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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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look for signs of anything >> reporter: the infectious disease is highly contagious, it can be deadly for infants. the two cases are not out of the ordinary. >> it's concerning because we know that other kids in the daycare have been exposed and could potentially get infection. >> reporter: especially concerning in colorado which ranks 45th out of 50 states for childhood immunizations, in part because we hav lenient personal belief exemptions in the country. >> i think that's potentially a reason. we do have a fair share of parents in colorado who decline the vaccination >> reporter: so far the rates are slightly down from epidemic years but still an alarming rate.
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best way to lessen the symptoms. the owner tells me if they are on antibiotics, they can go back to school in five days. >> pertussis is often called the 100-day cough because it can last for weeks. we confirmed through a law enforcement source that near the palm creek golf first thing in theern again doctors talk about the difficult task of treating child after child brought in after that horrific school bus crash in tennessee. they were so young they couldn't spell their names
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names >> i couldn't imagine not seeing them again. >> tonight six children remain in a group of scientists are calling for recounts in three states. they think there is evidence that vote holds were manipulated in wisconsin, michigan, they point to a trend of hillary clinton performing worse counties that relied in electronic machines than paper ballots. there is an online petition demanding change. >> kids are obsessed with this
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and grab your phone, hit record. >> reporter: the formula behind music leak, and it's working. it has more than 100 million users, and is a lot of them are young kids. it is harmlesss but predators have targeted kids on the app. >> after looking at the application, this is not a place for pornography. there's a ton was kids on this app. >> reporter: which is why they've gotten involved. the founder joshua launched this online petition demanding they delete all porno graphic and all adult content immediately. >> they have a responsibility
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more than 2,000 people have signed it. >> take this seriously and protect the children that use your app. >> reporter: they are hoping they will convince users to make changes. >> a lot of people want this content managed or alert parents that that content is on their app. >> reporter: they're wouldn't comment on this a link on our app. the gravy brand just recalled for not reay being gravy. >> what you can expect in the thanksgiving weekend. >> one of the most popular mini-vans in the country recalled. the problem with the doors that could put your family in danger. >> making you feel safer along the 16th street mall. the city
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they are brighter and cheaper. and cdot is checking the guardrails in the state for fear they could make a crash worse. a guardrail went through a crash last year. the railing had been damaged and repaired. fort colince res forms. dana doesn't identify as male or female. when dana didn't do that, the state department
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into a bar that refuses to sell to anyone wearing raiders gear. the owner is just tired of fights between raiders and broncos fans. >> rules are rules i guess. [ laughter ] here's never hear during a newscast again. wait till you see this new story about the no. 1 best selling amazon item. >> why this book exactly like its cover. >> i would say this is a little anti-pc. >> reporter: back home in
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years, and now is making money making fun of it. he is a best seller on amazon, under the category historical atlasss and maps. >> this should be under humor. i think the publisher knew better than that. >> reporter: with the help of average jos and 77 u.s. cities, trent mapped the worst trader joe's in san francisco to drunk mickey mouses in times casa bonita west of denver. >> it didn't get judgment. it should just be diarrhea and tortillas >> reporter: many of the labels cherry creek made the cover. how should we really feel about a book of stereotypes? >> take the facebook options, like, love, whoa, and that's it. and the angerry face, of course -- angry face, of course.
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yeah, that's sort of offensive. if somebody said i'm not messed up. >> he's also hopeful the city will benefit. >> taking that and putting it back into the community. how long you expecto may depend on where you live in denver. 84 in you live in washington park. capitol hill, knock 10 years off! you've heard it every few year, your vote counts. voters approved recreational pot sales by 55 votes. the small city of
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around westminster. >> it started with a teenaged girl calling 911 trying to save her mom's life. when facebook can be dangerous. >> help me understand why. >> how the police chief answers
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you the questionable decision by a police chief's wife. >> what's the emergency? >> reporter: it was after midnight. >> reporter: an urgent domestic violence call. >> we're on the where are you right now? >> reporter: a daughter trying to save her mom's life. >> help me! >> they're coming as fast as they can. >> reporter: police and deputies racing to this 12,000 square foot home in remote elbert county. >> they're trying to save the daughter. they're trying to make sure that we minimize a loss of
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one murder has occurred. it was a very serious call. >> murder/suicide with the swauptd deployed. very -- s.w.a.t. deployed, very serious. >> reporter: they rescued the caller but not her mom and dad. rick hunt killed his wife donna before committing suicide. and that's not the only concerning discovery uncovered by deputies. >> we learned the next day that the call was played out as it was happening on >> how did you react? >> that's pretty frightening. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team scrambled to manage a 5-hour standoff surrounded a house known to contain powerful rifles and a significant amount of ammunition. at the same time, details of their tactical moves were shared on facebook in real time. >> reporter: miles from the s.w.a.t. team response in her moem, the wife of -- home, the
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listened on her husband's police radio. >> help me understand why. >> i don't know that i can do that. >> reporter: in a facebook chat chat, posts included "they just call forward a canine to respond ""they just called for an electric company to be called." she also attempted to paint her husband >> a mistake? i don't think it was malicious. but it was dangerous. >> reporter: in this 4-page after-action report, deputies accused laura swaford of embellishing the truth, writing her husband was never under
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mixed multiple statements that could have resulted in injury or death to responders on-scene. >> this is a matterrof some public concern, and the public ought to know about it. >> reporter: the district attorney officially conduct an informal review. >> i was concerned because it was one law enforcement executive calling me about another law enforcement executive's wife and the potential for something bad to grow out of that conduct. that's troubling. >> you think the overreacted with this report? >> absolutely not. very, very high-profile. after the sheriff advised me of the situation, by all mean, charge her. >> did your wife make a mistake here? >> that would be a question for her. it's not something i would do. >> we asked to talk to your wife. >> she says she just didn't
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>> reporter: the district attorney elected not to file charges against the police chief's wife saying her decisions to share details of an active s.w.a.t. team response were careless and reckless but not criminal. >> we expect to deal with unknowns, not a social media play by play. >> the incident happened in explaining why he elected not to file charges, he also said there was not proof the police chief's wife was intentionally putting the s.w.a.t. team at rifbl and there's no -- risk. and there's no current criminal charge that fits. a couple of news alerts for you, a problem could ruin your thanksgiving.
