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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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it is 11:00, and we start with breaking news. students have walked out of the capitol. y are marching to - they were joined by teachers as well. >> they are not alone. this is a look maryland walking out of class this morning, protesting the outcome of the presidential election. that's the video on the eft and on the right you see more students marching out of class and for the 5th straight day, people protesting chanting phrases like we reject our president elect and not my president. >> police say the protests are becoming peaceful.
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protester was shot over the weekend while demonstrating and after dozens of arrests late last week. >> colorado saw more demonstrations over the weekend as well. more than a thousand people gathered in the greek amphitheater at denver civic center park. while organizers called it a peaceful rally of unity, and inccusiveness, one state lawmaker told us he will not be given the president elect an open mind. >> absolutely not. let me tell you why, you don't go on a campaign trail, and you don't demonize commmnities in the way that he's demonizing them in the language he used and all offa sudden turn around and say now i'm going to % moderate myself. once you put that out there, you can't take it back. >> meantime, republicans trying to calm concerns over comments made during the president elect's campaigns. some of the comments sparking the nationwide protests. % -?house speaker paul ryan speaking out, trying to
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rest assured. america is a pluralistic inclusive country. it is and has been and will continue to be. i think that people should put their minds at ease. >> now, ryan also spoke about trump's plan to repeal the he says he is on board to keep some elements in preeident obama's health care law. the word rigged was thrown a lot during the election. now boulder county is making sure you know things were >> the county is performing a self-audit to make sure everything came out. we are in boulder where the elections office is hard at work. >> reporter: this really is putting a bow on the 2016 election through the final year end or end of the 2016 election cycle just to make sure all of accurate, and to make sure everything worked according to plan, and went according to to plan. what's going to happen, a certain number of random ballot scanning machines are going to
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of random ballots are going to be chosen. rescanned and then they'rr going to be counted and the numbers are going to be % compared just to make sure everything basically matches up% here. thissis going to be done by a bipartisan team as a final quadruple check and it will be pubbished, made transparent herr to the public. >> we have never changed the outcome of an election based on an audit. it's that ccecks and balances and the final step for the process. >> now colorado accually is required bytate law to perform one of these audits again. not to change theeresults but just tt go bbck and make sure these ballots and scanners and everything worked out well. if there is a discrepancy, normally i'm told here by the clerk and recorder, it's one or two votes and whenever they found it, here in bouller, human error on the human e counting side of things. then eleetion 2017.
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grenow. ffrst we want to see snow. before another election. >> a chance it looos like by thursday into early friday. not a good chance, unfortunately. this is not going to be a big storm for us coming in. so more 60s right now. more sunshine, we're at 68 degrees ii boulder right now. 65 in parker. 63 in castle rock right now. so at this moment, we are more than 10 degrees abooe normal and it's only 11:05. now, this afternoon you're going to find just thin clouds coming from the ?orthwest. there is a storm that's hitting the pacific northwest and that's what we're going to be tracking the next couple of days. but today it's warm, it's dry. some o. snow that yyu can -- of the snow that you can see at loveland ski area. that's the run they have been working on obviously. a lot of that melting. had fresh snow at winter park. a lot of that is going to melt. low 70s for highs today. denver by about 1:00 to 3:00 is going to hit a high of 72
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cllar skies tonight and mild tomorrow morning. overnight lows in fact in the upper 40s, that's just 5 degrees cooler than our normal high for the day. is. can see what a change it coming up in aafew minutes, we're going to take a look at the chance for a little rain, snow, out across eastern colorado, details on our thursday storm innjust a few minutes. an suv found burned. investigators are calling this suspicious, and now nair looking into whether intentionally set the car on fire. no one has been arrested. a fight between two women turns violent in brighten overnight. one of those women was stabbed. she is expected to survive, and police are investigating. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a 300-acre brush fire near dia. here's a look at the fire that started near 128th and haze
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so far we know two sheds were destroyed in the blaze. >> this man is behind bars for allegedly shooting and killing an 111year-old boy over the weekend. now that community is in mourning. 41-year-old james moshwash turned himself in. the little boy's name has not been released. deputies ssy e is not related to the boy. the investigation is ongoing. an off duty sseriff's deputy from texas, being hailed a hero deputy armando salazar jr. was on vacation in aspen. that's when salazar jumped into action. they were able to restrain the suspect until police arrived. the salazar men were rewarded memorabilia. they got hats, a coffee mug and
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taaen an ugly turn in many ways, accooding to usa today, experts say there are more hate3 crimes happening right now, more than after 9/11. southern poverty law enter says there have been more than 200 reports of hate based intimidation and harassment nationwide since election day. schooos across the country are sending letters home to parents after disturbing incidents in both classrooms and cafeterias. students and families on both sides of th targeted over many side their family was on. racist videos have shown up across the foundation, students chanting build that wall at a build that wall. >> then there's his video of a being attacked by another student and it's even happening at the ollegiate level, at the university of pennsylvania, an investigation underway now were added to a racist group shocking racism happening.
