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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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? i heard him screaming, i stabbed im. i stabbed him. oh, my god, i just stabbed him. so i immediate hi called 911. >> a good samaritan is stabbed to woman reportedly being attacked by a man. we're hearing from the witness who also ran there to help. >> the snow, it is back. we are already seeing snow in the high country. you are looking at video right there. there we go. there is some snow at the eisenhower tunnel. here is your first alert. the rain down here in the metro area is going to be turning to
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>> let's begin with meteorologist lisa hidalgo on what we should expect. >> it looks like the second snow of the season here in denver. right now, it is just in the roads are wet. you will find in the mountains some snow falling. it will switch over within the next couple of hours. you with see that on futurecast. between now and about 7:00, 8:00, we are likely going to see the switchover to snow. this could be real the morning commute. anywhere between about 6:00 and 7:00 with it sticking to the ground likely south of denver. this is where we are expecting heavier snow from denver south closer to castle rock down to colorado springs. could get about 2 to 5 inches. this awe pretty fast-moving storm so by this afternoon, that is what it looks like at 4:00. most everything we'll see will be this morning and in town expecting a trace to upward of 2 inches across the eastern
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now. we'll drop a bit here and then we'll see highs in the low to mid-40s by early afternoon. so it is going to be the coolest day of the week with quite a few alerts. we'll talk more about those coming up. we want to go up to the eisenhower tunnel. we hear you've got snow. >> reporter: we do. can you see it falling down already o our way here, we saw several snow nows taking to the roads getting the roads. it is sticking though. icy conditions on the roads. if you are coming up this way, you want to be very careful. it is all of these conditions that can add to frostbite. that is something that we are focusing on this morning. the u.s. census bureau says that colorado is one of the fastest growing states. it is actually the second of all the fastest growing states seeing hundreds of thousands of new residents from some of the warmer states like texas, florida, arizona and california
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unfamiliar with winter weather. denver health professionals shared prevention tips like protecting your head, hands and feet. that is important. also, not drinking orrsmoking before going out into the cold and if you get wet, go inside. while colorado natives familiar with the quick change in weather conditions, many who are expensing winter weather for the first time may not understand that layering is the way to go. >> in colorado, especially denver, you could have 32 ?egrees or freezing or lower in the morning into thh afternoon and it's 50. that is where your layer will come in play. >> reporter: now, denver health says they've treated 141 frostbite and cold weather injuries in the last 12 months. so next half hour, we'll talk about symptoms and prevvntion. first, we'll go to jayson to tell us what the roads are
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you. but overall, the drive to the west at -- isn't that bad. i've seen a bit of a mix over monument hill at times but mostly just wet on i-25. you can see a lot of green out there. there has been an accident reported northbound 25 near 200h. not seeing anything unusual except for the wet conditions. man monthss his life trying to do the right thing when the suspect turns the knife on him. >> one man is ddad from a stabbing in fort collins. witness sharing some new information on this. we have a report live from fort collins with the details. >> reporter: good morning to you. we spoke to i man would heard it all unfold inside this apartment complex when it happened late yesterday afternoon, early yesterday evening here in fort collins. he says that he heard what
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a man and a woman and eventually escalated. another man tried to inteevene and step in and then one of those men yelling i stabbed him, i stabbed him, oh, my god, i stabbed him. that same witness actually took this cell phone video which shows that suspect being detained by fort collins police after it all happened. his shirt covered in blood. now, after that stabbing, the two other good samaritans actually stepped in to try to help the stabbing victim first person who tried to he %- take a listen. >> we both ripped the stab victim's shirt off and we had him in our arms and we were trying to see if we could find a knife wound that we could cover up and check for a pulse and see if he needed cpr. right then, a couple of officers behind me told to us hhld up our hands and move out of the way. they had the guns out. >> reporter: that stab victim was pronounced dead at the
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the suspect's name is not being released by police either. coming up at 5:30, hear much more from that witness including how things escalated so quickly to violence including what ended up being deadly violence. that is coming up in just about 30 minutes. just in, president-elect donald trump tweeting this morning that he is canceling his scheduled meeting today with the "new york times." he says the terms and conditions of the meeting were changed at the last not nice. then he said that he may schedule a new meeting with the times but in the meantime, they continue to cover me inaccurately and with a nasty tone. yesterday, trump held a meeting with several other news outlets. you see those from abc, nbc and cnn. trump reportedly blasted the out some people by name and ll
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dishonest in covering him. >> what has happened today is every public safety official's absolute worst nightmare. >> a school bus driver behind bars now facing charges after attleast five elementary school kids are killed in a crash. more than a dozen others were hurt. this is yesterday in chattanooga, tennessee. this morning, here is our first look he is 24-year-old johnsony walker. >> he was going real fast. he hit a mailbox and we flipped over here. >> police say the bus ran off a residential road, slammed into some some trees and ended up on its side. investigators say speed likely was a big factor in this crash. a warrant has been issued for remove and review the bus'
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week. it look less than 48 hours but a suspect in custody in tick for fatally shoot a police officer -- in texas for fatal eye shooting a police officer. police say tyrone mccain was at the station hours before the gunfire. they are not revealing why he was there. both department and community there is mourning the loss of the detective, benjamin marconi. here our first look at the shooter police say shot st. louis police officer. this is 19-year-old george p. bush. he was killed in a shoot outwith police early yesterday morning. investigators now looking into whether bush was connected to two other recent shootings. the sergeant hurt and shot twice in the face has been released from the hospital. following these recent attacks on officers, we reached out it our local police departments and they say so far no, changes are in effect in terms of procedure.
