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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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we found out two big projects are being delayed until next year. >> reporter: these hiccups if in a number of cities. elayed %- denver, wheat they were supposed to open by the end of the year, now people will have to wait until january of next year earliest. let's talk about the problems. the light rail will connect people between aurora and pprker. there are some equivalent problems. replacement parts have to come from switzerland. it takes a while for the everyone to get things place. the line will be delayed until january 2017 at the very earliest. we just talked to rtd, and they
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>> know there is not. there's not an organizational problem. it is a complicated year. five transit corridors opening in one year and we know why he had has not ever been done before. >> reporter: with there are problems involving another corridor. that being the l to what you may ride on the a or b line. the g line will go from wheat ridge and arvada to write into denver union station. because of problems, that is being temporarily delayed. the g line will open spring of 2017. that is the latest from aurora.
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foot wall going up next to your house? is happening near greeley. tonight sally is talking to neighbors. >> reporter: imagine living at your home and looking at an open space like this when suddenly you are confined by walls and hearing construction noises. that is the reality of people and greeley that are now fighting back. >> you have to experience it. it's like a prison. >> it wrapped around his once remote home. >> i have no view to the west or south. >> reporter: and that's not all. >> i still have a semi-idling constantly. >> reporter: the new buildinn site where the drilling company is right next to his home. >> there's a perform -- profound effect on local traffic. >> reporter: it's not just
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what they plan to build. >> it will be 22 oil and gas wells and 22 oil 22 separators and all other associated equipment. >> reporter: that's all the to be in your backyard? >> yes. >> reporter: they are expecting noise and pollution. >> our property values will decrease. >> reporter: they are fighting back against the colorado oil commission. >> we're trying to force them to follow their own rules. >> reporter: they filed a lawsuit saying that they did not look at other locations. the wind will be a win for major communities. >> this is going to establish a precedent. >> reporter: the oil and gas conservation told us that they
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a guilty plea but the investigation is not over. 13-month-old silas in wyoming. the boyfriend of that little boy's mother, pleaded guilty to manslaughter. he told investigators that he put him in the dumpster. 3 he was not found. new at 6 pm, and aurora man set up a gofundme account man's funeral. he is charged with stealing and using it himself. he is looking at felony charges. >> justin racing, the guy without the shirt in the picture, is under arrest. he set up his account for his friends funeral. raised $3500 with the family. in the family never received any. >> reporter: no answer today. he stole money from his best
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j owens died in a motorcycle accident on memorial day. his friend still cannot leave what happened. she donated $100 and wanted to do the right thing. >> and then he went to italy. and his mother and no one saw a dime. >> reporter: he said he you left the money under the doormat. he showed that he transferred it spent it. >> reporter: have you gotten any money for the funeral expenses? >> know, i have not. >> reporter: she is speaking from texas. make sure that the gofundme money is going to the right place. racing is it -- is a relief. >> it is about justice and my son's name. >> reporter: the rest is not
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does ring them peace. >> there's a little bit of relief that he will have to pay for what he did. >> reporter: he has a history of drug and theft. this could carry three years in prison. an arrest is made in a deadly student -- he is accused of the fire earlier this weekend aurora started with the electrical system in the house. it is now being called an accident. where the person had critical injuries. the two men that started the cult fire that they will serve two years of work release. then be on probation. it will have to pay one half million dollars. for the damage. just how bad was rocky
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unusual findings of cases of cancer. >> reporter: a group called rocky flats, have long wondered if radiation leaks compromise for help. >> 1300 acres of this site are still contaminated peer we will never be up to use that land. a great concern is what might be coming off site. about growing up in a nuclear shadow of rocky flats. she said there is contamination. these people want to know if it is compromising their health. he had to go set worked there. both died of cancer. >> what about two years of ago, no less than 50 cancerous tumors in his body. >> they released the results of
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of the 848 cancers reported have had 728 responded were cancers. it shows thyroid cancer at elevated levels. >> nothing can be said definitively. all it is is just enough information to warrants further research. >> reporter: denver7. it is amazing the five teams in nascar only had minder injuries. they split which. a news alert for colorado drivers driving around in chrysler's. they were calling 89,000 vehicles. this includes the dodge durango and jeep cherokee. the concert on fire because of fuel leak. weather spots to get some help from the satellite built in colorado. the satellite launches
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send back weather information for our meteorologist. high school students got to talk to acidophilus space station. the students were allowed to ask them anything they wanted. there were some prep work here. teachers have been working on space in the lesson plans. some students say this was more than just about science. >> the entire nature of the space program is about uniting. up in space, with those different national gr just that, there's such a focus and eight humbles them. of future working together. >> that is great. a lot of the students are very excited for the future of the space program. going to mars. it is just the snow we needed. more skiers getting ready. we're finding out how hard it will be to make a reservation for the holiday weekend.
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farewell to of the stadium. after the snow comes the cold.
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one resort will not be to be the brush. it is going to open after thanksgiving. al dora is opening on monday. >> we join them on the slopes. >> ahead of the busy week. reporter: we are in keystone, where they have four -- five inches. that was from the storm that move through yesterday. they are also making snow on
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below freezing. and, we have learned that bookings are up 15 %. that according to a research form -- from out of denver, this is good news. especially giving the prolonged summerlike weather we have had september, october, and early november. we should only get better from here. >> we are off to a good start. almost half of years business has already been booked. >> reporter: so no early season and includes 19 ski destinations including keystone, and we are only just now entering the hardest ski season. you know what is been one year since dia had western open. it has had 1000 guests. that is enough to fill out 574 boeing 747's.
