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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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denver 7 news starts right now. it is 6:00 a.m. on a monday. a couple weeks ago the broncos were celebrating an unbelievable win and this morning recovering from a devastating loss. we've got all the highlights from mile high stadium. cuba will hold 9 days of morning after the fidelcastro but many here in america are celebrating. we'll show you the scene in cuba. it is snow falling in steam boat heights. will the snow come to denver. katie jones us with the first alert forecast. >> short answer, no, no snow across the metro today. it will stick in the mountains though.
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throughout this afternoon. clouds and winds across the plans. right now sustained winds at 14 14 miles per hour. there is a temperature of 37 degrees. you want toy jacket when you head out the door. high temperatures -- this is one of the warrest days in the forecast. lake wood at 44. little ton 46. denver mid-to low 40s. things start to cool down as wednesday. here in town dry and windy. your tracker 7 is unable to fly. southbound i25 getting crowded. still less than 20 minutes for the moment as you take a look at the map. we have i76 and 270 looking okay for us. the west side looking okay at 470. the santa fa drive looking nice.
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traction law in place. rolled over van early this morning near the eyes en hour tunnel. you can mosquito tunnel some of the conditions with wet and slop pee conditions we're dealing with. what's it look like from your perspective, jason? ? >>reporter: well it's gotten a little better within the last half hour. the snow has light yend up. it is falling lightly. the reason actually the torrey truck and getting ready to leave the scene. this is the scene of a one vehicle roll over accident. we are west of the eisenhower tunnel. the van rolled on to its roof. a family traveling back to california. only minor injuries. we saw plows go by within the last hour or so.
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if ou head just a little bit toward of the road it becomes slush and then snow. where i'm standing it's a few inches of accumulation as the snow continues to fall. that's the reason the traction laws are in place. make sure you have the chans on and take it slow. in many cases you don't have a choice. this is a pretty steep grade west of the tu we're telling you to take it slow as the snow continues to fall. i'm grun grun. back to you. thank you. all the flesh snow mean the possibility of iaaf larges. the lie es risks is in parts of aspen. right now in wyoming there are several highways because of
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down a 70-mile stretch yesterday. there was a string of weather related accident that forced them to close down i70 for a while. no word on injuries in the crashes. we are waiting to hear when funeral services will be held for a trooper. this man a 41-year old has been charged with reckless driving resulting in death. driving a truck when he hit the trooper. he is out on bond this morning. csp set up a gofundme for the trooper's family. denver 7 first alert. breaking overnight syriin government forces captured a major eastern aleppo neighborhood. we have video of civil i can't answer in eastern aleppo fleeing to safer areas. about 10 thousand residents
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controlled areas in the past few days as the syyian government started to retake the neighbors. this could mark a big turning in the 5-year conflict. a watch dog group says government forces have control of about 30% of formerly rebel held areas. two people dead following a string of shootings over the weekend. denver 7 amanda del castillo live on the story. man da, are connected at all? >>reporter: no, police say they don't believe any of the crimes are connected that was a question brought up because they all happened within a span of 30 minutes. in total two people are dead including one teenage boy and four others were injured in those shootings. again, three separate. the first one started at around 12:30 sunday morning in south denver off of sanity that fa drive.
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legacy traffic management warehouse is often the location of late night teen parties. we know a male teen again was shot and killed. another was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital. although police aren't saying whether the shooting was connected to the teen party held saturday night into sunday morning remembering -- the shooting was reported at 12:30. 10 minutes later and 20 miles away a fight at a house party turned deadly when a man was shot and killed outside of a home. at around 1:00 a.m. outside of denver's high street bar and grill a fight inside the business spilled outside. three people were shot and then taken to the hospital. right now police haven't released any suspect description. there is no one in custody for any of the three separate shoot gsz. if you have any information about either shooting be sure to call police. reporting live outside of denver police headquarters i'm amanda del castillo denver 7. it is now 6:06 we are
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in southwest denver. he was found with a gun shot wound after a 2-car crash near west kentucky and south hazel. police have not released if the man was shot efore or after the accident. this man used to be a denver police officer but now he is facing a felony drug charge for llegal marijuana operation. he's scheduled to be in court this morning. back in september, police say they found 2 we'd at a home owned by the officer. he was fired back in 2014 by the pd. he accud his power and then lied about it. new orleans say a policee argument led to a shooting on bourbon street. two men started shooting at each other after an argument and both have been arrested. it is cyber monday which is the biggest online shopping
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amazon has more than 75 thousand products on sale today. deals continue all week. you can also get great ttavel deals. experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big air fare and hotel deals today. the holidays are here and getting a lot of nu the holiday spirit we know. one local nonpraft says it's having trouble helping as many kids because of the lack of giving families. organizers of santa's efls say there ar that need gifts this season. you you can give the gift to the person you choose if you choose. >> for the first time ever we still have about 900 children who need help. if we don't get them help by friday, if people don't sign up to help they probably won't have any christmas gifts under the tree this year.