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racist signs posted, at a florida high school above the drinking fountains, one side reads white only, the one next to it sends colored. students are worried. >> i was worried because i used to see that stuff back in the day, and i was like, it's really coming back. >> the school district is not tolerating it. they arr investigating. some say all of this now being ?riggered because of the outcome of this year's presidential election. 3 trump has picked two top advisers for key jobs in his 3 administration. the first is reince priebus who will become trump's chief of staff. trump may want to stick ith long time gop agendas, the second pick is tump's campaign ceo steve ban non. he's been named as senior
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the president elect said he would not take the president's $400,000 a year salary, aad says he won't be taking any big vacations saying there's just too much to beedone. president elect donald trump is crediting social media with helping him get elected as the 45th president of the ?nnted states. trump says heethinks social media has more power than any money spent on the campaign, and he says he prooeddthat with the recent jump in followers on social media. now he say he's going to be a little more restrained using meantime,hillary clinton is ?ointing at james comey, sayingg he hurt her campaign. the first letter halted the momentum that she had after the debates. ccinton then went on to say comey's seccnd letter two days before the election, it may have exonerated her but brought the e-mails back into the spotlight. hillary clinton did not win the election despite winning the fundraising battle.
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from more than 3 million contribbtors. this was the second presidential cycle since the % supreme court allowed those huge donations to be made to politiial super packs. and breaking news right now, the second ccarrer school has arrived at the capitol building, so here's a live picture. you can see quite a few students right there on the west steps of the capitol. the students walked out of class earlier this morning. they were being escorted by secuuity and police cars, just to make saaely. 33 some of the teachers are there as well. it has been a year since aa drunk driver hit and killed jamie,. and law enforcement officials don't want to ee that. on drunk driving. a.m. a.m. >> csp is continuing their saturation patrols, meaning thhy're pptting a largg number
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focusing on combating impaired driving. the total number of issued citations ii actually down by nearly 180 in the last year. still csp is pushing until that number is 0. they get 0 incidents of dui driving. the department losing one of its own just last year. trooper was hit and killed while trying to stop cool normal end hendersonn moments later, jusovix was hit, and henderson was sentenced 8 years before the crime. he reportedly drankkbefore, during and after a broncos game while the numbers are down, troopers tell us they actually issued more than 3800 citations to drivers who were both -- a california community in
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deputy is gunned down over the weekend in what some are calling an execution style killing. nextthow deputy dennis wallace is being remmmbered. a texas woman behind bars after these photos started circulating on social media. dozens of exotic pets, in her home. %--?why she's faci doesn't have to do with housing the animals. teacher is without a job after being caught cursing at students anddit was all
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breaking overnight aftee shocks rattled parts of nee zealand after yesterday's 7.8 magnitude quake. that triggered landslides and a small tsunami. roads cracked apart, leaving 3 hundreds of people stranded. two people have died, the quake hit in the same region as deadly quake in 2011 that left more than 180 people dead. cows stranded on an island of grass after the land around them gave way because of the quake. >> reaction pourrng in this morning in ohio after a judge that was over the weekknd in the case of a whhte police officer, accused of murdering
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officer ray tensing was facing charges of voluntary manslaughter, for shooting and killing sam dubos in a traffic stop. streets, rallying for a new trial, and the family is speaking out about the verdict this morning. >> it's confirmation that we have a lot of racism here ii this country. at the end of the day, that's 3 what it boils down to, the heart of a man, and if you have a good heart, you have looked at that video and being murdered. >> the lead prosecutor says he'll decide byynovember 28th november 28th whether to retry the case. 3 a california sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty in what some are calling dennis wallace was shot twice in the head at poont-blank range after he was called to the scene to an investigate a suspicious person.
