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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 28, 2016 2:00am-2:30am MST

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the signs are all there for some great holiday videos on this happy thanksgiving "right this minute." not the day to tell a turkey to calm down. >> that just sets him off even more. >> why those ruffled feathers are not in a festive mood. >> they're fighting fall. >> but then you see this couple walk in. >> how the stage is set for a perfect holiday surprise. it wasn't more than a year ago that i found myself out on the streets. >> a former mare tries to help homeless vets with -- >> camis and canines. that's a great idea. >> the heartwarming story of why dogs can make all the difference. and the mannequin challenge
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>> trends don't take a holiday. >> how it's got america frozen stiff around the dining room table. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we're here to honor what many people have on their tables right about now. the turkey. there's a reason why these guys are called wild turkeys. >> i'm getting attacked by turkeys. oh, shoot. i better run. >> that just sets them off even more. [ >> of course they're chasing her. >> she beelines for the house, goes running into the garage. >> there's turkeys in our garage! >> what? >> goes out to the garage, chases them out, no big deal. moving on, turkeys here, wild yet again. if you're a turkey hunter, i ask why the camo, why the bird shot? just get a cell phone. you can hear their cute little paws sounding more and more
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agitated. >> and their tails are starting to spread. >> this is just anti-turkey propaganda you're giving us so we can all feel comfortable of the fact we're chowing down on one. >> they're fighting back. >> make you feel comfortable or guilty perhaps? here's a nonwild turkey in the barnyard. this one trying to take it out on the dog. >> that poor dog. he's like, i've been friendly to you and you're going to poke me with your beak. >> going after the dog. i this young lady just trying to make friends with the turkey. that doesn't go well. get out of here. stay away from our friends too. and finally, the video with the most turkey compassion. catskill animal sanctuary in new york. talking to the bird. >> never going to happen here. that turkey's name is daisy.
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about animal farming and things like that and maybe have a little more heart for our animal friends. >> delicious as they may be. oh, yeah, it may be president holiday weekend, but trends don't take a holiday, like the mannequin challenge. these thanksgiving themed mannequin challenges popping up all over the web. >> somehow i'm not tired of this yet. i don't know why. >> they're very something you missed the last time. >> exactly. >> in this case, we're missing two-thirds of it because it's shot vertically. hold the phone sideways. thank you, continue. >> you're right. i will continue. this next one cracks me up. >> that was cute. grandpa was giving grandma a flower. >> that was well done. >> none of these -- >> oh! >> there we go. there nee to be a fight at the table. >> i figured you would like a look at that one. then there's this one.
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a good time. then there's this person with the gravy. >> you blew it! >> and this next one i really love because, charity, do you notice something about all the men in the kitchen with aprons on? they're doing all the cooking, but i love how there's that one person who's like me who can't wait. >> just warming your body up. you're getting yourself ready for the r comes later. >> or they're taking too long and you ran five miles so you could eat everything you want to eat that day but they're not ready when you're hungry. >> i'm so hungry now. there's a pretty fantastic effort by a former service member that i think we can all be grateful for. >> hi, i'm the founder and ceo of camis and canines in san diego. we serve our community by helping homeless veterans.
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items, care packages, one-on-one mentoring, 24/7 crisis support, and they've even created jobs. >> wow, that's a lot. >> he's been working at this for a really long time. it's something that came from his own needs after he left the service. >> it wasn't more than a year ago that i found myself out on the streets. after ten years in the marine corps, i came home only to find my life torn to pieces. >> we've heard the stories time and time again how resources sometimes that's why he created what's called camis and canines. it's actually a really great idea. not only is he providing services for veterans, he's taking it a step further with this crowd funding campaign. >> it's making a huge pivot to open the first vet operated and owned doggy day care sanctuary. >> that's a great idea. >> so wait, people can drop off their dogs to be looked after,
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>> it's also run by the vets. now they've got jobs. they've got a purpose. it helps them reintegrate. >> and it's a beautiful form of therapy as well. the giving piece of it goes full circle. >> you got to believe that nobody understands the vet issues better than other vets themselves. >> and we, all the americans, are grateful for their service because of their work and their sacrifices, we have the freedoms that we do. if you want to partake in this campaign, just head on over to and click on tv show or get the mobile app. fall and autumn, they're on their way out, but the leaves in the parks, especially in new york, are something to behold. >> i grew up in that area. so pretty. so much fun looking for colored leaves when you were a kid. >> did you ever wonder what made the leaves change color? >> the most i know is the chlorophyll goes out. >> it has to do with the leaves' purpose. they're a food making factory.
