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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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a live look from our roof camera in downtown denver. but if you have called this case you can see that glow for many miles away. >> it's visible from the interstates. a lot of people have called us. no structures are threatened at this time. we checked with west metro fire and they say it has burned 3 acres and their sending multipll crews there right now. what can you see from up there? >> let's step out of the shots you can see the le p those flames that we have seen grown since 520 this afternoon when we started hearing this in the newsroom. you mentioned its 3 acres. you mentioned we just learned this the great news, there are no structures threatened at this point. this fire s southeast of i-70 along the 470, brush trucks have been called out to work on
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when we started at 5:20 pm. the left portion of that fire has not yet erupted. every once in a while, you are seeing the wind blow so that smoke way it is easier to see there's what we believe to be significant went up there on the left you can start to see emergency vehicles responded to this fire as well. this is changing. the people were driving hhme are seeing this. on the left we can get a good view of the flames. some of that smoke dissipates. were trying to let you know as quickly as we get information. the good news we have is the structures were threatened at this time. their homes in this area, certainly within walking distance of the fire. we want to go to meteorologist mike nelson. you've got a report on what the
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>> there on theeedge of the foothills. we expect those wins to stay gusty into the evening hours. you see the state capital sioux city part zoomed in. the color you see, that's the strongest wind gust up overnight. we're on edge of that. the strong winds, the mountains , they weaken as they move into jefferson county was likely we will see wind gusts of 15 to 30 miles per hour of the northwest most of the night sweats. cruise around that fire working very hard trying to contain that in this area because the wind or to let up much overnight. >> any moisture in the seven- day, on the first alert forecast in just a moment. is several crews monitoring that fire. will bring your new details at six. a white woman is making claims of racial dissemination against her former employer. mature school district. >> we're live with this.
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piling up. >> yells 14 schools until several of these. we talk about to hispanic women who certain high-ranking roles. this white woman now. trigger this is another bombshell against adam 14. kathleen jones was a complication specialist adam city high school is seeking damages. she recently filed a case claiming her exemplary implement record at the school ended with her being escorted out in a humiliating fashion less than ooe year after her work began. sheeclaims she got demoted and ultimately replaced by a hispanic man. according to case, the school principal told her, the committee is to see that met in her role. jones's allegation state back to late 2014, early 2015. so to the ones that maybe to hispanic women, >> it was incredibly alarming. was like nothing i've ever seen. you mentioned the word
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a quagmire. trigger her job was to investigate complaints made against teachers, parents and staff from teachers parents and staff. at different schools ranging from scrimmage remarks to sexual harassment. she got the job at the time the district got nailed for systemic discrimination by the us department of education. she said she got private she started asking tough questions of district leaders. she says she's putting up a fight now to try to make a difference for her committee try to write what hope is a commodity. i fought to get where i am. i groped on the street and against odds. it is a fight. trigger as for kathleen jones in this new case, no comments from her or her attorney just yet.
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that's being said the district spokesperson said the district will defd itself vigorously in this case. new information tonight, we found out was an overload high school students who shot and killed over the weekend. the 16-year-old was shot outside party early sunday morning. counselors will be at the school tomorrow to help those students.. is a live look at the tunnell. it just looks cold. tonight, the mounds expecting a lot more snow. there are 6 inches of snow from the storm and coming up in 15 minutes carmichael so let us know if we will see snow in the metro. how quickly conditions change in the state from high fire danger to avalanche danger. take a look at the latest map. the danger stretches across our state. that orange to see on the map means considerable danger for snow slides for the yellow is
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about the team going into labor for that's what happened to lakewood couple who not only racing against time but also after the suspect. we spoke with the couple were hoping to share the story will help them get their car back in time. >> reporter: the woman is in labor as we speak. she has had the baby at the hopes for car is not sooner that her baby's arrival. >> reporter: we just saw it speed out, back up and check as she washed the car gets stolen right in front of her apartment parking lots. >> i froze. >> reporter: she dialed 911 to report not just her stalled car but also that she was having her baby. you are labor now? >> yes. trigger it she is is not far enough to have the the the last session that she was close. >> i was hunched over the table. my back hurts. i said we should get checked.
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his 2006 silver blue chrysler for the famous hospital stay. >> he ran the bags out the them in, left,. i watched him run back in the house. he picked up my son, grabbed my purse and that quickly relates up at the car was backing out. >> reporter: corey ccased the car, grabbed the handle of the to stop. >> >> we're going to the hospital we really need o please let her gas is not hurt but both the child seats she barely afford argon along with all of her new baby born's outfits became a sentimental value for the >> gorgeous things you about. the things that were given. and you can't replace it. baby due any minute, she's hoping for a miracle.
