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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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6:00 a.m. one is dead. deputies are searching for the gunman. we're live across the scene. official was honoring donahue. how they describe their loved one. we're following an internationa a plane crash in columbia killed -- we're seeing image from the scene of the crash. a lot of yoo probably saw this fire burn ongoing green mountain. more than 300 acre were charred and hundreds forced to evacuate. we shot the individual yes from our downtown -- we shot video from our downtown denver studios. the weather, all that wind can't help.
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castillo who is live from the burn area. amanda, how does it look? >>reporter: wean't see any flames from where we're standing, and it's so dark we can hardly see the mountain, but the wind you were talking that wind actually made conditions very difficult for crews last night. it pushed that fire from its initial four to six acre to the 300 we have been telling you about. people living here in neighborhood. they're lucky to be waking up in their homes last night. let's look at what crews were up against yesterday during that fire. the fire was noticed around ?:00 p.m. and between then put on -- those wind wereere%- blowing ambers into their neighborhoods. we know that
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we can tell you the fire is at 90% containment this morning. but we're talking about this wind and conditions right now. we'll accepted it over to meteorologist -- we'll send hidalgo to see conditions.isa%- >> wind speeds at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour. it's gustier east of i-25 and far away from green mountain. wind gust -- here along range, we're at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. a cold front obviously sinking far south this past couple of days, dropped our temperatures down yesterday. you can see the increase in cloud cover we have here over northern colorado. the mountain will pick up more snow, another 2 to 4 inches west of the divide. highs in upper 30s to 40s. congress park, 39.
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34. >> we have a nasty accident on the north side of commerce city. this is after highway 2. you can see the damage here. you can see the glittering, the shininess of the road, and that's the glass left on the roadway after the nasty crash. let me take you on the map and show you what's going on. i don't know about injury and how many people might be hurt, but it's at the surf at quebec parkway area. this southbound side is closed. you can't use the old quebec because the way they con figured it. 272 might be a good way to get there. you can come off magnolia and back to old quebec and you can join the parkway contiiuing is the. there's ways around it. it's going to take a couple of extra minutes if you use highway 2 and a lot of people have been using that to stay -- everything else around town is in good shape. you
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boulevard, southbound, northbound, 15 minutes less to the tech center. we're tracking a devastating wild fire in tennessee this morning. more than 100 structures have burned in gothenburg. this is a popular tourist area and emergency officials says some areas have been destroyed. what weather know right now, 14,000 people people have beeny vacitied -- people have been evacuated. annie -- an aquarium has been evacuated. another popular tourist area called dolly pardon has been evacuated. jason gruenauer is live at e during a homicide.
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law enforcement weren't notified until a man showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound telling law enforcement he had been shot. it happened between 8:30 and 9:30 between the 5700 block of logan just off i-25 and 58th. no law enforcement here. there's glass, broken glass here on the scene. unclear if that's related to what happened or not. the man showed up to the hospital and the man died. that's why it's investigated as a the victim is not being identifiee. all we're told by adams county sheriff's deputies is this is under investigation as a homicide. we'll pass more details as they become available. i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7.
