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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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aring it's 4:00. we're going to have the latest on the fire plus how officials thinks it started. this neighborhood is quiet this different story when -- when a fire forced evacuations in 30,000 homes. a shooting near i-25 and i-58. >> jayson with the latest. >>reporter: this cause is being investigated as a homicide.
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started at logan. a man showed up at a denver area hospital with a gunshot wound. this is off 58th and i-25. this is the 5700 block of logan near the mart over my shoulder and that's where they found a crime scene and that male who was tapingen to the hospital later died. at this point is an ongoing investigation and the victim isn't identified and no information is given out to the public. i'm jayson gruenauer, denver 7. a tragic story we're following breaking overnight. 76 people people are dead after a plane crash of columbia. it was carrying a soccer team. there's five survivors. this
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one total crew and passengers. this is video fiorina the seen where it crashed from columbia. the crew declared an emergency because of an electrical problem. five survivors and one player among them. a lot of pe and columbia has -- now that it's almost december, it feels like it. you're going to find wind chills in the teens and it feels like 14 in aurora. 9 in bennett. and 20 at city park. it's a cold start to our tuesday morning. we'll be close to 40 this afternoon. upper 30s to low 40s and cloud cover under a partly to most low cloudy sky
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40. we're tracking the potential for heavier snow. a look at that -- a look up, jayson. take a look at the eisenhower tunnel and the snow is falling. we have places in the high country. too many to list here. here in town, take a loveland across the cross roads at i-25, easy driving conditions around north. the only issue we have is the ramp that comes from colorado boulder to -- it should be up and out of there in a few minutes. a glass fire in the west metro burned more than 300 acres and forced those living near a liquid's green acre's area
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90% containment right now. amanda del castillo joins us right now. >>reporter: it's pretty dark right now so you can't see the mountain behind me, but we're in front of green mountain in lakewood. conditions are calm, but that wasn't the case yesterday. the fire was first spotted at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. and the winds actually forced the spread about fire, it started out at 4 to 6 acre and grew to more than acres as mitch just mentioned. but let's look at what that fire looked like last night. in all, nearly a dozen homes to the east were evacuated. but it put more than 3,000 homes on standby for evacuations. that's because the winds we just mentioned were blowing ambers towards nearby neighborhoods. crews were keeping an eye on hot spots overnight. last night our crews spoke with west metro fire officials who say say they're
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and do more of their investigates because they were fighting the fire during the dark last night and as still dark this morning. we're expecting them to be on scene all morning long trying to figure out and put the pieces together to see what started the 300 acre fire that's only at 90% containment. in front of green mountain, i'm amanda del castillo. >> thanks amanda. it's students head back to school at ohio state university after an attack. police are considering terrorism as a possible -- >> the suspect -- he plowed his car into several people and started stabbing them. >> i ran into a bathroom and luckily it was a single stall and i locked myself in there. >> investigators says the suspect posted about muslims including a post minutes before
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it anymore. " campus -- she took the suspect done killing him saving more lives. 11 people were injured yesterday. one remains in critical condition. we know the identity of a teen shot to death. kim was an honor student. this shooting anyone who can help get two burglars off the streets can -- they were robbing a dispensary on birch. they got away on a church and had black rims and a black topper. he was accused of first
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he blame aa3 mechanical malfunction on his car for the crash. tebo was only 2 21 years old. he's charged with a misdemec -- he shifted over the line and killed a deputy. trooper donahue will we're learning more about his liff. he was so honest, he gave his wife a ticket. he also loved being a dad and teaching his young daughters how to rock climb. the community is showing support for his community including an organization made up of -- >> you feel like you're the only
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and says hey, i understand what you're going through and they do. >> the funeral is this friday at the denver first church of the naserians.. getting your car stolen is never good, but what about in your wife is having a baby. her -- someone jumped into the car and took off. the labor pains were false. >> if anyone was so say i'll drive you, i don't -- >> take a look at the car. it's a silver bluish chrysler 2300 and has a dent on the -- license plate is 63 onetqq. if you see it, call plus.
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wins michigan electoral vote. he beat clinton. trump is dealing with fall out over his -- after making claims of voting fraud. he said he lost the popular vote because people voted for clinton really. he provided no proof of that. the clinton campaign pushed for a recount o states. they have -- it is now 4:39. a normal day at work turned tragic in texas when someone pulls out a gun. the strange reason the suspect says he did it. a mapt man's rant on -- a man's rant on a plane.
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they'll be chilly highs.
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breaking overnight, a wild fire burning in tennessee.
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burned and several communities have been evacuated. strong winds caused a wild fire to spread into town. 14 separate wild fire -- or fires were burning around the town of gat onburg which is a popular tourist area. onn is injured. 1200 people were in a local shelter. this the end of dolly wood which is the park owned by dolly pardon. this is a ssory we'll follow through the morning. in texas, someone said someone opened fire inside of a grocery store leaving one dead. >> a coworker pulled a gun. a 41 year old man was killed. police say the suspect called police himself. police say it
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police he wanted to scare his coworkers. he's in custody. roof is acting as his own attorney -- authorities say roof opened fire up side the charleston a and m church in 2015. more jurors will be questioned in the case that will likely last into next year. delta airline against this man for disrupting a flight with his rant t. has gone viral. the airline banned him for life. listen for yourself. >> you can't hear me. donald trump. this man knows what's up. we have some [indiscernible] on here. >> [indiscernible]. >> i was offended and shocked. i think everyone was. >> dealt that issued an apology
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at home we're hearing from one of two colorado teens who spent -- this is video of that rescue on top of the holy cross mountain yesterday. 7 year old mass smith and -- they continued to the summit during the snow storm because they said it was the best chance to get cell phone reception and they say it saved their lives. >> you have to split. it wws a britt decision we had. >> both teens have frost bite on their feet, but just like everyone who is adventurous, they'll be back out hiking when they can. it was cold yesterday. >> the wind doesn't help. it makes it feel 7 to 10 degrees cooler. i don't have better news. it's going to be cold all week long. here's your cheat sheet.