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who many describe it wasn't just a job for him. >> so here's a look at the man accused of killing deputy wallace. david machado is facing murder charges and he sheriff says he wants him to end up on death row. dash cam video captures a struggle between a new jersey police officer and a driver and this ended in a shooting. driving with a handicapped ppaccrd in the window. after e was st driver tried tootake off. you see the deputy kind of hanging onto the vehicle there. then the guy takes off on foot. and there is a scuffle between them. that's when some time in there, the officers gun went off. , the suspect is now facing charges of aggravaaed assault and the officer is on leave. >> take a look at thissphoto, a
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dangerous animals, including tiger cubs and aagrown adult tiger. she also reportedly has a monkeys, 34-year-old trisha ne - meyer is behind bars, facing child endangerment charges because the animals have been running freely in her home with her teenage daughters insidee the pets have been confiscated and placed with animal control. in the mood iiwill answer -- i'm in the mood i will answer you. >> a north carolina teacher under fire after she's caught cursing at her students. students recorded the teacher going on a rant about how bbing a teacher is stressful. listen to this. >> i don't know what could have happened in my life, and you all want to come here acting real disrespectful and you ddn't know what i go through or3 what i've been through,.
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she's now suspended. it's not carly fiorina if she will return to the classroom. here's a look at the super moon from overnnght. the llsest it hassbeen to earth since january of 1948. it was 144 larger than the smalleet full moon. the moon won't be this big and bright again until 2034. >> 2034, i'm >> it is beautiful outside, we had a bright sunrise, too, gorgeous, warm, here are your first alert headlines. today, more 70s and sunshine. and then there's a big question maak on this one, snow on thursday. i feel like that's a ron burgundy moment. 30-degree cool down by friday. we are tracking a storm that could bring a little rain aad -?snow to denver by thursday in early friday. the mountains will definitely pick up more snow here in the
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minute. it's 68 degrees in denver. look at our relative humidity. 177 and winds anywhere from about 10 to 30 miles per hour. so unfortunately we do have some really dry, breezy conditions, and it'' warm, so fire danger is tarting to get a lot higher here. low 70s thhs afternoon with 50s still in the 50s. now, 52, our normal high today will be there at 9:00 tonight. odd this 24 hourr early tomorrow morning, mid- to upper 400 with some clear skies. centennial, 69 today, brighten is going to hit a high of 72. aurora you're near 70 and highlands ranch in littleton will hit 73 this afternoon. it's warm,,for instance you're at 7 -- fort collins you're at 71. on future cast, you can see clouds that are streaming ahead of a storm that's right now
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we're going to be tracking a change with the storm in the next few days. winds right now coming in out of the southwest. % again, it's a little gusty in responds. i would not e surprised if by tuesday, wednesday, we start to see more red flag warnings popping up on the plains. weather watch on the western % slope tomorrow due to the warm, dry conditions. tomorrow ww're at 75. winds are going to pick up a bit more ahead of the storm wednesday. that again is going to bring high fire danger. 76eg wednesday. tomorrrw, we could be lookinn at tieing or beating the ?e'll talk more about that coming up later in the show. but on thursday, chance for some showers and at this point, it's about a 30% hance of rain, which then could, thursday night into friday, turn over to snow. cross your fingers. the bright spot very subjective. for me, that's great. gives me something to talk about finally. i'm sure foo other people enjoying the 70s and sunshine.
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>> for a lot of people in some ?ays, they have been wanting this, i'm going to say that a loo of folks might agree with the bright spot. >> i went for a bagel, and listening to christmas music. it didn't feel right. >> that's true. we need the snow. an incredible ending to the game between the broncos and saints yesterday. 3 we are going to take annther look at final play thaa got the team the win, and what is justin simmons crediting for 3 help him stay n bound for the game winning play.
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later.
