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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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tell you i'm a a strong 6.9 magnittde earthquake has rocked japan. this generous tsunami hitting fukushima. the entire east coast of japan is under tsunami watches or warnings. there's been several aftershocks and we been hearing about power outages and evacuations are in place. we're waiting and watching and we will keep you updated. back at home, multiple and troubling reports of recent hate graffiti in colorado. some say this is directly related to election. there has been assaults as well. >> the code of muslim society says someone fresh one f its numbers while she was grocery shopping and try to gag the scarf she was right off her head. they told her, you don't belong here. hate messages spray-painted on a transgender woman's car. bucket of paint possible
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and swastikas painted on the doors of this school in stapleton. denver police say there have been 21 criminal mischief cases involving hate messages so far this year. five since november 8. i've been telling people that got have a reason. >> imam has been bleeding donald trump selection gave lisa to an undercurrent that's been there the whole time. >> people are frustrated and larger issues that they don't know how to address those issues. >> reporter: lafayette says people are having because they have heard immigrants are taking their jobs. within a blame blacks if they been victimized by crime. >> it's a lot of misdirection and people who are scared. under forged. i think people like donald trump take advantage of that. check the imam -- imam says nnmbers have been targeted with words and even assault. he mentioned a muslim woman who was grocery shopping after the election. >> somebody went and tried to pull her scarf.
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told her you d't belong here. >> reporter: he says it happens more often than you would expect. >> muslims have been in this country before independence through slavery. took i asked if he was concerned about donald trump election of retired lieutenant general tackle flat as possible national security advisor for a senator jeff sessionsnd pompeo and he said muslims aren't the only ones who fear that those men get power, they will misuse it. he said there have been temptations all over the nation because of those concerns. here we go. at the thanksgiving travel question began. >> denver international airport to have record-setting week. more than 1 million pastors to pastor dia. >> the reasons why you should arrive early and it's not jjst because of the long lines.
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trade to get here. with significant trouble a lot of people waiting for a long time. to mystically get heard two hours at a time, internationally, tears. tsa along with the airlines added extra staff so hofully that should make things move smoother for the other reason to get here early is parking. the airport has overflow lots but it's hard to gauge exactly what people will be doing. their process for the reasons you should get here early is because of the parking crunch. santa marta monday of next week, we can see 1.1 million people pastor dia my bats
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last year with the busiest day being this sunday. it's over year we set individual records. our passenger traffic continues to climb set a number of records over the summer we set can avert top 10 busiest days. we are expecting to maybe set onn of those records sunday after people come back from the long holiday weekend.>> the record number of people makes things congested. there ar many people come to our airport of benefits we all can benefit from. we'll talk about that coming up at six. first look at weather, around here at the cherry creek steak -- state park. watching the clouds get thicker begins to move in. rm system
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chilly november evening. it's oing to turn with three over night. we have two storm warnings and advisories tonight. we'll see as much moisture on the planes but after a mild day in my ill be in the mid-30s. tomorrow, in the mid-40s for high teachers. more on the weather coming up. we're at here with nice folks from west rock coffee. if you commit to walk your dog, you can get a nice hot cup of coffee and say hello before you get out there trail. more to come on the weather in a few moments. back to you. justice served in the case of a northglenn police officer who shot last year. agent moya! adrian was sentenced to 32 prison years. he shot a police officer multiple times during a traffic stop. the officer was wearing a bulletprooffvest and survived. a man accussd of kidnapping and killing a grand junction mom who ran escort service lisa
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reflection is underway in the case of lesser jones is accused in a test of page.. for the most part of missing back in 2007, her remains were found five years later in delta county. in jones for straw, jurors couldn't reach a decision. underccver prostitution sting lense 10 men behind bars in fort collins. a police team placed ads on websites like craigslist and please say the potential client to schedule ppointment arrived at this agreed-upon hotel, un left, they are taken into ?ustody. we're learning the names of the man murdered in fort collins friday. please found 44-year-old henchman kimi stabbed to death inside an abandoned building used as a shelter for several homeless people. two people were arrested over the weekend for mckinley's murder. developing tonight the man suspected in the murder of a police officer in texas has been cost. police say 50-year-old detective management or connie was killed in his patrol car outside san antonio police
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he was writing a ticket for a driver he pulled off another driver pulled up behind him and shot him in the head. then drove away.>> everyone worst nightmare. you never want to see anything like this happen. >> was a missile celebrate the holidays, we will be burying one of our own. >> missouri, two other officer shot and wounded, they are expected to survive. an officer also shot and injured during a traffic stop in florida. attacks on officers, in several states we reach out to our local police department. denver police say they are not changing anything as far as procedures go other than reminding their officers to stay aware. as for wuerffel please, it's -?the city do not make a tactic no for officer safety reasons. and 25 n. of yale is up and running after a fuel spill today. if you are driving in that area, you probably were caught in the middle of that. they take a truck hit a piece of metal, that pierced a smaller tank on the truck