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now, i have no way to get my son to his sitter, it don't, even if somebody was to say yes, i will join you, i don't have a seat either. >> this is license plate number of the car, 63 >> this is license plate number of the car, 631tqq. the suspect is described as a young black male just an all- black it had a goatee. we're in the studio. the funeral will be held on friday for state trooper cody donaghy. >> around the country expect to be there. this will be held at stiffer first church of nasa. the truck driver accused of hitting the trooper friday face a judge for the first time. >> we're joined now. he found that is not facing much jail time. >> reporter: he's only the sea to one-year prison and $1000 fine. he's charged with low level misdemeanor traffic violations. this and the way the law is
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he's a driver behind the us food semitruck that accuser drifting over the white line killing the trooper is investigating crash a lot and 25 ago da george bacchus has two videos one from the truck and that is the trooper's patrol car show there was no intent to evidence the driver was on his phone or under the influence. that he says it just appears to be a tragic strengthened especially when we're talking about the life of the state trooper? >> i think colorado could go a long way toward providing greater protections to the men and women in uniform. second the truckers do back, after posting a $500 bond which he sayy is that of the ordinary given the charges. he's due back in court in january. the donations pour in for the family. now the flying wheels foundation is taking over
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of the gofundme page set up after the crash. the state patrols to remind you they will not call you and ask for donations so if someone does call you saying they are collecting money the state patrol, just hang up. the governor is doubly dumb efforts to help the homeless population. is this ideal put some the pot tax money toward housing. it would put over $16 million in marijuana tax revenue to permit housing among other incentives. $130 million collected first 10 months of this year was already set aside for law enforcement, health care and substance abuse programs. many on the streets don't want to go to the shelters. >> it's not a comfortable setting when you go in there and a brief arguing and fighting about a format. i don't like all that drama for god rather be on the streets where it's quiet. >> the added days like today are hard because it's so cold
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denver seven staying on top of news on government. we've been showing a grass fire moving quickly. >> you can see those placed in downtown denver.
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on the top of the seven news building. we should the wildfire burning on top of green mountain. what you are looking at is our camera here from denver7 looking out to the south, southwest part of mature area. we just spoke with the public information officer. this is a 4 to 6 acre wildfire. it's windy. fires burning at the top f the ridge.
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distance. there are no evacuations at this point however, numbers are falling into a new bridge east. >> is a lot of smoke and homes in this area. people have been able to walk into the area for the wildfire is burning because their paths in the area. that gives you a feel for how close it is. we're watching a lot of smoke as he started watching this fire at 520. we didn't see the flames we see now to the left. we will continue to watch this for you. we'll tell you firefighters are up there. they respond and once again, no structurrs are threatened at this point. will send it back to you inside. is a big flames there. >> people are reporting smoke so we're staying on top of this and will bring you updates as we get more information. the big question for everyone, should ,18 be allowed to drink alcohol?
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>> determined determined to take that to the voter. >> 18 is the age you can legally vote an analyst in the military. that's why these ghastly that you can handle those responsibilities, you should be able to legally drink alcohol.>> >> we go to war fight for your country. >> the big 18 is a big right of passage. >> peopleethink we are responsible enough to carry a gun, get permits. we can go in a jury box but we can' perspective where the first state to legalize marijuana. the first for many things in the station i believe we can be the first to learn the alcohol age. >> lehman is one of two activists pushing to lower the legal taking age to 18. earlier hundred 8000 signatures to get it on the 2018 ballot. >> if you look at the statistics for drunk driving, 30% of our crashes related to drunk driving. if you look at
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taking age oo 18 or lower, the statistics is only 12%. >> the united states is one of four developed countries worldwide with a taking age over 18. that's due to a 1984 federal law tying federal funding for highways to drinking ages. if we lower ours, cdot says we could say goodbye to millions of dollars. a major sticking point for people like matt. >> if i don't thing that would be worth it. check of the national traffic highway administration estimates and you re 21 age requirement has saved 900 lives every year. proponents argued teenagers are already checking before 21 so why not teach them to do it responsibly. >> everyone drinks illegally under 21 anyway. make it more legal and regulated like everything else.
