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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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if you see something suspicious or suspect illegal grow on your street they will check that -- it out. >> the governor called grow houses a clear and present danger. the city of denver promised to me out homeless camp but it wasn't much of a sweep. tonight we found people setback up after police left. officer say today sweeps are more challenging because people refuse to leave so they might try again tomorrow. nashville is a blessing homeless people to other parts of the country including right here in denver. the national downtown ownership is giving away nearly 1,001 with bus tickets homeless people in recent years. one of the people boston denver
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he has been arrested for several times since arriving here as well. von miller von miller is at the center of controversy tonight. he is reportedly suing to exit tape from being released. we're joined with the latest. >> von miller didn't show up in the locker room today but he is not staying quite on social media. as of the valley judge issued a the video from being released. [music] >> that is of yvonne miller on snapshot just hours after the news broke. he also snapped this video with the caption watch out. miller is going on the offensive after his cancun vacation
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>> you'd rather have a poor sex game on tv than this. >> he is the plaintiff behind this california lawsuit accusing 24-year-old who is all over social media trying to extort him for millions of dollars to her from releasing cell phone video of the two having consensual next -- sex. >> players have to now in today's age you have to be a little bit more discreet and smarter. >> denver sports agent peter schaefer says it depends on what is on the video but he doesn't thin career or long list of endorsements. >> nothing illegal was done unless there is something crazy embarrassing on the tape. if it ever gets out. >> this is a video of a miller's cancun vacation from pentagram. we also found this photo showing louise and miller together during the trip. the lawsuit claims she wants to be the next game kardashian and is using the tape to try to get famous. >> he is too good a person and player and it is not a
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attorneys are talking. the lawsuit says at one point miller did offer the least $10,000 for the video. she is due back in court next month. denver's mayor is promising to keep the mild heart -- mile heise to the safe and welcoming. -- high city they've and welcoming. he also promised to fight to keep immigrant families together. >> i want to you can count on me and you can count on your city. we have your back. we have all heard on welcoming and dangerous rhetoric. denver will never sacrifice the values that make this community great. >> we found out over police will not change their immigration policy to help enforce the president elect trump's policies or they will not enforce investigate or detain people for their immigration status and
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the city council may look to become an official sanctuary city. the city already does most of the things a sanctuary city does. 65 days until donald trump is sworn as the 45th resident of the united states and today president elect trump received his first presidential daily briefing of the national security roundup of threats and intelligence of elephants. sources say his transition team is showing signs o secretary of state. resources say rudy giuliani is a leading candidate for the job. others are pushing for john bolton. >> john would be a good choice. >> is there anybody better. >> maybe me i don't know. >> one name you will not here for trump cabinet post former presidential hopeful ben carson. he says he does not want to join
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government experience. a colorado went blue with a selection that one of our electors is trying to block trump from taking the white house. if he can persuade 37 % republican electors to vote against trump the house of representatives will get involved. despite all this last-minute wrangling the u.s. it's up -- is prepared for preparing for a large-scale inauguration. this big map of washington dc the just shared from the 58th presidential inauguration test wars this is what they will use to build their security protest sweeping the nation in colorado against construction of the pipeline in north dakota. the decision is on hold. >> passion and solidarity for the standing rock city. students at the university of denver showing their support for
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they are standing against the government's plan to build afford billion-dollar oil pipeline through four states including their sacred grounds. more protesters uniting in the circle of boulder other chaining themselves to the wells fargo bank because of its connection to deal. denise said she was protesting with hundreds of others in north dakota but they encouraged her to go home to boulder to take a stand there. >> we have witnessed firsthand the people out there and also witnessed firsthand the militarized police of the abuses and all of their crowd control weapons. >> other protesters say this is a big moment for action through activism and the nation. >> what we are demonstrating here is an important intersection of native rights minority rights water rights. our right to a clean environment including climate.