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caused a multi vehicle crash at sheridan and 6th avenue. no one was hurt. no word on what kind of vehicle police are looking for. take a look. this man christopher is going to be sentenced. he killed a trooper last year. the murrer charge comes with a mandatory life sentence and a judge could decide to add more time to his sentence if the judge chooses. 6:06. an will be laid to rest on friday. he was hit by a truck and killed on i-25 on friday. he was so honest, he gave his wife a ticket once upon a time. the funeral will be this friday at the denver first church of the nazarine. the person who hit the trooper -- the semi
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new this morning, we're learning more about this man. this is david garcia. facing first-degree murder charges in connection to a saturday shooting. garcia admitted to the murder and said it was a road rage incident. gar see y'all says the victim gave him the victim so he opened fire. garcia is a person of interest in the thanksgiving ?hooting. a man was killed -- garcia not facing charges ii that counselors will be at overland high school in aurora. kim's name was released and the suspect is on the run. an ohio state -- an officer is called a hero. police say he shot and killed
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morning, police are investigating the suspect's motivation. they say he posted on social media about the treatment of muslims including a post saying i can't take it anymore. trump is up and tweeting this morning. abouan hour ago he tweeted the great state of michigan was certified as a trump win. vice-president elect pence says there were big announcements there's going he didn't elaborate. he's set to meet with romney. trump is considering retired gen -- when it comes to opioid abuse, colorado spends more money than any other state. there's open meetings to discuss our staae's opioid policy. the meeting starting
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is to cut down on substance abuse. this man going viral. he has terminal cancer, but that didn't stop him from finishing the seattle marathon. he did ts over the weekend. it took him 11 hours. he had his oxygen tank with him the entire time. he says his goal was to raise awareness aboot lung disease. it's 6:09. you can see from the wireless camera near sterling, we have cloud we'll see quite a few clouds today. it's chilly and windy. we're seeing a backup on highway 2 trying to go to queue buck. that's where folk was realizing they can't make the turn on quebec and go down i 70. southbouud quebec remains closed at highway 2. i'll give you the alternate routes in a couple
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enough to vote, should you be allowed to drink. advocates have -- another community
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh...
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breaking news, we got an update on two females were found dead with traumatic injuries. they were found on mass wood lane. the death is considered suspicious. investigators are expected to be on scene for several hours. north land says they won't enforce federal immigration laws. aurora has made similar -- police
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people who haven't quote committed criminal acts. just about 6:14. the colorado lottery says down is -- they added a midday drawing for their pick 3 drawing and it happened happens at 1:30 in the afternoon. >> the state parks, we need to make sure we meet our threshold was them every four lottery drawings a day. that will won't happen in colorado soon, but official was looking at other games. >if you want to go on an early morning hikes, you better bundle up because it's cold. >> we have winds at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. here's your cheat sheet. it's like yesterday. cold in the mountains. we'll sse more snow. the heaviest snow
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hours. over wolf creek, we saw -- chilly all week long. temperatures dropping below normal as we head into december. 25 right now in denver. winds fairly calm at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour. winds will pick up through the day. it has been gusty across north eastern coloradd. wind chill in the low teens and 20s. aurora, it feels like 12 degrees. parker 17. the mountains, single digit wind chills early this morning. a few alerts remain in place. they'll be in place until midday today. it covers parts of north western colorado. so we're expecting a couple of more inches of snow today. you'll see it on future cast. most snow we were expecting has fallen. through the afternoon as we get increases in clouds, we'll see snow continue in the mountains.
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afternoon. overnight, skies will clear out more. across the plains, we're under sunshine tomorrow. it's going to be beautiful, but not much warmer on wednesday. mostly sunny with our highs -- within the next couple of days in the upper 30s to low 40s. englewood near -- pueblo and lamar, 50 degrees. freezing. cold today, chilly tomorrow. we'll be under aa3 mostly sunny sky on weddesday with more upper 30s by thursday. friday, tracking maybe a little more snow. maybe a flury or two. not a lot of snow on this 7-day forecast. especially across the plains, but the mountains could pick up more off and on. friday, we're at 30 degrees for a high. warmup from friday hrough sunday. 20 degrees warmer. jason.
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you're looking at southbound quebec after highway 2. they're going to be in place for some time. we have two vehicles involved. it's going to be a serious crash. it will be investigated for the rest of the morning. let me show you where it's closed. we're seeinn delays on -- southbound highway 2 is closed. you can't use the old quebec because they con figured it where you can't make the you have to go to magnolia or some of the other side streets here between 72nd and 75th and work your way to old quebec and you can go back to quebec parkway. it's going to take time and there's going to be delays. you can take highway 2 to commerce city and go towards i-70 or i-76.
