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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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denver7 news starts right now. let it snow. let it snow. the it's no. look at this snowflakes coming down. a similar site in steamboat springs. a lot of fresh powder for skiers and snowboarders. that's no good cause a 30 mile stretch of eastbound i-70 was shut down. the closure extended from silverthorne to eastbound i-70 was closed at glenwood canyon due to multiple crashes. no word on any injuries. here's a live look on i-70 a mile east of vail, there aren't many cars on the road. you can see the snow is taking. all the fresh no means the possibility for avalanches. the highest risk is in san juan mountains and parts of aspen. cdot shutdown loveland pass
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be careful if you are backcountry skiing. the mountains got a lot of snow, we did not see much here. we had more earlier in the day most of it has been confined to western called -- colorado. at this point we are seeing development in northeastern colorado with rain and snow moving through akron and fort morgan. it's quiet around denver. for our winter weather advisory that still in effect to the divide and into western colorado. anything shaded in pink is still a warning. that's why we have issues on the road like we did with the shutdown today. your morning forecast includes temperatures around 31 degrees by 7:00 a.m., 35 by 9:00 a.m. and partly cloudy's by about 11 am. we will talk more about our chances for snowfall coming up
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developing tonight, denver 3 police investigate three different shootings within 30 minutes. jennifer kovaleski joins us with the latest. one of those shootings happened at a party?>>reporter: there was a fight inside that party that led to a shooting outside this warehouse. short time later, someone shot and killed a man in montbello. shortly after one p.m. several people were shot outside a bar.>> shots fired. a report of >>reporter: three shootings, to killed in for injured. within 30 minutes. denver police say the first shooting happened here outside this warehouse on sell cherokee around 12:30 pm. inside a dance party was going on. this is video of the party through facebook. and then there's this invite
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teenager and sent another man to the hospital. >> it's sad because somebody lost their life.>>reporter: often push in -- it was supposed to be a private party. things got out of control. >> this was a family thing. we never intended for it to turn out the way it did.>>repoer: nearby business owners tell a different story.>> it's more of there are djs and a lot of kids. >>reporter: they say dance parties are held at let >> we see liquor bottles all the time. they leave them in the alley. >>reporter: 60 minutes later a similar story near carson and maxwell. the man was shot and killed after a fight inside a house. shortly after 1 am, three people were shot outside the high street bar. the end of a deadly holiday weekend in denver.
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we never heard back. police do not believe any of the shootings are molly. tonight police say an argument led to this morning's deadly shooting in new orleans. 10 people were shot in thee french quarter. one victim did not make it. police say it started between two men, the argument turning into a shoot out. both suspectt have been arrested. colorado springs is reliving its own tragedy today. it's one years since the deadly parenthood clinic. three people were killed. nine others were hurt. robert dear has admitted to the shooting and is currently undergoing hearings to see if he is competent for trial. we remember the victims right now on the denver a family is homeless after a fire destroyed their trailer. it started before 5 pm near brighton on east 136th avenue. firefighters tell us the double wide is a loss.
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no word on what started the fire. we are waiting to hear when funeral services will be held for state trooper cody donahue he was killed friday in i-25 when responding to a crash. this man, no way, is -- investigators say he was driving a box truck when he hit the trooper near tomah road. cesp set up a go fund me page for the family. they $38,000. in cuba, they are facing the first week of their post- castro history. for most cubans fidel castro was the only leader they down. with his death friday at age 90 comes uncertainty about what's next. here is elizabeth hart. >>reporter: it is the end of an era in the beginning of an official nine days of mourning for fidel castro.
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churches in havana are offering mass and services for man these worshipers call a revolutionary leader and a champion. castro took power in 1959 promising democracy sent more than 1 million cubans into exile. in miami, there are chance and cheers among cuban exiles. eight when she fled cuba without her parents. they were held as political prisoners. >> that was very hard. i was very small.>>reporter: this gift from her father.>> when fidel dies i will wear it.>>reporter: americans say
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place, the repression continues, the lack of freedom continues. no. it won't be overnight. >>reporter: earlier, donald trump also want he might undo america's ties with cuba. in his latest statement he says he will do everything to ensure cuba's prosperity and liberty. as push for a recount in several presidential battleground tonight donald trump sends out a shocking treat. the president-elect writing, i win the popular vote ii you deduct the millions who voted illegally. trump on the electoral college but trails hillary clinton by nearly 2,000,000 in the popular vote. all this cooes as green party candidate jill stein has raised more than $6 million for recount in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign joins the effort her team says they want to ensure the process
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fair. neither trump or clinton has provided any proof there was any election hacking. it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. those flying in and out of dia could be part of a record- breaking crowd. spokesperson said they are expectinn 1.1 million passengers to pass through the airport throughout this angst giving we can. that's a 10% increase from this time last year could be wrecking -- record-breaking. this is the largest crowd i it doesn't just me out.>> to entertain the travelers, dia plans to have christmas carolers throughout the holidays as well is that free indoor ice-skating rink. the holidays are a few weeks away and a lot of you are getting into the giving spirit. one local nonprofit is having trouble helping as many kids as they intend to cause of a lack of giving families.
