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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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we start at 5:00 a.m. with breaking news. 75 people killed in a plane crash. cnn is reporting a sixth survivor have been found under the plane's fews i will they were carrying a soccer team. a tragic story for that country. this was a charter plane when it took off from belligerent live y'all. it happened in columbia. the crew declared an electrical emergency. a couple of them are players on the soccer team. brazil declared
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breaking overnight, shots fired in denver and one man is dead. >> so whoever did this on the run. this happened near i-25 and 58th. jayson gruenauer joins us with the latest on this investigation. jayson. >>reporter: the sheriff's depare scene here of the 5700 belong of logan not far from i-25 and logan. this is the scene of the homicide investigation. at least into. no one knew what happened until a man showed up at a denver area hospital with a gunshot wound and told denver police he had been shot. and adams county deputies came out here to investigate. they found what they call a crime scene and have been investigating. that man later died turning this into a homicide investigation. there's glass here on the street. it's unclear if that is related or unrelated to this shoot that
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was fired overnight. it happened around 9:00. details beyond that are still under investigation by the adams county. as they learn more, we'll pass it to you. i'm jason gruenauer. we have another cold day. we're in the teens and 20s. winds coming in at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour in denver. we have dry conditions. it's going to stay dry through the we're going to see winds at 15 to 30 across the plains with a little more mountain snow. the heavier snow falling overnight in some spots. a foot over the western deferral vide. stays cloudy and dry with highs around 39 in congress park. 40 in lakewood and 40 in broomfield. chilly today, jason, but -- >> take a look at the
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cold, very chilly as you can see there at i-70 by thornton. snowy conditions and we have train and traction laws and you can take a look at 225 by yosemite, dry and easy smooth sailing down through parker road. youucan see a lot of green conditions on broadway under 470. it's apart of the expansion as apart of the c-470 project that's going to get cranking up. driving out to dia, wide airport. it's 5:03. firefighters continue to battle the green mountain fire. it's now 90% contained. >> last night, evacuation order were lifted so people could spend the night in their homes. amanda del castillo is joining us with the latest this morning. amanda. >>reporter: good morning, you can't see because it's dark right now, but i'm standing in front of green mountain right now. we know the fire
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that people in downtown denver were able to see the fire from miles away. now, let's take a look at that fire. west metro fire officials say investigators are going to focus on the cause of the fire this morning as crews battle the fire as the sun started going down yesterday afternoon. it was first reported at 5:00 p.m.owing from 4 to 6 acres to more than 300 acres. 3,000 homes were put standby for evacuations. about a dozen homes to the east were forced. two evacuated. as you can see, the wind is blowing. that was an issue for firefighters yesterday beeause that wind was actually blowing some am -?befrs into nearby neighborhoods and that's why those evacuations and stand by evacuations were necessary. crews were on scene all night making sure
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of control. it's 90% controlled. a wild fire burning into the hour of gothenburg, tennessee. abc news reporting 100 homes burned and several communities evacuated in this town. strong winds yesterday caused a wild fire to burn into the downtown area. this is video from the side of the road. 14 separate fires burning in and around gothenburg which is a popular tourist area and the flames scorched more than 100 homes and structures including a 16 story hotel and an apartment complex. the fire was near the edge of dolly wood. the theme park owned by dolly pardon. developing right now in ohio, classes will resume today at ohio state university.
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deeper into what -- investigators have now been looking at -- as well as into his apartment. the suspect was profiled in the campus newspaper blaming the media for muslims feeling scare odd campus. investigators are not ruling out terrorism. police say the attack may have been worse had a campus officer had not been at the right place -- >> he entered the center in less than engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat. >> 11 people recovering. one remain in critical condition. students, they are still in shock. >> it's not real. (1) remain in critical condition. students, they are still in shock. >> it's noo real. you go and it's not supposed to happen. sorry. >> it seems like it's happening more and more across the country and it hits harder at your school.
