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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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>> definitely want to bounden lable up. here in the metro area no snow chances for today. here's the cheat sheet what you can expect but snow will continue for the high country so as you mentioned some good news and some bad news. just practice caution if you are on the roads and heading west. clouds and wind for the most part f the front range from this system. so the breeze will pick up this afternoon. and temperatures will drop a lot over the next few days. highs only in the 30s. but for today, these are your daytime highs for what u expect. 44-degrees in denver and 46 for highlands ranch and eerie at 47 and same in keenesburg and continue to see 20s and 30s for the most part in the mountains. but looking at the futurecast, hour by hour, the as we head throughout the morning, we will be seeing some spotty snow showers a winter weather advisory in effect for lower elevations and higher elevations further to the west we have a winter storm warning. that will be in effect this afternoon through tuesday, as you can see this is stopped today at 2:30 will continue to pick up some more measurable snowfall and another 6 to 10 inches in certain spots and
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out come tuesday. it will be very breezy across the front range. the next couple of days and colder tomorrow jason, only in the mid to up mid- to upper 30s. around town right now as well and it's i think going to keep air tracker 7 on the ground for at least right now. you can see the camera occasionally bounces around here near the fort parkway 84th avenue but southbound i-25 filling in and we're off the hol dale and we're going to see a full packed rush hour here on the southbound side. you can see the overall map green conditions and more traffic here at 76 and 270 in just a bit. otherwise pretty nice driving conditions for most of us. and except if you're going to the west, including going over loveland pass. loveland passsis closed and berthed pass is snowy and very snowy already on i-70 with chain and traction laws and basically west of georgetown. jason gruenauer is up there right now in the snow. how you enjoying it jason? >> reporter: oh, you know snow is officially coming down as soon as we got to that west side of the tunnel, that's when we s the accumulation and snow coming down.
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here to a one vehicle rollover. we are on i-70 west again just west of th eisenhower tunnel. we're told that a van or a kind of crossover-type vehicle rolled on to its roof and on to its side. it was a family traveling to california we're told by law enforcement here on scene. just some minor injuries here but you can tell that this is the reason why. you can see what i-70 looks like if the snow continues to come down. it's very cold out here about 19 degrees and the snow is we have seen some plows try to come through here. but whhre i'm standing right now is a few inches of accumulated snow and they're doing their best to try to keep it but the snow just keeps falling down on it. so that's the reason those traction laws are in effect. we saw the line of semis just east of the tunnel, it wasn't too bad around loveland just about a dusting. but then you get over to this side and that's hen things really get tricky. things are very slow with a lot of semis having their hazard lights and fourways flashing coming through here. that's the reason.
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take it slow especially in you're heading west, they are expecting even for snow to fall -- more snow fall. rough news for drivers, that's it slow. reporting live here along i-70, i'm jason gruenauer. a sad story just in. a 4-year-old boy died after a stolen car he was riding in crashed. while kneeling police. this happened in connecticut in east haven. police tried to stop the vehicle but they -- they thought that that vehicle was the driver just kept going and eventually crashed into another car. two passengers in the car then tried to run off with the injured 4-year-old boy. that boy sadly later days at the hospital. -- died at the hospital. now this morning we're following developments on multiple shootings around denver. three shootings in the same day and two of these crimes deadly. >> denver 7 has details on the fatal cases, she is live for us now at the denver police headquarters, amanda? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, what is alarming is that
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the loose -- are still on the loose this morning. so as police are continuing to search for them, they are also continuing their two death investigations. the earliest one starting at around 12:30 yesterday morning. just off of south santa fe drive and south denver. we know that one teen was killed. and another was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital. many businesses near cherokee and arkansas say they aren't surprised though pointing to legacy traffic management autobuses they say hosts the late night -- a say hosts late night teen parties. police won't sigh say if -- say if they're connected temperature mornings after the evidence -- connected. the mornings after the party leaves evidence of drinking. >> liquor bottles up and down the alley. >> reporter: a man was shot and killed in montbello. we're told a fight inside of the home escalated and spilled outside. no one else was.