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to our website and click on the story link and get all the information you need. it is 6:09 the referees are on the naughty list after last night's game. the chiefs managed to win with a last second field goal. the final -- . the team is visibly disappointed after the game. broncos kicker had a chance for game wing kick he wound shanking that kick and it went way left. >> obviously this one stingz and got a bad taste in our mouth. i think one of our strengths as a team we got a really resilient groupp i think guys are already chofrping at the bit to get baak to work. if looking at a silver lining.. miller had 3 sacks and leads the leagues in the category. mile high stadium is still lit up shining bright
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very chilly start to the morning. while the broncos didn't win i know a lot of ski resorts are celebrating. plenty of snow in the high country. we have a winter storm warning in effect from yesterday and will remain in effect through tomorrow afternoon. well continue to see another 6 to 10 inches of new snow accumulation. if you are driving blowing snow and heavy snow reducing visibility in the high country. here's the futurecast what we can expect. mountains and across the plans dry but window. traction laws on i70. so far so good. nice and quiet on the side streets as well the highways for at least right now. 9 days of morning in cuba following the death of fidel castro. many america's are celebrating the death. after the break we'll take a closer look. the president-elect sawmill yons of people voted illegally and he is also
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welcome back. i wish it were snowing last night. that helps the ski resorts and maybe we would have slipped away with the victory instead of the loss. skiers and snow boarders already out on the sloeps. copper mountain tweeting out picttres yesterday. snowy out there. a little california some of the mountains have 2 feet of snow. if you need a little pick me up after the long weekend. come look at the video. seriously the puppy is adorable. as you can imagine the video is viral. the dog very excited the first time seeing snow. he neesdz big snow drifts to jump into. >> reporter: don't worry well get some. i understand the excitement.
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the snow we're seeing in the poison stance here. >> not particularly. the next few days will be dry and windy. here's the radar and satellite. watches and warnings in effect. winter weather add viedz rein some ounties all throughout the day today into early tuesday morning. more snow expected to fall throughout the day into early tomorrow. winter storm warning in effect for a lot of mountain towns. practice caution on i07. portions blowing snows at times and winds will pick up as well. windy conditions across the plans. futurecast showing what we can expect hour-by-hour. through 8:00 this morning continuing to see increase in snow showers, heavier snows in spot like aspen. and then early tomorrow morning weell continue to pick up some spotty snow showers throughout the day. the bulk of the moisture and
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late tonight for the mountains. current temperatures here in town cool start to the morning. 25 degrees right now in evergreen boulder. you will want the jacket as you step out the door. 20s and teens in the mountains elsewhere across the state. highs for today across much of the metro area low to mid-40s. not quite as warm as over the weekend. today one of the warmest day on the 7-day forecast. cold air will move into colorado and stay put. highs statewide in the 20s and 30s. in mountains mid-to upper 40s across northeastern plans places like. >> lee expecting a high of 44. colder than what we felt tonight. clouds incrrases and breeze pictures up as well. tomorrow well be looking out for the wind. 37 degrees is expected high temperature in denver under mostly cloudy conditions. by wednesday things start to calm down a little bit and cool
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a big change from time this last week. today 44 degrees. start to see 30s come tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday one of our chillest days we felt in a long time, 31 degrees expected high temperature and overnight lows staying very cold in the teens and 20s here in town. it is still a very quiet drive. we are problem free. however you see the camera bouncing around. a little breezy in some places. that's what's keeping air tracker 7 on the ground. highway 36 it's basically moving along just fine. you can see that on the drive up to the north side of town where the north side looks great, southbound side nice and congested as particular cal for us here. around 20 minutes on this drive into downtown. overall map still seeing decent riding conditions ally way in and through boulder this morning. not problems out to the east
