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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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it's 4:30. we told you denver police will conduct a homeless sweep. it wasn't much of a sweep. dozens of campers out there right now. will police take additional action today? we're live on the scene. new this morning, school choice gets shot down in douglas county. we'll explain why. it has been 5 weeks have seen any measurable rain in denver and the dry, warm weather means a risk of wild fire. find out -- good morning, thanks for joining us. iim mitch. >> and i'm dayle cedars. ski resorts hoping to be ready to go by thanksgiving day. >> we go over to lisa who has our forecass. >> the mountains are going inform pick up accumulating snow within the next 24 to 36 hours.
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it's 64 degrees in boulder. 62 at city park. 52 in evergreen right now. we're still seeing some pretty gusty winds and this is all going to lead to another afternoon of upper 70s and low 80s. we're in for a really big warmup today. unfortunately, fire danger a lot higher. you can see red flag warnings and i talked about this being a possibility yet covering southwest colorado and most of our front range mountains and you can see the blue, that's a winter storm watch. we're tracking snow. jayson our future cast looks better than it has the last 5 weeks. the weather has been good for a lane shift. the southbound side of i-225, you can see the new lanes. they're new temporarily lanes until they fix the other side of the bridge. this is the new southbound side bridge at arapahoe road.
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have a full closure at arapahoe friday night to -- take a look at the map. a deseptember ride through the denver tech center and the 225 and through the airport. take a look at park avenue and denver. you can see dozens of homeless campers blocking the sidewalk and this is a few hours after denver police performed that homeless sweep. a lot of those campers out there move. >> eric luber out there with more information. good morning, eric. >>reporter: good morning to you. police accompanied city workers to clean the sidewalks and what's happening is the homeless are leaving the area to sweep a certain part of the sidewalk and they're moving to a different part of the sidewalk not too far from where they are.
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where the homeless were -- it's a mess out here and police plan to come out with city workers to clean this pprt. the denver homeless out loud will tell you that police are harassing the homeless and threatening them saying they'll be arrested, but denver -- they're here to accompany the cleaning crews who are sweeping this area. they're saying that they're trying to provide other options for the ho their belongings in storage and offering areas where they can goat shelter. so you have a lot of different opinions here from the homeless and from police. the bottom line, once the sun comes up, cleaning crews will be out here cleaning parts of the sidewalk and chances are, homeless will move from one area and move down the street. it has been a problem for months now. this happened back in march. the population -- the homeless population dropped in
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and the problem persists, i'm eric luber. president obama taking his final tour as president. we're looking at pictures from reporters following him as he tours the a crop also in athens. the whole site is closed for his visit. i love some of the pictures we're seeing coming in. he looked at the museum there, some shots of him - overlooking watching the president's visit. the motorcade coming by from balconies up there. the man in robe there. and the president accompanied by a minute tree of culture from greece for his tour. today is his second day in greece. then from here, the president will go onto germany. >> denver police raid more than -- as apart of a crack down on illegal marijuana growth.
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were seized. no one was living in the houses. they were only being used as marijuana grow. the city of boulder will look to become a sanctuary city according to our partners at the boulevard daily camera. boulder city is going over the paperwork. boulder is an --rants. the mayor releasing a statement saying our city is welcoming and inclusive where all people are valued. denver police says they won't cooperate with any immigrationnorders that comes from the white house from trump. aurora has made a
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deport 2 to 3 immigrants will cost close to $300 billion. they want to see the country protect immigrants. president elect trump is working to fill key cabinets. alabama senator jeff sessions will have influence over homeland security. he may be take the lead on trump's deportation efforts and trump's team is holding meetings in new they're working on a secretary of state and attorney. paul ryan spoke out after a meeting with trump's team. >> this will be a government folk you gossed on turning president elect's -- we can't wait to get to work. >> he tweeted about his transition last night saying a very organized place taking place as i decide on cabinet and
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i'm the only one who knows -- denver police heard your concerns so last month they happened 100 hours of foot patrol in capital hill. >> amanda del castillo is crunching those numbers. >>reporter: the short answer is yes, denver police telling me that violent crime and property crime is down along east colfax, but that's comparing october 2016 to the same time last year extra 100 hours of patrolling adding to that stretch of east colfax. the department says more can be done. in that time, since october 2015, i should say, homicide accident sexual assault, robbery and aggravated assault were down by 9%. property crime was down across the board comparing the same time period policing less auto theft and burglary along other property crime. in that time
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initiated calls because there's so many out there. we asked district 6 commander ron sonyer whether these are going to extent passed grant -- >> if more needs to happen, we'll add more. it's resource management. i have the resources out there. it's being able to put the resources where i need them to address the issues, much like we had on the cherry creek bike path, the 16th street mall those two locations that he just mentioned. they will added more patrolling there and it has -- they've seen success in adding those extra hours. commander sanders says he can't say whether the 100 extra hours is directly affecting crime and seeing those numbers decline along east colfax but he says it's a step in the right direction. we'll hear more from
