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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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safe at ponderosa high school is now behind bars accused of sex assault. liz gelardi is finding out more about these charges. >> reporter: the letter that went out this afternoon to parents talked about an inappropriate act. we know campus security specialist is accused of sex assault at ponderosa high school. gary paccelis under arrest. he's facing possible charges of sex assault on a child by person in power. he's been with the at school district officials confirm, this happened on campus . they won't say where and the art saying exactly what time. we don't know this happened while school is in session potentially afterschool. the douglas county sheriff's this. ment was made aware of it's that was reported yesterday around 530 in the afternoon. they investigating ever since. no formal charges have been
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the army at one point in time. they found out yesterday this investigation still in the very early stages. as of right now, he is under arrest. there's a $5000 bond. a cu denver professor under fire after posting a racially charged message on facebook. olli hundred to send -- molly hendrickson turning us. >> reporter: here's a look at th michelle obama followed by, saying, mike face and poor ebonics image. i'm better and i'm stilllnot racist. >> she said she was in responding to another post saying it's other people made comments about melania trump but saying anything about michelle obama is considered racist. she declined to go on camera but over the phone she told me this was taken way out of context and she didn't know using the term it gives was considered racist ago she insists she is not.
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>> this woman called michelle obama and monkey face. and claire finally, i'm not racist. >> hiding behind the excuse are not racist, doesn't negate the fact that you are being racist. >> she discovered that woman is michelle haran, pediatric anesthesiologist who works at denver health medical center, chilen and is an assistant professor at cu school of medicine. >> you have to hold yourself to a higher standard of being a public employee as well as being a professor in such a critical field. >> reporter: that comment has been removed and she took out her facebook page. >> it stayed on there until -- four days until i said something to the board of regents. i sent an email to them otherwise, i would've never mentioned anything, how much longer with its have been out
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jurco we reached out to denver health and children's hospital. although shocked over the comments and say they will look into it. late. i think she should be relieved of her duties as a teacher and practitioner. within the last hour, they respond in part saying, we don't condone nor do we agree with the statement started here made as they are inconsistent with denver health mission and values. we could not control the opinions are statues haran has worked there for nine years and makes more than $363,000 a year. tonight we're learning more about the teenager shot and killed over the weekend. tonight he is rumored as a well- rounded students. a musician in oakland high school. mark boyle spoke to his classmates today about their boss. >> he's not to be a good
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one student we spoke with says he was one of the best drummers he'd ever seen ago one of the best in the school. those who know him say you always knew right when he walked into the room because of his energy and personality. he was gunned down at party in denver over the weekend. denver police have identified the shooter yet or released details about that. if they run the school, his loss is a big loss. i didn't kw, the opportunity to go to one his concerts and blew me away. >> services will be thursday at the church where his father has passed. a deadly road rage incident takes the life of a newlywed and father of two. sammy can't wrap their heads around why he was gunned down at a stop sign the day after thanksgiving. we sat down with his family
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tell. this man is definitely a hand gesture at his killer. police say david garcia was already in their investigation for another fatal shooting is driving a stolen car when he came to a stop. garcia told the mikkel took too long at the stop sign so he honked at him. mattel flipped garcia off and garcia shot him. he was releasing married and has two young daughters. he is a diehard fan. he was a loving father and husband al thinks his family members say his kids won't get to know. >> i don't know who i would be without my dad and he will never find it today will be because their dad is gone. it wasn't by choice.>> since mcgillis only provider, gofundme account has been set up to help his family with funeral expenses. to find out how you can help, log into our demo app. commerce city liquor store
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money to find one of his own employees. that employee stole thousands of dollars over the weekend right out of the office of the owner of parkway discount liquor. >> we are devastated about the loss of cash. our employees are devastated. the other players are disturbed as well. been seen since the store owners worried he left the country. the fire on green mountain is contained. parking evacuations last night. you can see a burn scar on the side of green and after that consumed 100 acres. denver sevens marc stewart from the drought conditions may be worse than you thought. were here at the base of green mountain, walk through the glass and you can see just
