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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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killed in separate shootings. friends and loved ones are breaking the silence about the steps. we begin with a teenager, novell of high student gunned down a denver warehouse party over the weekend. >> those who went to school with him say he is a fantastic musician and students. we explain how much he will be missed at school. it's here and arvon high school where grief counselors are on hand to help those who knew him very well. we're told performer arts program will have a big hole left in it. known around oakland high school. >> he was an amazing trip it's player, exceptional percussionist. >> he's a really cool guy. >> musical talents arrival anybody in the school. >> he could play xylophone, drum set. >> his usual talents didn't overshadow his academics. he was on the honor roll as well. and known as an all-around good kid. >> he was really nice. 's his father who was ready to
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the us three years ago from south korea and loved america releases the boy was very involved in his church and youth group was father is a pastor and the loud music. those who knew and loved listing to him play. >> is one of the greatest drummers i knew. i did know him very well but i got the opportunity to go to one of his concerts and it blew me away from the >> he was gunned down this weekend in denver at a warehouse style party packed with teege that spilled into parking lots. please haven't released an details about the investigation or potential suspects or motive. his services as legacy will live on through the music he wants graced his church and this school with. >> it was a loss. he is one of the best travel players we have the >> services will be thursday of the church was father is a pastor.
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rage in the metro, newlyweds and father to a shot dead the day after thanksgiving for the >> a suspect says he opened fire because of a gesture. we caught up with the victims family members who can't come to grips with what happened. >> people get angry behind the wheel every day but they also taking it outside the car is usually where which is why the victims fammly still shocked to see this father son and brother was easily killed for doing a hand gesture. >> celebrating the rest of his life. only to find out the at the stop sign. >> he didn't deserve that. i don't take anyone deserves to die like that. >>'s numbers are stunned to hear the loving father of two who was a newlywed was gunned down during a road rage incident. >> i don't think any of us could come to terms with you won't come through the door. >> police say the man whose under investigation for another fatal shooting was driving a
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della to lot at the stop sign so he hunt at him, the government garcia off and return garcia shot him. >> i have nothing to say. chukumba gals younger brother can't wrap his head around what happens. he says his brother lived and honest life and tried his best to provide for his family. a diehard. sam who worked in construction and landscaping was helping his wife to a nursing school. a loving husband and father's will never get to know him. >> i don't know what would be without my dad. there never can find out who they would be because their dad is gone. it wasn't by choice. he didn't leave. he didn't spell.>> miguel's funeral is friday. his wife asked him when attending the funeral dress in broncos gear causes and >> was the only provider of a
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ffneral expenses. to find out how you can help, log into our denver app. the man convicted of running over and killing a courtesy patrol trooper during a chase will spend the rest of his life behind bars. christopher lee gives a sense to life +342 years for the death of cadets taylor tivo. devers was under the influence of magic and led police on a wild chase in longmont may of last year. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack at ohio state university. plowed his car iito pedestrians on campus that got out and began stabbing people before he was shot to death by a police officer. but officials say the looking at the suspects recent facebook postings which list his grievances about attacks on muslims. a lot of really good liquid after a lot of people came home to that. >> the flames are consumed parts of green mountain didn't destroy any homes. it's fully contained a burn area smaller than first thought
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looking for a cause. we find out the dry conditions are problem statewide. typewriters from across the states work to steep terrain glass sets fire is a symbol of the drought facing our state >> there is nothing forgiving abouthe flames. green and erupting in red and orange monday night. >> today a massive burn scar reveals what the firestorm left behind. trail runners. amount was off-limits as investigators work to find a cause. it's known for sure the conditions are dry in our state. right now, 98% of colorado is abnormally dry according to the forest service. last year this time 70%, snow is clearly needed.
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investigate several smaller fires in the area. i told investigators are gathering evidence still a cop the colors of total vehicles indicate wins and 30 miles per hour. we get dusty winds coming in strong winds in the metro area. mostly be out in the foothills and for the east. it's cold out there right now. 30 at akron but 10 atlanta. 34 degrees in the denver area. there's lights -- light snow showers dry in the denver area. partly cloudy skies. coming up, these are the things we're looking at. later wins for denver, cold night but slowly melt over the next couple days but there's a
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early next week. i'll have those details are just a bit. thousands of people in eastern tennessee have been forced to evacuate. the southern appellations because of wildfires there. three people have died, more than 250 homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. one fire& park district 35 homes. family, here we are four years later. they're fighting their interest to me pay up. virtually every hooe had to be rebuilt after the woodlands heights fire. the story behind this home the thompson family still fighting with his insurance company over the reconstruction costs. having your house burn down is horrible. we lost everything in the
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company has been a lot worse. casey thompson has the letter. they agree to replace all replacement cost up to $140,000. thompson says auto owners refuses to pay the final $16,000. we reached out to them multiple times. they say with respect to her claim, he continued to investigate and ve i just wanted to be over. i'm so tired.>> a fire gutted an antique store this morning to go it was the green door furniture store. crews say no one was inside and we don't know how it started. grandmother convicted of child abuse and the death of her grandson learning her fate today. 50-year-old suspect was sentenced to 20 years in prison +5 years of pro. she was arrested late last year
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who is developmentally disabled was found dead in a bathtub. this man pleaded guilty in the stabbing death of a woman in weld county. the 22-year-old is one of seven people and michael gang accused of killing a woman to thousand 15. the group planned elaborate cover-up burning the victim's belongings and dropping her body in a field 100 miles from the scene. massage services under arrest accused of sexual lafattting his clients in %- brendan smith worked at green leaf massage. both victims reported being touched and appropriately during massages. fast food workers at dia want more money. they protested at the airport today handing out flyers to fires passing through. they join thousands of fast food workers across the country walking off the job's airports. they are seeking $15 an hour. colorado rently passed a minimum wage increase that will
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by 2020. new information about airline tragedy. plane carrying a brazilian soccer team crashes and amounts of columbia leading few survivors. >> will take a look at the final moments before tragedies struck and how the world comes together for these victims. >> could there be a penalty for burning the nation's flag. donald trump think so.
