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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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issue. three men convicted for a crime spree that began with a bank robbery. they stormed the bank using screen masks and got away with $50,000. they stole a car shooting and assaulting the victims in send the vehicle. the men convicted is mcgill sanders and milo mason. heartbreaking case. logan rogers has pleaded guilty to manslaughter in prompted an unsuccessful police search. authorities has still not found the body of silas ojeda . the health issues of those who worked at the nuclear plant argone. >> we are learning more about problems experienced by people who lived downwind. here is denver7's claims fernandez . >> reporter: it is a wildlife
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for nuclear bombs. now the people would like to know about compromises their health. >> in the last 10 years i have lost two wonderful uncles who used to work on rocky flats. one of them had no less than 50 cancerous tumors in his body. >> reporter: carl was so concerned about living the rocky flats that he moved to brighten. he took part in a health survey. today they have preliminary results. >> we assumed it was breast cancer and thyroid cancer. that is unusual. that only for thyroid cancer but that is just an unusual finding. >> reporter: professor kyle jensen said the study found rare cancers make up nearly half of all of the cancers in the 1745 people surveyed.
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the needs to be more research. cu professor suggested every to find out if the cancers might be related. >> there is evidence it is available in the form of isotopic fingerprinting of plutonium particles that might be found inside the to my materials that is being discarded daily. >> jensen said if they could get grant money it would advance research. lance hernandez , denver7. how would you liked it the gigantic fence came next to your home? that is going on for some families in greeley. denver7's sally mann do reports. >> it is things like this wall that surrounds the home and the possibility of 50,000 semis driving to go close to home
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all things that left neighbors in the area with no option but to file for a lawsuit demanding the commission to stop the tanks from being built here. >> oil pipelines would reduce the number of vehicles and noise. neighbors say they walls are ugly. i spoke with don stein who lives in the home and here is what she had to say. >> it is kind of like being in a pris. review -- view to the west or to the south. >> reporter: sally mamdooh, denver7. mother nature provided a much-needed last to the colorado ski resorts. >> it is enough that keystone was able to open today. >> despite the lack of snow, resort bookings are up. russell haythorn has more.
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one of the ski season here at keystone resort in the clouds are intense -- crowds are intense. experts tell us the bookings are solid this season. the snow is back and so is the local enthusiasm. >> getting readd to show you here in a second. this is my third round. >> reporter: as of today only four resorts are open. >> we are excited to see the shifting weather that mother >> reporter: the lock of early- season snow does not appear to have infected out-of-state bookings. ross harris and is a director which tracks ski bookings and he says they are up 15% over this time last year. >> it is the heart but emotionally the local is the sole. >> reporter: the ski resort
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years of good publicity and fresh powder. >> it might be their experience last year that causes them to book this year. >> reporter: advanced bookings should make up for a sluggish start. the idea here keystone is the open from the middle of the mountain out so you have to write that the gondola up and down at the end of your day. but they are making snow and open soon. in keystone, russell haythorn, kmgh. >> tough job today. you'll have to wait a little longer if you are planning to go to aspen. it will be hard pressed to be open by thanksgiving. >> right now on the denver7 app we have a list of all of the ski resorts opening this weekend. looking good for sure. it is not just the strip off
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with a beautiful view from our camera in the loveland ski area. look at all of the snow on the ground which means chilly temperatures already down to 28 degrees in type -- in denver. you can see the impact of that snow cover on the ground. the radar is clean with the storm we had to the northeast of us. the next is up to the west arriving here before you know it. watcou tonight with the warming trend for the weekend in the new storm arriving next week. the full forecast coming up. it is time to start winterizing your car. local tire stores are getting slammed for those of you who waited for the last minute. greg lopez says the first snow is always the first test and often those tires do not cut it. >> they are meant to do a little of everything with all
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at their worst because it gets cold and the snow tire stays excellent no matter the weather. >> the two month who admitted starting the cold springs fire were sentenced to two years of work-rellase and four years probation. they pleaded guilty earlier this month for not putting out properly their campfire. it destroyed several homes in verse 600 acres. we now know what caused the house fire investigators say it was electrical and they decided it was accidental. firefighters arrived at the home on wednesday to find heavy black smoke. >> the person who robbed a game stop at gunpoint. the suspect got away with cash and game consoles. investigators are looking over the surveillance video to find the thief. a teenager decides to fire
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>> please do not have to go to go far to track him down. how you can brighten of
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with two months to go until inauguration day donald trump continues to plan. his team is starting to name
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latest. >> reporter: as a team starts to shape up, the backlash over who he is choosing continues. the first member was announced of the cabinet -- jeff session. he has been offered the position of attorney general. sessions was the first senator to endorse trump during the primary. >> i would be honored to be considered. >> reporter: trump says he has been impressed with him and his record. challenging confirmation. in 1986 he was locked over racially charged comments. >> they are very concerned abbut diversity and again senator sessions has a real problem getting approval by the senate. >> michael flynn was just named the national security advisor. at the republican national
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corrupt chant against hillary clinton. he wrote i do not believe all cultures are morally equivalent. he said he is deeply concerned about the inflammatory remarks. the transition team has filled one more spot. currennly a member of the committee as director of the cia. >> trump plans to meet with mitt romney over the weekend. they have exchanged heated words in the past. maggie rulli , abc news, washington. donald trump has agreed to a settlement. the new york attorney general announced today trump university failed to deliver the real estate investigators. a school flash crash in tennessee this morning.
