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tv   World News Now  ABC  November 15, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MST

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mostly from 2003 to 2004 while cia operatives are accused of torturing 27 detainees in afghanistan and other areas. prosecutors at the international court based in the netherlands say they decide imminently whether to push a full scale investigation that could lead to charges. and the u.s. navy has now joined the effort to rescue people trapped by the powerful earthquake in new zealand. in addition to navy patrol aircraft, the uss samson is
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hundreds of tourists and residents are being ferried out by military helicopter after being stranded. and the cows that gained international attention for their predicament, they have been rescued by a farm aer. >> following the developments closely. dozens of wildfires raging in the south, most fueled by arson, drought, and dry conditions. some 80,000 acres have been destroyed and firefighters from as far away fighting these flames. the thick smoke is not only unhealthy, it makes it difficult to fight the fires from air. >> we have to wear masks and send people out there to take a look at it, and that can sometimes decisions take days if you don't have aircraft. >> that was in tennessee, but take a look at this satellite picture from above georgia. wildfires here, a haze hangs across a wide area. wildfires in north georgia are getting dangerously close to the atlanta area, and the air
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the air sirchbt isn't expected to clear up until at least thursday. >> some powerful images there. and the medical examiner released autopsy results for keith scott, a man shot to death by police officers in charlotte, north carolina. the report shows keith was shot once in the back, once in the stomach, and once in the arm. toxicology tests found several drugs in his system, including convulse scott's death spark the nights ants. of rioting in charlotte. police main taped he had a gun. the family disputed that. the incident remains under investigation. and the michigan police officer who displayed a confederate flag at a political rally has resigned. officer michael peters was off duty when he drove the truck with the flag to the love trumps hate event. the officer still faces a criminal investigation. now for our attempt at trying to make sure we all realize our politics are not as contentious as they can be
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fist acuffs breaking out among lawmakers in ukraine. >> action from yesterday's session in parliament. one accusing his colleague of corroborating with russia. >> oh! >> decides, that's it, i had enough! and that is the result. >> well, he just does it with such grace. >> it's almost like, i really don't want to do this. please don't make me punch you in the face. >> b >> order restored, but just moments later, they went at it again. both lawmakers got a tongue lashing for their actions. one wound up leaving the chambers. as you can see, cooler heads prevailed for now. apparently, connor mcgregor sent that guy a message saying, nice job. >> so this apparently happens on a pret regular basis there. i wonder if, you know, maybe it's productive. they just get it over with and they're like, okay. >> yeah.
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ahead and make policy. >> the bill was passed. it was all about the prices of lunch meals, but still. all right. coming up, keeping your kids safe online. >> if you think parental controls are working, think again. hear what you need to know about how these preteens were able to bypass that whole rated pg firewall. and new guidelines for who should be taking statins now includes nearly everyone over 40 do remember to check out our behind the scenes pacifics on instagram. there's something you posted there this morning. >> a little behind the scenes. >> clip of something?
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producer brian's favorite moment. you're running out of time folks. this is the super moon. the peak was yesterday morning just before 9:00 a.m. eastern time. but it will still be super until about that time this this. >> i have to check it out. i keep forgetting. >> yeah. but if you're like us, stuck in a closed windowless room in a state of depression about life in general -- >> it's not so bad. we're here to help you. >> photos and videos are on the internet to see. >> there you go. >> i'm sure we'll have continuing coverage tomorrow. >> absolutely. protesters against the north
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federal authorities defer a decision on the pipeline wanting to meet with the leaders of the native american tribe who consider the land sacred. the chairman of the standing rock sioux is encouraged by the decision. and a family in pennsylvania has been forced from their home after a giant sinkhole opened up swallowing most of their backyard. everyone made it out safely, they fear they could lose the home they built just 13 years ago. the hole measures 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep. it was apparently caused when an old mine caved in. going to turn now important health headline as officials enter new guidelines about statins, which millions of people take to lower their cholesterol. millions of adults with no signs and symptoms of heart disease are being urged to ask their doctors if they should be taking them in the first place. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: new guidelines on stroke and heart attack. the nation's panel of prevent
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americans from 40 to 75 consider statins if you're elevated for heart attack, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or history of smoking. >> these drugs are quite safe for most people in these ages groups. so if you have these risk factors, it's worth talking to your doctor to see if these drugs are right for you. >> reporter: cardiovascular disease is responsible for one in three adult deaths in the u.s. but statins are believed to help reduce that risk. and the guidance from the task force is thaev lower risk could benefit from taking a daily statin. and, doctors stress that people without symptoms or a history of cardiovascular disease can still be at risk. lindssey davis, abc news, new york. coming up in the next half hour, convicted killer set to be freed from prison. brendan has been order released from prison by a federal judge. what we're finding out this morning about the new developments in the case. but first, how safe do you think your kids are online?