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and side streets not seeing any problems through centennial. the southwest out of town looks nice and quiet at least for right now. just in politics news ns nbc donald trump is furious about his advisory comments it was stated trump supporters feel did he trade and considering mitt romney for secretary of state. close to trump spoke to him they feel conway went rogue at the worst possible of time. 9 days of morning continue in fidel castro. they are preparing for 2 days of public morning. >> here in america many people are celebrating, especially in the city of miami norm norm reports. >> the tale of two cities
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>> paved with glory for rebel chief if fidel castro. >> reporter: the government banning public drink sxg dancing to morn the passing. on the peninsula to the north in little havana, a noisy celebration for cube bans who fled castro's brutal regeem. somebody died. nottabout that. we see the future changing. >> reporter: during his decades in power, castro spent more than a million of his own people into compile separating families and denying them the right to return. cube bansz in miami consider the caatro family a reign of terror one still in power. >> they have things in place. the repression continues and lack of freedom continues and
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thing at all. >> reporter: the icy relationship between u.s. and cuba thawing. just this march president obama marking more ties. >> well cancel obama's 1 sided cuban deal made by executive order if we do not get the deal we want and the deal that people living in cuba and re if trump reversus the recent oepgdz to cuba by president obama it stands to impact the american companies already invested in cuba like air lines, hotel operators even some phony carriers. it would -- phone carriers. it would impact tourism which was up 12% in the first half of the year. in washington abc news. 6:20 on monday morning. colorado football team doing
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title on friday. a closer look in a few minutes. as we head into break we waat to take you from 37 degrees to the wonderful tropical beaches of koes that reek ka as getting up and heading back maybe after a long weekend. let this ease you into your
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it is 62:34 and as we finish november. mother nature is bringing us throughout the mountains. if driving please practice caution. here in town cool breezy partly cloudy conditions throughout much of the day. winds pick up from the west this afternoon. stephen tours throughout the coming week a lot colder than what we felt. going to school ake sure you have the jacket handy. 43 is our daytime high. a cooler day across much of the metro area.
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37 for expected high in evergreen. things cool off overnight heading into tomorrow and windy conditions remain. super quiet drive. this morning not seeing any accidents or stalls or any other big problems to deal with. just the volume. heavy stop and go traffic developing coming off of highway 36 and passing -- very typical 10 to 12 minute drive to i70. take a looat side streets a lot like this. not a whole lot of problems. no one has come forward to claim the 420 (42) 000-0000 powerball jackpot. the drawing was on saturday. we know the winning ticket was sold at a small store in tennessee. so sorry, it was not here in colorado. the winner has 180 days to come forward. i'm sure they are meeting with
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sometimes that happens. wrps the ticket? >> yes. more than 50 million people decided to travel for the holiday weekend. a lot of them through dia. it might be a record setting weekend. details ahead. one presidential candidate asking for a recount. when we come back, find out
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denver 7 news starts right now. just about 60 -- 6:30 and the holiday travel rush is over for now. some of the country's most important employees are getting ready to go on strike and we'll tell you the reason why. a live look at the recognize. this is up in frisco. so you can see snow on the recognize but we are definitely tracking a winter storm warning for the mourn tabs.