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colorado law enforcement offering their condolences to the four officers shot on sunday. >> send them back to mexico. >> and you've heard it first and only on denver 7 this morning. a racist rant caught on video here in denver. that is transient 39-year-old robert arnold yelling at a group of hispanic children. they were filming a movie scene if a local nonprofit when this happened on sunday. the founder of films believes this hate is no coincidence. >> i feel like it has embold ended and empowered a lot these closet racists. >> if we were a group of non- latino children, i don't think this would have happened. >> denver police were able it find and arrest the man. a news alert now for your thanksgiving travel. the state departmenn is warning americans traveling to europe bay heightened risk of terror attacks.
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qaeda. they are manning attacks over ?he holiday period. the warning mention the usual areas of concern like tourist sites and large public ttansportation centers. a man in brooklyn, new york facing charges accused of attempting to support isis. it is 37-year-old mohammed naji. federal prosecutors say he was considering an attack during the macey's thanksgiving day parade. he traveled to yemen yesterday trying to join the five different times. an update on amendment t that references slavery. it will stay in the colorado constitution. it failed by less than 16,000 votes. supporter says it will be back on the ballot in the future. new this morning, the city of denver reject as a bid to preserve a historic home on the west side of the city. council members sided with the owner.
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move out of the home. the historical designation she believes would limit her buyer and the home's sales potenttal. the home was built in 1890. 3 getting more and more tense in north dakota. >> it is police versus protestor the construction site of the dakota access pipeline. >> they just fired at us. >> that was just part of the violent clashes. stl authorities speaking out saying they are doing nothing wrong. >> the rush of thanksgiving travelers under way across the country. dia leaders are cheering this. we could be in for i arecord setting week which means big benefits for our airport. -- in for a record setting week. >> we just got new details from a news conference on the chattanooga school bus crash. we'll have the latest on that coming up. >> we have rain right now t will turn over to snow here shortly in denver which means
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commute early on. chilly, 30s to start. 40s this afternoon. and drier as your kid are heading home.. >> right now, very wet in you're ore actual taking a look coming down. the making for not only a wet drive on the highways but also off the highways as well.
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we're back way check at dia. all the lots are open except the mount albert shuttle lot that. will be open soon enough. be prepared to wait about 10 to 20 minutes in the security line. breaking right now, awe news conference just wrap up in chuting into a, ten ten after that horrific school bus crash and we learned new details about the five children who were killed. one was i boy and four were girls. we now know that three of them were in fourth grade.
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in kindergarten. six other students remain in the icu right now and the city's mayor said to the crowd there that the entire city is praying for the families and promised them all the help they can provide. that bus driver has been arrested and is facing vehicular manslaughter charges. another night of protest in north dakota. this morning, police defending their actions using nonlethal rubber bullets on demonstrators at the dakota access pipeline. tte protestors say they are not backing down. >> they they're firing at us. you all right? they just shot him for speaking. >> the area sheriff confirming rubber bullets, tear gas and fire hoses all used against the protesters. at least 17 people were rushed to the hospital. the company behind the pipeline says they are wiiling to discuss the safety concerns there but the route of of the pipeline is nonnegotiable. tokyo is still smoking this
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the main concern today are the tsunamis. the warning there still in effect. so far, at least four small tsunamis have been detected. people living near the coast have been told to evacuate, get to higher ground. the usgs says the quake hit off the coast of fukushima. only minor injuries reported so far. we are preparing for the second snow of the season but out east, they are trying to clean up fro new hampshire because of the snow. some areas saw three feet of ?now. can you see the winds whipping up the snow some some maces making for dangerous driving conditions. several big rigs all yak knife ad long the highway. >> take a look at this. cell phone cameras rolling as a bus just slides off the road. this happened in new york. >> we all rushed over there. it was a bunch of students inside but they were all okay.