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kids, you may want to rethink those parental controls. we'll give you all the latest. you're watching "world news now."
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? there's no need to argue parents just don't understand ? ? my parents went away on a week's vacation ? >> so what parents don't understand about what their kids do understand about technology could fill an encyclopedia. >> that's right. if you think the controls keep kids safe, think again. here's abc's t.j. holmes. >> we're about to give these 9 to 13-year-olds a challenge. who is better at technology in your house, kids or the parents? >> kids. >> oh, come on. >> our generation always grew up
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>> reporter: these self-proclaimed experts laugh at strategies their parents put in place to block them from some online content. you all have ways of figuring out your parents' passwords? >> definitely. >> whenever i figure out my parents' phone passwords, i put my thumbprint on it. >> on my mac, i have parental controls, and sometimes turn them off. >> reporter: so how are you able to do that? >> it's the netflix password. >> reporter: so to you guys, pare >> are not really parental controls. >> reporter: what these kids don't know, we've teamed up with an m.i.t. professor clapford to design an experiment. ten kids against two of the biggest programs out there. one claiming to be the internet's best free parental control app and net nanny that costs $40. >> we're trying to get to the robofun website. >> reporter: the kids get half an hour to get to the website
2:50 am
the name of the school is helping us with the spearmint. >> it's blocked. >> reporter: first up, one girl, lindsey finds a proxy site which allows you to bypass filters like parental controls. >> there we go. >> word spread like wildfire among the kids and they get through the software to reach our blocked site. >> thank you. >> reporter: this does not surprise our expert. >> so we can assume that if there's some parental control on one computer, if another kid down the street figures it out, you're kid is g eventually. >> your kid is going to find out and their friends are going to find out, as well. >> reporter: the second program, net nanny, stumps the kids. >> how to bypass? >> any doubt they would have figured it out in. >> they would have. some were on the right page, literally, the right web page. >> reporter: what about the ability of the programs to block inappropriate content? both programs allowed us to go to the site of a violent game popular with teens. cyber security expert teresa peyton confirms our results.
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worked is they will block the things they know to block based on the settings you gave them, but they are always going to be in catch up mode. >> reporter: custodio told us they made changes based on our experiment. it now blocks the proxy site and violent game and even access, advanced technology will still block attempts to access inappropriate content. and net nancy said its unique technology doesn't block a website based on its url. instead, it analyses the content on every page to determine if it meets the safety criteria set by the parents. as for the kids, parents were not surprised. >> most of the kids today have a some flexibility and nimbleless in this technology and they know whenever they hit a barrier they can go around it. >> amazing how they were able to get around that. making it more complicated, programs block sites they need for homework, for example, like they tried to research civil war weapons and it blocked that.
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time now for the time now for "the mix," and nebraska got a surprise a few days ago when they got in the car to realize the man behind the wheel was actually their senator. senator benjamin sassy apparently has been driving an uber all around lincoln, nebraska. he says it's part of a work tour that gets him closer to the common man's experience. the senator says he does a events like changing tires on semi trucks, feeds cattle at 5:00 a.m., a way to interact with the people he's governing and get a perspective on things. >> i hope he got them to the location on time. >> and he says he's not really making any extra cash from it. he's just doing it to chat with people. >> that's cool. neat, indeed. >> not as simple as the aol guy,
2:56 am
in other news, if you want to be the laziest traveler on the planet, then an australia company has the suitcase for you. check it out. so it's a suitcase that uses your cell phone. it's operated by your cell phone, it follows your cell phone so you don't have to carry your luggage anywhere around. it works in a similar way auto pilot system in many vehicles, including tells la cars. >> heel, suitcase, sit, roll over. >> what about the escalator -- >> oh, there you go. >> oh. does the people mover pretty good. >> i wonder how it does on stares. >> yeah. >> cool. and see the mannequin challenge gaining popularity. >> seen them all. >> like it's dead now, but we found one to end all mannequin challenges. >> it would be tough. >> this was in western australia.
2:57 am
at the wildcats game there. and check this out. 11,658 people stood still for more than a minute. >> holy cow. >> some of them aren't even breathing. look at the kid taking a half-court shot. >> and what are they all -- they're dabbing, as well? they kid gave up. he just decided not to do anything. even the reporter got -- look at this. you can watch the light as the not bad. >> very cool. i got to say, you all win. they did a great job. >> what are they doing. >> 11,000 people. can it be over now? >> no more mannequin challenge? >> no more mannequin challenge. >> okay. >> we complete the block right now be the scene as well in australia here. this koala -- >> oh. >> walks into an accounting office and, well, it really stopped everything in the office.
