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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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for a few years now, big retailers have made black friday a big event. but a few stores are sticking to tradition and waiting for today, the realm black friday. >> and eric is out at the lone tree cabela's where shoppers were allowed in about 30 minutes ago to start racking up those deals. >> reporter: and the line was steady for a good 14 to 15 finally walked inside here. busy this early in the morning. that's what you get with black friday. take a look at the lines from early this morning because it was wrapped around the building. about 700 people waited in line. some good here as early as 10:30 last night. yesterday morning, i should say. some evening earlier than that. now the first 600 people in line got some prizes, outside
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gave away $800,000 worth of prizes to people waiting outside of all of their cabela's across the country. here in colorado, they have had to brave the cold weather outside. >> i'm just here for the specious. my dad just said, hey, you know, you want to do this cabela's thingg sure, let's go wait in liie for seven hours. why not? >> reporter: and back here live, you can see people are even still starting to walk n i've got the flier that they come inside. some good deals on rifles, boots, fishing equipment, ammo, all right here. a lot of smiles. i talked to jerry who said, what cold in it is not cold outside the list is short but there are a few businesses not open on black friday. most notably, rei which decided to close today for the holiday
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for those deals, make sure that you head out for the holiday store. >> this after a toy tonka truck caught on fire. toys'r'us stopped selling those toys, but they are still sold on sites like ebay. if you don't like shopping, go to check out any colorado state park for free. all 14 state pas today. use the #freshairfriday as state officials want you to go out instead of shop. today is a good day to be outside. >> yes. it is. i love that fresh air friday. >> that has a nice ring to it. >> it's beautiful in the mountains. you will find great conditions.
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we are trackinthe storm that's right now hiding washington and oregon. that is going to spread some snow to our mountains by -?sunday. today, tomorrow, though, it's dry and pretty warm. by noon, we're going to be at 53, by 3:00, close to 60 degrees. today and tomorrow, probably the best bet for hanging he christmas lights, getting the house decorated, really very mild in the afternoon. by 6:00, we drop to near 45. fort collins at 56. southern colorado, mid- to upper 50s. another important thing if you are flying out or have somebody coming home, you'll find dry conditions, too, also driving across the state, pretty mild. we'll take a look at that storm, when it brings snow to the mountains and when we'll see some here in town. >> good, lisa, thanks let's turn to headlines around the nation now. in kentucky, a kids' holiday tournament turned tragic after gunshots tore through the crowd. >> two people were killed during this. and now police are searching for the suspects.
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latest. >> reporter: a hail of bullets forced a crowd of people to take cover. when the gun fire stops, the screaming begins. this louisville park hosted the juice bowl, an annual football tournament. neighbors gather to feast and watch football but violence interrupted the festivities. >> most people who re unfortunately, this tragic situation happened. >> reporter: a cell phone reported more than a dozen gunshots. >> we are grateful that not many more people were shot. >> reporter: but some shots were deadly. >> jjst to see a man shot in the head and people telling him to hold on. that's horrible. >> reporter: as police investigate the motive, many in the crowd mourn the lives lost.
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what's happened here. i mean, i'm saddened. >> that's a sad time for thanksgiving. and it's a sad day for the juice bowl. >> reporter: i'm mary maloney in nevada, police are looking for a deadly road rage incident in a walmart. the feud over a parking space may have led to that shooting. in france, a deadly attack at a retirement home for monks is under sawed off shotgun stab add woman to death last night after breaking into the home for catholic missionaries. police don't think that it's terror-related. they will still looking for the attacker but they were able to get all the residents away. and back here at home, we are taking a look at the man who was accused of stabbing a woman as he tried to sexual assault her.
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tterly and timberline. frias now faces a long list of charges. right now, month montezuma sheriff deputies are stepping up security to after a man and a woman es proposals to lease federal land. they say it is not accurate because it does not list the gunison grouse. and shelby aad samantta dropped off this thanksgiving care package at the arapahoe 3 county sheriff's office. one of the notes says thank you for keeping our streets safe.