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forecast. >> off the west once you cross over eisenhower tunnel you feel it. temperatures drop and we're continuing to pick up snow throughout the day. a lot of mountain towns are excited. as you can see from radar and satellite we're continuing to see snow showers, spots like be assault, greenwood springs and further to the north. current temperatures in downtown at 37 degrees. winds from the west sustained airport and here's first alert it will be a pretty breezy afternoon here across the plans in the front range. winter weather advisory in effect through tuesday morning. all throughout the day we have a chance for picking up more snow. 6 to 10 inches expected at higher elevations and here's what it looks like on futurecast. throughout the morning stopped at 8:00 we'll be dry here in denver and across the plans and down to the southeast. a lot of snow filtering into
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the afternoon and into the evening. tuesday start to clear out but breeze yeez conditions remain throughout the metro. we are near frisco with jason. how's it look? >> good morning, not too bad but at the same time not too good. snow has at least stop falling here specific until frisco but the roads on i70 west are snow covered and they are icy as ?ell. we are still heading west on i70 and it since about we got out of the eisenhower tunnel to the west. that's when we saw the snow an accumulation jump and temperatures cut down. it has gotten a little warmer right now at 20 degrees. but the breeze makes it feel quite capitol hiller. the ice and the snow pack that's here, we just saw a plow go by and this is still what thijs look like as we get to
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west. minor injuries here. you want to be careful for both slower semis the traction laws are in effect as well as the plows. they have flashing lights. we saw people try to zip around them you want to let them do what they do. as for roads around the rest of the metro and everywhere else back to the studio lube lube how's it looking. very quiet. a little bit lighter than normal. southbound i25 usually really tough stop and go through 84th avenue. there are spaces and speeds even in the 40s coming on down from the north side of town. south side also very question yet basically wide open all the way through. and through the denver tech center. a little bit of traffic but almost very holiday efk for us on monday morning. a little bit of traffic overall
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necessary pal has killed a sher pa mountain guide and british climber also injured in -- spop -- it caused notice and -- snow and ice to come down mount ever rest. they were both hit by falling chunks of ice at an altitude of about 20000 feet. we are waiting for the final numbers it may have been a they expected more than 1.1 million passenger that is a 10% increase from 2015. >> this is the largest crowd i've ever seen in my life. but no, it doesn't stress me out. >> now that the holiday rush is over at least for thanksgiving. tens of thousands service workers are planning to walk off the job and that includes people at owe hair airport in chicago.
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higher minimum wage. they want to see at least 15 bucks an hour. a du labor expert they're risking the jobs by walking off but hoping to gain sfrpt a public that seems more sympathetic about the topics these days. >> you can look at the positive votes on minimum wage throughout the country. i think is a sign that peeple really understand that, you know, $8 an hour is not sufficient for a family. >> now the disruption also includes fast- food workers and service workers. we have a link on the denver jill stein is leading the charge to recount votes in wisconsin and now she is getting slammed by president- elect donald trump. he says the recount is a scam and also stweetd last niept i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. abc news says there's no evidence there were millions of illel voters.
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meetings scheduled. you can see a look at someeof the people well keep you updated. firefighters are trying to figure out what started a fire at a trailer near brighton. it started just before 5:00 last night. the trailer was just completely destroyed. the family now getting help from the red cross. no one was hurt. broncos linebacker denar cusswares the burglar stole many expensive items. the crime was committed by two men who work inside the building. the super bowl ring was recovered and suspect were both caught. >> we should have won thattgame -?hands down. there is no way we should have lost that game. we lost it and now we're sitting here sick. strong thoughts from bronco players.
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the lead. now on the outside of theeplay off picture not done yet. it will be tougher. a chance to bounce back on send when they plaa the jaguars in jacksonville. the cu bufs are holding their breath the college football play off rankings come out tomorrow. cu clenched the south pac title with a win over utah on saturday. they will play washington for the championship on friday. a win could put the bufs playoffs. they haven't won a title since 1990. if still looking for a christmas tree you can get one right now with a permit from national forest weehave details next. your e-mail box is prrbably full of cyber deals. many could happen pons sent at 12:01 this morning.
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sports authority field camera,
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6:38 welcome back. mile high stadium with the mountains in the background. pretty chilly out there. still in the 30s right now. if you don't have your christmas tree you can still cut one down west of the front range. roosevelt national forth. $10 per tree. you need a permit. the people who cut trees are helping manage their own national forest. amanda del castillo was having too much inside so we sent her outside. >> it's very chilly right now. mid-to upper 30s across the front range in the metro area. here's the first alert these
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come tuesday and wednesday of bulgdz up when you head out. in terms of head lines well be picking more mountain snow throughout much of the afternoon into the evening. it will be breezy by this afternoon here in the front range and then temperatures today highs in the 40s but tomorrow, highs only in the mid- to upper 30s for tuesday and wednesday. guys, can i come back inside now? now? >> no, stay out there forever, no (laughing). >> we have drive is better than average we are heavy in some places. somebody called and saiddthey saw one of the photo radar advance on southbound line side -- you have a little bit at -- 15 minutes downtown to the dtc. big stories of the day coming up n morning. only 27 days left until christmas and e holiday shopping season in full swing.