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this morning on "world news now," keeping it positive. president obama opening the first news conference since the election and what he told our martha raddatz next. guilty on all counts. we'll take you inside the courtroom as the verdict was read. new this half hour, new developments in the case of brandon dassi, made famous in the netflix movie "making a murderer." >> confessing to helping his uncle rape and murder a photographer a decade ago. now why a judge released him from prison. the clock ticks to the "dancing with the stars" season finale. which couple got the boot from the dance floor in last night's
3:01 am
from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i like when they do the tango. i don't know what i just did. it was nothing resembling a move from the tango. >> more like sunday night fever. >> let it go. >> that's in the skinny, but first, president obama who is on his final foreign trip before leaving office. >> the president left for europe last night holding the first news conference since the election. he arrived in greece this morning, the first leg of the trip that also takes him to germany and peru to highlight a commitment to the a strong and integrated europe, transatlantic solidarity, and asia pacific partners. he may sit down with putin to discuss syria as they will be in
3:02 am
apec summit. but during the news korns yesterday, the attention was focused on donald trump. he reserved judgment on his successor and made an attempt, instead, to alleviate concerns. abc's martha radditz with more. >> reporter: president obama opening up about what happened before this moment. >> thank you, everybody. >> reporter: rolling back the curtain on the 90 minute one-on-one meeting with president-elect donald trump. given some of the harsh words you had about mr. trump calling him temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief, did anything surprise you about president-elect trump when you met with him in your office? >> well, we had a very polite cordial conversation. that didn't surprise me, to some degree, because i think that he is obviously a gregarious person. i also think he's coming to this office with fewer set hard and fast policy prescriptions than a lot of other presidents might be
3:03 am
i don't think he is ideological. ultimately, he's pragmatic in that way. and that can serve him well. >> reporter: mr. president, you had talked specifically about his temperament. do you still have any concern about his temperament? >> i think what'll happen with the president-elect is there's going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them and corrects them because when you're a candidate and you say something that is inaccurate or controversial, there's less impact than it does when you're president of the united states. i think he recognizes that this is different. >> reporter: president obama also side that in that meeting with president-elect trump, mr.
3:04 am
strategic relationship that he is committed to nato. martha raddadz, abc news, the white house. and donald trump is expected to announce more appointments for his administration this week, but his aides are not saying which positions will be filled first. trump's decision to make former breitbart steve bannon, his chief strategist is drawing widespread criticism because of his alt but those close to trump have come to bannon's defense, but some are predicting there will be fireworks in the west wing. >> i think that this is set up and trump has done this deliberately to pit them against one another, and in the long run, something's going to give, and one of them's not going to be there. >> there is a report that trump asked for security clearances for his adult children, and that's also raising concerns, but his team has denied the story. about 5,000 middle and high
3:05 am
streets of seattle to protest trump's election. students say they are concerned about trump's stance on immigration and religion going forward. now, three non-students were arrested, but the protest remained mostly peaceful. students in denver, l.a., and oakland walked out of class in protest. turning overseas now to the fight against isis, the united nations said more than 54,000 people have fled their homes as fighting rages on between isis forces and iraqi military units. meanwhile, a top isis commander says the group is going to use donald trump's election as a propaganda tool. that commander claims trump's campaign rhetoric against muslims help isis recruit thousands of new fighters. in minnesota, the first sentences have been handed down to suspects who pled guilty to terrorism charges. the three men who learned their fate yesterday were part of a group from minnesota's large somali community who were prosecuted for trying to join isis. their sentences range from time served to ten years in prison. six more suspects will be
3:06 am
south have destroyed more than 80,000 acres. western north carolina is particularly hard hit with 40,000 acres there alone. officials are describing the blazes there as california-style wildfires. fighting the fires is costing millions of dollars, and the governor warns the largest, the party rock fire, may not be put out until march. then to the south of there, smoke from the fires in northern georgia can be seen as far south as macon and has made the air quality unhealthy for al this smokey haze is expected to stay in the atlanta area and north georgia throughout thursday. the city's about 80 miles south of the rough ridge fire, the largest blaze in the south. also in georgia in atlanta, a dad could spend the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of murdering his own son. jurors found justin ross harris guilty on all counts for leaving the child in a hot car. but attorneys say they'll appeal. here is steve osunsami with
3:07 am
>> reporter: for a good number of stressed out parents watching this trial, there was something uncomfortably relatable to the claim he accident hi left his son in the hot suv where 22 month old cooper harris died in 2014. >> we find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: a jury in georgia sides with many other parents who will never understand how this father forgot his son. harris sat stone faced as he was convicted of murder, cruelty to children and other charges likely going to jail for life. three days and asked to see this police station video where prosecutors say he and his ex-wife were recorded going over his story. >> did you say too much? >> no. i told them. >> she told jurors she, too, believe harris forgot to drop the son off to day care. >> he must have forgot. >> reporter: workers at the day care thought harris was a good dad, but it was not enough.