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-- was injured in that shooter. later in north denver three people were shot and injured outside after a bar and grill. more details on that for you in the next half hour, luckily nobody was kklled in that instance. reporting live outside of denver head quarters, denver 7. it is now 5:35 and a hiker falls the 40 feet and -- falls 40 feet and highs when hiking mount palmer reservoir trail. >> the sheriff's office belows this was just an accident. the hawker -- believes this was the hiker's identity has not been released. a fire destroyed their trailer and now fire crews are working to figure out what happened. this what happened over the weekend on east 136th avenue in brighton. the fire crews tell us the double wide is aacomplete loss. but thankfully though everyone made it out okayy a somber anniversary in colorado springs, sunday was one year since the deadly shooting at a planned parenthood clinic the shooter has admitted to the shooting,
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undergoing hearings to see if he is able to stand trial. we are rebelling the victims of the shooting right now on ware has a theory on the stolen super bowl ring of his. ware speaking out for the first time on fox sports saying it seemed like an inside job. he says his ring was stolen by two guy who is worked inside his buildings. this happened last month. the ring was recovered and the suspects were caught. well, thousands of workers planning to strike soon in several cities and this strike could ailfect you in more one way. we're going to explain after the break. plus there's a college in massachusetts choosing to take down the american flag. now local officials are sseaking annther. and parent -- out. and parents of a man killed serving in afghanistan say a woman miles and miles away just bought them a message from their son years after his death. ?e got that story -- we've got that story. a winter weather advisory in effect through the day today into tuesday. 3 to 7 inches and blowing snow and reduced visibility. more about the winter snow coming up. knock like that here in --
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5:39. welcome back to denver 7. a look across downtown this morning. a little chilly out there in the 30s right now. could we see snow? oh we're not telling we're going to wait for weather. you have to wait for that. >> stay with us.
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multiple fatal car accidents this happened around the country. >> abc's david kerley has the details in gma's first look. >> reporter: a spate of deadly wrong-way accidents over the hol dale weekend -- holiday weekend. in arizona -- pleasure the wrong-way driver was killed. more than a dozen on the bus injured. a college football player in massachusetts killed going the wrong way thanksgiving. and sunday, two kill island. five deadly accidents over the holiday. we've seen them before. captured on video. vehicles on the wrong side of the road speeding. while wrong-way crashes make up -?only 38% of accidents one -- of accidents one study says they're 27 times more deadly between 300 and 400 deaths a year. and coming up at 7:00 we'll have tips for staying safe on the road. with your "good morning america" first look, i'm david
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and we're following some breaking news out of kansas this morning. an officer-involved shooting at a wal-mart there. this is just outside kansas city. police say an officer shot a man while they were on a call at that wal--art but they didn't specify what the call was for or why the officer opened fire. the suspect had serious injuries and we understand that he has now suck qumeed to those -- succumbed those injuries. that officer on leave now as they investigate. in pennsylvania, old junior firefighter has been killed in a shooting late sunday. police found the firefighter dead when they arrived at the volunteer fire company. officials are yet to release the identity of the teenager. police did aid rest a 21-year- old man though in connection to the shooting. tomorrow, tens of thousands of service workers around the country arr planning to walk off the job in a push for higher minimum wage. >> among them are contract workers at chicago o'hare airport, janitors and maintenance workers and all would like the tee at least $15
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a du labor expert says they're risking their jobs by walking off but they're hoping to gain support from the public who seems more sympathetic these days. >> you can look at the positive votes on minimum wage around the country. it's a sign that people really understand that you know $8 an hour is not sufficient for a family. >> fast food and other service workers are also planning to walk off the job in hundreds of cities tomorrow as part of a protests continue in massachusetts over a -- college's refusal to fly the american flag. this comes after several incidents involving the u.s. flag since the presidential election. the the college board voted to stop flying any flag on campus for the time being is what they say. but the mayor and veterans there argue it's a matter of respect. >> it's because of our veterans and many who have given the ultimate sacrifice and their families that we are able to
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because of your efforts. >> @ students can fly their own flags there on campus. this season was extra special for one gold star family in portland, oregon, a woman in massachusetts just reconnected them with their son who was killed while serving in afghanistan back in 2014. so let's go backward and explain this. there was a woman walking on the beach in cape cod. she found a bracelet in the sand and it said quote killed in the family it belongs to. >> this is like the closest to a message in a bottle i ever gotten but in a weird way i think it was john sending a message hey come find me. >> when we called instead of explaining what had happened. it didn't -- it didn't surprise me. that her reaction. because i feel that often. that you know, and i affectionately look up and go now you're just showing off.