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i'm amanda del castillo. denver 7. the voucher program is being shut down. our partners at the denver post were t last night's school board meetings where members voted to kill the voucher program. they say illegal battle would be too expensive. du student and community members came together to protest the dakota access pipeline yesterday. all of this is apart of a nationwide day they're angry that the dakota pipeline runs through a native -- dozens of protestors gathered in front of wells fargo and some chained themselves to the front door. wells fargo helps fund that front line. a woman says she was inspired by the dakota protest. >> i was told to go home and do
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>> there was no arrest. the fire department had to come out since the protestor forgot the key. denver 7 got a key of a recent audit and there's reasons for taxpayers to be concerned. >> 1 man who was a contract with the evergreen golf course gets a free house. that's one example of the interesting contracts given out at city owned golf courses and we asked the city ought i had auditor -- >> he's launching a new audit and you can find our investigation on that free denver 7 app and you can see who is being blamed for the contracts. here's a reminder to be careful what you post on social media. >> one mayor is out of a job this morning, but receiving death threats for a facebook post. up next we'll have that post and why so many are upset. if you're looking for a job
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it's 4:41. here's your first alert. we're in for a big change. today just like yesterday, warm and dry. highs in the upper 70s.
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breaking ovvrnight, a
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the attack targeted the defense ministry specifically an afghan national vehicle. members of those armed forces. two of the victims were service members and two were civilians. no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but we have seen increase violence in afghanistan 4 days after four americans were killed in an apartment suicide. five students are recovering this morning after getting stabbed at a utah high school. the big question today is a 16-year old under arrests for the attack that happened early yesterday morning. school leaders says this teen had no prior history of violence. and the victims injuries range from minor to critical. the suspect wanted in a deadly airport shooting is dead. police say he shot and killed a southwest employee at the oklahoma city airport yesterday. police are trying to piece together why the gunman killed winchester and the airport is running normal this morning.
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west virginia looking for a new mayor after the former mayor beverly was forced to resign. it was because of a comment she made on facebook on a post about first lady michelle obama of the here's the post and it was made by a county employee who calls mrs. obama a quote ape in hills, end quote. we'll be commented just made my day pam. protestors packed a public meeting to voice their outrage. >> this nd of racism is not what this community is >> there's a lot of talks about real america not being represented and this is not how we want to be represented. and if we want to be seen with respect, we have to earn that respect and to earn that respect, we have to do what's right sngz -- >> so the woman find the post has been placed on leave. two more arsonist are find bars. authority was warning anyone thinking about setting fires that they will be caught.
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parts of tennessee is so bad -- no snow in the metro area, and boulder, so -- >> denver 7 jayson gruenauer spoke to those about the conditions. how do we compare to other years? >>reporter: in past years, mitch, we would have gotten precipitation in the form of some rain or snow. the more precipitation, the less of risk have gotten none, that means that wild fire season continues and it's already stretching into mid november and that's going to continue especially with conditions out here. just this past weekend, we got video of two separate brush fires that were burning just on the outskirts of the metro area. here at the forest service, they say they're quote monitoring conditions and stamping appropriately because of the potential for fires, but continued potential for fires
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that's only going to continue today. we're talking about winds that are going to be gusting. we already have a bit of a breeze in lakewood and also very, very low humidity. basically we're talking about fire conditions we normally see in mid summer, yet we're in mid november. the other challenge according to the forest service and other experts i spoke to is trying to keep the public informed that we are still technically in wild fire season despite the part of the year that we are at. normal legal we snow on the ground so we're not worried about grass fires and you don't have to instruct people to keep control of their cigarette posts and chains and don't drive over tall grasses so the education part is another challenge. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:00. reporting live at the forest service, i'm jayson gruenauer, denver 7. it's 4:47. three more children came down with a
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it's a condition we told you a couple of weeks ago. 3-year old kiko's case sttrted with flu-like symptoms and then became paralyzed. it's toasty if you walk out the door >> 60 degrees in denver. >> the sun isn't up and it's november. >> do you know what i was doing last night, hanging my christmas lights. >> it was gorgeous. >> it was great. i don't know if neighbors loved it. >> you didn't turn them on? >> you're like jayson >> i'm try to go get in the mid because it's too warm. >> he's hiding easter eggs already. we're tracking this change and it's a significant one. right now, 60 in denver and winds out of the south at 15 to 20 miles-per-hour. so things are getting a -- thing was getting breezy.