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wrong label on pork grave -- gravy. it could cause problems for those allergic to soy or milk. toyota sienna mini-vans are being recalled. the doors are not opening properly. owners won't be notified until mid-january. when a new store begins in florida, chances are it's a dooz over by his own truck outside a strip club. so he drives away, way too drunk, falls out of the truck, and is then run over by his truck. he crashes into a house and hurts the woman asleep inside. a cat rescued from a water tower earlier this month.
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cable well above the ground. his owner thinks a dog scared him to the top. reason no. 1,000 to love the mile high city, yyu came through! and you helped the rescue mission reach its goal. >> they work with 100 local agencies to bring thanksgiving to people in need, on top of all the people they serve tomorrow an colder weather coming into colorado right now in the wake of last night's rain and snow that moved across the state. jet stream from the northwest. tomorrow sunny, dry conditions expected. looking ahead to thanksgiving, a minor storm comes in, light snow for the mountains, a few inch, partly cloudy skies expected on the
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by sunday that jet starts to dive southward, rain changing to snow. this could be a stronger system, not only for the mountains but the denver area. snow for the broncos game sunday night, and next week, colder air comes in pressure -- 73% humidity, pressure rising. normals 49 and 22. conditions around the area, expecting a quiet night tonight. weather conditions are gonna stay pretty peaceful. the storm system moving away from us to the east, gonna continue to move into the midwest, and that's gonna mean some weather problems there, coming up for travelling tomorrow, and continued into
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midwest and the great lakes. around here, our weather is gonna stay quieter, and we're likely to see conditions stay peaceful. pretty quiet here for a while, since my weather computer has decided to lock up. low tonight dropping to 25 degrees. then for tomorrow, the high temperature expected to slime to 50 degrees in advance of the next storm system o. thanksgiving, thursday, highs chiming up to around 48 here in the denver area. looking ahead we'll see continues friday and saturday warm up a little bit more. it should actually climb up to right around -- us they can jump over to weather 2. let's see if anything is gonna work tonight. there we go. the bright spot on friday, 55
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saturday mostly sunny, 60. sunday rain changes to snow. i think it'll be in the 30s with some snow falling in the broncos game. and monday and tuesday, lows to 15 by tuesday morning. and the high of that. >> who [ laughter ]cs?%- >> i got magnets and is all kind was stuff. [ laughter ] this is the and marion. police have the area closed down. they are treating this as a homicide. they aren't sharing any information on the possible suspect or said how the victim died. nuggets , proz, turkeys -- broncos, turkeys. and rapids in
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and they have gone mad about football in boulder. no. 9 tonight in the college football playoff rankings. if the buffers take no. 22, utah this saturday, more of the same. final home game making it ten wins, other than that, it's meaningless. from worst to first, a special saturday night for the seniors >> just enjoy it all. this is a time when we're really upset because there's nothing really to play for. so we'll just have fun playing our game against utah and take it in afterward. >> they're not coming here for their last game. they're coming here to see if they can go to levi stadium. it's a different
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in brooklyn, derrick white, man on fire, 16 points. they blew it open. xavier johnson with the clincher. rocking the basket, 68-54, the buffs 4 and 1. jamal murray had a third rock as well. 82-87 nuggets. later on the run murray coming in hot. fire in the hole. new career high for knocked down 24. then galo, 3-pointer. and the nuggets win it 110-107. the rapids and their diehard fans in seattle for the first leg of the western conference final. cold and rainy
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jermaine jones, kevin doyle, up and in. deflected off a sounder guy. zach mcnabb kept it from being 2-1. sounders up right 94. broncos off today, so spent the day handing out turkeys at mile high. and demarcus ware, four soldiers at fort carson treated to a surprise thanksgiving dinner! the soldiers had no idea
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a great time had by all.
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a bank robber shored up 15 instead of going to get some coffee or something, he paced outside with his weapon. he was arrested. >> brilliant. [ laughter ] >> this is a genuine weatherman coleman. this is the trough aloft coming in, the cold weather.
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this is what it was all about back in the at a. >> that was it. a quickk from
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's ?jimmy kimmel live? red special. tonight, bono, julia roberts, channing tatum, kristen bell, dj khaled, neil patrick harris, halsey, herbie hancock, and the killers. and now, ready or not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. you are here on a special night, you are here and you are watching our second annual red benefit show.


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