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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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> its 4:30. a kansas ity celebration. the chiefs won a nail biter against broncos last night. the final score, chiefs 30, broncos 27 >> a violent week fend denver. police track down isn'ts >> avalanche danger. cdot shut down loveland pass. a lot of places could see snow today >> especially in the high country. if you are traveling, please use caution. plenty of snow for the mountains. if you are on the roads, make sure you have the proper tires.
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we'll stay mostly dry but breezy. we have a winter weather advisory through tomorrow. we have the chance of picking up more snow showers here, and then in the pink, a storm warning is in effect untill tuesday morning. a. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, high temperatures cooler today, only low 40s and we do have some snowy roadways. we go have the traction laws there. we have the loveland pass closed down so some wintry conditions up at that way. take a look at the ride in town, you can see the ride is wide open. one minor accident, its on
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problems. cdot shut down 30 miles of the expressway. eastbound i-70 was also closed due to multiple crashes >> good morning, jason, how are the roads looking reporter: good morning to you. we are on i-70 west and i-07 is clear. there is -- i-70 is clear. there's o snow. we wanted to kind of show you how it changes throughout the morning. again, right now it's free and clear but as you guys mentioned, the further west you go, the worse it gets. that's what we want to show you.
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20, 25 miles per hour making it feel very cold. in the single digits in georgetown. follow along with us this morning. we expect accumulations to go up and up and up. the good news so far this morning, all is open free and good. back to you. >> thank you, jason. we're not the only ones dealing with heavy snow. this is video from wisconsin. >> i'm waiting for a head and arm to come out of that. >> the sierra nevada mountain received up to 2 feet of snow. syrian government forces are recaptured an eastern aleppo city was that previously held by rebels. we have new video
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safe areas now held by the government. residents have fled by the thousands to these government areas as the syrians began to retake the areas taken by the rebels. a watch group says the syrian forces have control of 30% of formerly held rebel areas. the was taken into custody friday night. investigators say he was on i- 25 when he hit the trooper who was investigating an earlier accident. there's still no word on when trooper donahue will be laid to rest. he leaves behind a wife and two children. we are still waiting for for information about how -- for more information about how a man died.
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gunshot wound after a two car crash. police are still not sure where the shooting happened or if there are witnesses. six people were shot in the span of 30 minutes sunday morning and these are in three separate incidents. reporter: good morning. it was a very busy police officers. i was on the scene of one of the fatal shootings. it was actually the first to help yesterday at cherokee and arkansas in south denver. witnesses say the location is often the location of late night teen parties. police are not saying whether the shooting was connected to the teen party
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then ten minutes later and 20 miles a way, a fight at i house party turned deadly when a man was shot and killed. then roughly 15 minutes later outside oo denver's high street bar and grill, a fight spilled outside and three people were snot that situation. police say if investigation about those shootings, please call them. . in cuba, nine days of mourning following the death of communist dictator fidel castro. his regime has held that nation in its iron grip for nearly 60 yearss
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trump said he would roll back president obama's deals with cuba. now his administration is saying they will work with the government. >> [inaudible] trump is dismissing the recount effort by jill stein. he even said quote, i won the popular vote if you take out the illegally. police say an argument led to yesterday morning's deadly shooting in new orleans. ten people were snot the french quarter. one of the victims did not survive. police say an argument between two men turned into a shootout. both suspects have been arrested. >> the broncos could be in trouble. they lost last night and are now
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if the playoffs started today, the bronco would be sitting at home. >> you probably saw the play at the end of regulation. kansas city tied the game with 12 seconds to go. in overtime, the chief's kicker, he won the game right there. >> tonight is a terrible night but we'll be back. i'm proud of my guys in the locker room. i know every one of my guys and that's >> the broncos take on the jaguars this sunday. >> that was paanful to wake up to. >> i was afraid of that. we're following breaking national news, an officer involved shooting at a walmart in kansas. >> plus, scary moments for passengers on an american airlines flight when the engine
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. i'm mitch from denver 7 how are you. >> denver 7 has been surprising outstanding volunteers for 18 ?ears. >> hi. >> oh my god. >> what do you mean? >> oh my god. >> you know what's happening huh. >> who's the 7 everyday hero in
4:42 am >> congratulations, nice work. . we're following a couple of breaking stories. an officer involved shooting at a % walmart outside kansas city. application say a police officer shot one -- police say a police officer shot one person outside a walmart. that person has serious injuries. >> security guard shot another person at a movie theater last night. this happened in concord. one person was taken to the hospital. all police are saying is there was a disturbance that led to that shooting. an [inaudible] the plane was headed from dallas to las vegas. authorities are not
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fail. a little closer to home, demarcus ware is speaking out about the night his super bowl ring was stolen. he says the ring was stolen by two men who worked inside his building. he says quote, it looks like an inside job. the ring was recovered and the men were arrested. the number of black friday shoppers is up but the amount spent is down. they say the average customer spent $290 this year compared to $300 last year. the holidays are ust a few weeks away. one local non profit says it's having trouble helping as many families that as they would like. >> here's how it works, once you choose a
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then you shop for them and provide a christmas they would not otherwise v. you can even give the gift to the person. >> for the first time ever, we still have about 900 children who need help. if we don't have them help by friday, if people don't sign up to help them, they probably won't have any christmas gifts under their tree. >> you can get involve by going to and clicking on the story. >> temperatures, the cooler weather gets new the holiday spirit. >> it does, its coming. we'll see high temperatures in the 30s tuesday and wednesday but take a look, radar and satellite. we had a strong cold front move into the state yesterday and brought plenty of snow. snow will taper off in the mountains as we head