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heading to an academic leadership event. a teenager was arrested in ohio. the whole incident was streamed online. during the disturbing facebook live video the 15-year-old moved around a rifle and fired. the teenager seemed to find the gunfire >> you are just sitting in your home watching television and you hear something like that, that would freak you out. >> the 15-year-old was arrested on weapons charges. volunteers gathered today to fill weekend ffod bags to send home to students with families in need.
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we are doing here. >> reporter: it is such a great cause here for the month of november. you can be a denver7 holiday hero as well. eurostar at the whole foods and you can come to any and donate money, which was what we are looking for. nancy is joining me here. it is important to raise money for hunger. >> absolutely. this time of year we have kids going home over christmas break kids in colorado is short of food. we are trying to make sure that we have enough food at the food bank. so we have partnered with denver7 and the credit union in our program to raise money for holiday heroes. >> so we are raising money. so what can folks due to donate? >> when they come in all they
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and the cashiers are asking when you like to donate. you can donate seven dollars and the holiday hero or purchase one of our donation programs we have going. all the money goes to the food bank of the rockies and folder -- boulder. the purchase the for food and put those bags together so that the kids can eat. >> reporter: yyu can also dote on as well. it and to discuss this program rolling. it has been so successful in the past and we want to keep that going. so great job, guys. you can be a denver7 holiday hero . >> thank you, stacey. here is something that might help you as well. the mormons from utah made their way out here to deliver turkey donations to denver
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they will go towards feeding hundreds of homeless people in the denver area. this annual turkey drive was held right here in downtown denver. the shoulder is still accepting donations through december the shoulder is still accepting donations through december 1. if you were still looking to fill your thanksgiving table, so you want a free pie? you can win a free one from village and by downloading the denver7 app your will be a different price each week so you can stay update >> some people are already getting into the christmas spirit in colorado with a christmas tree in front of the capital this year stopping her at a bass pro shop in denver. this 80 foot tree from idaho is visiting 25 on its trip to washington. >> if you want to cut your own christmas tree don't forget you need a permit. to get a permit for the buffalo
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they are $10 for certain dates between november 25 through december 8. don't you love all of the colorado weather? we will take you back to wednesday when it was 80 degrees and evvrything was dry and pleasant and then yesterday 32 degrees at city park and everything is cold and snowing. it is still snowing on the ground with beautiful sunshine this afternoon. it is going to be a chili tonight, but the weekend looks really goo it is definitely getting cold with 20s degrees in denver and that's no cover on the ground -- that snow cover on the ground. it is chilly in the wake of the storm system and that is how it is in the weekend. 32 was the high today and 28 the low. normal is at 51 and 23 with the record 78 and 12 below zero.
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30 downtown and 28 at the airport. the pressure is 30 the pressure is 30.51 and rising. the winds from the south east at 7 and windchill 21 degrees. the storm we had his way up to the northeast of us now and it will continue into canada. there is the big high pressure system and further to the west that is the next storm the new snow will be a chilly night for sure. 15 at dia and 14 degrees in greeley. 20s farther west across the state with eight friday morning in gunnison and 6 in alamosa. tomorrow sunshine and we will have that all day long building awesome snow as temperatures
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we will see 65 in trinidad and 49 expected in let's go. the front range is 40s in the mountains and w to mid 50s at lower elevations. bright sunny skies with a very nice day coming up for tomorrow. it is clear and cold with light winds and 15 for tomorrow. 53 in the afternoon and sunday few high clouds in the next storm moves in monday with clouds increasing tuesday. this will be a mix of light rain and snow here with 45 for wednesday and partly cloudy thanksgiving day and sunny next friday with a high of 52. >> crazy stuff.
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zeolites next weekend -- zeolites, zoo lights next weekend. commission is $17 for adults. coming up to your medicines really do what they promise?
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a warning for you if you are traveling to chicago. hundreds of workers threatening
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employees are fighting for rage -- wage increases and human rights. they responded saying we do not anticipate any disruptions. it will be the biggest travel rush in 10 years. volkswagen will do away with several jobs. announced most cuts happen in germany. they are paying tens of millions of dollars in fines after they were found to be cheating on emission tests to extract funeral services for leon russell in tennessee. elton john and willie nelson were among the pallbearers. he is known for songs including a song for you in the 74-year- old died this week. to ever wonder if medication does what it promises? the feds are stepping up to make sure that is the case and
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homeopathic medicines. they promise to relieve pain and make sure they are marketing these drugs and it lines up with reality. here are some tips. >> it is important to not just look at what it says on the front but turn it around and look at the active ingredients to make sure it is safe and what it could potentially interact with. is the ingredient on the back really what the product is >> the ftc requires companies to offer reliable evidence for related claims. a big merger. fanduel and draftkings announced plans to merge day. the companies are equipped to tackle the many regulatory issues to keep the commission fees and structures competitive they will continue to operate separately to help the individual brands through the
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you still have time to purchase your powerball ticket with the jackpot at $20 million. the last powerball winner in colorado was in 2014. >> so we are due is what you are saying. mcdonald's will be offering table service with touchscreen ordering. changes are already showing up in florida california and no word yet on when they will be coming to colorado. from all of us happy birthday mickey. he is 88 today. there are parades and parties planned at the disney parks around the world. you can use the hashtag #happybirthdaymickey to wish him happy birthday on twitter. >> he is looking pretty good.
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a final look at the weather for us, mike? >> anyway. cold tomorrow morning at 15th and a nice day sunny with six easy. we do have a storm coming tuesday. it will freshen up the snow for the ski areas.
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. more than 300 crashes already. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms and legs already broken. and the strike at a major


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