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four lanes are shut down for hours on the fuel was cleaned up. is that time of year where shoppers areegearing up for black friday deals. >> now more than ever, steez -- stores compete for our attention. the story was hard to do because every time i looked at these deals, i want to grab my wallet. not all the deals pulled me in. here's hy. >> made the st deal when. for all of you enthusiasts shoppers, black friday may have come early this year. >> coles started their black friday sale today. walmart made an announcement today their cyber monday deals will be available on black friday. online black friday deals and sales are being pushed by retailers before you even start wrapping with turkey. with 60,000 advertising deals
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on my sites like fatwallet there down the best deals out there. now is also the time to start putting your phone with your favorite store apps. >> they will send you exclusives as the mobile app user you will find discounts you may not find in their other marketing channels.>> reporter: experts insist best day for deals, drumroll please. friday. compete thh same time. they are all open. they have to3 bring good prices or they won't get the sales. >> reporter: so many deals, so little time. she had the deals all year long. we always report to you on the however many stores chose to shut down this thanksgiving, 40 big-time stores open lesher, this year 60 will close this takes giving. you think the internet for that.
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shopping. apartments have spiked with recent years with more people moving there. >> we sure you wonder where the most and least expensive ones
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morning and actually sad part is 22 animals died. engulfed in flames when they y - arrived on scene and workers at a nearby oil facility open offense to try to save animals.'s and million dollar cocaine bust sniffed out by a k-9. the officer and his dog a traffic stop only can notice the car was wwaving on i 25. the canine detective the smell of drugs leading officers to discover 10 hidden packages of cocaine. the driver arrested. kanye west is making news. he's not coming to denver next week. he has about the canceled the remaining shows on his tour. no reason was given. the move comes after musician abruptly ended a concert in sacramento saturday, that's canceled performances sunday in los angeles and he apparently wenn on a 10 minutes timed onstage in california about othee artists and radio and walked offstage. bruce's base is coming to
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surprise you. the tattered cover bookstore. the bosses promoting his new memoir the meet and greet at colfax sttre location november 30. that's next wednesday. tickets are $32 and go on sale in the mine. debris are good news for holiday travelers heading to chicago's o'hare airport. hundreds of workers planning a strike announced it's not going to happen until after thanksgiving. non-unionized janitors, baggage handlers and cabin cleaners what to raise a $15 an hour. traveling to be together and that is why we are holding off our strike until after the takes giving holiday. our struggle starts to say after thanksgiving monday, november 29. oh here's one of the busiest airports in the nation handling 77 oh here's one of the busiest airports in the nation handling 77 million passengers last year. samsung is doing damage ccntrol over its flagship galaxies were found for new reports have surfaced that other galaxy s7 devices burst into
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in october, samsung stop sales of the galaxy note 7 phone after failing to correct a problem that cause the device to explode. now samsung is trying to reassure customers that other devices in the same family are safe despite customer complaints. it's going to cost you more fear cold drink and often at starbucks. the coffee chains has presses for certain cold drinks and baked goods have gone up $.10- $.30 this month. seevice did not explain the price hike. back in july some x-rays the price of coffee drinks by as much as $.20 on espresso latte beverages have also seen a price rise. where denver metro's priciest cities to live in? according to departmental website, the most expensive in springfield. median rent for one-bedroom just over $1300 a month. second-highest in centennial in the city of denver is the third most expensive for rentals. the cheapest, according to them
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still one-bedroom costs about $1000. the developers from the vatican. pope francis extended priests ability to forgive abortions. a special exemption granted last year during the year of mercy. the characters of long-held abortion is a moral evil. o prince's work abortion is a sin but there is no sin that god's mercy cannot reach and by the way. many families of beginning thanks this week for news numbers of their families. november is national adopon one of those fateful families is in. they adopted the 19 month old at the separate. he was born 13 weeks early.. doctors to know should walk or talk or see or hear. but, i've has grown into a beautiful healthy little girl with three older siblings who just adore her. >> god has had his hand on her from the beginning. >> we're not perfect parents by
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remiss of all time we do our kids go to bed at night feeling safe and love. according to orphan worldly thought or, there are 50 million children orphaned around the globe, 100 children are adopted in colorado each year. somewhat argue this is the best season of the year. the holiday season is here so with all those festivities, no doubt you will also deal with stress. when you or say relatives. our partners at jewish health have this advisory. >> i say to spend 30 minutes every day being mindful. that can take many forms, prayer, meditation, intersection to watch the sunrise or sets, watch your granted them. whatever it takes to cast off that baggage. doctors say try creating new family traditions. sit back friday shopping, spend with your family and worry about the shopping another
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serving coffee and saying hello to people even in the dark people out here walking their dogs. earlier summer, that's teagan. there are here at cherry creek state park. it's like tvs you never know how the people will come by. right now, we have taylor and jackson and casey from west rock coffee. there helping people warm up on a cold late autumn evening. we have a great pyrenees. you guys are below. there are so many dogs out here tonight. this is a beautiful dog park. hundred 7 acres.