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we have a winter storm warning in effect for a lot of the high country. we could pick up another 6 to 12 inches.. great news for skiers but do be careful as you're traveling. 3 to 7-inches is what we can expect tuesday. could pick up 6 to 10 at higher elevations. high temperatures today cooler than what we saw this weekend. forty-four for denver we'll see 20s and 30s for the most part in the high country and under bartly cloudy skies. mid-40s and cool across the western
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hour in fort collins. here's your first alert, the gusty conditions will pick up as we head throughout the afternoon and evening hours tonight into tuesday. we have a couple of fronts that will drop our temperatures and usher in colder air. so tonight, mostly cloudy skies, colder than what we've you'll want to bundle up tomorrow. our high temperature, only around 37-degrees and very windy throughout the day tuesday. throughout next week, we are going to see a lot colder temperatures. temperatures only in the 30s for a high and overnight lows dropping to the teens. mostly sunny, we're not expecting a great chance for
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wednesday. >> and people were complaining ant the 60s in november. good driving conditions on 25 at arapahoe. a lot of easy driving conditions at 470 and that commute up north. most of that heavy activity is going to be to the west. somebody coming into idaho springs, jason is driving in the big big snow tracker vehicle right now. jason you're up near idaho springs, how does it look? reporter: yes, good morning to you. not too bad at allment we have officially seen our first trace of snow heading were in morrison, really nothing. the good news, if we show you the road, it is clear, it is dry and there is no snow on it so that is good. as you mentioned, those
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will eventually get into effect. we're 30 degrees here so it's cold enough for things to get slick and icy but at this point, not too bad. weere seeing face amounts of snow -- trace amounts of snow along the side but not on the highway. i know that caused a problem yesterday. cdot had to close a portion of the highwayesterday but today, traction laws are in effect. morning. >> thank you. a church in aurora decided it needed a new way to help out and for much of that time, a 7 everyday has been there. reporter: it has been around for 30 years offering help. >> its an offshoot of queen of peace
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church. >> the good baskets are customized to whether you have a home or not. >> perhaps most importantly. >> it provides friend ship and resources for those in need. marilyn mcshane has given her time here since 1988. >> thhre are brothers and sisters in our lives and they, they deserve the di being able to get a meal and to be able to take home something to feed their family. >> i was interviewing a man and he said three months ago, i was at costco and my basket was heaped and. reporter: and that man lost his job and then his house but marilyn and the friends helped the man recover. >> the goal is to give the people food to
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friends uses has a long history of serving aurora. >> this building is about a hundred years this was the jail when it was a jail at one time. reporter: complete with an old jail cell used to store food. >> denver 7, say trusted choice, would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero for your work. nice going, good job. >> thank you. >> to nominate a hero, go to and click on our community section and then 7 everyday heroes. >> cyber monday fans, we have savings secrets for you. >> and we're tracking the to yo
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well, we who won the $420 million power ball jacket over the weekend. i can tell you it was not mitch or i. the only thing we do know, this ticket was sold in tennessee. >> it was the 12 th largest prize in earlier this year, a couple won a $1.6 billion jackpot in tennessee. i guess if you want to buy a ticket, you should go to tennessee. >> you're wearing almost a tennessee tie.
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still believe. reporter: morning you guys, mile high stadium still lit up. we are going to be seeing some winning conditions in the mountains if you're a skier or snow border. downtown denver right now at 38 degrees, 35 at the airport and high temperatures this afternoon cooler in the low to mid 40s. we're talking snow in the mountains. it will start to calm down this morning and then pick up aggin this afternoon. mainly west of i-70 we'll see lot of wind across the plains. jason is live driving, how are the roads? reporter: we are just about approaching georgetown and what a difference a few miles makes. we were just talking about dry conditions, now five to ten minutes, we have snow and ice along the shoulders of i-70. still a bit wet but not slick
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along the side, you can start to see that there is accumulation long the side of the road here. you can see the wind advisory sign making the temperatures feel cooler. how about the driver other places. >> you see i-70 right now, that's looking at jason was talking about, wet and sloppy. in elevations but the wind and snow are causing a problem to the north where we have i-80 and a lot of other roads closed down so truckers will use 70 as their alternate. >> cyber monday, all the deals and none of the crowds. we've got some secret savings in
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online, including target taking 15% off almost everything on top of its sale. >> amazon is offering deal on electronics but forget about this $125 tv at walmart, it's sold out. leave items in your cart and some retailers will email extra deals to you. >> cybe employers, the cost is almost a half billion. >> and 3% of employees said they would be doing at least some online shopping during a meeting. just don't get caught. >> nice. >> everybody gets caught. >> oh yeah. >> here's a look at what we're working on. >> someone opens fire on the streets of new orleans injuring ten people. >> plus, we are following
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violence here in denver. multiple shootings within minutes. >> and demarcus ware, his theory on hii stolen super bowl ring. those stories and much more next on denver 7 at 5:00
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from chase, so you can. denver 7 news starts right now. >> on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m. a string of violence in denver. we have the latest details on three separate shootings. plus, president-elect the fight for a ballot recount. what he has to say about millions of voters that is turning heads this morning. but fit cooe. you can see the snow fall right now at the breckenridge ski resort and that similar sight there in steamboat rings. this video taken -- springs. this video taken from john overstreet. >> officials are now sending out avalanche warnings. right now the highest risk is in san juan mountains and sawatch range and also parts of aspen. >> cdot also shut down loveland pass because of the hazard of avalanches there. jason is out in the full aheart weather chaser this morning.


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