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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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the suspect is dead after what was initially reported as an active shooter situation on the ohio state campus this morning. we have just learned more about what happened, and we know 8 people were taken to the hospital. we're just getting word the suspect ran a curb and hit some people with a car, then got and started stabbing people. now, all of those victims who were hurt appear to have nonlife threatening injuries. >> so you were looking right now at video of the scene, clearly a large police presence still there. the shelter in place ordered by police, however, has been lifted. police say the scene is now safe. the different story earlier. students tweeted out saying whether or not they were safe. one student tweeted this picture trying to barricade the entrance to the class with a pile of chairs. we're following developments now live on this.
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elizabeth hur who has a live report for us from ohio on this. good afternoon to you. right now, officials are talking to reporters and here's what we have learned so far. a suspect has been shot and killed, and as far as the victims are concerned, we know that at least 8 people are at the hospital being treated for various injuries including stab wounds and injuries by a car. police and fire swarming the ohio campus, responding to reports of an active shooter on the loose just before 10:00 a.m. the university alerting students and staff tweeting active shooter on campus. run, hide, fight. >> there were three gunshots and it sounded like a handgun. >> reporter: students near the scene crammabling for cover and hiding. >> -- scrambling for cover and hiding. >> students were running up 15. ddn't go to campus, there's an
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you never think something like this is going to happen. it's mind blowing. >> we are being asked to go even further. this is the second time we have been asked to move. you can see it is a very tense situation right now. we have been told that an active shooter is possibly inside that garage. >> reporter: police set a perimeter keeping everyone away from the building where the gunshots reportedly rang out. the swad team and the fbi s.w.a.t team and the fbi now on the ground as the situation unfolds. >> the investiga what we are learning from officials at this point is that the only person shot at the scene appears to be the suspect confirmed dead. there's still a heavy police presence on campus, which is have been canceled so that ay authorities and police officials can get their work done. reporting live in new york. i'm elizabeth hur. abc news, back to you. and if you know anyone who
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its safety check feature. you can log onto facebook and make sure your friends are okay. back here at home, police in thornton searching for a problem suspect they believe -- robbery suspect they believe is armed and dangerous. >> the man on the loose caused several businesses to go on lock down. jason gruenauer joins us live with the latest. >> reporter: the north suburban medical center was placed on lock down out of caution. while the scene appears to be normal, no massive large that we could see. we have not gotten official word or confirmation that the lock down was lifted, all of this after the possibility of an armed and dangerous suspect on the loose in the area. it all started earlier on this morning around 8:00 at a motel 6 on west 83rd place. that's about 5 blocks from where we are right now. allegedly, a woman tells police that she was robbed at gunpoint by two individuals. police tell us one of the
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off on foot, one of them was caught, the other was not. then last seen about three blocks from here. grant and 88th in thnton. that prompted north suburban to go into lock down, as well as several other businesses in the area. we haven't gotten further updates from thornton police. we have reached out to them several times about what exactly is going on right now, whether or not the suspect simply got away or if this is still an ongoing search. again, the last reports we got from law enforcement here in was on the loose and should be considered armed and dangerous. we will pass along any updates to you as soon as we get them. reporting live in thornton, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. avalanche danger in the high country today. cdot shut down loveland pass because of an avalanche hazard last night. officials say the high risk is in the san juan mountains, the s awatch range and parts of
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effect for the high country. as you can see from the video, youucan tell why. quite a bit of snow, really gray out there. >> we saw a lot of snow when our jason gruenauer was out there. let's send it to katie lasalle tracking the first alert forecast for us. yes, winter storm warnings and advisoriee throughout much of the day today. this is the view from loveland pass. we are seeing treacherous driving conditions. if you have to go into the mountains, practice caution. blowing snow is possible, and heavy snow showers are likely through the afternoon into the evening. denver. we're under partly to mostly cloudy skies. 41 downtown as well as out at the airport, where winds are from the west at 20 miles per hour. a breezy afternoon is in store for us across much of the metro area and front range. here'sur radar and satellite this morning. as you can see snow filtering in from west to east, plenty of snow in thhigh country, % through the day today. winter storm warning in effect through all the area. another 6 to 10 inches of additional snow accumulation is likely throughout the afternoon and evening.