3:08 am
a creepy bad guy. >> reporter: prosecutors argue that harris was leading a double life and wanted to live child free. he'll be sentenced december 5th, and his lawyers are already talking about an appeal. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. two flight attendants recovered from injuries after their pilot swerved from what appeared to away drone. it happened at toronto's airport yesterday morning. no passengers injured, but already this year, drone sightings up 40% compared to all of last year. and delta air lines is using a $50 million state of the art system to keep tags on baggage. it uses radio frequency chips in the tags that are scanned. handlers see a red light if the bag is put on the wrong plane. it costs a plane $100 to find just one missing piece of luggage. so many tributes to gwen ifill who passed away. a former reporter for the "new
3:09 am
1990s, working for nbc and then pbs. she received her greatest fame as an anchor for "walk week" and news our." and was a moderator of the debate this spring between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. however, she missed election night coverage because of her health. ifill died of complications of uterine cancer at the age of 61. >> and she was surely be missed. all right, coming up, our first peek at beauty and the beast. the first official trailer has been released for disney's live action remake of the animated classic. we'll check it out in the skinny. and freeing a murderer. new development in the case made famous on the netflix documentary, "making a murderer," and why the federal judge ordered release of a map serving a life sentence, but first, here's a look at today's serving a life sentence, but first, here's a look at today's forecas serving a life sentence, but first, here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
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new developments this morning in the case made famous by the "making a murderer." >> brandon dessi confessed to helping rape and kill a woman a decade ago when he was a teenager, but now a federal judge ordered his release from prison pending appeal of his murder conviction. >> reporter: release on hold for a few days. he was just 16 years old when prosecutors say he helped his uncle sexual assault, murder, and mutilate the corpse of a
3:14 am
teresa back in 2005. he's now 27 sentenced to life serving his time at a wisconsin correctional facility, but the netflix series "making a murderer" energized the appeal, making this emotional plea in a letter reread as parts of the documentary. >> i am innocent of the rape and murder. please help me if you can. seven sear sincerely, brandon dassi. >> reporter: this summer a federal judge in milwaukee said was confession was coerced and unconstitutional. >> be honest, you went inside, didn't you? >> yeah. >> you went in the trailer? >> yeah. >> reporter: that same judge yesterday ordering dassi's supervised release from prison. a decision the state attorney general immediately repealed. it's not clear how quickly dassi could be released. he faces a noon deadline today to provide federal probation officers details about with where he will live. >> it's amazing what the documentary has been able to accomplish. it got a lot of criticism for
3:15 am
are now being re-examined. >> so many people who watched that documentary. 19 million people, and not sure how they feel about this possible release of dassi, but definitely it started a conversation that was not happening beforehand. >> absolutely. >> especially watching the longer footage of the confession, easy to understand why questions are raised around his case. >> yes. when we come back, we're going to switch gears and talk about "dancing with the stars." just one more week lefrt, so who gets to dance? >> what we didn't know before about gq's new man of the year, ryan reynolds. "the skinny"'s next. "world news now" continues
3:16 am
3:17 am
? skinny so skinny ? it is a tuesday, so we're going to start "the skinny "with last night -- i think you're off rhythm. >> that's not a move? the fake drumming? >> the cheer dance, yes. dancing with the stars. >> nobody looked at anything that looked like that. >> no. >> there were a lot of perfect scores, though, two sets of dance, james back with his original partner after sharna was sidelined by her scary knee injury. their argentineo tango scored them 29 out of 30. >> he did the most impressive
3:18 am
absolutely shocking. >> that you're going to demonstrate later, right? >> hopefully we have the video to show it. look at that. >> oh, wow. held it. >> he held it. >> ten. >> wow. he won the mannequin challenge right there. >> good point. >> they were great, fantastic. so last night's emotional highlight, though, came from laurie hernandez with her perfect score after bravely foxtrotti foxtrotting through her tears just days after the death of her grandmother. >> oh, an emotional moment for her. and jana had a pepto pink costume dancing their way to a 28 out of 30. >> what do you think of the outfits? >> i really like the outfits, but they had two little mistakes in the routine, and that docked two points. >> they started out a little rough and they smoothed it out a little bit. but the judges mentioned that she's come a long way, and she really has. >> oh, yeah. >> remember in the early days, a, who is she, and, second, how long does she have on the show? >> here she is in the
3:19 am
>> and terra and sasha earn two perfect scores, but it was not enough to keep them from getting the boot. >> oh. >> i feel like i've done so much throughout the competition, and i feel like i'm not sad. i feel like, you know, it is a competition, only one person's going to win, and so, eventually, everyone's going home. and i'm just really grateful that we made it this far. >> she was so goodby >> very, very impressive.. four couples head into next week's two-night finale. laurie hernandez is at the top of the leaderboard. >> can you tell who kendis is rooting for? do you have a favorite in the race? >> no. but here is the exciting thing. >> oh? >> you know about "dancing with the stars" ending -- >> he has jazz hands. this is going to be big. >> you know what it means next monday? >> bachelor? >> bachelor. >> oh, jack! >> the bachelor. somebody say bachelor?