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take a look at these tin cans, transformed into jewelry. all in the name of helping others. a denver business called canned goods donate a can of food for every piece of jewelry sold. it's hard to imagine that this jewelry was made out of cans. creator thomas athouse created this can. >> we ve and they empty it and we collect them back. >> they have donated more than 2000 cans of food. >> there is a holiday present if you are looking for one today >> pretty cool. recycling. well, thanksgiving is now over and for all of you who have been dreaming about christmas since july, we have some stories you have been waiting to hear. >> after the break, details on your favorite places to view christmas lights starting
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on amounts you can add to your tree if you are ready to pay a pretty penny. and if you are not ready to let thanksgiving go, we have the recap of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have sunshine, and look at the warmup.
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quite was tighter than ever at the 900h macy's thanksgiving day parade. but the they will of terrorism did not stop people. >> if you were busy cooking and were too busy to watch the parade, don't worry. we have a look at the sights and sounds. >> reporter: are you having a ball is this. >> i'm having a big ball. whooo. >> reporter: when your thanksgiving day this, well, life is good. really good. do explain. >> all her. [ laughter ]. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving. >> the other day, she said, we should go on amazon and find crazy hats. >> i think you found them. >> i think we did >> reporter: they are two of the roughly three million people who lined the streets of new york city to look up, down and all around. millions more watched on tv.
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the macy's thanksgiving day parade is here and once again vowing folks. >> this is the first time. we are from north jersey. we never came. >> reporter: whaa made you come here. >> you are son is going to be 2. we thought,,let's give it a shot. the weather is going to be nice. >> reporter: this is the 90th year these beauties have filled the skies and streets of manhattan. this time around, there were three major giant balloons including charlie brown. and four new floats including this amazing colorful group, the aloha spirit. a nod to hawaii. 1100 clowns, 1100 cheerleaderss and dancers and more than 8000 marchers. it's hard to pick just one favoriie. but with all of this, live on the edge. pick a few. >> what is your favorite part of the parade? >> the end.
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>> santa claus. >> how fun? and they are lucky. i mean, it was cold but not brutal. >> no. could have been snowing, could have been a lot worse. >> i wonder what they do with those floats after because they put so much time into it. >> they come back the year after so they must keep them somewhere. >> recycle. it is cold, temperature in the 20s, wind chills in the single digits and teens but a lot of sunshine across we will see more snow in the mountains on sunday. it's kind of bat timing. people are going to be heading back from the high country so keep that in mind. right now, 29 in denver. winds now shifting out of the southwest. had a weak cold front yesterday. today, you will find some southwesterly wind. inglewood, 60s for a high.
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4:00. so really pleasant afternoon. great to get out and try to walk off some that turkey. upper 30s to low 40s for the central mountains and more 40s on the western slopes. look up to the northwest. another storm right now is hitting the pacific northwest. and this is going to gradually filter more cloud cover into colorado by sunday. and our mountains are going to pick up more snow as well. so let's fast forward to 7:30 tomorrow morning. early sunshine for really the entire day. it's not until saturday night early sunday morning that we'll start to see snow developing across the western half of our state. more cloud for the eastern half and it is going to be a little cooler. we'll be going from really low 60s on saturday, really warm tomorrow to some low 50s on sunday. and as winds pick up on sunday, it is -- you'll feel it for that game.
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now, tonight, union station, lighting up. come on down. nicole and i will be there helping tt light it up. festivities getting going early on by about 6:00. we should see temperatures there right around 45 degrees. clear skies, but it's going to be a beautiful night and some dry conditions this evening. early next week, not so dry. you will find a chance for some flurries. chaps for light snow and look at how much colder it gets you guys. low downer 30s as we start next week. i don't know. i think that's kickoff for december, right? >> yeah. >> you feel that difference, those 30s. >> yeah. >> for a lot of families, as soon as thanksgiving is over, time to put up the christmas lights. >> and the man known as the greeley griswold put the
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a life of its own. to wasatch people coming out and the stories that are here are absolutely incredible and will fill your heart. >> this christmas tradition starts today and light shows will go on every night until new year's. >> there is an early christmas gift for metallica fans. singer james hatfield says that band plans to tour for at least the next two years. >> there is a list of a handful of concerts for a full list of concerts has yet to be out. >> and for trump supporters this christmas, the trump campaign is offering a make america great again ornament. it's on sale through his website but listen to this. it's $149. the brass ornament is finished
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to, quote, make any trees stand out. >> interesting. and speaking of trump, elton john says he will not perform at the president- elect's inauguration despite a claim from an inaugural committee staffer that he is. the staffer said that the performance will show trump's commitment to gay rights but a spokesman for elton john says that's not true. saying that would make him fear for the world and hillary clinton has tweeted a thank you tweet to her supporters. a unique gift from a chicago music teacher is helping one of her students play better than ever before.