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within 30 minutes of each other early yesterday morning, and none of them are connected according to investigators. 6 people were shot, two of those have died from their wounds. nobody is in custody for any of these shootings. now, police say the first one happened near south cherokee in west arkansas, after a fight inside a teen warehouse party. a teen boy was shot and killed. another man shot in the hand. that person sent to the hospital. now we talked to the person who put on the party. he tells us it was got out of control. people nearby, though, tell us a different story. it was a family oriented thing. we never intended for it to turn out the way it did. >> the owner of this company back there, it's more of like a rave. there's djs and a lot of kids. >> 15 minutes later, a fight outside a house party there ends with gunfire. a man shot and killed. this took place at a home near carsoo and maxwell.
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38th and high street. now this one sent three people to the hospital. all three, however, survived. investigators say an altercation inside the bar may have led to that shooting. this is the man accused of hitting and killing colorado state trooper cody domino. he's facing charges including careless driving resulting in death. gamez-ruiz has bonded out of jail. he was on i-25 near toma road on friday when he hit the troor an earlier accident. trooper donahue was an eleven year veteran of the state patrol. he left behind a wife and two daughters. friends have set up a go fund me account for the family that's already raised $50,000. the two teens charged in connection with the murder of this englewood chef will appear in front of a judge. rahim benson, and laura, were accused of shooting and killing nick lewis during an alleged robbery in october.
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degree murder charges. and this man, herbert vanover will appear in court today. he used to be a denver narcotics cop. he's now facing charges for an illegal marijuana operation. in september, police ay they found two pounds of meth and weed in a home owned by vanover, he was fired from the police department in 2014. according to his disciplinary letter he abused his power and lied about it. woman is cited after police bullet hit a dog. the woman was in her garage, reassembling a handgun when it misfired. the dog was hit, and the woman was distraught she started harming herself. alcohol was a factor. the dog is expected to be okay. over the weekend, the clinton campaign announced they will take part in a recount in several key states. the clinton team says they have been quietly investigating accusations of hacking for quite a while now, and have received hundreds of request that it do so.
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party candidate jill stein who has raised millions of dollars to have votes counted again in wisconsin. meantime president-elect donald trump says he doesn't believe hillary clinton won the popular vote and blasting the nominee on the decision to recount. trump said i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. according to the latest count, hillary clinton leads by more than 2 million ballots the cost of keeping president-elect trump and his family safe could skyrocket because the white house may not be the only place the secret service will have to protect 24/7. a law enforcement official tells cnn the secret service is considering renting an entire floor of trumpptower in new york city. the going price for the space, 1 1/2 million dollars a year. melania trump and the couple'' 10-year-old son barron won't move into the white house right away. a boulder chef making
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champion of the reality tv show chopped. what did she made that gave them the prize. scary moments for passengers on a flight from dallas to vegas, what happened to the plane midair, and how people worried. former cuban leader fidel castrr dice over the weekend. reaction pouring in across the globe on his passing.
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. cuba is in a period of mourning after the death of former dictator, fidel castro. the 90-year-old had not held power since 2008 when his sickness forced him to transfer power to his brother raul. many are now wondering what will change now that the man who led the nation's revolution has died. some cuban exiles in miami cheered and celebrated castro's death. >> it means a lot for cubans. it's a moment we have been waiting for for 55 years. we're free at last. >> a different scene at havana. some students gathered and chanted i am fidel, to honor his death. he will be cremated and his ashes buried next week. meantime, san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is trying to clarify comments he made about fidel castro. last week, kaepernick
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education and the u.s. invests in prisons. what i said was i support the investment in education. i never said i support the oppressive things that he did. >> kaepernick once wore a t- shirt showing castro's meeting with black rights activist malcolm x. the quarterback stirred up controversy this summer when he sat in protest during the nem at a preseason -- enemata preseason game. president-elect trump tweeted dead! . he later issued a statement the world maaks the passing of a brutal dictator. he hopes to move away from the horrors so the cuban people can finally live in freedom. >> fidel castro's death is expected to spark interest among americans. the travel is complicated. if you want to go to cuba, you need to fall into one of the twelve categories approve by
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such as visiting rest, educational research or travel to go compete as an athlete. you need to sign an affidavit that you fall into one of the categories and you need a visa and travel insurance. this morning, the first direct commercial flights on american airlines to havana cuba took off. five more will join them in the coming weeks. there have been other flights to the cuban rovinces, but this was the first direct commercial flight in more than 50 years. that's passengers on an american airlines flight from dallas to vegas. very happy that they made it to the ground after that plane lost one of its engines midair. the plane was able to land safely in new mexico. it's still not clear what caused the engine to fail. nobody was hurt. and now to a holiday miracle. this california mother found alive on thanksgiving weeks after she vanished.