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across to the world tonight. look at this and get the city and this and san francisco. even this one right here at the north dakota capital. so far more than 500 people been arrested. >> police moved in and arrested more than two dozen protesters in north dakota today. about 400 people blocked tracks delaying trains for three hours. officers in red deer used pepper spray and stun gun on protesters who refuse backers of say the pipeline is the safest way to transport oil and could make the u.s. less dependent on other countries. denver will become the first city to allow pot in bars and restaurants. it is not a free-for-all. you have to get approval before creating pot use areas before inside and outside in you can't smoke inside by the use of
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edibles. expect to see more people passing through this thanksgiving. nearly 50 million americans are expected to travel nationwide making it the busiest holiday rush and almost a decade. more than half will be lying and one air -- airline is making sure you don't lose your arrow -- luggage ever again. and delta now has baggage tags that have chips that had a radio signal allowing you to track it with a sobering warning from homeland homeland security day seen the holiday season could mean opportunity for violent extremist. we look into it isis call for supporters to attack new york thanksgiving day parade. >> with it's joint balloons giant balloons huge crowds and national tv audience security officials have long considered the thanksgiving day parade a possible terror target. and now isis in a message that features a picture of the new york parade is calling on its followers to use speeding
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events. >> it is very difficult to protect large gatherings such as parades from of these types of attacks using vehicles and we saw that for example last summer in nice. >> french authority say 86 people were killed during benny's attack. it is a scenario federal authorities in new york police said today they are well aware of it. >> we have seen instan people have written to the call -- risen to the call. it goes past the trump international hotel in new york city. dozens of fire scored 100,000 acres in the southeast part of the u.s. today to arrest of suspected arsonist. authorities are warning anyone taking of setting fires of they will be caught.
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than 200 people have ended up in the house at all struck the colorado company that wants to change the way you travel. the secret behind their cutting-edge cutting edge new jet and how much you have to pay to fly. denver seven uncovers major concerns about denver parks and recreation contracts. >> are you auditing them right now. >> yes.
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who is watching over one of denver's largest open test department. there are major concerns over parks and recreation contracts in from 50 year deal to a free house. how your tax money is being spent and who is paying attention. >> we love our parks lakes and golf courses. so yes a parks and recreation is one of the largest city departnt match. >> we found a lack of formal guidance. >> we county pr does not have fine procedures. >> the recent parks and recreation audit raises questions about the longtime director finance fred weiss and his no called unique contract terms. >> is that in a nice way of saying sweetheart deals. >> there is no documentation to support or refute that statement.
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what is going on especially at city on golf courses. take a look. we found the contract for the event center has a highly unusual link. fifty years. >> can they do that. >> they have done. >> usually the city limits contracts to three to five years unless they are are special circumstances. >> this is a nuclear power plant i can understand 50 years but not operate a concession at the golf course. >> that is not only perk. the contract also states the owner can transfer the license to someone else without the city ever approving. >> is that unusual. >> that is unique. >> on the id like evergreen golf course the city has another interesting agreement. see this house behind the green. the contract says the concession owner gets to live here. the auditor says the problem is that there is no documentation to explain why. >> do you suspect this is some sort of good old boy handshake
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documentation of that i would like to see in the files we would be able to answer question question. >> parks and recreation divider interview request. in this audit committee meeting the man behind the contracts and weiss went on the defense. >> the picture that is painted is that we don't care it is a mess. if that was frankly the case we would have had many issues which we have not had. >> i thought it was underhanded. >> larry says he has experienced these favorite after the successes coocession proposal was denied in 2009 without explanation. >> as park's managers come and go mr. . weiss has been there consistently and has a great deal of power. >> in fact when it came to the audit weiss disagreed with certain findings and refused to make some of the suggested changes. >> i believe we do a very good job at monitoring our contracts. >> that respond response
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who has now launched a new investigation. >> are you auditing them right now. >> yes we are. >> taxpayers who love parks also want to ensure their legacy isn't squandered. denver water customers are saving so much water they will have to pay more. utility will ask to raise rates. any rate hike would not kick in until 2017. drilling for oil and gas will not resume in boulder county. tonight commissioners voted to extend the temporary moratorium through january. during the time the county will get updated regulations for oil and gas development. three children have come down with a mysterious illness causing sudden process. they believe these children have a condition we told about a couple weeks ago. 3-year-old kate started with
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became paralyzed and he is still working to regain movement. imagine a seven hour commercial airline flight taking only about three hours. the colorado startup boom tried to make that a reality unveiling this supersonic test to jet tonight. this is designed to go 2.2 times faster than the speed of sound. that is roughly 1400 miles per hour. the idea is to pick up where the concorde left off. >> it didn't make sense to me better computers communications. were about to have self driving cars and yet we are still flying around at the same basic airplane designs we had in 1960 . >> the goal here is to eventually build 45 passenger jet in 2020. it would take three hours and 15 minutes to go from new york to london. right now it's about seven hours the ticket price $5,000. >> well there is that.