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day where we're close to the record high. denver, 77 today. that is the record high. so w could tie it or break it this afternoon. low 80s, mid to upper 80s in spots. lamar right now looking at a high today of 86 degrees. wind gust, anywhere from 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. that unfortunately is going to lead to more red flag warnings popping up across the region. it includes our entire front range mountains from north to south and all of south eastern colorado. so you got to be really car the good news is we've got something to balance it out. out west, a winter storm watch. ?e could be talking about five to 10 inches of snow above about nine to 10,000 feet. today we're not going to see much. a few clouds moving in. later tonight, early tomorrow morning around 5:00, 6:00 thursday morning, that's when we'lllstart to see an increase of clouds
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likely at and west of the divide by that point and filling in more so through the day..3 by 9:00 tomorrow morning, we're looking at a rain potentially even rain-snow mix out along i-225 for the morning drive. the late morning drivee and then a better chance for a few showers. a little rain and snow through the afternoon. you'll notice at 2:30, temperatures will climb above freezing tomorrow. so we're likely going to see rain and snow. the mix of it, but you'll notice temperatures are likely going so we'll start off with our highs tomorrow. to get colder as the day goes on. around 5:00 to 6:00, we have a lot more activity. the first time this season we have seen so much blue on our future cast. accumulationn are going to be tough because the ground is one. we're going to get one to 2 inches because you're not going to see it sticking as far as measuring it. look at temperatures. we'll go from 78 today to 45 tomorrow.
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paat of the day. things will gradually get colder as the day goes on. windy and cold on friday, but skies will clear out. we're in the upper 30s and pretty gd bounce back for the weekend. low 60s on sunnay. >> this is more like it . this is like colorado. good 7-day forecast. >> very nice. we have a good drive going on for us right now. we're not seeing stalls or problems. we had a great big lane shift over the night hours on that southbound side of we're drive ongoing that new portion of the bridge at i-25 and arapahoe. it's going to take a coup of days to get used to it as you head south into the denver tech center. the other portion of that bridge will be demolished. arapahoe road will stay closed unnil monday morninn. you can see decent drrving conditions down there. 225, i-70, the north side or out to dia, that's looking nice.
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businesses are coming to old stanley aviation factory close to the stapleton airport. all these businesses are first time businesses in the city. developers say the goal is to draw those from the suburb and make it a denver area destination. >> we think it's a unique place with a unique vision, and i think it will attractive if you live in littleton or high lands ranch, whatever it is, this is worth a 20 to 30-minute drive. december with more following -- twitter is expanding its mute future so that lets a user filter out words or phrases you don't want to see. people can report harassment and hate speech. a big congratulations to the cu bucks, they're ranked tenth in the ap in college coach's polls. it's the highest ranking bust since 2014. it's the first
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top ten in any major poll -- excuse me, in 14 years and the buffs are 8-2. they take on number 22 washington state. that's saturday at false field. >> the next two games at home. what a season for them. >> it's going to be a packed stadium, i'm sure. still ahead, aurora's 911 dispatch system is getting an under grade. >> they're hope to go -- up next, find out >> announcer: "techbyte you by crayola. um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ?air marker spraayer!!!? chemistry, baby! so i just hold this part and spraaaaaay... i'm okay. the holidays just got more surprising. you can find these great gifts and more in the crayola aisle. aaaaaah! each sold separately.
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good morning, it's 4:55. here's your bus stop planner on this wednesday. it's warm. this morning, upper 50s to low 60s early on. 77 for a high this afternoon. breezy. winds are likely going to be between 15 to 20 miles-per-hour, so fire danger is high. warmup and down the front range. 80 degrees in brighton, near du, and in king carol, a high of 73. big details coming up at 5:00. very good. aurora's 911 dispatcher wws changing the way they ask questions to callers reporting new software is -- to help prioritize the information that the first responders need most. priority dispatch will ensure that responding officers have key information before they arrive on scene. more stories coming up at 5:00, including round two of
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eric luber joins us live. we're tracking fire and ice. the major weather changes happening. if you have lost your id,
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a live look in downtown denver where homeless camps are still there. this is -- despite the -- >> eric luber has that story. we told you about -- how the efforts may be different. we'll talk about that next. it mid november and snow is in the forecast. the first snow will likely happen tomorrow night and that's great news for ski resorts. >> three resorts were opening this week after -- keystone and copper mount april will open on friday and breaker ridge opening saturday. >> lisa, our first alert of some


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