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bracelet came from and who owned it and how it got to cape cod temperature family estimates there are about 30 of the bracelets that were made and typically engraved with the soldier's name and information and given to members of the fallen soldiers battalion. >> that's wild after all that time. >> pretty crazy. >> absolutely. well, let's talk about snow or the possibility thereof. >> well, the west coast places like portland have been hammered with rain and then they got snow in the mountains and we're continuing to see a series of cold fronts moving to colorado. snow for the mountains continues today. snowboarders and a lot of people happy about that. but also some very treacherous driving conditions. downtown denver though we are not expecting really any precipitation across the front range. the denver metro area today or the plains. so mainly to the east will stay dry. but windy. downtown denvee right now we're at 36 degrees. same out at the airport where winds mainly from the west southwest up to 14 miles per hour. we see wind gusts this afternoon very breezy gusting uu to about 25, 35 miles per hour. but our radar and satellite
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more mountain showers are starting to develop right now as the next series of snow moves into the statement under a mostly cloudy sky here in town but these are the watches and warnings that are in effect. mainly at elevations above 10,000 feet. winter weather advisory in effect through the day today into early tomorrow morning. you can sheave snow blowing know -- see heavy snow blowing snow -- snow and blowing snow. winter storm warning more severe that's in effect for a -?lot of the mountain towns. another 6 to 10 inches of fresh snow to great resort towns but also if you are driving, please be carefu our futurecast showing what we can expect with the snow continuing in the mountains throughout the morning into the afternoon. they'll be a little bit heavier as we head into noon this is stopped at 2:30 and most of the western half of the state encompassed in those scattered snow showers. heavy at times so reduced visibility you are on the roads we could be seeing up to about a quarter mile visibilityso just please pack your patience. by 7:30 tomorrow morning, we'll
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with windy conditions by tuesday afternoon as the storm exits the state. hype temperatures for today in the 40s for the most part across the metro area and 44 in denver and. 46 for highlands ranch and upper 40s across much of the northeastern plains but high temperatures in the mountains only in the 20s and employees and eagle at -- low 30s and eagle at 31 and still chilly on the western slope. 37-degrees in grand junction. looking at the current wind speeds outside, the right no we're at sustained winds of 140 miles ppr hour? denver -- 14 miles per hour in have the jacket on when you head out the door this morning as well as tomorrow. 37 degrees is our expected high for tuesday under the mostly cloudy conditions but very breezy in the afternoon. wednesday things will start to clear out but cool down. take a look at the seven day forecast. our high temperatures dropping to the mid- to upper 30s and wednesday and thursday, friday below freezing for our daytime
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and low 20s. and still nice and quiet here at 5:47 in the morning. drive you can see the southbound side of i-25 from 104th too84 bunching up a littll bit and starting to see traffic as ou can see on the map bunch up a little bit here and there but overall a pretty indict quiff. remind you -- quiet drive. remind you eagle 0 closed into -- i-80 closed into wyoming. that means more traffic on i- 70. on our mountain drive and that's going to be very snowy with that one rollover crash that we've had near eisenhower tunnel. you can see 36ling and 25 and then drive down to the south for right now at least it looks pretty nice. calling it quiet and a good start to the mondaa morning drive. see the green there. in health department news this mornnng a -- health news this morning a couple of glasses of wine could lower yyur chances of having a stroke but apparently it's a fine line before that glass of wine hass the opposite effect. >> this is according to a review of studies published the review rather found the people
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drinks a day reduced the risk of a stroke by 8%. however people with more to drink had an increased risk of stroke. the risk for those who had more than four drinks a day it jumped by 14%. in the u.s. have plunged to a 35 year low. what's happening here? well, rather hard to pinpoint according to the researchers at bowling green state university in ohio. but factors could include the aging u.s. population and change in gender roles or the simple fact that not as many people out there are getting married. some americans are foregoing marriage altogether and staying siigle and live longer or cohabitate with their partners without ever tying the knot but marriage rates remain pret much the same. speaking of love and marriage, in georgia a couple exchanged vows in a pretty unusual venue. aisle 3. >> so larry and mary decided to say i do in a grocery store. four years after returning from
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returning from iraq, larry was severalling the aisles for cranberry sauce and ended up finding his soul mate he says. the two later decided to get married in that same store on thanksgiving. >> she asked me, she said where are we going to get married? i said harvey's, it's where i meth you at. >> give thanks to the lord for the old -- and the new coming in. >> the wedding cake was topped with cranberries. very fitting. and keeping with the theme each cranberry sauce to remember the guest's special way. >> a cheap gift wasn't it. >> you'll always remember it. when people in aurora need help there's a church there dedicated to helping them out. >> a 7 everyday hero is among the volunteers leading the effort and you're going to meet her next. and you can be a holiday hero and help local children in need. one in four colorado kids is hungry. between now and tend of the month your $7 donation at any