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is called chlorophyll. it's active throughout the spring and summer and reflects the color green, which we see. >> so autumn comes, the weather changes, and the chlorophyll stops being produced the same way. >> once that happens, these other colored chemicals that have been there all along but outshined by the bright green, gradually start to appear. >> and that accounts for the yellow and orange leaves. now you've got red. >> when it is crisp and sunny out, sugars are still being made b leaf because the leaf is being sealed off to the rest of the tree in prep for the winter. so these sugars build up and get con converted, giving us ridiculously good looking colors. >> i didn't know that. that's pretty rad. >> but all good things must come to an end. >> when the leaves' life of feeding the tree is done, the tree closes off its connection
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leaf that one brief defining flight. >> wow. 'tis the season to be grateful. >> so give thanks for some pranks. >> why this will be a thanksgiving to remember. >> oh, that's just cold. plus -- >> not every dish at your thanksgiving is instagramable, but i have a dish that is. >> wait until you see these delicious mashed >> that's really good. (achoo!) did you know you can pick up cold & flu viruses from things in your home you can pick up for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home. this cold and flu season help keep your home happy and healthy
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closed captioning provided by -- chest cream. 97% had firmer-looking skin at two weeks. love it. gold bond. many people are giving thanks right now in this country, but our canadian thanks a few weeks ago. so give thanks for pranks, like in this case. this guy is going to go home for thanksgiving with his mom and friend, family, stuff like that. they're going to have their buddy there. they decided they're going to make this a thanksgiving for him to remember. >> this is terrible. this makes me an accomplice now. >> oh, no. >> turns out mum is a bit of an evil genius.
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>> that's going to hurt. >> everybody sits down for dinner. when it comes to dessert time, everybody is very excited. mom cuts a piece. >> he's like, look, i've had my share of apple pie. it's not spicy. what's going on? >> i guess taylor here has got some experience with spicy food. doesn't seem to be him. so they escalate it, and i don't think he'll be giving thanks for his friends this year. >> geez. that was aggressive. >> oh, my gosh. and he's a guest in this home. >> he tears off downstairs to find himself a bathroom. when he does eventually come upstairs, without punching them, it's mum again. she immediately cuts a new slice and offers it to him. >> no, no, no. >> it's real.
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smashed the pie in my face, you laced it, so i'm good. >> you take the first bite of this. >> yeah, "game of thrones" style. >> i love this time of year. i always think it's the most romantic time of year because you've got the fall leaves, long walks in the woods. and that's where this video picks up. >> this is going to be >> this is oak openings. this is near toledo, ohio. you have a group of people doing some videography. but something different is about to happen. >> i feel there's a sparkler coming. >> lots of cameras. >> lots of cameras. very romantic. but then you see this couple walk in. they're holding hands, walking in the woods.
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>> she has no idea what's about to happen. >> pretty good idea. >> i've been doing this for a long time. >> she looks bewildered. >> but she makes it very clear what's about to happen. she kisses him. i'm saying that's a yes. they hug. then everybody does what they're supposed to do. >> imagine your son in this moment. you're in shock. you really had no idea. >> you're right. this is now the third proposal video that we've seen without the sniffy fingers. my entire theory of sniffy fingers is in jeopardy. >> 2016 has changed everything. >> so weird. what's going on? >> i don't know, nick. i don't like it. >> i don't either. >> now, she didn't have sniffy fingers, but the rest of the crowd, they were really happy. i think they're going to live happily ever after if they keep
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and now for a public service announcement. >> but first, a selfie. >> not every dish at your thanksgiving is instagramable, but i have a dish that is. we're going to make thanksgiving bombs. >> mashed potato bacon bombs. that's the latest creation by our own jessica, inspired by this looks take your mashed potatoes, which you've blended with an egg. >> now we're going to scoop a little scoop of mashed potatoes. press that out in our hand a little bit. >> put a piece of cheese in it. >> once your little ball is made, we're going to roll it around in our bread crumbs. >> then wrap it in some bacon. >> and let me guess, you fry it. >> you better believe you fry it. >> that's the bomb part. >> then they come out and they're crispy and chewy and oozy. >> are they oozy?