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who may not have a christmas in their lives.>>reporter: this is a common sight. a christmas gift wrapping party but the gifts and for them. >> we have all been there at some point in our lives. we have had to receive something rom another family and for us to be at a point where we can help annther family.>>reporter: they are involved in santa's elves. you choose a family in need to help you get a list of a child in able to shop of them nd provide a christmas you can give them the gift in person if you choose.>> we hope that our children were low and empathy, compassion, philanthropy and what it's like to impact another child.>>reporter: santas elves is part of a giving 365.>> for the first ds - time we still have 900 children
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if we don't get them help by friday, if ppople don't sign up and they probably won't have christmas gifts under their tree.>>reporter: if you sign up and help you will take a lot of financial pressure off of families who could use the hand up.>> this is a really hard time of year for their parents. some of them are choosing between paying the light bill, having the heat on, paying their rent or buying >>reporter: you can log on to our website at www.thedenverchannel.command help someone else in the season of giving. mark boyle denver7 one program is forcing drivers to spend time and money at the mechanic . apparently for no reason. we investigate colorado's $50 million in missions program.
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we all want to breathe clean air. tonight ryan luby is here to tell us why colorado's vehicle emissions program is costing
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know this because mechanics came to us and told us vehicles are failing colorado's emissions test when they should not be time and again. we dug through the governments data to prove that an tonight we investigate the program that cost coloradoans $50 million just last year and if anything should change. if you got a problem under the hood, you've got to find a fix. that's what they do for living at the downing street the russian denver. the trouble is people think they have a problem that doesn't add up. >> we have to confirm there wasn't anything wrong.>>reporter: this is david guthrie a mechanic and that's him talling about the 1996 toyota rav4 brought in by gail.>> my dear old baby.>>reporter: it went through a testing runaround with the state. it passed on omissions but then it flip-flopped it passed
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on omissions it took for rounds to pass but that was after more than $200 in expenses for not a single repair other than the gas lead. guthrie said he is seen the charade before. >> there have been others.>>reporter: that's why he is sounding the alarm.>> their numbers are close to the threshold, often times than not we without additional reporters.>>reporter: is concerned about emissions tests going back to model year 1982. they are put on a treadmill device and driven by a technician sometimes up to 60 miles an hour. a computer measures the emissions coming from the tailpipe. if the car fails it gets a free second chance retest on the
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beyond that the $25 testing fee adds up. that might seem reasonable, guthrie argues there is room for error. >> the test revolves around the tester that's performing it and whether or not they drive the 3 car appropriately.>>reporter: denver7 investigates got a years worth of data from a public records request and discover test results are inconsistent with the new missions limit unforgiving. analysis shows 578,000 vehicles were put to the test, of those 2700 went through on three or more different occasions and ultimately passed. including a vehicle that failed on omissions by just one hundredth of a point and then passed at a different station less than an hour later.
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the state was less than enthusiastic to hear our question >> the emissions can vary from day to day or test to test. that's one reason we give -?people a second chance test.>>reporter: could you do a third or fourth test? that's what people would wonder can they do it again? right there on the spot.>> there's no penalty for failing the test. you can have your r it to pass.>>reporter: they also took issue with us looking at the most recent audit from 2012. auditors said the program in fact reduces ozone levels by less than 1% of the national standard. they pointed out the state to do away with that test on vehicles built in 1996 after because they all have built-in emissions sensors would spit
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tell you if anything's wrong. the rav4 is one vehicle. no engine codes. confirmation of what the states testing found after it put her through the ringer. >> i don't think it should be that hard to do this accurately.>>reporter: she says that as a champion of clean air but also as a driver who is fed up. >> it was inconvenient but not if it's not working well.>> our inveig we spoke with air care colorado to ask if one type of test is more beneficial than the other.>> i wouldn't say more beneficial, equally possibly. i think there are very similar tests in terms of what they're looking at. >> either way air care and the state insist the test is better at getting old 30 vehicles fixed or off the road. ryan luby looks closer in part
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felt -- result in good deals. a tip to get the lowest price, clear your history so you will see only the lowest prices. leaf items in your cart and many retells will email you discounts to sweeten the deal. if you live in thornton you need to listen, you can have santa claus call your the one before he leaves the . santa is coming to thorton december 13 and 14th. he will call boys and girls to find out if they have been naughty or nice. if you want santa to call we have more registration on the denver7 at . look at that. copper mountain in the keystone resort's tweeted these pictures today. it's hard to see the gondola because of all the snow falling. it looks beautiful.