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emergency exit. >> 40 high school students on bothered but they are all okay. five million people under storm warnings. it is only november. another storm barreling its way just in time to thanksgiving. so lisa has our first alert ahow much snow we're going to get. hopefully not quite like we are eking there. >> that looks a little rough. as far as travel goes, today will probably be the trickiest day because we do have snow turning -- well, rain turning to snow here in the next couple of hours. as cross the northeastern plains but it will be heavier south of denver. so if you drive to colorado springs or if you drive north from monument into denver, that is where you are likely going it see some heavier snow here within the next few hours. here is our futurecast statewide. the mountains will pick up most of the snow with this storm but look what happens here in the next couple of hours. the green turns to blue. we are likely going to see snow continuing through mid, even late morning and then by about
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of denver so closer to castle rock, larkspur, down toward monument hill. we'll still see some snow there during the early afternoon before skies clear out this afternoon. then the storm moves out and overnight tonight, we'll get some cheering and it wwll be cold tomorrow morning. our mountains, southwestern colorado still looking within a two-day total before 6 to 12 inches. a little more as you get above 10,000 feet. our central mountains will ann up with about five to 10 and as you get farther south denver, around 2 to 5 inches possible there. hocking at 30 to start. low to mid-40s this afternoon. so in and around the metro area,,today will be the coolest day of the week. tomorrow morning, it will be cold with temperatures dropping below freezing early wednesday. we have centennial and aurora beth at 40 today. in congress park, a high of just 45. statewide, more 30s and 40s for our mountains today an still chilly out on the western slope
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tomorrow, we are at 50. we'll see sunshine, skiee clearing out. cold tomorrow morning. afternoon. as far as travel goes wednesday into thursday, our mountains could pick up more snow wednesday night into thursday. it look like it will stay dry though here in denver so again getting to the airport tomorrow should be fine. thursday through friday, same thing, some sunshine, just some upper 40s on thanksgiving. mid-50s on black friday. heading into the weekend, saturday, days, 60 degrees. sunday now, broncos game that night, it will be a chilly one. might get a shower or two. we'll keep an eye on it coming ?p. >> right now, we have very wet conditions. can you see that on the cameras at i-25 at evans but the same thing up north.. i think the camera is get something winds here and there that is shaking it around like right there. you can see the southbound side moving along okay.
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wet on evans over top of i-25. some of the bridges down to the south might get coated a little bit early. take a look at the overall map and you are certain to see a little bit more of the wet weather affecting the drive on the north side of town. it will be a little bit slower on i-25 and 287. down to the south side, we are in excellent shape accidents or stalls. not seeing any yet here this morning. >> as the roads get a little bit busier, we get closer to out at dia. between now and next monday, more than one million travelers will pass through the denver airport. >> that is up 10% from last year. the record crowd brings benefits though to our airport. the stores and the restaurants there bring in more money and part of the sales help with the operating costs there. this many passengers make dia an even more attractive place for airline to do business in and add some flights. sunday by the way will be the busiest day overthe thanksgiving holiday.
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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. the restaurant in new mexico wants to you pay what you feel like. food karma has no prices on the menu and on the purpose. >> the owner says he adopted the philosophy while traveling in australia. he is really excited about this. you go up, you pay whatever you can. make it very simple on you.
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to bapproving of the concept. >> there is about three in denver that do this. a couple of them have a similar concept. you have the one over on east colfax. that has been the subject after a story. and this is one in inglewood and in northwest denver. >> that is good. >> you probably actually end up with more money in the long run because people -- >> they want to help out. >> exactly. >> a little wet out there. it is wet right now. rain will turn to snow here in the next probably 30, so watch out for it. it will make for a messy commute. rain to snow early on for the kids at the bus stop. wear a jacket. this afternoon t will be drier by the time they are heading home, we are under a partly sunny sky with 45 degrees. you will find dry weather today. tomorrow, it gets pretty cold in the morning. i want to show you our futurecast. you can see by about 7:00 being more lue than green. so jayson, it will be through
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pick up about a trace to 2 inches in and around denver. >> closely watching the cameras down to the south and not seeing the snow just yet. man a few flakes here and there. right now, downtown, you can see we are getting a little bit busier. take a look at the drive downtown where we have on broadway again just the wet conditions. the rain is continuing to mix in with some of the wet roads and they can be a little >> we have a lot more news coming up at 5:30 including the late off the the presidential transition. find out what donald trump hopes to accomplish in the first 100 days and the impact it will have on us here in denver. >> pretty good icy conditions over colorado. human services will have an update coming up. >> one come says the pepsi
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it comes to the disabled. coming up, hear her demand for
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good morning o this tuesday, we have rain in town right now but it is already starting to turn over it a little snow as you get east of divide which runs from rock east towards lyman. here is your cheat sheet on this tuesday morning. likely a trace to upwards of 2 ?nches in and around denver. ?e'll be in the 40s today. back in the 50s tomorrow and then it does turn drier on thanksgiving. so this is a pretty fast storm but we do have winter weather advisories now poing up south for the palmer divide. could get around 2 to 5-inches there from this morning through early afternoon and again lighter snow as you get closer to denver, boulder, fort collins, more of a mix this


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