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indication of the drought facing colorado. it's the light show no one wanted to see. it was visible in downtown denver. green mountain and liquid corrupted into an inferno monday night. homeowners watched as the flames crept toward their property.>> became directed towards the house, you get the evacuation call you start grabbing stuff. >> joe and his wife are safe. >> >> been a dangerous conditions for comment. a train near their home is harsh. >> crunch on your feet.>> reporter: the drought is just two days shy of september. 90% of the state is abnormally dry or worse. last year at this time, 70% of the state was abnormally dry or worse. >> the flames powel directory. crews ready to mop up on a
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as homeowners crave information about the cause, they also want relief from the sky. snow in the suburbs is sparse. >> we haven't seen chima sheets. it's sad but hopefully, it's coming. this has been a team effort. crews from southern colorado. the fire is so intense it greed or furniture, fighters couldn't go inside. this is at 41st and tennyson. fire investigators still try to figure out what started it. killed state trooper will ever get out of cell out of prison. he was sentenced to life +242 years. for killing taylor tivo. the trooper's mother spoke briefly about always supporting your children's dreams. he said thank you for letting me be who i am. >> state patrol sent out this tweet, justice served and we will not name him or they give him anymore but we're always
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this man is accused of assaulting customers agree leave massage in lafayette. announcement is facing charges of assaulting two women. this woman will spend the next 20 years in prison. she was sentenced today the death of her grandson. she left the disabled 10-year- olds in the bathtub where he dropped. major developments of the case of beverly england. she disappeared in 1980. her remains were found in 1992 office cannot say much about the cold case, saying a person has come forward with new information about the 32-year- old's disappearance. parents were shocked to find out the oven junior senior high principle returned to work today. he is still waiting to stand trial for domestic violence arges. we asked the school does require he was back at work. they say he didn't violate district policies, so he is allowed back at school. color heights universiiy students will have to look for
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its 500 students find somewhere else to finish their education. the new college football rankings are out. >> the bus continue to rise. number 18 in the country. the university may have to pay big fines because, that's how excited those fansswere. that's why the fine is happening.>> a work right here. since they rushed the field, the unnversity could be fined up to hundred $50,000. denver neighborhood fights back after this happens. trash dropped in -- trash dumped in the streets. get ready to pay to park and shop. we break devontae charges at cherry creek mall. going down the temperature side, nine at leadville, a strong gusty winds.
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the fight for 15 happening right here in denver. fast food workers rode the ailing to dia as part of a protest to demand higher wages. they start to raise minimum wage by 2020. the $12 an coming to the state democratic party. party chair has announced he's not running for reelection. he held his post for six years. he didn't say what he's doing is but said he he wants morgan carroll to take his place. testing is underway at cherry creek mall for how you pay to park. this gets propagated. you don't have to pay until the new year. the mall set the prices which are the same ones we told you
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the second error is three dollars. the third hour is one dollar and then two dollars an hour for each hour after that. if you're going to be there the whole day, it's $16. caught on camera. piles of trash being dumped in a denver alley. this video helped residents track down who dumped it. lance hernandez live at 14, pants. how did this happen? >> the short answer, it's a malfunction on derschang. bag afte spilled into this alleyway. into another alleyway to three blocks. some are later ripped open by neighbors i spoke with said they thought officially it was intentional. neighbor saw this a security video, the couldn't believe it. >> this was disgusting. why would you bring your trash our alley? >> she said she opened her garage door, she found more than if the tags of garbage in
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many she and her husband couldn't get their cars out. she said she couldn't help but wonder if it was intentional. >> a few things cross my mind, is somebody being hazed or somebody upset, what happened? several irate residents called the city. it was not a city garbage truck and they should call alpine waste. they couldn't believe it. >> told the city, what am i supposed to do. i tell them i was right there on tickets? i don't have power to tell this million-dollar cpany what to do. >> reporter: i called pine was to ask how garbage one of their trucks and that the in's alley. spokesman says, it was an accident. >> we regret the inconvenience to the neighbors. what happened, we had a tailgate malfunction in one of our trucks. which is unusual. it happens. proportionally it happened in
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the trash was left there. >> reporter: alpine set a truck to pick up the garbage. residents say they are not happy to 28 hours to do so. during that time, scavengers opened some of the bags that left a lot of the garbage strewn around. you can see is broken glass all over the alley. neighbors i spoke with say they are hoping a city street sweeper comes through some soon. derivatives couple from yesterday asked they had their car stolen as they were rushing to the hospital. they left it outside running. cody is still in labor, no baby yet. they started a gofundme paste replace the car and you can find the link on our website. nice end of the day with colorful clouds in the denver area. this is the view from city park.