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spirit. turn on cozy 101. now until christmas, it is nothing but holiday music. ready or not, here we come. for seven dollars you can be a hero. >> one in four kids is hungry. you have the chance to become a denver holiday hero. >> reporter: all you need to do can even go to another place and donate seven dollars players we have put together who is -- the bags and everything for this? >> food bank of the rockies. >> reporter: they put together everything that is needed to help with hunger across our area. >> all over colorado. one in four kids and colorado is spewed insecure.
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food bank of the rockies and community food shared do these totes for hope they take home food on the weekend. it is so easy to participate in something like this. >> we made it really easy, when you checkout, any of the stores you can wrap up your bill and donate seven dollars to be a denver7 holiday hero. any amount we will gladly accept. all of the money goes directly >> it helps so much., she would make last year? >> last year, $200,000. this year are -- our goal is a quarter million dollars. >> reporter: that is why we have been talking about this a lot. it is so easy to help. and if you're not coming to whole foods, go to denver
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you have a chance to win desert for your family. all you have to do is download the app and enter the contest to win a pipe. -- pie. finally, november weather. >> look at you glow. >> i am glowing. they are also going in loveland. they are happy with the fresh snow. steamboat was the winner. it had november 23. here's the view at sunset from our camera. look at that beautiful glow. this is what it looks like an denver right now. skies are clear but it is cold out there. 29 degrees and 24 at dia. 69 % humidity and pressure is high and rising.
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warm. 32, 14 above was are low this morning. still way above record lows. -12 in 1880. is the coldest we have seen since way back in april. as far as conditions around the nation. that is where the storm has already moved through. the scattered showers and thunderstorms are all the way down to the gulf coast. a big high in a future for this is the next storm that will arrive here monday and tuesday next week. just a cold night tonight clear sky and light wind. low temperatures dropping down and expect things to drop down into the teams into lower elevations. tomorrow, the high temperatures are going to be
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sunshine throughout the day. as readings climb back up into the 50s across most of eastern colorado. some 60s way down south. 40s and 50s tomorrow. front range numbers tomorrow upper 40s to low 50s. bright sunshine and flow to the mid-50s. light wind and plenty of sunshine. start with the christmas lights. 15 tonight and clear tomorrow, the temperature is expected to be 53 and cold and warming and sunny. 10 degrees warmer on sunday, that is a bright spot. monday, clouds into the next storm. is not going to be the biggest storm, but six innhes of snow on tuesday, and light rain in the mix. maybe some flurries for the mountains, and for thanksgiving. 50s expected. looks good. >> historic weekend at csu.
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game at the stadium. tonight, a special event held there to give fans the chance to come by one last time. we spoke to the issues family about what they think the stadium's name shake -- sick with an. >> we do been very proud of it. he would been honored. see everybody here, >> the first game was at 1960. >> a cost under $3 million to build. those a bargain.
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weeks. colorado buffaloes, no one does. destiny is predetermined. with the bucs do control is their future. what mike mcintyre has done less in four seasons is astounding. he is known to rebuild programs. this might be his best job yet. that success on just scratching the surface on satisfaction. >> the winds are exciting. just to see the guys eyes and paces. % seeing them enjoy and accomplish things that nobody thought they could. when you get that chance, it is great. you might even have doubted it and then you overcome doubts and overcome fear, you cannot teach a better life lesson than that. >> they're going to write their final chapter.
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16 players will have an emotional night. favoring to keep the team focused. >> i'm worried about the year. ?ou want to honor your family and your loved ones, and playing in hughes. thattis something will talk about a week. >> he said that last night,'s not cool. panthers has a compressed -- concussion protocol. he look like he was completely out of it. he began sobbing. disturbing to say the least. number one college hockey team in the land is in colorado. the fact that magnets take on miami of ohio. it is the first time since 2010
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the country. before we go, >> temperatures in the 50s. 60s on sunday. mainly for the mountains on
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here's what's trending now. one week from today is black friday, and the question on every shopper's mind, what store will hav the best deals? turns out it's macy's. ? it's a happy and you know it clap your hands ? >> customers should be clap happy. according to a new study from what's up which looked at 8,000 black friday deals from 35 of the biggest u.s. retailers, macy's is giving out the best overall discounts with an average of 63% retailers and jc penney rounded out the top three best discount dealers. >> great style speaks for itself. >> keep in mind the average discount for black friday is 39%, so wherever you plan on buying from, plan on getting at least some kind of killer deal. >> if you have kiddos in your life, here's what you'll be shopping for. it's likely that your littles are obsessed with these littles. >> if you are just learning
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did i miss something? >> they're basically personified versions of items you find at the grocery store or the mall, so if you hear kids talking about suzy sausage or frank burger, this is what they're talking about. >> okay. i'm, like, totally freaked out right now. >> just calmly get in line to buy the market research firm npd group that says a 12 pack of the shopkins was the single best selling toy in 2015. so far this year seen a 98% increase in sales. best of all, you can buy shopkins for as little as $2.99. you can shop until you drop for shopkins. better yet, kids can afford them with their allowance. >> cheap toys for kids. got to love that. adults are pretty easy to shop for because -- ? all i want for christmas is a good wi-fi connection ? >> this is a study you'll definitely want to tell your


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