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to celebrate this morning. broncos surf a loss on sunday night football but they
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look out for hill in the open fie. he's got an angle. hill all the way. defense special teams, kansas city with a big stretch to take the lead. >> we did everything we possibly could to lose the game. we did everything we poib know the football game and guess what? we lost. >> it was a brutal loss for the broncos. now, they are in thirddplace in the division. >> it's an uphill battle from here to get into the playoffs we'll have more in just a few minutes. we'll start with great business for business owners. 154 million people went shopping over the weekend either online or in the store. >> this is a good sign for the economy but there is a bit of bad news.
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less than last year. today cyber monday and most of the major retailers are jumping in. target is starting 10 days of deals campaign and amazon more than 75 thousand items on sale. we put together a list of 19 deals you should care about. you can find the articleeon free denver 7 app. a terrible tragedy for one family trooper who was hit and killed in the line of duty which happened on friday. the trooper along i25. hi funeral date. this is a gofundme page set up. it raised almost $50,000. he was responding to a crash when he was hit by a truck. the truckdriver has been charged with reckless driving he's out on bond in morning. three shootings in 30 minutes. this map shows you where all three of the shootings took place. you can see really kind of close by and so close in time. police say these incidents are
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amanda del castillo is live with the investigation. >> what's alarming each of the gunman involved in the three separate shootings are still on the loose this morning. police are continuing their death investigations into two of the shootings beginning at 12:30 yesterday morning. now a teen was shot and killed, another person was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital. that was offer of south sanity fa drive yesterday morning. many businesses near cherokee and surprised. there is a business that hoets late night teen parties. 20 miles away a man was shot and killed outside a house party there. police say it happened near carson street and maxwell place. a fight inside the home escalated and spilled outside. no one else was injured in the shooting. the third happened in north denver at around 1:00 a.m. again yesterday morning. three people were shot and taken to the hospital.
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reporting live outside of denver police headquarters i'm amanda del castillo denver 7. denver 7 first alert. just in deputies in northern california responded to a days i know after getting tips about inmates that they're looking for who escaped last week. they had a days i know in gilroy surrounded but they did not find these two suspects. these guys broke out of jail in santa clara last wednesday. the people who were at the days i know that they found a man and tw custody. and questioned but at this point it's not clear how they're possibly related to the jail breek out. i'm jason, live in frisco covering the snow this morning. just light snow falling this morning. you can kind of see right above the mountain. it's blurry because that's snow coming down. plowing out the parking lot here this morning. good 3 to 4 inches fell here. it is very cold and we've been
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now they've plowed i70 but still very slippery out here and that's why there's traction laws in effect. love land pass is closed because of iaaf large danger. they had to close portions of i07 out here out west yesterday. that is reopened but still very slow going out there on the highway also it's very cold. the wind is make it go feel a lot cooler than it is right now. last check about 20, it feels more like somewhere in teens. the snow continuance to fall and take it slow out there on the road. for now send it back live to mitch and katie. it's great for the resorts it makes you want to go. >> he looks like rudolph his notices is red. >> the windchill especially it feels a lot colder than the temperatures are reading. outside picking up more snows for the mountains throughout the day.
6:47 am
be careful on the roads if you're heading west across the front range and plans well stay mostly ry. windy by this afternoon as another cold front rolls through and really dropped our temperatures and will continue to see the cold air stick around for the next little while. winter weather advisory in effect through tuesday morning. we'll continue to pick up heavy snow. another 6 to 10 inches possible at elevations mainly over 10 thousand feel. will continue to see the snowfall throughout much of the day. here are current temperatures outside right now in the teens in led individually as well as in gun son. 32 degrees right now in the springs. same in sterling. denver metro right around mid- to upper 30s. 37 at the airport. winds out of the west. first alert, well continue to see very gusty winds throughout the day and evening.