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she was last seen while she was out for a jog more than three weeks ago. she was held captive that entire time police believe. and now they say they are searching for two hispanic women who abducted her who police say are armed and dangerous. she was found hundreds of miles from where she was last seen bound with restraints on the side of a california highway. speaking out this morning. i is- >> i saw a woman with long road, kind of frantically waving what looked like a shirt. i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she mmst really need help. >> investigators now analyzing her clothes as well as the restraints she had on her searching for any dna evidence. they are also looking at surveillance and traffic cameras. the search continues for two escaped inmates in
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they cut through bars and repelled through a second story window. two were caught and two are still on the loose. police are following clues to hunt down landon campbell, and rahelia chavez. investigators say they still haven't found the tools the inmates used to cut the bars. >> the fact that these bars were cut the way they were, it wasn't something that they just, you know thought of in a minute. it's something that . >> now there were no survvillance cameras covering the outside of the older wing of the jail where the inmates were housed. police are trying to figure out if they had outside help. take a look at this now, new video of an arson attack on a california liquor store. surveillance video shows a suspect pouring gas line and setting the front of the store on fire. investigators say the person behind it was a rival business owner.
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sunnies sells its beer a dollar cheaper than the liquor store across the street. investigators say that store ooner hired two men to set sunny easterly core store on fire -- sunny's liquor store on fire. a judge on friday found dylann roof competent to stand trial in the murders of nine african-american worshipers. the judge today granted roof's motion to represent roof now faces 33 federal charges, and prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. this morning, a judge has approved a request from prosecutors to retry former ohio police officer ray tensing. he is facing murder charges and voluntary manslaughter charges for the shooting death of an unarmed black man, sam dubos. earlier this month, a mistrial was declared after jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict. this boulder chef, chris
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show chopped. he's a chef at flag staff house in boulder. he's now the chopped champion after he beat out three other contestants including a chef from colorado springs on the episode that aired last weekk now, the dish he made to take home the win, chicken liver, with kale, butternut squash puree and made roasted pork and maple ice cream with apple pie for dessert. >> what's he get for winning. >> $10,000, isn't that how chopped works. >> i don't know. >> maybe, sounds good. congratulations to him. that's awesome. >> and some of the foothills are picking up snow this morning, and a lot more moving incross the western slope. as of right now, some much needed moisture for our state, and it's great news for the ski resorts. if you are traveling throughout the day today, beware, snow will increase from west to east, mainly on the continental divide, so the mountains will
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city park. we are under a partly to mostly cloudy sky.. temmeratures cool in the low 40s. this is the view from loveland ski area. as you can see, we are seeing white out conditions there as snow continues to fall. nnar petes, pretty, but also very windy. let's take a look at our current wind speeds. outside, across the plains, 29 miles per hour in sterling, mid- 30 miles per hour winds. these are sustained winds. not even the gusts that could be up to 50 miles per hour across the northeaster this afternoon. in denver right nowwat the airport, sustained winds of 20 miles per hour. and then blowing snow is also possible in the mountains where we're getting that snowfall. our current temperatures outside, though, we are at 26 degrees in aspen, 34 in eagle, mid-20s in steam boat. so cool, and then across the northeastern plains, we are going to be seeing our temperatures gradually climb to the mid- to upper 40s. so only a few degrees warmer throughout the course of the afternoon. here's our future cast, what we can expect hour by hour throughout the day today. 3
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western half of the state, we could be picking up 6 to 10 inches at higher elevations, mainly above the timber line. gusty winds and heavy snowfall. a chance for a few showers in the foothills. for the most part, denver metro area, and across the plains, staying dry throughout the day today. just breezy. this isn't tuesday. tomorrow at 1:00, we'll start to see the snow taper off. by wednesday, clearer skies, colder temperatures. high temperatures for today across the metro area, englewood at same in lakewood, with upper 30s in evergreen. highs for today statewide, cold in aspen and eagle. much of the mountain towns seeing upper 20s, low 30s. and mid-50s down in lamar. throughout the course of the evening, we'll see temperatures colder than what we have seen the past couple of nights. teens in the mountains, 20s for denver, under increasing cloud coverageeand then windy for tomorrow. the big story for tuesday will be colder conditions, mostly cloudy, but breezy.
