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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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university. people started running, i was walking down the street, i could of this active shooter, don't go to campus. people police swarmed the campus. university alerted students and staff to the active shooter on campus, run, hide, fight. >> the three gunshots that sounded like a handgun. >> around in a student captured this cell phone video. lisa standing over the suspect they shot and killed. the scene secure. it turned out not to be an active shooter but a man police took it down after he crashed his car to through a crowd of people. >> we need medics to 19 the college. we have a vehicle that struck several pedestrians. >> than police say the suspect pulled a knife. >> unite, runninn around calling people. >> a male suspect drove a vehicle over the curbband west 19th, west of college avenue.
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he exited the vehicle and use a butcher knife to start cutting pedestrians. >> multiple injuries related to lacerations or cats. most likely from the stab wounds from the vagina. >> late monday, and best use identified the suspect as an osu student. born in somalia but in the us as a legal resident. >> the steelers continue to dig into the suspect's background and motive of the social media post should he was upset about recent attacks on muslimm. we know and overland high school student was killed in a shooting at a party over the weekend. 16-year-old suspect and victim died after he was shot at a warehouse party in denver on panicking and louisiana. this happened early sunday morning. grievance kansas will be on hand at us tooorrow. we are learning more about the crash killed castlebar trooper. to be a show the semi driver accused of killing him
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line. the driver face a judge for the first time today. we spoke briefly with his wife today. husband is already back at home. >> his wife seemed clearly upset. drivers out on a $500 bond. he asked the city a white spot is so low. the recent he's not facing more serious charges.>> these gases jurco for da, his case hits close to home. >> this is the holidays. this is a trooper who had two kids the same age >> basin their businesses 41- year-old trucker accused of killing a trooper ii only facing misdemeanor traffic violations. >> one conclusion the public can come to is that is it true? they law enforcement officers life is worth no more than potentially one year in jail when there killed as a resull of catastrophic. >> that's what our losses
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evidence was on the clock or a ". instead it just appears to be a tragic mistake. the dea believes our laws could go further. >> i think the colorado could go a long way toward providing greater protections to the men and women in uniform. truck according to newly released court documents, two videos, one from the truck and the other from trooper's patrol car shows the driver drifted over the white line before hitting the trooper. is on the side of my 25 best hitting crasher casserole. and his wife answered the door. >> clearly shaken up. >> we don't understand the at this time. >> the rest affidavit says the trucker had room to move over to the other llne. as is required by law. but didn't. both troopers were marked cars with their lights flashing is why they are urging drivers to move over. >> if you drive down the road
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vehicle on the side of the road with its lights on, gets out of the way.>> as with all defendants, the driver is presumed innocent until proven guilty. he is due back in court in january and -- struck a public funeral will be held friday morning at 11 of the first church of the nazarene in inglewood. as donations continue to come in for his family, the flying this foundation is taking over collecting money for them. arrested hours after their big win saturday nights. 21-year-old christopher hill was cited on assault charges and ,33 was arrested for drug possession. police say hill punch after an argument we get kicked out of the bar. either were playing prize pack 3 12 championship game. two teenagers charged in the murder of a shift in inglewood appear before a judge today. 16-year-old ryan benson and louie laura macias are accused of shooting and killing 33-year-
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back in october. they are facing 30 years to life behind bars if convicted. thief is on the run after robbing a woman at gunpoint at a motel 6 in gordon. police say a hospital and other businesses for placed on lockdown for hours just this morning. only one of the two suspect has been caught so far. >> 2000 only one of the two suspect has been caught so far. >> $2000 reward that get burglary suspects off the streets. dailey said he's been caught on surveillance robbing a dispensary on evans near birch on the day before thanksgiving and they got away in a truck. you could see right there hasn't dark color topper with black rims. >> the surf continues with the corrupp of bellwether coffee shop in denver to go the suspect brokk into the store yesterday and stole both of the safes and the cashbox. that they fluctuate with all of the money that business had
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strike black friday sales. snow in the mountains. wolf creek is at 20. still snowing up there. you can see the snow coming along the i-70 corridor but dries up before it gets to the denver area. we have a few flurries over the western portion of the show. that's about it. moisture like in tonight's gray winter storm warning in effect colored in pink. with her weather advisory till tomorrow. 3 to 6 inches with new snow on it was facing slopes. temperatures getting calls, 37 alreedy. 13 degrees at leadville. the winds are gusty still. 20 leadvvlle. the gusty winds if you feel more like 10 to 15 above. the amount still continues. clouds on the front range and chilly weather first alert 70 in a few minutes.