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the southbound side, someone was reporting a crash. not seeing it. congestion here and the map shows the south side of town. so far so good, quiet for now. the soccer world is hard broken this morning. members of a brazil club team were onboard a plane that crashed in columbia overnight. 76 people were killed and we're seeing the images of the team as they were boarding that flight earlier. the plane that went down in was on the finals. six people initially survived, but then the goalkeeper died. we're seeing more images of the wreckage. it looks like it tore it down the side of a hill. as far as what caused the crash. the crew declared an electrical failure before the crash. 6:18. the holidays are
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usps ground shipping deadline is less than three weeks away. they're expecting to handle 760 packages and that's double -- should 18 year olds be allowed to drink liquor. ssme say no. advocates want >> james is one of two guys behind an initiative to lower the colorado's drinking age to 18. he's going to n 108,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. >> we were the first state to legalize marijuana and we were the first in many nation and i believe we can be the first to lower alcohol age. >> federal highway funding is tied to drinking age. if colorado lower's the drinking money, that money will likely go away.
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lowering the -- they have saved thousands of lives since its passage. a denver officer could take a plea deal. he's accused the aiming -- a denver police spokesperson says he's working a desk job until the court case is finished. a woman is asking for asking for your finding her grandfather. she grand daughter askkd for help. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. the broncos are hoping to rebound after a difficult loss against -- they're playinggjag waters on sunday. >> the story line is jordan norwood -- he changed the course of the game and
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incident in the locker room. >> we talked a little bit and make sure we're on the same page, and then he's [indiscernible]. everybody sees that and he wants his team to win as i do. >> you have to be in pad and helmets to understand what's going on at the time. i apologized to him. >> you heard him there. keith said thhy're good. the broncos have the day off. they're on the practice field today. a woman ritual discrimination and she's suing the adams school district. you'll hear her story straight ahead. we want to give you an outside.
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at 6:24. we have a serious, closing down quebec. there's two vehicles involved and it's serious.
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rate of speed. there's no information from -- this is the southbound side of highway 2. it's backed up. this is the quebec parkway. that's where the crash is. the side streets including 72nd or magnolia can get you over to old quebec and back over to quebec parkway. there's an auto-pedestrian crash here at 70th and washington and now a where people are trapped in the wreckage at plaza south of c-470. we have lanes blocked out of highland's ranch. when jason says the drive is falling apart during the break, you know it's a problem. the cloud cover across northern colorado not far south. you're going to find a bright drive in. heading
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20s. bundle them up. our highs in the upper 30s. 6:26. nationwide protest all connected to somethingng called "fight for 15." it fiiht affect you if you need to call an uber. a huge wild fire could be seen for miles, but this morning it's under control. however, it has caused plenty
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breaking over night, president elect trump announces he's nominated georgia representative tom price to head up the department of health and human services. price is the moot outspoken critics of obama care. he has to be if he's confirmed, he's dismantle obama care and help republicans create their own health care reform.
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>> hundreds of people were threatened with evacuations yesterday beccuse of a fire green mountain. this morning, that fire is mostly under control. denver 7 amanda del castillo near the scene. fire. so an that da, how much land was destroyed -- so amanda, how much land was destroyed. >>reporter: 300 acres burned during that fire. ttis morning, it's 90% containment. it was first started at 5:00 yesterday afternoon burning 4 to 6 acr conditions actually forced that fire to grow. crews were battling this fire for several hours yesterday calling for dozens of homes to evacuate in the area. another 3,000 homes were being threatened and were put on standby for evacuations. now, we were talking about those winds. the winds were blowing ambers into nearby neighborhoods. evacuation order were lifted around 10:00 p.m. last night.