3:20 am
jack's entire head went up. like his radar went off. >> it's sort of like how excited he gets for bachelor in paradise. his eyes are still recovering. speaking of excited, i am excited for "beauty and the beast" .today we got our first glimpse at the trailer. >> and a reminder, parent company disney released the first official trailer of the live action remain of the animated classic. so check it out. >> papa! >> you must leave here. this castle is alive! >> who's there? >> do you wish to take your father's place? >> come into the light. >> "beauty and the beast" hits theaters next year on st. patrick's day. next, stunning admission by the newly crowned gq man of the year. >> actor ryan reynolds opened up to the magazine saying he had what he called a little bit of a
3:21 am
"dead pool" saying he was diagnosed with anxiety. >> but revealed a playful side with the mock interview by the resentful twin brother he left behind. >> so, gq man of the year, that's a big honor. i can't think of anything more worthy. >> yeah, well, it's -- >> hey, jake. >> what's he doing here? >> no. what are you doing here? >> good question many of asking. what's ryan reynold's favorite reynolds most of very? he tells "gq" he loves "dead pool" with his last beating heart. >> van wilder, come on. >> who's that? remember how the simpsons predicted trump would be president? >> now they are admitting it subs to be right. in the opening credit, bart is seen writing "being right sucks" on a chalkboard with again and again and again.
3:22 am
the episode aired in 2000, and the writer said the prediction was not a prediction. writer sa was not a prediction.
3:23 am
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? try, try, try to understand he's a magic man, mama ? >> the magic man, david blaine, has been testing the limits of his mind and body for years now, raising the bar, at times, to unbelievable heights. >> so he's been buried alive, he's been suspended in air, encased in ice. but apparently now he's promise to go top all of that tonight right here on abc. here's abc's juju chang. >> wow, you swallowed it? >> he did swallow it. >> reporter: you appear to swallow everyone's wedding rings, people are screaming, freaking out, and running out of the room. >> well, the idea for that actually began with a classic magic trick which is called
3:26 am
people's rings and link them together. but then i wanted to make it something that would get the reactions like you're talking about. >> reporter: freak people out. we saw it in realtime on "ellen." blaine then transfers his sword swallowing skills and takes a wire hanger to go after the ring. >> david, that was amazing. >> reporter: working on the new show-stopper for the latest special, pulling the trigger on himself on a rifle aimed at his face. >> laser on. >> arm chair freudian would say you have a death wish. >> it's the opposite of death wish. there's so many legendary stories of bullet catches, i wanted to do a version of it, but i wanted to do a different version. >> reporter: you are mindful of what kids are thinking when they are watching you. and you're shooting yourself in the face. >> yeah. i do not want kids to do it. there's a magic history, and i hire the best consultants and study what's been done. but like i said, there's a lot
3:27 am
i would never want anybody to do anything similar, obviously. >> reporter: blaine says he wants to set a good example for his nearly 6-year-old daughter, dessa. you say you don't want to take undue risks because you were quoted saying i would never -- can >> right, exactly. i have a daughter. the last thing i want to do is not be there for her. >> reporter: for nightline, juju chang in new york. >> thanks on to juju for that great report. you can see t blaine prime time special tonight right here on abc. >> it's creepy what he can do. >> i know. but it's great, and, again, important to reiterate, it's illusion. do not try it at home. >> sort of like this magic trick. one becomes two. >> are you going to put it back together now? >> no, it's amazing enough you had one sheet of paper and it's now two. >> can someone make me disappear? this is abc's "world news now" informing insomniacs for
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good tuesday morning, i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm diane macedo. mo staffing announcements for the trump administration could come this week as donald trump comes under fire for naming an alt-right icon as his chief strategist. president obama is refusing to criticize that decision we have a full report coming up. . members of the military and cia may have committed war crimes by torturing detainees in afghanistan more than a decade ago. a decision will be made about whether to launch a full-scale investigation which could lead to charges. thousands of residents and tourists who were stranded by the powerful earthquake in new zealand are ferried out by military helicopters, and the u.s. navy joined in the effort. wildfires out of control this morning believed most
3:31 am