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it's going to be a cold week. so make sure you're bundled up, you have the jackets handy and out. wednesday will be in the mid- to upper 30s. by the end of the week, we will see temperatures near freezing value. slight chance for a few light snow showers, late thursday into early friday. 3 really, the temperatures are going to be dropping into the teens overnight, and slightly warmer as we round out the weekend. it is a tough morning for broncos country. after last night's devastating loss to the kansas city chiefs. we have all the highlights
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a tough end to go a nail biter of a game at mile high. the broncos lose to the kansas city chiefs. he overcame taking the lead, 10- the. then the chiefs they just hung in there. they ended up regaining the lead 16-10 in the fourth
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24-16, a touchdown, 2 point conversion, sending the game into overtime. >> so then it was really this play, right here. a 34-yarder for the win. it hits, then bounces and it goes in. the chiefs end up winning 30- 27. >> definitely frustrating. we have to be better towarr the finish. we normally are, but today it got away from us. we just wasn't as on our guys as much. we didn't tackle well. we played ahead of the game, i think defensive we held them to low yards total, we didn't get it done there? the broncos are third in the afc west. if the playoffs were to start watching from home. ould be they can redeem themselves, though. focus shifting now to next weekend's game against the jaguars. and this morning, broncos line backer, demarcus ware is revealing how his super bowl ring was stolen. on fox sports, he says it seemed like an inside job.
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worked inside his building. the ring as eventually recovered and the suspected thieves were arrested. well, an avid cubs fan, used his culinary skills to relive the world series nearly a month after the team's big win. >> check out this, a giant ginger bread replica of wrigley field. it weighs fortune 400 pounds, and everything you see here is edible. the players, exceet for the players were >> the score board is edible paper. the windows are made of gelatin, now the guy who made this said it took him more than 70 hours to build, and we should also make note, that train, that's not edible as well. everything else. >> the track, at least, i would hope not. >> that's impressive. 400 pounds. that's a lot of sugar. that's a big tummy ache. it's almost 11:30. we have much more to come in the second half hour.
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5 people transported to the hospital. we'll have the latest on what's going on. and members of a california
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welcome back, we are talking breaking news at 11:30. a suspect shot dead by police -?after a horrific incident on the ohio university campus this morning. a man drove over a curb,
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stabbing people. the report initially came in as ?n active shooter on campus. students were ordered to shelter in place or even run if they came into contact with the suspect. police say the scene is now safe. we do know 8 people were rushed to the hospital. all of them have nonlife threatening injuries. the classes, however, have been canceled for the day, that shooter, the alleged shooter that they were talking about, the man that drove the car and had the knife has been shot deady new information coming to denver 7 on the search for a robbery suspect. we first brought this to you at the top of the hour. >> the search prompted some businesses, even the hospital to have to go on lock down this morning, denver 7's jason gruenauer has been following these details this morning. and he joins us with more. >> we can tell you the lock downs at north suburban medical center as well as several area businesses have now been lifted and thornton police have called off that search for that suspect. they were considered armed and
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robbery earlier on this morning. we have a description to have that suspect who issstill at large from thornton police described as a black male, 5- foot 9 inches tall, wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white shoes. he possibly could have some typical of injury, may have fallen down as a result of a foot chase. now this all happened at around 8:00 this morning. a woman told police she was robbed at gunpoint by two men. police then apprehended one of them. the other got away last seen here near the hospital. that prompted the lock down of the hospital and sevvral area businesses. as of about just a little while ago, our last update from police, those lock downs have been lifted. if you see anyone matching that description or have any information, you're asked to call police immediately. for now, reporting in thornton, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. i haven't been outside yet, katie, dayle, nicole.