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it's going to lighten up. we're going to see temperatures below normal through the enddof the week. so pretty cold from today through friday. a number of winter weather alerts expire early this morning, but we have a few that will remain in place and one to three inches in spot. notice on future cast across the plains, we'll under a partly to mostly cloudy sky today. white to moderate white snow continues through the afternoon and clearing up tonight into early tomorrow morning. there will be a chance especially across our northern mountains to pick up a couple of inches of snow. temperatures remaining in the upper 30s to 40 in denver. denver at 39 to 40 degrees. overnight tonight, back in the low to mid 20s. so chilly early tomorrow morning. the kids are going to need a jacket, hat and gloves all week long. inglewood 39. it's going to feel like 30
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winds kick up between 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. upper 40s knew pueblo and llmar. aspen 25. tomorrow we'll be under more sunshine. mostly sunny across the state. near 40 degrees on wednesday. then on thursday, upper 30s, still chilly. it highs in the upper 20s and below freezing on friday. we could see light snow, potentially a flury on friday. warms up for the weekend. we have two bright spots saturday and sunday, low to mid 40s closer to 50 by sunday. what a difference from a couple of weeks ago. >> we're full on winter. nice and dry. and wintery in the mountains. we have train
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you can see i-25 going downtown looking nice. easy driving condittons and we're lloking at 10 to 12 minutes from the north side of downtown. c-470 wide open and you can see that on the map. santa fe, denver tech certainty had the ramp, northbound -- a veryy3 smooth easy commute including out to dia. shows 10% higher. sales will be around $3.39 billion. final numbers will be released later today. a number of retail hours crashed on cyber monday. we have details on today's tech bytes. >> normmtrom were several websites that couldn't keep up with the traffic. the gap and old navy going down. the sites
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minutes. a new report about the next generation iphone and the possibility of a curved screen. >> accord to go the watt street journal, the iphone could release an iphone with a curved screen. apple is testing several prototypes. it's going to be safer to post a negative review on yelp and trip adviser. >> protesting the rights unhappy customers awaits obama's signature -- >> those are your tech bytes. have a great day. cyber monday is over and giving tuesday starts tuesday. there's nonprofits in colorado you can visit. >> we visited one. it's called dolls for daughters and it helps parents who can't afford christmas gifts. >> if someone made a $5 donation
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organization, that equates to five stocking sttffers. >> dolls for daughters and the nonprofit toys for boys are holding their -- frlgs positive news when it comes to dementia. rates of dementia are dropping according to research. it has declined that's one million fewer americans suffering. scientist think the decreese is a rise in education and bet every heart health. two local activist are fighting to lower the drinking age. they're trying to lower the drinking age to 18. he needs -- mothers against drunk driving plans to fight this. they say the current age of 2
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just in, police are at the scene where two people were
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and verdict day drive. the bodies found in a home. all colorado police are saying this is a double death investigation. we're expect to get more details in the next hour. some are miracle, an 8-month-old girl ejected from a car. >> baby bryce is lucky to be arrive. this accident happened on friday night. an 18 wheeler clipped a car. one woman that same car was y ejected. : -- : started running up and down they , i didn't hear a baby crying or screaming and nothing. and the way she -- they had to
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>> the firefighters found her 25 feet from the crash sitee remarkably everyone in that crash survived. >> that is a crazy story. >> i know. >> wow, i'm happy she's already. we have a beautiful start. if you like snow it's gorgeous. down across the plains, we're going see a mix of sun and clouds and we couud get increase in the clouds. 15 to 30 miles-per-hour winds this morning. so it's going to make it feel cooler. highs in the upper 30s to 40s. colder later in the week. we'll talk more about it at 5:00. we have chain retraction laws at 20th across downtown. as you can see on the map, anywhere you want to go including dia. >> thank you, jayson. this year's 80 foot tree made the long journey from
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and the free will be decorated and lit on december 6th on the capitol's west lawn. it will be decorated with -- here in our state, coloradans are getting in the holiday spirit and doing their part to help those around the world. >> volunteers gathered to wrap shoe boxes to help those living in poverty. christma shoe boxes with school supplies for 12 million childrees. here's what we're working on for 5:00 a.m. governor hickenlooper is taking on the homeless problem. those caught on camera -- the homeowner watching the whole incident as it happened. a mysterious kidnapping
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kidnapped found alive.
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we start at 5:00 a.m. with breaking news. 75 people killed in a plane crash. cnn is reporting a sixth survivor have been found under the plane's fews i will they were carrying a soccer team. a tragic story for that country. this was a charter plane when it took off from belligerent live y'all. it happened in columbia. the crew declared an electrical emergency. a couple of them are players on the soccer team. brazil declared


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