all are being fuelled by drought dry conditions. a full report coming up. those are some of the top stories we're following on this tuesday, november 15th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all as we begin the half hour with president obama's striking an optimistic tone about donald trump despite having repeatedly portrayed him as unfit for the presidency in the campaign trail. >> since the election, the president said he hopes president-elect trump will make things better so we can all benefit. he urged americans to give trump a chance to rise to his responsibilities, but made it clear the temperamt could be a problem. >> i think what'll happen with the president-elect is there's going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well unless he recognizes them and corrects
3:32 am
called mr. trump pragmatic refusing to weigh in on the fire storof his decision to name steve bannon as a top adviser. >> tom llamas has more on the backlash over that choice. >> reporter: inside trump tower, one of the president-elect's top advisers now becoming the story. stephen bannon, former chairman of right wing breitbart news now named chief strategist and senior counselor to the new president. bannon, up front about his loathing of the political establishment. >> d media. don't believe the establishment. we are on the right side of history. >> reporter: bannon, a champion of the alt-right, conservative movement many say is fueled by racism, sexism and anti-semitism. the man who will soon shape the white house message published headlines like these, hoist it high and proud, confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage. birth control makes women unattractive and crazy, and this
3:33 am
analyst, bill kristol a, quote, renegade jew saying bannon has no business in the white house, and the appty defamation league called him hostile to core american values. >> frankly, you need to look at the full resume. he has a harvard business degree, a naval officer, success in entertainment and a goldman sachs managing partner. >> reporter: the president-elect is now turning his the supreme court, vowing to appoint justices to overturn roe v. wade. >> i'm pro-life. the judges will be pro-life. if it ever were overturned, it goes back to the states. goes back to the states -- >> some women can't get an abortion? >> goes back to the state -- >> by states -- >> perhaps they have to go to another state. >> reporter: what about trump's promise to build a border wall. >> are you really going to build a wall? >> yes. >> they are talking about a fence in the republican
3:34 am
>> for certain areas i would, but certain areas, a wall is more appropriate. >> reporter: the wall street journal reports after the meeting at the white house, trump was surprised by the scope of the new responsibilities, but on "60 minutes," nothing but confidence. >> are you, in any way, intimidated, scared about this enormous burden? the gravity of what you're taking on? >> no. >> not at all. >> i respect it, but i'm not scared by it. >> reporter: president-elect trump fielded calls from world leaders and he spoke with the russian president putin, and president-elect trump says he noted to president pew tip he wants america to have a strong and enduring relationship with russia. the kremlin said in a statement the continued talks will be by phone but will plan a face to face meeting at some point.
3:35 am
google said it's clamping down on restricting its ads from being placed on fake news sites. the company's search engine highlighted an inaccurate story claiming president-elect trump won the popular vote in last week's election. facebook has come under fire among responsibility in vetting the information they convey to millions of users. no matter what facebook does about the ads, facebook employees are already taking action. buzzfeed reports that a group of staffers formed an unofficial task force to address the problem of fake ads. the ceo said the idea that fake though, is, quote, crazy. thousands of firefighters battling wildfires in the southern states. officials believe most were started on purpose, but all are fueled by drought and dry conditions in the region. more now from abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: across the southeast, 5,000 firefighters from as far as alaska battling blazes that scorched 80,000 acres. >> it's very dangerous,
3:36 am
smoke so heavy in south carolina some wear masks. >> it just went in my lungs, and i had to get out of here. >> reporter: air quality in atlanta unhealthy and getting worse. >> this is smoke, this milky white haze in central atlanta and north georgia. >> reporter: officials saying the fires were deliberately set. in eastern kentucky -- >> be extremely careful. >> reporter: aspiring weather man warns people to be aware of flames allegedly confessed to setting a fire himself. you can see the fire is moving very slowly down the mountain right now, and there's no rain in sight, and there's leaves on the trees. when those leaves fall, that just adds fuel to the fire. abc news. >> all right, eva on the fire lines, stay safe. let's look at tuesday's weather. sunny warm and dry in the south. looking at rain, heavy at times in the northeast, sun in the
3:37 am