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jacket. i can tell you that much. if you think tomorrow is chilly, tomorrow it's colder. we've been seeing high temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s, even upper 20s as we round out this week. right now, our radar and satellite is showing snow filtering into the western half of the state. the western slope picking up snow showers. the strongest and heaviest snow for today will mainly be in the san juan mountains, aspen, and mainly elevations above 10,000 feet west of the divide. if you are traveling, please practice caution on the especially i-70 west. taking a look at wind gusts, we are feeling the effects of wind from the storm. 20 miles per hour wind gusts primarily from the west in denver. up to nearly 45 to 50 miles per hour wingusts across the northeastern plains for this afternoon into the early evening hours. snow will continue for the mountains, across the plains and the front range, will stay mostly dry, a mix of sun and clouds. for the most part, temperatures in the low to mid-40s in denver. overnight lows a lot cooler,
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forecast. boulder in the mid-40s. the next couple of days, high temperatures in the 30s. a big cool down is coming. >> thank you katie. six people were shot in the span of just 30 minutes early yesterday morning in denver. all of them shot in three separate scootings. >> denver7 amanda del castillo was at the scene of one of the shootings and joins us this morning with the latest on the investigations. amanda. >> reporter: a very usy sunday morning for denver police. i was actually on cherokee and that was the location of the very first fatal shooting. it happened at around 12:30 yesterday morning. surrounding businesses there say the legacy traffic management warehouse is often the location of late night teen parties. we know a male teen was shot and killed. another was shot in the hand and taken to the hospital, though police aren't saying whether the shooting was connected to the teen party held saturday night into sunday. that shooting, again, was
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and 10 minutts later and 20 miles away in montbello, a fight at a house party turned deadly when a man was shot and killed outside of the home near carson street and maxwell place. roughly 15 minutes later, outside of denver's high street bar and ggill, a fight inside the business spilled outside. three people were shot and taken to the hospital. so in total, two people were killed, including one teenage boy, and four others were injured. police right now don't have any suspecin anyone in custody for any of the three separate shootings. so if you know anything about any of the shootings, please call denver police. reporting from denver police headquarters, i'm amanda del castillo denver 7. they are still working to get more details about how a man died saturday afternoon. this was in southwest denver. the man was found with a gunshot wound after a vehicle crash near west kentuckyyand south hazel. the it appears the man hit a parked car.
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denver police aren't sure where the shooting happened or if there weee any witnesses. election officials are preparing for a recount of millions of votes. >> the move by the green party has angered resident-elect donald trump who's calling it all a scam. abc's kenneth moton has more from washington. >> reporter: the wisconsin recount, the state is now in the process of recounting nearly 3 million votes in the presidential race. >> every candidate who's on the ballot as a presidential candidate has the right to request a recount. >> reporter: the effort led by the green and joined by hillary clinton's campaign. >> you know, we're in a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: the winner, president-elect donald trump who once railed against what he called a rigged system blasted the mood which could lead to recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. trump tweeted the people have spoken and the election is over. but in a tweet twist, the president-elect posted he would have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who vote illegally. then he claims syria's voter fraud in virginia, new
11:37 am
on this, serious bias, big problem. trump tweeted no proof to back up his claims. california's secretary of state called the allegations of voter fraud absurd. trump's latest tweet storm comes as there's more attention on global business interests. >> what are these conflicts of interest. that's the thing that's going to follow him through this entire presidency. >> reporter: there's transition turmoil over possible secretary of state contender mitt romney. hurt trump. >> reporter: trump's transition team will have a second meeting with romney, and will meet with former cia director, david petraeus. several california mosques want more police protection after getting letters that praised president-elect trump and threatened muslim genocide. the handwritten notes were apparently photo copied and delivered to mosques in several cities, including long beach and san jose.