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it's monday it, the incredible play for the broncos to stun the new orleans saints yesterday ended up winning the game 25--3. >> here's a lo at the incredible game winning play, late in the 4th, saints driving. brees stepp back, a 32-yard ?lay to tie the game at 23. >> what you saw right there was the eexra point missed. so to take the lead, they miss, we then recover the ball and
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you see him so excited. running in for 2 points. >> the play goes under review. did parks step out of bounds. the refs say the ll on the field stand and it's a broncos win. here's what some of he players had to say about the crazy finish. >> guys practice it all the time, and ou know, different coordinators, to see it, you know, executed for the game winning, you now, play, i done since seattle. ever been >> and i was hoping nobody blocked anybody in the back to overturn the call, but it was great. >> i liked you for a reason. >> wow. that blockee kick, hardly ever happens. -?if you watch football, you know, it's really only happened a few times since the rule was instated last year, and when it comes to simmons, she's thanking the elementary school
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dance on the toes and move around and keep inside the line. take a look at this. the viral manikin challenge has hit cu boulder and taken to a whole new level here. that is ralphy, the manikin, and her handlers, it's a good bbcause the bucks football team is ranked number 12 in a new poll. >> we have a last minute warning for people living in homeless camps, the city is gearing up to clear out the camps, why the city is it it. >> plus, president elect donald trump is making some controversial decisions, why his move to appoint this mannas chief strategist is under fire. a miihigan police officer without a job for something he
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at 11:30 breaking news. littleton police are looking in a landfill, looking for either the evidence in her case. july after nobody had heard from her in days. her boyyriend jeffrey byer has been jailed on an unrelated sex assault charge. right now it's not clear what has led investigators to search the landfill. we'll keep you updated on that. -? this man now is behind ba in colorado springs after reportedly running around naked
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they were drivinggby. iivestigators say 43-year-old christopher ruiz broke into someone's home, and got into an argument with the person inside. then police say he was uncooperative with police. he's facing charges. one of colorado's most wanted sex offenders is behind ?ars. caught and arrested in louisiana over the weekend. 3 graham guide has been living in louisiana the past six months, going by the name of james sawyer. he was ccnvicted of sex assault people living in homeless camps in downtown denver have a little time left o remove their belongings from the site. camps starting tomorrow. he the sweeps will happen outside the shelters oo lawrence street. the city cleared out the same camps in march, but they have grown in the last eight months. >> when you're being swept off the blocks that you're used to laying on, or the alley ways you're used to be warm in, you go to the one place you know.
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lawsuit from the sweeps in march. it's 11:31. in youustep outside, you'll have to look at the calendar and remind yourself of what the l -- what the weather is.. >> last friday we hit 61. we have not been below the 60- degree mark since october 12 october 12th. % over a month and that's the last time we also saw about 1/100 of an inch of precipitation. very danger. a live look from akron from our wireless camera. -?beautiful, clear skies, sunshine, upper 60s to low 70s. but we have seen a few brush fires here within the past couple of days, and that could happen as winds start to pick up here. likely wednesday into early thursday. fire danger is going to get highee. evergrren ight now, 56. bennett 67. and in castle rock, it's right ?ow, you saw it there warm up
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degrees warmer. a look at some of the record highs today or tomorrow and wednesday. show you just how close we get to them, plus that chance foo snow on thursday. details in a few minutes. kids who go to adventure academy elementary in adams county arr getting a day off of school today. crews are still trying to fix a plumbing problem. parents told denver 7 the school has about 3 inches of standing sewage water in the classrooms. the icounty health department and the district are working to backing up in the south wing of the school. the goal is to have the school back opennsometime this week. we told you about firefighters in colorado springs rescuing two cats and a dog from an apartment ffre. when they found the pets they were not in good shape. the firefighters gave them all oxygen, as you can see there, and we have good news this morning. all three areeexpected to be okay. the dog has been released from the hospital. the cats we're told aree improving but they're still recovering. our free denver 7 app.
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tte pressdent elect's first big decisions. donald trump announced his first two hires over the weekend. noo everyone likes his choices. >> in a revealing interview, trump being asked about big campaign promises. here's maggie ruly with more. >> reporter: donald trump's first big decision as president elect. two bii hires, trump the ultimate washington outsider hiring reince priebus, the ultimate insider as chief staff. head of the republican national committee he played a huge role in the part's decisive victory. >> no matter who you are, where% you come from, we want donald trump to be your president. >> reporter: trump is calling for aaerica to unite. he responds to reports of hate crimes across the country. >> i am so saddened to hear that, and i say stop it. >> reporter: but for many,
11:35 am
fueling this fear. stephen bannon a right wing opinion and news site and a number of organizations, including the council on americannislamic relations and the antidefamation league are denouncing the hire. the adl saying it's a sad day when a man who presided over the premier web site of the at right, a unabashed anti-semites and racists is slated to be a people's house mber in the him not -- house. >> i want him not to be the way he's accused. i find him to be the oppositee don't judge people based on what other people say. >> reporter: trump appeared to soften on hard lineecampaign promises, now saying that he'll focus first on criminal undocumented immigrants and when it omes to same-sex mmrriage, that's already been decided by the supreme court. maggie ruly, abc news, washington. over the weekend, several hundred people marched in
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work together to solve problemm with immigration. the demonstration ended at the immigration detention center. people showed up with solidarity, and held to immigration charges. election day has come and gone, but counties are triple % checking their results this week, doing self-audits to make sure everything came out right. >> jason gruenauer is live. >> reporter: this won't change the ootcome. it's a final quadruple check of ballot scanning machines there weren't technical issues with ttat, that all the numbers that boulder county reported were in fact accurate. i talked to the boulder county clerk and recorder. she says this is all part of the system of checks andd balances, random ballot machines and ballots are selected. they are rescanned, hand coonted, then the numbers compared to make surr they are all right. the clerk and recorder says it's important the ppblic knows they do this. they put the audit results online so veryone can
11:37 am
process. every county in colorado does this poot election aadit with ballots and ballot scanning machines. here's in boulder, it's going to take about two days, and election results are certified and then they start thinking about the 2017 election. reporting in boulder, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. we invite you to join marshall zelinger and other colorado journalists for a look back at the highs and lows of covering this election cyyle. tomorrow night's discussiin at the denver post auditorium is the final in the tap the vote series, which ww have partnered with the denver post and other you can learn more informatiin on, just look in the spotlight section. a texas mother under fire on sociallmedia of her kicking her 8-year-old son out of the house after he voted for donald trump in a mock election. take a look.