blizzard conditions later this week. >> highs in the wildfire zone are 70 degrees, not bad. highs in the northeast are in the mid-50s, by 60 in minneapolis. dallas and los angeles are both shooting for 80 degrees today. monday night football action to tell you about now, and the giants needed to beat the bengals to keep pace with the nfc east rivals who all won games on sunday. it was not looking good when cincinnati's jeremy hill ran in here. that was just nine yards out for that touchdown in the third quarter. i kind of dig the dance. good to see the league is slapping down on showmanship. >> celebration. >> yeah. adding a field goal for the lead, but up it was back with the dancing. the giants taking a risk there, going for it on fourth down with eli manning throwing the third touchdown pass, this one to sterling shepherd that you
3:38 am
dance. and the giants hang on winning it from 21-20. even o'dell beckham got in on the dancing action. >> if they ever have a tie, they should just settle it with a dance off. forget the extra point situation, go straight to the danceoff. >> you get the sense, though, based oven the celebrations that the league is toning it down. don't you think, jack? >> toning down celebrations or toning down their crackdown -- >> tone onning down their crackdown on the celebrations. because they were going a little bit far earlier in the season. and the ratings were going down. >> we know you like the dance moves. >> looks like they were having fun what they scored. >> yes. god forbid. >> as opposed to the no-fun league. >> oh, no. >> exactly. all right. it's back. >> all right. the fun is back. at least here, if not at the nfl. >> yes. well, one of the world's biggest tennis stars is reportedly making retirement plans. venus williams is targeting the next olympics which take place in tokyo in 2020 as her final
3:39 am
the 36-year-old says she loves competing, but it's time for life off the court. and the sprinting legend, bolt, plans for life after retirement from the track. bolt already said his last races will be at next year's world championships, but he's a huge soccer fan and he says he would like to play that game professionally. bolt will have a chance to show off his skills soon when he works out with one of germany's biggest club teams. that'll be interesting to see. >> like, boom, gone. already made it across the field. >> that's the thing. who knows how he is with the ball itself, but when it comes to running in soccer, it's a huge advantage. >> it is. >> so much of it. coming up, 39 days, shopping days, until the big day. >> it's never too early to start that christmas gift list and other holidays you might be shopping for. we'll check out some of the year's hottest toy ideas for the kids on your list. you're watching "world news now". "world news now" weather brought to you by mypillow. now". "world news now" weather
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check out that incident on the campus of ohio state university. that was an anti-trump protester tackled on the stretches of a student union. the man who tackled the protester reportedly arrested and placed under indefinite suspension from the university. >> in the meantime, student protests sparked across the country as well as high schools by students too young to vote, but old enough to assert political voices, you might say. hundreds of students in maryland staged a protest with the approval of school officials. but i should say along with the protests are reports of hate crimes in the wake of president-elect trump's election night victory. >> trump, himself, was asked about the attacks targeting minority groups. abc's elizabeth hur has more on what he said. >> reporter: from maryland to california, another day of demonstrations. protesters out once again
3:44 am
election and raising concerns over the hate crimes and violence from across the country, including a california teenager attacked in school after posting on instagram she hoped trump would win. >> this girl comes up to me and she says, do you hate mexicans, and i was, like, no, and she said, you support trump, you hate mexicans. >> reporter: according to the southern poverty law center tracking nearly 300 hate incidents, almost all cases involved immigrant, black and gay victims with 20 against trump supporters. so far school officials in florida are investigating these two steins posted over water fountains at a high school. at a university in pennsylvania, the fbi is looking at a thread depicting lynchings. >> i opened the chat, and there was derogatory name calling and hurtful things. >> reporter: in oregon.
3:45 am
walls inside two bathrooms at reed college were defaced with graffiti too profane for tv. all this prompting trump to directly address those responsible on "60 minutes." >> i'm so sadden to hear that, and i say stop it, if it helps. i will say this, i'll say it right to the cameras, stop it. >> reporter: trump also reassured protesters that he will bring our country can back togeth, demonstrating every day until and including inauguration day. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. when we come back, it's the most wonderful time of the year unless you have not done any shopping. >> how much a dent have you made in the gift list for this holiday season? we'll have hot idea for you. "world news now" continues
3:46 am
3:47 am
believe it or not, the holiday season is weeks away, and now it's a good time to start thinking about gift shopping, and for the kids on your list, we're checking out the season's hottest holiday toys, and joining us now for a tour, marissa dibartolo, senior editor of "the toy insider." thank you so much. i love what you brought in today. let's get right to.