11:38 am
satan and signed quote america for a better way. >> it was pretty graphic. you know, we don't belong here, we are the people of so and so, so definitely not a friendly >> police say they are investigating and treating this as a hate motivated incident. the holidays are a few weeks away, and a lot of you are getting into the spirit. one local nonprofit says it is having trouble organizers say there are hundreds of children who need gifts this holiday season. here's how you can help. all you need to do is sign up online, choose a family in need to help, and you'll get a wish list to shop from. >> for the first time ever, we still have about 900 children who need help, and if we don't get them help by friday, if people don't sign up to help them, then they probably won't have christmas gifts under their tree. >> you can get involved by logging onto our web site at
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parents, if you live in thornton, listen to this, you can have santa call your little one before he leaves the north pole. santa will come to thornton on december 13th and 14th, and he'll be calling boys and girls to find out if they have been naughty or nice this year. if you want santa to come to your child, we have info on the denver7 app. many of us are shopng sales today. we're looking into that says you'll probably be shooping, well, on the job. there's a shocker. >> nooway. >> another black friday record. millions hit the stores over the weekend to shop the sales,
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the busiest travel day of the year is behind us. for now, thousands of workers around the country, planning to go on strike. they're going on strike, because they say they don't make a janitors to baggage handlers and maintenance workers want at least $15 an hour. >> you can look at the positive votes on minimum wage throughout the country i think as a sign that people really understand that, you know, $8 an hour is not sufficient for a family. >> fast food workers and other service workers plan to walk
11:43 am
pilots are planning two more days on strikes. they are still striking after dispute. according to the airline, roughly 345,000 passengers have been affected. the pilots say they have gone without a pay raise for five years now. looks like holiday shoppers got some great deals over the weekend. the national retail federation says more than 154 million people shopped the online. that's 3 million more than last year. but they say on average people spent $10 less than 2015. last year's verage was $300 per person. this career it was 290 bucks per person. some say that may be because more discounts were due to customers. you may try to hide it. you will likely be shopping online at work this week. nearly half of wwrkers surveyed said they would shop while at work on cyber monday.
11:44 am
half technology. f 5% of work 65% of workers admitted to minimizing the screwhen manager up. and most people say they will shop on their lunch breaks or mae on a conference callor in a meeting when their computer is not facing everne, i guess. >> i'm sorry. >> i was looking at nordstrom, macy's, kids books. just checking the deals for >> yeah, i need to make sure i can report to you what you want to know. >> that's smart. and you have 2 1/2 minutes to do that. >> it's all you. >> we are seeing snow for the mountains, and then dry but windy conditions across the plains as of right now, but here's your first alert that the snow wiil continue throughout the afternoon, and into the evening. heavy snow at times. windy for the front range and plains and temperatures a lot colder this week. highs in the 40s. we'll see upper 30s to low 30s
11:45 am
friday. we do have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in effect through tuesday morning, and we'll to 7 inches of snow, and 6 to %- 10 in higher elevations. a lot of places will see blowing snow, gusty winds, and espeally in places like aspen, eagle, steam boat, as well as down south in the san juan mountains. they'll pick up plenty of snow. very treacherous on the road. practice caution. make sure you have the proper tires on the car. current wind speeds very gusty across the northeastern plains. sustained winds primarily from the west in denver at 20 miles per hour. 30 miles per hour in sterling as well as in akron. our temperatures outside right now, it's a cool start to the day. temperatures in the low 40s in the springs as well as in deever. we're seeing 20s and 30s for the most part in the mountains. here's the future cast, what we can expect throughout the day. increasing snow showees across the western slope into the mountains, pretty much throughout the continental divide.