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cooing? snow will continue in the mountains. we were monitoring loveland from our camera here and that snow was going sideways with the wind blowing at 40 miles per hour. tonight, it looks gorgeous. we have our sights set on the stadium, as the game continues. 40 degrees outside the winds have died down to 11 miles per hour. the mountain snow will continue, clouds are on the front range and it will be called next week. temperatures staying in the 30s for afternoon highs all week long. the western portion of the state. that will be the case tomorrow and tuesday. i want to point out, we have a development around akron in fort morgan we have scattered rain and snow. the western portion of our state, along i-70 we are still under a winter storm warning and that has caused issues with the road being closed earlier
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it's mostly a cloud cover in denver. a little snow in rain around fort morgan and akron. we still have a winter weather advisory to the west of denver in the foothills and south. also closer towards the western slope. everything in pink is a winter storm warning. these are going to be adding up as we get the snow continuing, by 5:30 pm we still conditions in the eastern state including denver and tuesday morning also still snow tuesday evening in thh northern and central mountains. looking at our snowfall forecast, tomorrow night we will have another four inches to seven inches of snow having come down and by tuesday up around six or seven inches of snow. we are adding that on top of our totals. your morning forecast includes temperatures in the low 30s, by
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breezy we will have mostly cloudy breezy conditions tonight with lows in the upper 20s. for the mountains, teens and 20s were overnight lows. it will be chilly. 20s and 30s and southeastern colorado and 41 degrees tomorrow. you will start to notice the difference as the bottom falls t with our afternoon high temperatures. 40s tomorrow and after that we are in the 30s for our afternoon highs. 20s and 30s in the mountains. here it is on the seven-day tuesday and mid-30s all the way through friday, it cools off more friday afternoon with a high of 32 and an overnight low of 19 degrees. next weekend looks good. sunny skies temperatures ii the ?0s and 40s with lows in the teens. for the next few days, a little bit of a shock to the systemmas we get those temperatures staying in the 30s. it's been a while. >> i have some bad news. the powerball jackpot is going
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a true hero. we introduce you to the women going above and beyond providing help to our city's poor and hungry.>> they deserve
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a church in aurora decided back in the 80s in needed another way to serve the southern everyday hero has been there.>>reporter: this is called friends of saint andrell. it's been around for 30 years offering help. >> it's an offshoot of queen of peace parish. >> we serve 30,000 people a year. >>reporter: friends of saint andrew provides a hot lunch every day in baskets for those
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>>reporter: most importantly. >> welcome.>>reporter: it provides french open resources for those in need. marilyn has given her time since 1988.>> we are brothers and sisters in our lives. they deserve the dignity of being able to get a meal and to take home something to feed interviewing and he said, three months ago i was at costco in my basket was heaped -->>reporter: that man lost his job and then his house. marilyn helped the whole family recover. >> the goal is to give people food to eat, drink, warmth and caring.>>reporter: the building they use has a long history of
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old. this was the jail when it was a jail at one time.>>reporter: complete with an old jail cell, now used to store food. so that we know of peace parish can set people free of tough times. we would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero. nice job. to nominate a hero go to and click on our community section and then 7 everyday heroes. this is some of the food that you are donation could buy to put in a bag for family and need this season. whole foods and security service federal credit union are part of the denver7 holiday heroes campaign. to donate go to tran13/holiday heroes. last nights winning powerball ticket has been sold
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store in tennessee. the winning jackpot was more than $420 million the 12th largest among all lottery prizes. there is always next time.
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van asselt will pay you $30,000 if you can come up with a great way to deal with astronaut poop. astronauts can be in their suits for up 10 hours. the agency is holding a contest to see if you can reroute the pope in the suit. you have until december 20. i'm thinking something like a that was what they had. i never thought you would make it through that story. mostly cloudy skies tomorrow. look at all those clouds wind up. it's going to be chilly.>> surely you have those temperatures reversed it should be 63. coming up, the
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