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something about the growing homeless population especially now that the winter weather is hitting and sweeps of our streets continue. he was to use pot tax money to help those living on the streets. denver sevens was here tells more about that. some of the homeless populations in the came to colorado after being homeless in another state in order to smoke legal marijuana here. some of that money may be used for housing to get them off the are a regular occurrence in areas like park avenue and laws. >> it has turned into more. took that he says a sweeps are pushing those who are homeless to the limits. >> these people are angry. all of their things and homes, close everything more may have been taken and thrown in the garbage because we don't make a dollar?
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governor hickenlooper would put $16 million in marijuana tax revenue toward permanent housing among other incentives. $130 million wouud collect in the first nine months of 2016 which is money set aside from law enforcement healthcare and substance abuse programs for the slim sui saying so many prefer to be on the streets over a shelter. >> is not a comfortable setting when you go in and everybody is gu mat on the floor. >> there's plenty more. >> i'd rather be on the streets. >> reporter: more shelter like housing is an the solution either. second they should have habitat for humanity and let them build their own house. in order for this to move forward, they would need a lot ofchange in colorado. it should come up in the next legislation ii 2017.
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church in south carolina will represent himself. the judge granted dylann roof's motion to act as his own attorney in the case against him that involves the murders of nine african american worshipers. authorities say he opened fire inside a charleston church back in june 2015. if you plan to do a little online shopping this week, you're not alone. with lots of deliveries. russell haythorn is tracking forecasters say will be the busiest holiday shpi in history.>> 750 million packages expect to pass through post offices like this one this year. that's double the number four years ago because of the popularity of online shopping. global shipping giants are expecting similar increases this year. ups expecting a 17% jump, fedex expecting a temper cent hike. you can order online have sent
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boxes online. those can come to your house. there you can pay for your postage, print your postage and call for your carrier to come pick it up. you can stay in your pajamas is whole holiday season.'s >> reporter: this not the packages is justtthe beginning. here they have free flat rate boxes. you can pack these things full of 40 pounds of coal that least favorite uncle. as long as it all fits in here, the wait price. you still plenty of time. there's one deadline coming up if you're shipping overseas to aaloved one in the military, the deadline for that, next friday, december 9. more to come tonight. we have got your lotto ticket yet more ways to win big money across our state. testing your luck goes a long
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if you're like me you have bought a lottery ticket lately. if called a lottery is trying its best to make sure you do. some changes are on the way. the lottery must do well or colors hiking trails could suffer. >> get ready, this is parmele. took a big jackpots and big
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>> if i buy a lottery ticket, put it in my kids bank accounts. to the big prizes don't happen all the time. the lottery have to adjust. at the end of october, the lottery added a second daily drawing to its pick three game. at 130 in the afternoon. >> the midday drawing is new tutorial. other states, mainly those on east coast have been doing it for years. >> without it was a great opportunity to add another drop. check last year the lottery brought in a $64 million thanks in part to $1.5 billion powerball jackpot. mr. elps to bring in 590 million. lottery officials say there's no choice but to be innovative. that's why it introduced another game, lucky for life were winners t $1000 a day for life. >> those trails you explore on the weekends. the state parks. we need to make sure we meet our thresholds with them every
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therefore lottery drawing the day. that's not on the table in colorado. new games are currently under review. >> they have to stay on the cutting edge. >> games of chance. one way to secure our states feature. hundreds of uber driver's plan to drive -- plan to join approaches to have -- drivers will march with other industry workers as a minimum wage. drivers complained of aggressive bearcats and no accounting for especially gas, repairs and insurance. >> the election drama is still not over. present elect donald trump says he doesn't believe illary clinton won the popular vote. travel completed -- to he won the popular vote if you detect the millions of people that
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chum senior advisor sandy efforts. >> the idea that we will drag this out now where the president-elect has been incredibly magnanimous to the sentence and obama's is pretty incredible.>> the recount in wisconsin is set to begin next week. cuba is now in its third day of national mourning for their former leader. still leading up to review ashes. his funeral is sunday. president obama and vice president joe biden will not attend. beginning in the holidays bert and doing their part to help those in need around the world. volunteers gathered to wrap gift filled shoeboxes donated for children overseas are living in poverty. the effort is part of population isswith operation christmas child which is looking for shoeboxes filled with toys for told my kids. after three weeks of 4000 miles on the road, the capitol christmas tree is arriving in washington dc from idaho.