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afternoon. as you can see still very heavy snow showers across mountain towns. further throughout the evening and into tomorrow we'll start to see things clear a bit. a chance for spotty showers come tuesday but the main bulk of the storm and heavy snow will be today. highs across metro areas. mid-40s in denver. high lands ranch expeccing a high near 46. teens in the mountains. copper mountain only expecting a high 30s and 20s for the most part across most of the mountain towns. clouds will increase and still windy. 20 degrees overnight low. definitely want the jacket as you head out the door tomorrow and the temperature outside right now that's our expected daytime high for tomorrow as well as for wednesday. so it will be very chilly this week. make ssre you stay nice and bundled up. overnight lows dropping to the teens and low 20s. we do have some stop and go
6:49 am
ttis morning. like here on southbound 225 from parker road all the way down to the i25 drive. 10 to 15 minutes on this commute and someone reported a crash that's on the parker road -- northbound side of the parker road not far from 225 unfortunately can't see it. take a look at the other camera view we see the heavy and stop very typical. 10 to 12 minutes all the way out to i07. no accidents or stalls just a lot of traffic. the north side a little bit busy. construction project that's slowing us down on i76 getting to highway 85. 470 is quiet, 225 drive also very busy this morning. about 10 minutes to 7:00 a.m. and controversial call leads to a painful loss for the broncos. -?7 and 4 in the season and in danger of missing the playoffs. >> the 62 yartd field goal with
6:50 am
?f it worked they would have won but it didn't work so arlt of the play, the chiefs got the ball back and drive down the field and get into field goal sxrang then this happened. [ shouting ] . >> unbelievable game winner. kansas city. >> so did it go in or did it not? the refuse said it did. here's a look at the stand chief is now 8-3. broncos 7-4. >> there are games left and they're not worried after the game. >> how do you keep the confidence and moral. >> confidence on this team, are you kidding? we don't have to worry about confidence. it's a loss, you know. you sit back and you say we got our but kicked. >> reporter: the broncos on the road this weekend. jacksonville jaguars.
6:51 am
redemths. winter is coming and christmas right around the corner. how can your child get a phone call from sanity that clause. let's give you a live look outside. from a roof top cam looking
6:52 am
6:53 am
653. before long this kind offscene in denver. you can barely see the mountain and plow in the for ground cleaning up the parking lot. heads up for any parents living in thorn ton. you can have santa clause call your house. et cetera making calls on december 13 and 14. you can sign up for this. we posted the link and we have all the details on denver app. he can tell the kids whether they are naughty or nice. >> will he be calling you? >> probably. it is 653 times time and here's what we're working on
6:54 am
journal lists have been harassed and arrested while working on the dakota access pipeline. a former police officer accused of illegal marijuana operation is expected in court later this morning. the latest details on the ex narcotics sergeant is going to take place today at 11:00. santa's little helpers will be busy. denver helps global charity will be packing up more than 8 thousand exist mass gifts for children in need. >> first alert. just in a small school bus crash in new york. mini school bus apparently jumped a curb in queens and believed to have crashed into another vehicle as well theee. two aaults and six children are being vaultd possibly minor injuries for this. here's a welcome site snow in brek en ridge.
6:55 am
fingers crossed more snow on the way this week. certainly getting some this morning. >> throughout date well continue to pick up more snow for ski resorts a lot of the hi country. here's the view from val village. love land pass here's first alert it is closed because of iaaf large dangers there. ?owntown, we're at 36 degrees under partly to mostly cloudy skies. winds current frl the west at 14 miles per hour sustained. here's fiist alert the next two days very windy across this is futurecast what we can expect hour-by-hour. by this afternoon well continue to pick up a few more inches of ra cumulation in the high country. winter weather advisories and storm warnings are in place throughout much of the day heading iito tomorrow. very breezy for tuesday. high temperatures across the metro in the 40s and throughout the next 7 days will be a lot colder in 30s for daytime highs. still a super quiet drive.
6:56 am
better than average here at i25 and thorn ton parkway not so great. heavy stop and go traffic. a minor crash reported on % parker road by 225. usual areas of slowing like we saw on 225. i70. construction and only incident marker you caa see reporting there's a photo take radar van watching the travel out of downtown near 9th avenue. away from starting good morning america. donald trump is crying foul. the recount in wisconsin he calls it a scam and claims millions of people voted illegally. meantime more states are looking at a possible recount. gma is taking a closer look at what the recount means. jogging can be a great way to burn calories but safety can be a concern. are you putting yourself in danger when you jog alone.
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save your life. we are in havana cuba during the morning of if fidel castro. next on gma we can see how the death might affect us here. you can help put food on a table for a family in need this holiday season. donate to the ken ver 7 holiday heros campaign. your $7 you can donate any time between now and the end of this month. they are accepting donations at whole foods and security service federal credit union or you can donate online if it's easier at the denver slash holiday heros and you can help out fammlies in need this holiday season. it is hard to believe november is almost over and moving into december. i know getting closer to the official start of winter.
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the next couple of days.
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good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out, launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim with zero evidence that millions of americans voted illegally. and that he should have won the pu the recount set to get under way in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out.


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