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>> please. >> chwhat? and what's the dip? cheese? >> it's just a homemade ranch dip. you could also do a sour cream and chive dip if you want to do the whole baked potato thing. >> oh, my god. it's like a stuffed baked potato in a bite. >> and here's the cool thing. you can use -- like, w always have mashed potatoes left over at thanksgiving. at least at my housee make these. you can have them as a late night snack on thanksgiving with your turkey club sandwich or whatever. >> can you see the cheese in the middle? look at that cheese. oozy cheesy. >> you're going to have to make more. >> i need a spoon because i want to double dip. >> i'm just doing the butt. >> do it the flip. >> you can double dip and it'll be fine. >> that's really good. >> i'm glad you guys like it. you will too. go to our website to find out
2:18 am click on tv show or go to our mobile app. holidays and pet costumes just go together. >> it's a tur-doggen. >> watch this boston terrier roomba around the house. and holiday puns to put you in the spirit. >> the thanksgiving pun challenge. >> hear them carve their way from one to another. >> yo, is that your keys? electronics doorbusters! you guys are hot, and you ?u...hdtv?, you look great! you are 4k! doors open tonight 6pm. my cold medicines' wearing off. that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. guess i won't be seeing you for a while. why take medicines that only last 4 hours, when just one mucinex lasts 12 hours?
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together. >> this boston terrier is riding around on the roomba. he's got turkey wings. he's holding on. it starts to bump up against a few things. >> taking his moment, just ruling his roost. >> pretty much. meanwhile, at other dog looking at him. >> at first, i didn't like having a brothe incredible. >> the dog is sitting there and has a costume attached to it. looks like a pumpkin. >> and a witch. >> yes. they're trying to get the dog to stand up. >> it's got stockings. like tights. >> that's everything. >> it is absolutely ridiculous. and i love it. now i see why the dog can't stand up. you're trying to make a spectacle out of me. everybody is going to laugh at me. >> i feel bad for the dog, but i
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>> and we'll end this thanksgiving trio with milo, the cutie pie. >> oh, my gosh. >> milo really is cute. >> milo has gone all out. the other ones have half costumes on. not milo. >> oh, come on, milo. >> give him some turkey. >> oh, yeah. milo is going to have just about whatever he wants being that cute. with puns. the tur-key to it is not to potato the mike. carve your way from one to the other. some can be good, others can be cran berry good. >> doing the thanksgiving pun challenge. >> they were inspired by another video they saw. they're going to take words you would usually associate with thanksgiving and try to make
2:23 am
>> yam. >> i am really tired of this already. >> i yam what i yam. >> okay. >> stuffing. >> every time i go to the table, i be stuffing my face. >> that's not a pun. >> you can't just stuff things in there. >> no. >> no. >> turkey. >> oh, my god. yo, is that >> i have really good eye corn corn-ation. what better company this holiday weekend than time with yourself. >> i'm celebrating self-giving.
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thanks for herself. >> see why self-giving is the
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good time. thanksgiving makes me so excited. family, friends, amazing food. great wine. >> arguments. >> apparently you feel just like dana. >> thanksgiving has always been my least favorite holiday.
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i dread it every year. so this year i'm doing something new. i'm celebrating self-giving. >> that's right. self-giving. she's doing it alone. she's giving thanks for herself, for her food, and for her wine. >> especially the wine. >> especially the wine. can we check out her pour? >> she does it just about right. >> everything about thanksgiving is awesome. it's the people who make it terrible. >> there's none left. >> then she mentioned friendsgiving. that's fun because you get to hang out with people you like. the food is lacking. >> last year i made a turkey. my friends brought wine and chips because they're lazy alcoholics. >> self-giving, she can do exactly what she wants. >> just eat. >> this next one gets close to home for me. >> haven't you had enough wine? >> no, mom, i've never had enough wine. >> why is everybody always
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i supplied it, i'm going to drink it. >> i'm with you, bakbe. >> when i'm done, i roll up the table cloth, throw it out, and watch "real housewives" until i fall asleep. >> that sounds awesome. >> i do enjoy spending time with my friends and family. we also take for granted some people don't have anybody to spend it with. everybody's got to do them. >> i don't hate my family. i just don't like being around them or talking to them. happy thanksgiving, everybody. thanks for
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this morning on "world news now," the world reacts to the death of fidel castro. >> the cuban dictator who stood defiantly to the u.s. for over half century will be raised to rest. some mourn the leaders others are in the streets celebrating the end of an era. >> the recount uproar votes is met with criticism from president-elect trump in a series of tweets authorities in northern california are on the hunt for two armed women believed to have kidnapped the woman dubbed super mom three weeks ago. hear what police are now saying about the 34-year-old mother's saga after she was finally found


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