11:38 am
>> huh-uh. >> get your suitcase aad gee out. -?bye. >> you can hear the mother telling her son to get out of -?the house. she also tells him to take the sign with him. which says quote, my mom kicked me out of the house because i voted for donald trump.. this vvdeo is going viral. it has been shared thousands of times on social media, and what may have just been a joke is now prompting an investigation. a michigan police officer has been suspended for something he posted on media during the anti-trump protests on a facebook live feed of one of the protests the officer is accused of writing quote go home mmnocan is, the -- monkeys, and the department says they are investigating the post. another officer in michigan under fire. this officer was caught off confederrte flag around a group of protesters. the police department is investigating and the officer is son leave. ?>> retail company american apparel has filed for
11:39 am
first time. what's next for the retail giant. and facebook trying to fix the problem after some people were logging on only to find out that the social media site thinks they're dead: black friday is only ten days away.
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today, city and county leaders will meet for the
11:42 am
500 leaders from across the metro area are participating hoping to creating a road map to reach the city's 2020 ?ustainability goals. mayor hancock will be there. the suumit is happening at the sheridan downtown. new this morning, new numbers show that international student enrollment is growing at colorado universities. a report released by the institute of international education finds more than 11,000 international students say that cu boulder, csu and du during the 2015, and 2016 the revious school year. china sent the most students followed by india, saudi arabia, south korea, and kuwait. >> the cdc says fewer people are lighting up. the number of smokers dropped 15% from 45 million to 37 million, a new all time low. the cdc is happy with the trend, the group says more anti- tobacco action is still needed. new at eleven for the second time in a year, retail company american apparel has
11:43 am
sell its brand, to canadian company, gilden active wear. that means the brock and mortar scores may not survive. some people have been logging onto facebook only to discover the social networking site thinks they are dead. people have been seeing a banner memorializing certain profiles, not everyone was affected but at one point facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was declared dead by his company. it's not clear what's causing the mass obituaaies, apparently it could be a bug in facebook's system. the biggest shopping day of the season is upon us. black friday is just next week. here are tips, denver 7 did a little bit of work on. the first tip, the best deals are going to be on thanksgiving. mmst black friday add have
11:44 am
appear to be from target, best buy, wal-mart, sam's club and kohl's and a lot of the deals are already online now. so some of the hottest items, those gaming systems, drones, tablets and small kitchen appliances and here's what you do not want to buy until after black friday. winter clothes, outdoor sports tech software. and of course, the ever popular and easy to give gift cards, there' most of us do not want one as a present. even so about 50 percent of us plan to give one. amaaon, wal-mart, and nexflix. >> i'll take a gift card. it's no secret, coloradoans love their beer. hey, maybe a beer gift card. a study reiterated that info group has ranked denver the second best city in the country
11:45 am
retailer and breweries and take3 a look at the map of metro areas across the country.. thii indicates that moot cities, the ones marked in red, they prefer wine over beer. denver one of the relatively over wine. >> i'm surprised we don't have both. >> you travel and now micro brews are popping up everywhere. it's cool to see. we have the best here. >> it's hard to believe on % november 14th, you could sit sheet on mondayy noveeber 21st, that's next tuesday, our latest first ssow ever on record here in denver. weeare talking about a chance for a little snow thursday, late thursday into early friday. if we don't get it, i think we're potentially going to bypass the ddte. high fire danger, as things warm up and dry out again, we're expecting to be close to 70 with relative humidity dropping beloo 15%, aad then we're talking a 30-degree cool
11:46 am