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and from yous straighting. -- and from yous straighting. garcia is facing charge in a crash. garcia says the shooting victim bara would be alive today had he not flipped him off. he honked at him in kentucky. he says that's when finger. that's when garcia pulled up next to him and opened fire. garcia -- a man was killed and no word -- a news alert for people in pueblo. the chief newspaper reporting, there have been more than 1,000 auto theft and that's up 900 from last year. repeat
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rrcovered. police are searching for a hit-and-run driver involved in a multiple run driver. this happened at 9:00 last night. it shut down sheridan for an hour. no one was hurt. denver police haven't released the vehicle they're looking for. the man who ran over and killed a state cadet will face his fate. in department, a boulder county jury found himui first-degree murder in the death of tefo. he argued his accelerator got stuck. troopers chased him at various speeds. another state trooper hurt that happened on 66th. advocates think those should be able to drink alcohol at the age of 18. they're working to get a
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2018. james is behind this the initiative. >> if you look at the -- 30% of our crashes were related to drunk driving. burr if you look at china who is larger than us who has a drinking age of 18 and lower, they have >> m.a.f -- mad is against this. cyber monday is over, but today is giving tuesday. >> there's several nonprofit in colorado that you can support. we visited one you may not have heard of called dolls for daughters and it helps parents who can't afford christmas gives. >> if someone made a $5 donation on giving tuesday to
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equates to five stocking stuffers. >> dolls for daughters is nonprofit toys for boy loading a toy shot at the western complex this start. a man accused the hitting and killing a trooper is facing jail time. >> the community member - coming up, the information we're learning about the man behind the badge. if you haven't gotten your lottery ticket. how you can win big bucks across the state. it's 5:10. we have another windy, chilly day in store. a number of alerts that's in effect through midday today. likely will pick up 2 to 4 inches west of the divide. the alerts east of the divide dropping off. we have a smooth drive
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we're back right now at 5:14 with a check at dia. the holiday rush is over thankfully. but security wait times are not horrible. upwards of 20 minutes and parking lots looking ggod as well. more airline headaches could be coming. cancelled by the german airline as pilots continues a strike. this strike follows three days of walk outs. that's affecting 800 flights overseas. we're watching o'hare airlines where workers are expected to work off the job demanding a $15 wage. they include cab uncleaner
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-- they include cabin cleaners and wheelchair attend apts. immigration laws will not be forced for those who have not committed criminal laws. a resolution was passed during a council meeting. new information on the truck driver arrested for hitting and killing a state trooper. ruiz faces a maximum of one year in prison and a 1,000 fine. he's charged with a misdemeanor traffic violation for drifting over the and hitting trooper cody donahue. >> as the suspect sit in jail, we're learning more about cody donahue. the community is rallying around the trooper's family. >> it was huge because you feel like you're the only one, and you feel like you're the only one with the certain feelings and then somebody comes forward and says hey, i know -- i understand a you're
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>> according to donahue's obituary, he was so honest he gave his wife a ticket. he taught his girls how to rock climb. donations are being collected for his family. donahue's funeral is friday scheduled for the -- at the denver first church of the nasarian. for more information, head over to our free denver 7 app. the as spend times reporting that the boys got stuck. they were able to call for help. at 5:30, hear from two teenagers stuck during a storm storm. many cyber monday deals are expended into today. >> it's good for those who missed out yesterday. the
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so far though, shoppers spent more than half a billion dollars and sales expected to top $3 million and that's up -- >> travel deals for as much as 70% is -- here's what you should wait to buy. >> it's better to wait to buy things like toys, tools, hardware, and gift cards until the middle >> check the promo codes on sites to get additional discounts. >> if you're looking for tips, let's go to our residential shopper, lisa hidalgo. >> why do you think i took yesterday off. i was on the computer all day long. >> everybody else did it, it worked. >> you're right. winds at 20 to 30 miles-per-hour. across the plains, it remains dry again
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y to most low -- partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. and then more clearing in the high country tonight. that's what it looks likk at 9:00. more sunshine expected tomorrow. tomorrow morning, sunny and clear. 24 in denver. winds at 5 to 15 miles-per-hour. we have gust closer to 30. look at our wind chills. this is what it fees like. 22 below over berthoud pass. 19 at city park. 24 in fort collins. 12 in aurora. a cold start. bundle up. we're going to see highs near 40 this afternoon with again quite a bit of cloud cover. 20s and 30s into early wednesday. broomfield, 3 one. littleton same thing.