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west metro crews are expected to be on scene investigating kind of what caused that fire. yesterday, a majority of their battle was during the sunsetting and in the dark, so they'll be on scene today trying to figure out what started this 300 acre fire, again, at 90% contain: i'm amanda del castillo, denver. first alert weather. as the sun comes up, that's going to heat things up and kick up moving in from the north. we're under a clear sky in denver, but starting to see more clouds to the in the of us, and also more snow falling in the mountains. here's what that cloud cover looks like from our vero camera near sterling. a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy day today. it's chilly. by 9:00, 30 degrees. by noon, 36. a high today of 39 in denver. so upper 30s
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the eastern colorado. look at our mountains, temps in the teens and 20s. it's icy. we could pick up -- we have nasty problems. this is the closure of southbous quebec parkway from -- this is southbound quebec. here's rosemary that will continue on southbound quebec. the southbound side remains slow passed 72nd. let me we had a horrible accident on the southboond side of quebec. that's why it's closed down, so folks are trying to go down to the old quebec and get around it. it's better if you continue further south and even maybe pick it up close to 72nd or further south to 56th avenue and work your way back. we have southbound i-270 getting busier. another nasty
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ranch at lucid. avoid the personnel out there trying to help those injured. c-470 looks okay coming across highland's ranch. these two cu bucs players will not play. hill and alvin were arrested. they found to be what believed to be cocaine in their wallets. they were suspected. because she was forced out of -- >> jones says she was replaced with a hispanic man. and says the principal told her quote the community needed to see that man had her role. she hasn't commented public i cannily. to -- publicly.
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a motel 6. this is in thornton. several businesses were put on lock down as they searched for the suspects. one was caught. denver police say these two men robbed a dispensary on evans of date before anything, call crime stoppers. the governor wants to put housing. it would put $16 million i mone towards housing. one $30 million collected in the first 9 months of this year was set aside for law enforcement, health care and substance abuse programs. many of those on the streets say they don't want to go to shelters. >> it's not a very comfortable setting when you go in there and everybody is arguing and fighting about an mat on the floor. i don't like all that drama and i rather be on the streets
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especially considering the fact that homeless sweeps are taking place. hundreds of uber driver will be hitting the picket line. they're joining a protest forrhigher wages. they're calling themselves fight for 15. the drivers says their income are being cut and they aren't being reimbursed if gasoline and repairs. those at mcdonald are planning to strike. they say the protest will not affect normal operations. nationwide, so nicole is tracking that from the first alert desk. >>reporter: those protest happening in 300 cities. a big one is at o'hare airport in chicago where contract woks have walked off the drive. cabin crews and cleaners are joining a call for a $15 minimum wage.
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contractors and they don't have protections that members of unions have. >> one things -- there were gives that were given and you can't replace it. >> that pregnant woman was getting ready to go to the hospital when her car was stolen from her driveway. she's speaking out hoping you can help catch the crook. november is almost over. we have a few more weeks of holiday deals. up next, we're going to tell you h monday. ou can see a crash right after i-76 sitting there. we
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#37. lisa is going to -- 6:37. lisa hidalgo is going to have your full forecast in a minute. he and his -- this was during last week's snow storm. >> the snow was just falling tremendously hard, and it was actually blowing about 40 miles-per-hour and the winds as well. >> both teens have frost bite on their feet. they say they'll soon as teaching. you can find the full interview on the it's cold up there especially this morning. >> we have berthoud pass, wind chills up to 20 to 30 degrees. here's a live look from loveland where winds are 10 to 20 miles-per-hour. we're seeing light snow falling at the tunnel and we'll see that today. look at our highs today. teens
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to low 40s and with the wind, it's going to feel like 30 in denver. bundle up this morniig. have warm clothes with you through the afternoon. afternoon here in denver, by noon we'll be at 36 degrees. we're seeing an increase in clouds this morning. a partly cloudy to mostly% cloudy sky today. by 6:00, jayson, temperatures above freezing. i-25 on that northbound side of i-25, right i-76, that right lane has been blocked and they have huge delays coming not only off i-25 and the southbound side, but from highway 36 and i-76 trying to funnel into this area and heading towards 58th avenue. they could pull it off to the shoulder which is the right thing to do. let me show you the northbound side of lucid by 470.
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northbound of i-76 by baseline -- northwest parkway, a car fire is reported on the shoulder, so the rescue squad will be out there blocking lanes. 6:40. we'll get you caught up on the big stories. roads are taped off for several hours. up next, what we know about the suspect. the broncos playoff chances are on life support.