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service federal credit branch union -- union branch or online at, that money will go to the food bank of the rockies to help buy items for weekend food bags and
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on this monday morning, you may still be asleep after that brutal loss last night. there's a look at sports authority field. the lights are still on because you know what as broncos fans still dreaming and hoping for a win. this next sunday -- >> always next week. >> that's right. we've got the jaguars. that is an away game. welcome back. a church in aurora decided way
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>> for much of the time a 7 everyday hee toe has been there to provide hope. >> this is called friends of st. andrew. years. offering hope to the people of aurora. >> and it's a -- an offshoot from queen of peace parish. >> we're fully supported by queen of peace church which is amazing. because we serve 30,000 people a year. >> friends of st. andrew provides a lot hunch every day baskets for those in need. >> the food customizes to whether you have a home or you don't. >> but perhaps most importantly -- >> welcome to friends of st. andrew's. >> it provides friendship and resources for those in need. marilyn mcshane has given her time here since 1988. >> they are our where are and sisters in our live -- brothers and sisters in our lives and they deserve the dignity of being able to get a meal and to be able to take home something
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and he said, you know, the three months ago, i was at costco and my basket was heaped -?and -- >> and that man lost his job. and then his house. but marilyn and friends of st. andrew helped the whole family recover. >> the goal is to get people food to eat, drink, warmth, and caring. >> the building that friends uses over at colfax and dallas has a long history of serving aurora. >> this building is about 100 years old. and this was the jail when it was a jail at one time. >> complete with an old jail cell, now used to store food. so queen of peace parish can help set people free of tough times. denver 7 a rusted choice of independent insurance acts of colorado would like -- agents of colorado would like to honor you as 7 everyday hero for your hard work. nice going, good job. [ applause ] >> thank you. >> so to nnminate a hero in your life it's easy to do.
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and all the things we have there to click on community you'll see all the service projects and includes 7 everyday heroes. it's 36 degrees as you head outside. we had a pretty decent weekend. >> right. >> this week going to look different? >> very, very different. we'll be in the 30s for daytime high temperatures which were overnight low previously. just bundle up this week and get the jackets out and a few more mountain showers right snow moving into basalt and aspen area. but current temperatures outside in the metro area right now a cold start to the day. 25 in evergreen and 31 degrees right now in boulder. elsewhere across the state, we are at 1 degree in alamosa and then teens and 20s for thest for the most part in the mountains the trough -- for the most part in the mountains and highs today will be in the 40s here in denver and 20s and 30s in the mountains. a couple of minutes before 6:00 and so far so good coming down to or from the denver tech center. widepen on 225 i-25 and take
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are starting to see more traffic here and there. southbound i-25 right here at 58th avenue. that camera on the southbound side. getting a little bit more crowded but overrll very well quiet and at least problem free. thank you jayson. well, parking lots if you live in thornton you need to listen to this. you can have santa claus call your little one before he leaves the north pole this christmas. santa is coming to thornton on december 13 ex-president 14th and he'll be calm -- 13th and 14th and he'll be calling and girls. if you want theme call your child. we have tall information online on our denver 7 app and you can get right there. so check this out. an avid cubs' fan and a chef used his -- skills to relive the world series nearly a month after the cubbies'big win. geraldo unveiled a gingerbread replica of writing lead field. >> it weigh -- wrigley field. >> it weighs more than 400 pounds and it's all edible except for the place made out
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made out of gelatin and it took more than 70 hours to build the wrigley replica and i think train is not all edible as well. but pretty cool. >> 400 pounds of sugar right there. coming up on denver 7 at 6:00 a.m. of breakiig the law faces a ed - judge today. we have details on his troubled past. plus search for suspects in multiple shootings in denver over weekend. we're taking a -- the weekend. we're taking a closer
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denver 7 news starts right now. it is 6:00 a.m. on a monday. a couple weeks ago the broncos were celebrating an unbelievable win and this morning recovering from a devastating loss. we've got all the highlights from mile high stadium. cuba will hold 9 days of morning after the fidelcastro but many here in america are celebrating. we'll show you the scene in cuba. it is snow falling in steam boat heights. will the snow come to denver. katie jones us with the first alert forecast. >> short answer, no, no snow across the metro today. it will stick in the mountains though.


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