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and airline disaster in south amerrca a plane carrying
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76 people were killed in a crash. new and heartbreaking images from columbia as crews begin removing bodies from the crash site. you can barely make out this wassa plane. currently, there are survivors. >> according to authorities, there are six survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. 75 others on board, many of the members of a brazili team on its way to a tournament were killed. >> the brazilian president offered his condolences to the victims families con incident extremely sad. the circumstances still under investigation but so far, we're told the british airspace rg 85 owned by a charter company with new year's destination flying from bolivia to columbia. this is a look at the flight
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. the crew reportedly staying there was an electrical problem before crashing. >> the soccer team posted this on facebook before the gods on that plane. one of the players, 27-year-old defender seen here with his team said to be one of the survivors. 30 say all three soccer players, two crewmembers and one journalist survived and for the 70 and for the 75 victims for the brazilian resident declared three days 20 of those on board were journnlists covering the team. the world is sending prayers to the soccer team in this tragic plane crash right here at home, the colorado rapids tweeted out, soccer is it just a game, it's family. our thoughts go to everyone after today's tragedy. president elect donald trump is calling for flag burners, us flag burners to be
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country. trump tweeting, nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. he went on to say, if they do, they must be consequent is. perhaps the loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court has twice from the right to bring the mac applied as a form of free speech. drums transition spokesman rejected the constitutional protections of flag burning. the president-elect is a strong supporter of the first amendment but there's a big difference between that and burning the american flag which has no place in ousociety. >> discussions about respect for the flight have regained traction after us flag was burnt in an election that is a massachusetts. >> city is planning its neighbor for falling sales of its flagship stores. a high-end jeweler in new york is near trump tower. it says the nearby chaos has had some adverse effect on traffic its fifth avenue store. that's accounts for 10% of the company's total sales. there's high praise for
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hospitals. one of hospitals in our state received the highest grade possible for safety practices. 14 of 43 hospitals and relations and -- an organization called the frog received a grade for their ability to protect patients accidents, injuries and infections. if your parents you don't even to tell you how hard it can be to get a new board to sleep. love parents just drive around. doctors say that's not safe. are positioned in the car seats. it's not a perfect position for the airway and they can get some to forward or over to the side. >> what do you do? the doctor says the best thing to do is have an adult right in the backseat with the baby to keep a close eye on it. a 12 year student at westchester is getting recognition. it's been chosen to be a scholastic kid reporter in 24 other young journalists will be report this classic music kids press corps.
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could stop you from pursuing your dreams, not even a terminal disease. the 62-year-old is battling pulmonary fibrosis but still went out and completed the seattle marathon oxygen tank in tow. the marathon run raise money and awareness for terminal lung disease research. in denver, a pretty day on the cool side but watch the end of this day from our camera. some beautiful color with the clouds over the sales. dusty winds and high country and on the northeast plains. in general, things are settling down. here's the view at loveland. snowing up that way and the skiers go fast. the recent storm front brought 8 to 12 inches of snow. up to 20 over the southwestern part of colorado. a bit of snow showing up on radar. a few flurries on eastern plains
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the north into the dakotas and minnesota. the streams 74 7418 below zero. skies are mostly clear. getting chilly, 34 deges pressure rising, wind still wind chill is at 22 degrees. here's the situation around the nation. the extreme fire problems down in tennessee. is severe weather with me to watch in effect. the high-pressure selling contrrl means letter winds
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wendell 18 endeavor 12. single digits the west announced that is when the i-95 corridor. for?, 41 degrees is a mostly sunny skies. partly cloudy with wind lighter later. literature at 18 ago not as windy, mostly sunny and not quite as cold but 42 degrees.
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minor storm passed the state mounds with few inches of snow, flurries down here. for the weekends, not as cold. 52 coming up on sunday. here you. monday and tuesday. still coming in late monday and tuesday. our weather alerts day, 25 for a high with the morning start at 10. few inches of snow out of that next week and wednesday morning, a low of zero. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas at the white house. first lady michelle obama welcomed military families at the white house today r a sneak peek at holiday decorations. integrations include a tree and flag display. a tree decorated with gold ornaments honors those who lost their lives serving our country. the bus getting ready for
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welcome to seven sports extra. see you head coach. well done sir. >> the pac 12 coach of the year attended to record. going from worst to first. other than that, he's done nothing. first seat coach to win an
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it's been a long time coming. longtime since it played in a game this bay. the new rankings just outs. the buffs are number eight. washington number four. the bus beat utah saturday, they stormed the field which could cost the bus and 50 g. our breakthrough game. we haven't lost since. their writing that rafts and the water keeps rising. hopefully we can keep going this week. they understand it and they're locked in. washington will be locked in. it's -- i am so proud of them. they get to have this moment. now to the broncos off today. a trip to jacksonville in the
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broncos will win this game. after the debacle sunday nights, there is no wiggle room. the patriots and titans, chiefs again and the raiders. tough final four games go none of which gary kubiak says the ticket about right now. is a lot of football left to play, a lot of great battles going around the league. we have to stay focused on this. finay, must see video. annual teddy bear toss game for the minor league hockey team. the calgary hitmen. seen here after the first goal the players are in the sea of love. great scene. thousands of teddy bears collected.
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>> the corridor eagles have that in early december in loveland. get out there. >> heavy single-strand bears from costco? >> they go. >> registry, it gets cold.
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tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. what happened just before the cr of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter scott in south carolina.


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