11:46 am
throughout the day. and tonight as well. it will be cold and dry for the plains, but windy throughout the afternoon. tuesday, this is stopped at 1:30. 3 we have the chance for a few more scattered snow showers in the mountains. things will taper off as we head into wednesday. skies will clear and we'll see more sunshine across the state. highs in the metro today. we're still right around average for this time of year. the du area at 46. 47 n englewood. broomfield and boulder, also seeing low 40s. high temperatures statewide, 20s and 30s we'll stay under a mostly cloudy sky with a chance for snow. and down to the southeast, we'll see mid-50s in places like lamar and la junta. and throughout the night tonight, we'll see really cool, cool conditions. single digits in spots like leadville, alamosa, teens in the mountains, and a low of 20 degrees in denver. clouds will increase throughout the evening as well as the wind. tomorrow, the big story will be gusty conditions, winds coming from the west, once again. a high temperature near 37
11:47 am
days. today, one of the warmest days on our 7-day forecast, and things really start to cool off come tuesday. we'll continue to feel the effects of the storm by tomorrow. wednesday, as i said, skies start to clear but by thursday and friday, chillier conditions. only in the low 30s come friday, even upper 20s. thursday night into friday, a slight chance for a few snow showers around the metro. right now, looking at the temperatures, the teens and 20s overnight. >> i just we have been waiting for it. while you exchange dishes on thangiving day, a georgia couple exchanged vows. but their wedding venue is a bit surprising. >> this is interesting. so charles stinson says after returning from a tour in afghanistan he ran to the supermarket to pick up last minute items for thanksgiving dinner. while he was searching for cranberry sauce, he ran into something else, his soul mate. % >> i heard someone say, hey,
11:48 am
larry, i have not seen you in over 20 some years. >> well, the two had apparently met years prior but it was that latest encounter that started their love story. the couple decided to seal the deal in the same place they were reunited. so this is in the aisle with cranberry sauce, their happily ever after was on aisle 3, and reportedly they gave out cans of cranberry to and the cake also topped with cranberries. >> it's going to be a theme for them now. how sweet. have you had enough of the manikin challenge yet? we're going to show you one that takes a different turn, and this one is going viral.
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? attention medicare beneficiaries living in these... denver area counties. call now and let unitedhealthcare help find a plan that may be right for you, like an aarp medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare. it can combine medicare parts a and b... with prescription drug coverage and more... like primary care doctor visits for a low co-pay... all in one simple plan for a $0 monthly premium. and foot care coverage... hearing aids as low as $330 each, saving you thousands... and you'll pay the plan's lowest prescription price, whether it's your co-pay or the pharmacy price. or pay zero dollars for a 90-day supply of tier 1 and tier 2 drugs, with home delivery. open enrollment ends december 7th. call unitedhealthcare now about
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a church in aurora decided back in the mid-80s it needed another way to serve the community, and as mitch jelniker shows us, for much of that time, a 7 every day hero has been there to provide heep. >> reporter: it has been around for 30 years, offering hope to the people of aurora.
11:52 am
queen of peace parish. >> we're fully supported by queen of peace church which is amazing because we serve 30,000 people a year. >> reporter: friends of st. andrew provides a hottlunch every day, and food baskets for those in need. >> the food baskets are customized to whether you have a home or you don't. >> reporter: perhaps most importantly. >> hi sheila, i'm marlin. welcome to prince of st. andrews. >> reporter: it provides friendship and resources for those marlin mcshane. >> they are brothers and sisters in our lives, and they deserve the dignity of being able to get a meal and being able to take home something to feed their families. as a man who i was interviewing, and he said, you know, three months ago i was at costco and my basket was heaped and. >> reporter: and that man lost his job, and then his house. but marlin and friends of st.
11:53 am
>> the goal is to give people food to eat, drink, warmth and caring. >> reporter: the building that friends uses over at colfax in dallas has a long history of serving aurora. >> this building is about 100 years old, and this was the jail when it was a jail at one time. >> reporter: complete with an old jail cell now used to store food. so queen of peace parish can help set people free of times. denver 7 a trusted choice would like to honor you as a 7 every day hero for all your hard work. nice going. good job. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> and take a look at this. dollar donation can buy to put - in a weekend food bag for a family in need this holiday season. whole foods and security service federal credit union are part of the denver 7 holiday heroes campaign. to learn how you can donate and
11:54 am heroes. i'm sure you've heard about the latest internet craze, the manikin challenge, it's where everyone stands still while the camera records everyone perfectly still and not moving. take a look at this, jamie farini uses the challenge to propose to his girlfriend. you can see him hiding behind her, and then she holds that glass of wine steady, he taps her on the shoulder and pops the question. >> i thought why is talking. this is the manikin challenge. >> well, the video, it's not going viral. it has been viewed more than 6 million times. >> now that was a clever one. >> it was cute. the whole family is there. >> manikin challenge. that's great. really really sweet story. and you guys, the mountains they're probably really happy right now, picking up plenty of snow throughout the day today, but we do have some treacherous conditions especially in the
11:55 am
warning in effect through tuesday morning, here in denver we'll continue to see mostly cloudy but breezy conditions, and cold throughout the week.
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