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missing part of her left arm. >> the challenge yo, you would play with the finger board and bow with the ride. >> we switched it around so she would use the right hand on the finger board and bowing with the left arm. >> playing that way is challenging. so tatiana's orcheetra teacher janine woodman got into thinking. >> i read an arti band actor that created a 3d prosthesis for one of his drummers. i thought to myself, i wonder if i could do this for tatiana? >> reporter: she did, mrs. woodman got the blue for instance for a 3d arm withhthe help of an engineer. it took three days to assemble the arm. today, she presented it tatiana
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excited for this opportunity >> reporter: how does she sound playing the cello. tatiana's mom could not be prouder. >> i'm so happy that this will make her life just a little bit easier. >> it will allow her to sit with good posture, allow her to have full bow range of motion and have confidence when she's playing this well. >> reporter: as she relearns thinking about how else she can use her 3d arm. >> i never have been able to make a snow man or pay the cello that well. i will be able to play the cello well but going to make it a lot easier for me. >> that is really neat to watch. very cool. it is 5:49. we have all sent out texts
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turned into something she will not regret and this couple served up an unusual surprise beyond
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. it is 5:52 on this black friday. nice and block outside. it is quiet on the roadways. a lot of people are sleeping in. if you are up and heading out the door, let us know what black friday deals are you getting. and thousands headed to the annual turkey trot.
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lupher was the m c of the occasion. a family in arizona shared their thanksgiving meal with a complete stranger all thanks to a texting mixup. >> she texted her invite to the wrong person. but even after they figured out it was a invited him over. >> reporter: a bird in the oven. how does it look? guests arriving from out of town. the family social event of the year but this year, thanks to social media, at one of dench's house the table is set for a thanksgiving unlikely other. her big family. >> how are you? >> growing by one more. >> thanks to a text message
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that grandma wanda decided to extend to jamal, anyway. >> this is our home. >> a simple gesture that gave everyone the feels and won over the internet. >> i wanted to mean what does it meal to have a hashtag. >> no one is more thankful than these two, >> she welcomed me into her house and that shows me how great of a person she is. >> thankful for people like that. >> thankfu >> it's come from god above. he is just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others. >> in new york, one couple got a surprise of a lifetime on thanksgiving. they were rushing to the hospital to give birth. they did not make it. the mom ended up delivering the newborn on the parkway.
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stories, but never expected that would happen to her. you know, we pulled over, he gave us all the instructions >> i saw the baby head. the baby head was out. he was saying, listen, the baby is going to be spleepy. don't let it fall. you have to catch the baby. you have to catch the baby. >> well, she ended up giving birth to this >> for dads, that's even worse because they have to be hands on. in the hospital, they can stand back. >> that's lot tough. >> it's cold outside. we have wind speeds 10 to 15 miles per hour. this is what it feel loose like at city park, 21. wind chill in the single digits this morning. it will be a chilly start but we have a nice warmup. what a pretty end to the week.
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will change up a bit. we are going from sunshine and 60s to snow by the first of next week. more on that coming up at 6:00 and a community is mourning the life of a cheerleader who was fatally shot while sleeping in her college dorm room. her boyfriend was charged. player charged with killing his girlfriend. he could face the dealt penalty. a shot killed her in her sleep. police arrested gal on tuesday night on charges of first degree murder, holding him on $750,000 bond after having him under surveillance saying he was preparing to destroy evidence related to the
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the cheerleader and the football player. classmates say that phil moved on to play football at a local college. we have the latest developments coming up. before gna coming up here at 6:00 a.m., if you are getting ready to tackle black friday shopping, denver 7 has what you need to know before you head out the door. and later, we have some incredle
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right now on denver 7, happy black friday. the biggest shopping time of the year. about 140 million people are expected to shop this weekend. >> here is a look at many -- some of the shoppers who braved the cold. those are the liens in new cabela's in lone tree. this year, retailers are trying new tactics to get people into stores and it looks be working here in colorado. parking lots were packed overnight. cabela's were packed. best buy, target, kohls opened last night. >> macy's opening earlier than last year. experts say you will find the best deals on electronics. >> denver 7's eric lupher is out in cabela's. we showed you some big deals


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