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endeavors of the public could get a glimpse. a lighting ceremony will take place on the west lawn of the capital, december 6. chef in boulder has been crowned a child champion after competing in the beast tebeest episode. he's currently chef at black's house and has worked at several colorado restaurants including red rocks amphitheater and the huckle congratulations to all the ski areas picking up anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow in the last day in half. the storm coming in right on time and making a lot of folks happy. the high country looks like midwinter. a few snow showers trying to work your way down the we mostly get the clouds, gusty
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happening, the moisture begins to work its way off the mound. all this tries out to cloud cover. will continue to see this flow aloft for a while coming in here but it will spin more snow in the high country. there's a lot of snow over the the dakotas. blizzard conditions and snow in some lake city. everybody is getting pretty white out there as far as fresh snow cover. >> 45 the high, 31 the low. the number 46 46. with mostly cloudy sky comments 39 downtown, 37 at the airport. pressure falls slightly, 29 point, 29.32. went out of the ?ast. all that strong out there but gusty near the foothills. tonight, here's the situation. a long cold front of moved to sunday produces severe thunderstorms from louisiana to indiana. today the watches a severe thunderstorm watches
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reinforce the snow and mountains into the cold air coming from eastern plains. i morning, the 3 to 6 inches of snow. we will see no snow which is clouds and gusty northwest winds and chile my temperatures. 22 in denver, 24 in greeley, 1811. three at leadville and five at telluride. tomorrow, it will be a cold start of on the front range but dry and lower elevations. heading west, to a fiber and 70 will run into snow on the roads especially about my thousand feet. you can see it's in the morning hours there. clouds on the planes. that snow shrinks down but doesn't completely disappear. partly cloudy a lower elevations but cold upper 30s to low 40s expected. only 17 for high in leadville and 19 in terror. front range shivers, another brisk day to stay.
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ski. metro area will be a cold one but it's the november. upper 30s to low 40s but stays dry at lower elevations. mostly cloudy, windy, cold. 22, northwest winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. tomorrow it will be windy and cold again with partly cloudy . gusty northwest winds and high 238 degrees. looking ahead the wind is lighter wednesday. mostly sunny but still chilly. only about 40. still cold on thursday. maybe a a cold day at 32 degrees. saturday is a bright spot. sunday might all -- milder. to same as it looks like a cold shot coming back. that may have the potential to bring snow here on the planes in denver as well. it was a little drizzle
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super bowl tickets for life. i have to do is find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed across the us. take a picture with the can i post on social media the #sp takes for life. the big winner will be picked in jan. >> what to the coach say about last night's game? >> frustration on the sideline.
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welcome to seven sports extra. it is cyber monday but not victory monday. if we could order a broncos went online today for 30% off, we would do it. the broncos led one getaway. a point lead with three minutes to go to into a three-point loss in overtime. it was decision sunday. look at gary kubiak's face. he is struggling. to punt the tire kick for the win? like clark griswold indication, gary went for it. 62 yards set his range of 68. us that comic hit the ground in front of the ball. he left it david's and missed reading the cheese a broncos territory and they want. gary said like those guys on their birthdays, or father's day, he doesn't like ties. he went for the when with no regrets. >> the division the ball game. with a chance to do it was something our kicker has done before.
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it's tough but some he's done any shows confidence in him. i commented a defense if it doesn't happen. >> told you, i believe in our football team. we go out there. >> that still well within my range. hit the ground of medicines, everything needs to be perfect because how far away you are. afterward, safety darren stuart yelled at them. aqib talib pushed him off the field. next. today, jordan and keep said, it was just the heat of the moment.>> we sat down one-on- one tarts and make sure we're on the same page. he is an emotional player.
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>> you to understand what's going on at the time. i apologize to him. >> from the time he and pushed mitch. >> i push you guys around all the time. >> we don't want to talk about that.>> you improve the forecast when we push him.
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tonight, breaking news. we're on the scene right now. the horrific attack at a major american university. the suspect plowing into pedestrians, then going on the attack with a butcher's knife. multiple victims. and what we've just learned about the suspect. also breaking tonight, the recount battle. the first state set to begin. we're there tonight with new reporting. drawing outrage from some after tweeting claims of voter fraud elsewhere with no proof. and could there be any change in the outcome of the election? severe storms at this hour. a tornado watch right now. heavy snow, rain and ice. that system marching east tonight. the record-breaker. holiday sales already. and now, it's cyber monday. the best deals you can still get tonight. and the missing mom mystery tonight. three weeks after she vanishes, then found by the side of the


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