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at 6:42. commerce city police is investigating a fatal accident on the southbound side of quebec right after highway 2. they say one has been killed in this accident. but they don't have other details they can give us yet. the northbound side of quebec parkway is open. the remains closed down. extensive delays from 96th avenue to quebec parkway continuing into commerce city.
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situation, but it's backed up with the construction you're dealing with. >> an ugly start to the day. your morning sprint start was a wild fire. more than 300 acres burned and 3,000 homes were threatened. >> we have a crew at the scene and they say the fire is 90% containment. 14 fires burning near the town of gothenburg. crews have bee things under control. popular tourist spots are -- nicole has been watching the fire for us. she has the latest information. >>reporter: 100 homes have been damaged around gothenburg. 14,000 people evacuated. we have seen incredible images of people trying to flee the flames driving out of that town as
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an aquarium was evacuated but one 500 animals were inside. we don't know their fate. this -- it's the worst drought. 76 people died on a plane crash. five people survived the crash. we don't knoww3 their conditions right now. the plane reported an electrical emergency before 6:24. back at home, deputy was searching for a suspect in a late night homicide. >> this nears near i-25 and -- jason, what's the latest. >>reporter: the latest is the search continues for the person who is responsible. a man showed up at an area hospital. he told denver
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sheriff's. deputies came out here. this is the 5700 block of logan not far from the consumer mart over my shoulder. there's glass on the scene. it has been cleared and they're looking for the person responsible because the man died at the hospital. that's why it's treated as a homicide investigation. no information about the suspect is being released at this time. the victim's identity is not being released. it's an ongoing investigation. that's the latest from sheriff's d gruenauer, denver 7. it's now 6:45. wind speeds are going to be 15 to 30 miles-per-hour. it makes it feel colder. we're going ?o see more mountain snow today. most of the snow within the last 24 hours west of the divide over a foot. across 24 hours west of the divide over a foot. across the plains maybe saw a foot yesterday. today it's going to stay cloudy and dry.
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this shot. it was plenty of sunshine. clear skies and you can see the clouds moving from the north. we're going to stand to a partly to mostly cloudy sky. likely a few more inches through he afternoon. overnight, skies will clear and that's not going to set us up for a sunny day today. sunny but not warm. temperatures aren't going to budge much. i'll show you that in a minute. alerts in effect until midday today. covering mainly north western colorado. out across the plains, no wind advisories, but the winds anywhere from 15 to 30 miles-per-hour, and that's why it feels like this. denver, 19, leadville a wind chill of 6 below, and in sterling and akron feels like teens this morning. even colder in the mountains. our ?ighs today are going to be in the teens and 20s out west with upper 30s to low 40s
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collins, 40 today. closer in, we have aurora at 38. lone tree, 40. westminster, a high of 39 this afternoon. so it's a chilly one. next three days today, today through thursday, upper 30s to low 40s although we'll see more sunshine tomorrow. then on friday, we might pick up a few more snow flakes. upper 20s to low 30s to a cold end to the week. saturday, sunday, 40s, 50s parade light that is weekend, your better bet is saturday. it's warmer that eveninggfor it. >> you're talking about the lewisville lights. >> yes. >> i'll be out there. you can see that in lewisville at 7:00 on friday night. you can see this car fire on the northbound side of i-25 right near erie near highway 7. and it's off to the left shoulder, but the left lane is blocked. two lanes getting through, and it's
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we're clear of this scene. back up s the southbound and the fire -- the smoke was tremendous and the folks stopped driving on the -?highway because there was so much smoke. it's a wet spot and it's an -- downtown, this is one of the two cars involved in an accident, southbound i-25 after i-76 and folks are having a hard time getting around it. we have delays off i-76 and on southbound 25 into downtown. take a look, the closure of southbound quebec after highway 2 for a fatal accident. you have to find your way around it by using old quebec and side streets including 72nd and magnolia. you can go to 56th avenue. the heavy congestion -- i-25 northbound at 17th, a ?ew problem and this accident
6:49 am
where people were trapped. expect slight delays. broadway might be a better option. it's 6:48. $3.4 billion sells took place. if you didn't get to cash in on cyber monday deals you can find savings out there. macy's and target are having cyber week. today is giving tuesday. the 2012 as a way to encourage people give back. colorado gives day is next tuesday. the event is another chance for you to help out our state's nonprofit. a lakewood woman is hoping someone can help her track down her tolen car taken sunday. cody thought she was going into labor. her husband quick started the car and ran inside and a theft juuped inside and took
6:50 am
it speed out, back up and take off. >> this is the license plate, 63 onetqq and the couple described the suspect as a young black male dressed in all black and had a goatee. this man in the surveillance video is accused of robbery. he stole a bank bag. he got it from the brick pony bar. they haven't said how much money he got away with. if you know ath urged to call crime stoppers. brandon missed a 62 yard field gold and it set up the chiefs for a game winning kick. >> some say that kubiak should have punted instead -- he says he trust his kicker and he's not worry bergdahl the critics. >> we need to win a division football game and we had a chance to do it with something our kicker has done before. they did it before the game.