day forecaat. i'lllget to it in just a second. you can see some oo the clouds rolling from the northwest right now. there is a storm hitting speaking of portland, speaking of oregon, washington, we are lockinn at rain and snow there. here we're going to stay dry until that storm makes its move. wind gusts right now between 10 and 25 miles per hour. so it doesn't taae much. if it's there's a -- if there's a small bruuh fire th will help it spread. wis on wednesday, 70s, low mid-70s for highs today. clear and mild tonight. even at 7:00 we're near 0 degrees with our vernight lows in thh mid- to upper 40s early tueeday morning. to be around p 2. aurora today. a high of 69. mid- to upper 60s in the ffothills. ken carol, 69 degrees this afternoon. abooe normal. so temperatures are going to
11:47 am
upper 70s both tuesday and wednesday as well. very warm, so tomorrrw when you look at our record high. record high tomorrow set back in the arly 1940s with 78 degrees. we could get close to tieing it, maybe even breaking a record on wednesday. so watch for that, and then by thursday, that's when things here's the storm. it's going to bring us down into the 50s on thursday. with this system now moving in, it doesn't look like it's going to we're likely going to see things cool down, the rain and snow, not heavy. a 30% chance for it. if we see the snow it will be a changeover late thursday night into friday. skies will cleaa on friday. mid-40s to end the week, which is 20 degrees cooler than how we're starting t. skip ahead to the weekend, saturday, sunday, 54 saturday and 60 on sunddy. even then we warm up. -?pretty quick system and weak
11:48 am
to feel cold. >> did you see the overnight lows, 20s. it's not sommthing we see everyday. a wyoming bookstore is doing without electronics and wi-fi. why the store's owner is trying to bring people back. a local woman, taaing care -?of thousands of animals all b
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right to the breaking news 3 stories we were telling about yyu earlier. air tracker 7 flying over the landfill where a littleton police are looking for eether the body of 366year-old charleee voight or evidence in her case. she has been missing since her boyfriend, jeffrey byer has been in jail. this is on an unrelated sexual assault charge. he was never named a person of interest or a suspect in her case. in fact, in her case they are still invvstigating, not clear, though, what led investigators to search the landfill that you can stay with us throughout the day. we're going to keep you updated on our denver 7 app, as well as when you have 5000 animals to feed, volunneers are a must. >> and this week's 7 every day
11:52 am
>> on average, butterflies only live about a month. but in that short time, they thrive at the butterfly pavilion westminster, thanks to the staff and the plant. >> without the plants to support the butterfly nectar, we wouldn't have butterflies. >> reporter: volunteer vicky mara s here to help. >> working in the horticulture department in thissbeautiful exhibit, keeping primed and ready to go for guests, she also helps to plant bulbs this year because it's been so warm? >> reporter: vicky gives her teem here every week. >> going on 7 years in january. >> i don't think we would be able to do whatwe do, be so successful, without our volunteers. >> i love working with the butterflies, they are so incredibly beautiful. >> beautiful, even after they have died. so vicky helps make displays and shadow boxes with the pavilions butterflies and flowers so they can be used as
11:53 am
gift shop. >> we have been experimenting with pressing the flowers to use in a little shadow box like this, with the butterflies that are spread ann pinned. >> technically, vicky is not a lepedoterou s1 who studies, butterflies and oss. >> she s one of manyydedicated volunteers who help buer we put you in the front row for a surprise for you. >> yes, denver 7 a trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado want to make you a 7 every day hero for all your volunteeeing here. congratulations. >> thank you. you can be a holiday hero right now by helping some local kids in need. one in four colorado kids is hungry between now and the end of the month, a 7-dollar
11:54 am
foods, security service federal credit iphone branch or onllne at the will go to the food bank to help buy items for weekend food banks given by the community food share program. a shop has banned wi-fi and electronics from the store, and hopes it gets customers to read books. imagine that. a sign is posted on the front door asking customers to leave cell phones and computers in the bag, break like it's 199 #. 1993 -- 199p e-mails can wait. the customers say the bookstore is place for peace and quite. >> i like that they're taking us back to 1993. it's the way back machine. you know me, i don't read anything, it's books, paper, love it. beautiful outside. it's like get to a beach kind of weather. 75 degrees this afternoon. even warmer, that's tomorrow,
11:55 am
planner. today, the low 70s. i wanted to get you prepared tomorrow morning. pleasant at the bus stop. 70s for the kids.
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