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>> humid out on the side of town? >> you walk out here every night. >> besides working dogs, what to do? >> i work at dps foundation. >> is to have you here. your anger with your husband i assume. >> by it. >> nonanswer. >> that we have breaking news. >> get some coffee. nice to see you. we have weather changes. the taliban are here with 60 degrees, instruct quite a bit as a storm system moves to the
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it's a rain still makes to the denver area. ?erfect time for coffee. we show you what's happening around the area. temperatures are getting colder nnw and the winds sunday shift around the still direction from ease. they'll be up slow conditions. we reached the mid-60s before this began to come in. on the satellite pictuue, low pressure system to the south. will move across the state tonighttinto it's not super cold storm. without that's really cold air, it won't wrap up into a really powerful storm. in the morning hours, will drop down to the mid-30s in the denver area will announce our upper 20s to low 30s. they will have snow up there and will have rain still makes nothing as it hits the pavement down here but you'll probably want to allow extra time in the morning tomorrow. this storm will not last all that long because it quickly move into the central plains
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morning with a rain stomachs in -?the afternoon, skies start to clear. colder day, we're talking mid- 40s to maybe 50 around the area. as far as the merger, maybe attempt to quarter inch of moisture. energy to mostly melt. a low temperature drop down to 35. tomorrow the high 45. looking at extended forecast, wednesday looks nice, bright and sunny. beautiful weather, black friday will be bright for the saturday around 60. i sunday another storm moves in with more light rain and snow. will be here to the 6 o'clock hour. come saa hello. coming up, broncos back to
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welcome back broncos. by week over, back to work. that means you 13. trevor simeon, five days off the field, sore shoulder much better. he'll be healthy for sunday nights. derek wolf, 95 for the delay will be so much better for a
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minutes. gary kubiak saying it's going to be a wild ride. the last six games. >> a look around this leak we will be so competitive these last six weeks because a lot of pro-bowl teams in the races and play each other. it comes down to how we play. would come down to anything else. it will come down to how we play. it's on us. we hava we have to take it. we hold our own destiny. it's been like that every year. it's always been a tight race. it will come down to the wire for sure. stayed around for the bye week. mystery games and boy did the raucous miss him. >> noticeable difference and the level of competition is on the fieed. also notable difference in the locker room. >> i am back. >> i feel great.
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feel extra fresh. i feel like super fresh right now. >> it's always good when we get in that huddle. you see all the guys, it will be good. we are well rested and we should come out and play well. for the bus, the defensive player of the week, offensive
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nobody told me to expect it. it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help. it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual vaginal bleeding,
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are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache, pelvic pain, breast pain, vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots, or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogens should not be used to prevent heart disease, heart attack, stroke or dementia.
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tonight, breaking news. just as millions begin to travel for thanksgiving, the major snowstorm turning deadly tonight. the 40-car pileup. and now, the new storm moving in right after, just in time for the holiday. also breaking, there is word coming in right now of a horrific and deadly school bus crash. reports of several elementary school children who did not survive. also, as we come on to the earthquake and tsunami warning near the fukushima nuclear plant. the orderes to evacuate. the images cing in. the urgent manhunt after a veteran officer in texas is shot and killed in an ambush. the surveillance video released late today. another officer shot while in his patrol car in st. louis. four officers targeted in 24 hours. and the new message late today from president-elect donald trump. the race to fill his cabinet. the very public jockeying for


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