6:51 am
and it's a touch kick, but it's something he has done and me showing confidence in him and in our defense, if it doesn't happen, so like i told you i believe in our football team and we're going out there trying to win a football game. >> the broncos play the jaguar that is sunday. and the game in jacksonville kicks off at 11:00 our time. >> not done yet. hanging on for the playoffs there. >> 26 days away until christmas and volunteer was working over holiday magic for the less fortunate. we're going to introduce you to one group after the break. we want to look at highway 7 near erie.
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7 minutes shy of 7:00 a.m. here's a live look from the stop of our studio owes.
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not guilty in a body shaming case. she posted a picture of a naked 70 year old -- the caption says if you can't unsee this, neither can you. she was charged with invasion of privacy. the north carolina governor orders pipeline protestors to leave. most ?rotestors say they don't plan to leave. a spokesperson says the them away. it's now 6:54. here's a look ahead at what we're working -- a man accused the coming trooper -- christopher is convicted of murder. find out how long he'll spend behind bars at 11:00. fast food workers striking. this is to raise
6:55 am
you can help local kids. marines will be at toys r us in thornton collecting toys for tots. colorado springs police are investigating two suspicious deaths. police were called by someone wo claimed -- when investigators arrived they found two females dead with traumatic injuries. hundreds of wrapping present in denver yesterday. they were wrapping shoe boxes full of all goodies donated to children live nothing poverty overseas. >> these boxes you pack are much more than a gift. they're much more than school supplies, and christmas gifts. it takes a message of love and hope to children around the world when they need it.
6:56 am
box that is year. it feels more - we're coming off the months of temperatures well above normal. we're going to end november is the warmest on record. we'll talk about more about that at 11:00. wind gust at 15 to 30 miles-per-hour across northern colorado. we're going to see colder air again sink south and our highs will be near 40 this afternoon. under more cloud cover, partly to mostly cloudy in denver tomorrow, more sunshine, but still chilly. 40 degrees on wednesday. upper 30s on thursday. jayson, very cool by the end of the week, but a great warmup saturday and sunday. >> we start with a car fire to the north. this is near erie. take a look at the other trouble spots. look at i-225 after 17th. right lanes blocked and now there's a tow truck with this vehicle
6:57 am
before 58th avenue after i-76. we have this other trouble spot where we have highway 2 restricted that's because southbound quebec is closed for a fatal accident investigation. highway 2 is messed up to 96th avenue. we're a few minutes away from good morning america. the latest on the attack at ohio state university. what do authorities knows about the suspect's background. the investigative team has a look. who will trump hasn't made a decision. will it will be david, former presidential candidate romney or a wild card pick. experts are going to weigh in on gma. here's a way to get out your aggression. it's called the anger room. find out who is taking advantage of this rising trend. that's coming up next on denver 7 on good morning america.
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kids. >> that's good. >> i've seen you do that.
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good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. just miles from the airport. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders searching for more survivors right now. state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. prays, we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student into a terrorist -- going on a rampage with his car then slashing people injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many


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