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drivers tell us they are against this. the 21 treating age is one of the most studied public health laws in our nation and has saved thousands of lives since its passage. gusty wind causing concern around the metro area. here is a time lapse taken from the camera at city park. of the smoke and flames on green mountain. he could see that camera bouncing in the wind. this is from our building and time lapse. as those wins come down from the northwest at it's causing concern in the foothills to the rest of the denver area. >> the wind forecast for thh next a few hours, strongest for the to the west toward idaho springs. just make it up above 40 to 50 miles per hour. we continue to have northwesterly winds in the early morning hours to collect anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per . a loft at 20,000 feet, strong
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cold air into colorado. this type of pattern tends to bring most of the moisture into the mountains on the planes we gets cold gusty conditions and indeed, that's what we are seeing on radar. mostly the mountains just in the eastern plains, cloudy skies, gusty winds and the scattered snow showers will continue tonight for the mountains and foothills.'s 36 at dia, 38 downtown. the airport pressure rising at 29.40. top temperature was 45, 31 below, the normals 46. gusty winds a cold night three in the bill. 18 degrees in london. front range numbers with those gusty northwest winds dropping to the 20s. will feel more like 10 to 15 degrees. will be in the teens in the mountains overnight. snow showers of the continental divide. there's a winter weather advisory for another 2 to 4 inches across northern
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warning for 3 to 6 over the central and south westbound through noon tomorrow. the system will gradually dry out. high small stakeholder in the 30s to low 40s. metro area huddle up tuesday. partly cloudy on the planes, scattered snow showers in the mountains continue cold conditions. % windy and mostly cloudy tonight. windy again tomorrow. partly cloudy, high 38, the extended forecast, lighter winds wednesday but school mostly sunny and 40. 38 thursday. make it some flurries friday. cold day 32. milder for the weekend up to 50 by sunday. next week turns colder again the chance of mormon snow
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welcome the seven sports extra. i looked online today during cyber money to buy 62 yard field goal a huge discount. there were none available. last night brandon mcmanus kicked the ground and from the ball. left a huge divots and missed the long game-winner in overtime to field, drove it down and when it. gary kubiak said mcmanus is hitting from 60+1 ups in the mist, his confidence in his defense to stop the cheese. brenda mrs. of the defense. there's a two point conversion and two scoringgdrives in overtime. defense didn't come through in the game was on the line. >> and second to 17. orth and 10. the third and nine at one point -?. we had every opportunity to
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everything we could to lose the game. every phase of the football game. we lost. we still have a lot of games coming up. >> it gives a point lead and maybe we'll score on that. i would be in bed right now. >> we put that on us. first time that happens. there's a lesson learned. >> jordan norwood muffed a couple of punts. it is in the fourth quarter and gave the ball back to the cheese. aqib talib gave to the chef coming up off the field. instead they talkedthey apologized, jordan accepted and gary said this. >> jordan and akiva are fine.
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emotions get the way and as things we have to talk about and control our emotions. it's a very competitive environment down there. there was no harm intended. those two guys are fine. they must win in jacksonville. one last look at the fire burning in greenland.
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>> here's what's trending now. >> after you get and get, you get a chance to give. >> that chance is tomorrow. for the fifth annual global day ofenosy callediving sn't matter you give or what you give. only that you give. >> need a little inspiration about how impactful even a little giving can be? check out the oklahoma volunteer group fill my basket. >> i got you today. >> taking care of you guys today. god bless you. >> cricket wireless put togethe which uses donated money along with some of their own to pay for random strangers' groceries. >> one basket at a time. doesn't matter how big or small. >> it's all about paying it forward. it's all about doing something for somebody else. >> a great example to set just in time for you to give back tomorrow and a perfect way to make sure thanksgiving isn't something that just happens one day a year. >> you're going to make me cry. >> thank you.
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hate the feeling of someone taking from us, which is why we've got ways to protect your porch from holiday package thieves. >> it's christmas. you work for this all year long. you want your family to have a great holiday, a great christmas, and to have someone come to your home and steal your belongings right off your porch, that's terrible. >> holiday gift thieves, you're getting cold. we're giving you ways to make sure your presents stay out of bad guy's stockings. >> it could happen anywhere really. >> make sure packages are deli >> have the packages delivered to a back porch, back door, garage. somewhere out of the way. not at the front of the house. >> if you want to take that a step further, don't even have the packages delivered to your home. >> have it all shipped to my office because of the fear that it will get swiped when i come home or before i even get home. >> and, finally, don't post about your pchases on social media. >> anything on social media is open to the entire world. you don't know who exactly might be reading that.


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