3:48 am
hottest online video game for kids is in the play room this year. this is the dance party play set. >> i love the disco ball. >> it has a disco ball that really spins. so when we press our dj button -- ? so we're ready for a full on dance party. >> that's funny. >> collect figures to have a full party. >> so cute. >> so cute. >> speaking of cute -- >> speaking of cute, i'd like to introduce you to the cutest puppy you've ever seen. this is snuggles, my dream puppy. >> hi, snuggles. >> he has a really expressive face. >> oh, wow. look at his eyes closing. >> yeah. >> nuzzle the nose a little bit. >> hi. >> he's so cute. rub his billionly, pat his head, feed him a bottle. he'll react to that. >> he's so emotive. he's like a real puppy. >> only easier to take care of. >> absolutely. he's so cute, topping kids' wish lists this year. >> so cute. i want to put if in front of my
3:49 am
this year about the music. to celebrate, sing to the awesome sound track with our troll selfie stick video record ing microphone. >> i think i want that on my list this year. >> press this button here and record. ? ain't nobody creeping up on your dance, dance, dance ? ? all the things i shouldn't do, but you dance, dance -- >> get involved with this, this is good. ? keep dancing ? >> that's it, and then you get the video? >> yeah, record, save, share with friends and family. so much fun. >> i could have a one-person party with that. just by myself. i'd have a great time. >> for sure. so this year, barbie is donning a lab coat. learn important stem kills with the stem kit. build up seven models with this
3:50 am
spinning closet to a hammock so after she had a long day at the lab, relax, and you can -- real working parts that moves so kids learn engineering. >> she has to relaxment look at the shoes she wore to the lab. >> yes. star wars is hitting theaters december 16th, and so celebrate, this is an interactive storm trooper figure. press the belt -- >> ready for action. >> he has some really aud awesome sounds. >> order received. >> he recognizes his jet pack. plug this in. ready for takeoff. >> oh, look at that. >> cool, right? >> makes real flying noises. >> kids will have fun with that. >> absolutely, so much fun. >> and then? skylander i know because my nephew was obsessed with it last year and had to buy specific figures he couldn't find. >> this is a new skylanders, and unlike any before, kids create
3:51 am
>> all right. put a character on the platform. >> place the creationing crystal right there. watch as the custom character jumps to life inside the game. i premade this one, but i'll show you all the different customization options that are available. so let's see. so we can change her look any way we want. >> so the kids can make it their own? >> yes. do everything themselves, create any kind of and even have a custom character 3d printed. >> that's cool. >> so cool. >> fun to give option that catches attention and be creative. >> when they are done creating, play the game like normal. >> all right. for more information on these and other ideas, check out as well as our facebook page, marissa, it's always great to have you on. thank you. and please stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching world news now. i think we have to do some more
3:52 am
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? the minor fall the major lift the battle king composing hallelujah ? ? hallelujah headline lieu ya ? >> had it going there with two albums on the charts the week after he passed away. this morning, we're also remembering one of the pioneers of our industry who broke multiple barriers and earned
3:56 am
recognitions along the way. >> gwen ifill died at the age of 61 after a short and private battle with cancer. abc's dan harris has more. >> good evening, and welcome to elkhart, indiana, as we sit down with president obama. >> reporter: from humble beginnings of a minister daughter to an anchor on the evening news, gwen ifill an engineer, born in new york city in 1955, and while in college, she interned in boston, an serious "makers." >> i was the lonely only because there were no other black women in the situation at the time. that did not stop me. there were things to do. >> reporter: tse things led her into television. >> mr. president, 90 seconds to respond. >> reporter: in 2004, the first african-american woman to moderate a vice presidential debate, a role filled again in 2008. >> i start with you, governor palin.
3:57 am
from cancer, tributes pouring in on social media, and president obama offering his condolences during his press conference. >> she was an extraordinary journalist. she cause kept faith with the fundamental responsibilities of her profession, asking tough questions, holding people in power accountable and defending a strong and free press that makes our democracy work. >> reporter: gwen ifill was 61 years old. >> and if you do get a chance to see the touching tribute that "news hour" did for gwen it's worth watching. justin truedeaux, the prime minister of canada, giving you a sense of the wide ranging impact. he tweeted overnight, condolences to the loved ones, leagues and viewers mourning
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this making news in america this tuesday morning, air force one touching down overnight. before his final trip overseas, though, president obama answering questions about the election. what he's saying about the president-elect and hinting at what hillary clinton could have done better. as trump's team takes shape, there' surrounding one of his picks, the top adviser who is accused of being anti-semitic, but the position rudy giuliani is now seen as a favorite to get. we have the details. raging wildfires in several states. millions of dollars in damages and the smoke as seen from space. and a giant sinkhole creeps a little too close to this home. and good tuesday morning.


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