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more teens and 20s for the mountains. ?f you're skiing today, it's breezy and cold. the next couple of days we stay below normal. tomorrow, more sunshine. highs near 40. a degree or two warmer. upper 30s on thursday and colden friday. ttacking another storm that couh it some gustier winds. overnight lows in the friday, upper 20s to near 30. go saturday and sunday, back to near 50 degrees on sunday. first week of december, it's here. >> you can see the snow pouring into the mountains. >> they'll get a couple of more inches. >> it's eisenhower tunnel, we have traction laws. gorge town to vail, expect -- take a look at the drive we have up to the north at i-25 in
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it looks nice. through the roundabouts, a lot of folks had problems with the roundabouts. easy driving conditions anywhere you want to go. quiet east and west between longmont and boulevard. changes underway at the colorado lottery. they added a midday drawing to stay competitive. some it's for the pick 3. the new drawing will hopefully bring in more mo they hope to bring in $90 million. they say other things in our state may suffering. >> the trails that you're out the state parks, we need tod%- make sure we meet our thresholds with them every year. >> the midday drawing takes place at 1:30 in the afternoon. a couple is asking for your help to get their car stolen.
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it's 5:23. a mom to be was packing her bags heads to the hospital when she got a
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>> she watched her car get stolen from her driveway. she says her ffnance' grabbed the handle of the passenger door, but the suspect wouldn't stop. no one was hurt and when baby number 2 due any minute, she hopes to have the car returned with the baby seat and clothes inside. >> i have no way to get my son to his sitter. even if somebody was to say i'll drive you, i don't have a seat for either one. >> so here's aoo car you need to look out for. it's a silver blue, chrysler 300. there's a dent on the -- the license plate number 63 onetqq. if you see it, call police. it seems dangerous to mess with a pregnant woman. i think my husband asked me if i wanted a couple water, and i almost bit his head off. >> luckily it was a false
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30s this afternoon. cloud cover. winds gusting at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour and overnight tonight, skies will clear out. closee to freezing by 9:00 this evening. so across the area, broomfield, 5 one. -- 51. jason, are you proud i said it. >> if you said buena vista, it's easy 15 minutes into downtown denver. take a look at the map at kalamath and alameda. busy intersection near i-25 where the traffic lights aren't working. people are treating it as a 3-way stop.
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from racial discrimination. >> she's an lone. so are two hispanic women. >> i grew up down the street on the west side, and against odds, and it's a fight. >> coming up, more on why they say they were fired. plus what they say the school district told them. people living near green mountain are waking up in their own homes this morning and that's good news after a 300 acre fire was threatening evacuations to their neighborhood. we'll talk about containment next. two teenagers survive the unthinkable in the middle of a storm. hear from them when denver 7 continues. breaking news of a terrible plane crash. a goalkeeperor the brazilian
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5:30. we're following two stories. a 200 acre fire burning. evacuation orders lifted last night for 3,000 people. a man gunned down in denver. homicide investigation underway as police search for who did it and were. first, we're tracking a devastating wild fire in tennessee we're seeing incredible images of people escaping the flames in gothenburg. check out this video of someone driving right through he flames trying to escape this. we learned 14 people thousand people have been evacuated from -- 14,000 people have been evacuated accord to go management officials of the parts of gothenburg have been destroyed. more than 100


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