like i can help. >> dog already did help. i bet if the dog wasn't barking and freaking out, they may not have noticed the bird was stuck up there. >> wait a minute. >> let me say, no animals were harmed in the making of this video. basically, he starts to just pick parts of this thing off. >> this is not easy to snap. >> but the bird pulls a houdini, because once they get enough space for the bird to get out -- >> disappears back in there. >> oh, yeah. >> once he gets the last one off. maybe if you just climb on down and leave it alone, it might come out. and pretty much the coast is clear. >> i do believe it was just yesterday saying you really,
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cool. well, you're really, really, really extreme athlete jamie lee, jumping off right here. takes off immediately starts descending. right into that ro. right about here, yeah, he's going down, going down, nope. >> give this kids the keys and sign him up for the rebellion. >> done. >> he starts spinning as he's flying right next to these rocks and clears them. i'm going to guess with millimeters to spare. this whole video was beautifully shot using the gopro hero 4 camera. he manages to survive every
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hi, boys and girls, time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need friday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident of the united states or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up in a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. if anyone out there is one of the three people out there that still need convincing that action movie kid is the number youtube, i'm going to convince you. this is an entire compilation of the best hits from the last year, all of which are incredible and i'm going to show you. starts off with my childhood. >> definitely. >> so cool. >> short circuit, man. >> this does not look -- that looks like it's the actual prop, but it's not.
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>> it's okay, he's making up, playing a game right here, fast and furious, though. >> oh! >> this next one at the bowling alley. honestly, gayle, going to be your favorite. >> oh, transporter technology. when will that be? >> middle of the battle. middle sister got skills, too. watch this, it's a magic mower. >> right there. be right back, okay?
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what the heck? >> the last one is going to increase the tension, gain perfection. >> oh! >> that's a problem. hurry! >> just in time. barely even scratched the surface in this video and the entire page, so don't forget to check it out on youtube, as well as a behind the scenes, as website,, click on tv show, or use our mobile app. the ocean is full of surprises. the fishing boat in russia, where they pull up their haul. see what they caught. >> do you mind? and aunt boo has a s message for our veterans. >> i want to thank all of our veterans. thank you, thank you so much for everything that you've done. >> now hear her put her
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pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine closed captioning provided by -- considering how vast our know about them, it's no surprise we'd find strange things. a fishing boat in russia, where they pull aboard their haul. they release the catch and dump out their haul on the deck of the boat. imagine your favorite food and being surrounded by all of it. >> you'd just dive right in. >> i believe that is a first.
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said male that's been caught up in this net. eventually they do get him to leave his buffet and go back to his home. >> going to jump off, the boat goes -- >> now it gets even stranger off the coast of bali. a diver saw this thing and thought he may have discovered an alien. look at that. >> what is it, though? it's cool, it's fascinating. >> it's bel of sea cucumber, the things that look like legs aren't, they are known as lobes and they'll detach if a predator comes after it. if you kind of let part of its body go similar to a lizard that might let its tail go. the thing that looks to be like a head is actually a mouth and it spreads out on to the sea floor, detecting small crabs and crustaceans and that's how it eatings. for my academics out there --
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>> so many people watching, you guys drop phrases all the time from the show. >> that's right, gets angry, speaks from the phone all the time. >> loving mother, very supportive of him. in fact, lets him money. >> you can have a version of this couch in the form of a cake. recipe put together, netflix, u.s. and canada. >> do they recommend coke on the side? >> no, but lots of powdered sugar. once you have layered your cake and shaped it into a couch, you put your fondant over it.
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couch. >> then you have that compartment where the money is going to go, starts painting it to give it the same pattern. >> makes it rain. >> uh-huh. puts some cash in there, adds the top cushion. notice a bag of sugar on the side. it's really clever and they have a bunch of different videos just like this relative to their others. >> that's really cool, though. that is a cool cake. >> dea will love it. delicious eats administration. today is veteran we all know that we owe a huge debt of appreciation for our veterans who sacrifice their time, months, sometimes years keeping us safe. if anybody likes veterans, it's us. >> i want to say to all of our veterans, thank you, thank you so much for everything that you've done. >> recently we had a video of a veteran serving overseas. was so entertained, sent her
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person was. >> she was having a really bad day, as well. >> she was remembering the loss of her mother. well, she's got a song to sing. this will be familiar to you, oli, but we changed the words. ? my country 'tis of thee ? ? sweet land of liberty ? >> if anybody wants to go to church ? from every mountainside let freedom ring ? >> every time, i love her voice, the bravado. except the times when she talks about pig stink. thank you, thank you. happy veterans day.
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his wife and adorable girl. >> they are going to let her paint? >> they are. they have a time line for this expansion, hoping to have it complete in the spring of 2017. if you haven't figured it out at home, this is a pregnancy announcement to let everyone know in the lawrence family and beyond that they are expecting baby number two. >> would have been better if it was an announcement for his man cave. very cute way to let them know the expansion is for another
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motorcycle, you understand this sentiment. took his helmet off because he wanted to see how it would change and morph as the wind hit it. i think we can all understand this expression. >> didn't need >> i don't know if he was expecting it to feel the way it felt in that moment, but doesn't stop, and this video is getting so much attention because people are cracking up at the faces that he's making. granted, he's not exactly wearing gear, not wearing a helmet. according to some reports, he chose to ride like this for the purpose of this video. >> well, the fun thing is, if he
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>> either way, as far as we know, he was all right after the video and people are loving it, because it's so weird. >> it is weird and goofy. >> we are not condoning riding a motorcycle without your gear, but you can enjoy the fact he's okay. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal resident >> head over to and click on win ipad. >> you can enter the buzz word using facebook, twitter, or both. you can use each every day. >> let's reveal friday's buzz word, wish. >> head over to and enter the buzz word, wish. >> next week we'll have another bonus give away. that means somebody's going to win an ipad mini and somebody is going to win a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. while serving in
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>> was wounded in action by a land mine.
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a lot of videos u what they are doing. head to their youtube channel. just a bunch of scaredy cats. if you're feeling down, find yourself in a bit of a rut, allow us to put a bit of a pep in your step. that's a lot of pep. while they are training in brazil, getting ready for what he calls the month of marathons. he's going to attempt 31 marathons in 31 days. rob here has quite the story. rob is a marine. in 2010 while serving in afghanistan he was wounded in
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legs amputated and his road to recovery came when he was transferred to walter reid medical center for rehab. he was fitted for prosthetics and learned to walk. from there he learned to run, ride a bike, and row. he trained for the 2012 paralympics and brought home bronze, in 2014 placed fourth in the world championships and later that year he set out to accomplish something. he rode his bike from maine to california. and you can believe it came with >> his pedals are not like ours. >> you're right, gayle. everything had to be customized for him. >> necessary to custom make a seat with recessed clips that snap in. manufactured leg i use for recycling. takes something like a million pedals to start seeing wear on the joints. i went through three or four. i was doing millions. >> he didn't do it alone.
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hotels in different places where he could rest and made friends along the way. took a total of 181 days. rode over 5,000 miles and raised $120,000 for wounded veterans. >> yikes! >> goal is $1 million and that brings us back to the month of marathons. mapped out here on the website, all taking place in the summer of 2017. you can follow his journey on the site. he has a ton of followers on social media. you can support by na coalition of american heros. >> anybody else that wants to do this kind of trip or challenge themselves, it will help them realize that they can do something. if i can do this, they can do whatever they want. that's a look at today's top viral videos. for more check out or catch us
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