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we aren't even ready for thanksgiving yet. cozy 101 watches holiday music this friday then 24 -- evan -- seven christmas music until christmas. snow is headed our way. both keystone and b we have heard from our chief meteorologist that that is going to happen. >> boyd we needed. jennifer is a viewer in glenwood springs. she says there is less know snow there now than there was in mid-october. and it independence pass a at
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right now we have a ridge over as they jet stream is keeping us warm and dry that will switch to a trough with colder air coming in pacific moisture coming in from the west to the result will be a pretty nice storm moving to colorado. main snow will be the mountains that will be thursday into friday but this is a fast- moving storm so that will limit the amount of snow for denver and the planes to the north and east of us it will be a big blizzard for parts of northern nebraska south and north dakota western minnesota. for colorado we have some advisories and the fact. a winter storm watch until friday morning for mountains. that kicks in late tomorrow and friday morning and for tomorrow the southeast planes have a fire weather warning. the head of the storm it will be windy warm and dry as it was today. seventy-seven one shy of time to record and tying the record. so far for november your 10 degrees above normal and on track to be the warmest and dry drives november since 1870. things will change. fifty-six now in downtown.
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tonight mid- 40s in the denver area. a bit colder toward greeley and holding about 50 at akron. we will see temperatures in the 20s gunnison and almost the. tomorrow some high clouds increasing brought the day as the western storm starts to move been. look at the highs. upper 70s to near 80 in the metro. mid 80s southeast 50s 60s expected in the mountains. clear mild and 45 for temperature. tomorrow the high is 78 and they'll be a new record eclipsing the old mark of 77 set in 1941 but then things start to change. tomorrow evening here's the situation. on the cloudy skies across the state but watch tomorrow night and earliest -- thursday at the snow develops in the mountains. by midday on thursday colder went coming in with rain showers that's which is the snow by thursday evening and then by friday morning the storm moves away and it is all gone.
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across the continental divide. an inch or two in the foothills and a lot of that will melt as it hits the ground. time for snow cast. are great app you can get. it will pinpoint the snowfall you can expect in your area. that is pretty handy stuff. we have a warm day tomorrow. much colder weather comes and that the weather alert day. had a a few flurries early but then when the cold and 37 for high. saturday morning 20 and then a high of 52. a bright spot sunday at asked the three. another minor storm comes in next week just ahead of the thanksgiving travel. that should be a big deal and temperature school to the 50s. finally some friday on that map from nearly 80 to almost the teens and some snow. >> now we cannot can ask to bring out the codes. finally.
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surprise this family got when checking their surveillance video. >> everyone mouths dropped and we couldn't help but laugh because that is something that doesn't happen every day and it was funnn to see that. >> apparently this man broke through the roof and lost his pants on the way down but then he takes off the rest of his clothes once he gets in the pizza joint. >> police are still looking him. broncos last practice before scattered to parts unknown for the by week.
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here is your last look at
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lynch got all the reps. broncos players are off the next five days but the coaches told every player what they need to do better want to buy weekend. -- when the by week and -- ends. >> trevor simmons is on for 90 test on 11 picks. is good but not great. it's not the kind of 15 want to make a run down the stretch over these final six games. gary kubiak expects the man to play big. simeon said tuesday he appreciates the confidence and knows he has to improve. >> he is expect a lot out of me and i expect a lot out of myself. i take it for what it is and it rather have that than the other way around. >> when the broncos returned to work on monday the offense of line will have a new wrinkle. tyson at the former csu start
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tackle. gary kubiak said sombrero has earned more playing time. >> i think tied deserves to play moreeso he's going to play. were to play six or seven guys. tie is fixing to play a lot more football. he did a lot the other day. he will play more. >> broncos players and head out on the by week for a good number two remember. they wanted to ask straight when they return broncos vice president and general manager john elway was named the honorary chairman of the u.s. senior open which is coming to colorado springs and broadmoor in july 2018. the rise is real in boulder. up to number ten in today's college football ranking first time in 14 years they have rain ranked that high. monster game saturday at. field against number 22 washington state.
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seven sports extra today at five and six and will talk a lot more about this epic battle coming up all week long starting tomorrow. kings at the pepsi center tonight. they busted out big time. patrick went around and back and posted in passed peter. less than 30 seconds later remain excellent redirection and then blake, popped it in the third. the breakup of the boys. avalanche a big win tonight for now michael wind at pepsi center
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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