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announcement down here, will stay on the dry side. it turns colder on recent dayss it today, the average temperature for november, 45 points nine. a couple weeks ago, we were way on track. was back in 1949. it's the warmest ever and this is what rejecting after tomorrow. 45.4 for the average temperature. it's the 10th warmest since 1870. its 32 downtown. the wind is still gusty for the north and 14 dropping the windshield down to 22. arbiter 29 on the rise. a study for the high, 23 below. that was well below the normal high of 46. shy of the record of 74. 18 below back in 1887. across the country, 32. 20 in bismarck.
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our weather is quiet here but there are turning to watches covering much of the southeast. right now as a line of severe thunderstorms develop some long this front. first, wider weather. high pressure coming in from the west which means mainly clear skies, colder conditions tonight and mostly clear skies. slightly warmer weather tomorrow. three below at leadville. eight below at telluride. -3 at alamosa. metro ea and the milder in the foothills and single digits back to the west. a few flurries upata five but otherwise, mainly sunny skies expected. cool but not unusual for this time in november. have upper 40s, but lisa low 40s on the planes and teens and 20s accepted in the mountains. metro area mainly looking at high temperatures tomorrow. in
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estimates forecast, partly cloudy, cold, northwest winds 12 to 15. tomorrow will be a cool day but not bad. 42 and mostly sunny. wins letter from the selfies. temperatures bounce around after that. it is at 40. friday 42 as a weak storm comes in the state with light mountain snows and flurries. the weekend milder but arctic cold front arrives monday to tuesday, driving down temperatures by tuesday the high only at 25 after a morning low of 10. 2 to 4 inches of snow say, a goose egg.
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welcome to seven sports extra. they call it the rise in boulder. it's real. the bus on the rise, the latest college football playoff ranking see you moved up a spot to number eight. the opponent and fridays pac 12 championship game washington moved up to number four. it's going to be great! pac 12 named mike mcintyre the carpets coach of the year. coach mack is overseen arise from this season, chance to win the conference and folsom field has been the place to be. sold-out instrument to heal -- the field. bugs are back. it's see this accumulated. deatrich your game plan from different teams that you play. our whole mantra is take care of colorado. that's how we meet, that's how the practice. that's how we live life and take care of our bodies. that's how we treat each other.
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and prepare the right way, and they go play fast and tough, that's our motto is we do. we can perform and have opportunity to be anybody would play. broncos country. this is how you feel? will park shocked and stunned after the taking field goal. he could not believe it. you have to move on from this. five games on the schedule must wins every week. broncos out of the playoffs. gary kubiak saying to get back to work the same every week. >> that's grind as a coach is the same regardless. last night heard a bunch. when you win, you flip the switch for you to come in here and make corrections and get your minds going in a new direction which, through the
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that's it really becoming here and get it out of the way so to speak. move on to the next one. >> i like the michael jackson move. after that, that's a tough bunch of games. thanks for joining us, will be back at 10 o'clock.
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. right now on "the list" cheap ways to secure your home with smart tech. >> keeping an eye on your house without going broke. >> and make money through science. the do's and don't's on clinical trials. >> super smart. >> then it's like the keurig of cocktails. grab a drink from a robo bar terpd. what's inside those creepy furby's. it's the viral video that will haunt your dreams. that's all coming up on "the list." >> i'm bradley. >> i'm donna.
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and here's what's trending now. >> your refrigerator may still be full of leftovers today, but your wallet, not so much. >> let the battle begin. >> drones, tv's, game consoles and more have been selling at a record clip thanks to cyber monday. small business saturday, black friday, and, yes, thanksgiving sales galore. >> now you're playing with power. >> the holiday shopping far from over. several billion have already been spent, butow $655.8 billion the national retail federation predicts for total holiday sales this year. >> i do think there is some excitement by come into the store and getting it that day. >> yes, tons of people are buying in the store, but a lot of us are buying on-line and no surprise here, while on the job. 53% admitted in career builders' new survey that they spend at least some work time searching for holiday gifts. now, excuse me. i have to get back to shopping. i mean, i have to get back to
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business saturday, and cyber monday. nice, but maybe the best of all is giving tuesday. yoanarcite b a toy to be hacked. for a good cause. ? >> i like that. that's cute. >> we like this too. the colorado group max moderate holds an annual toy drive called santa's little hackers where toys are modified so special needs children can enjoy them. >> by making this adaptation, they can push the watch it sing, watch the lights come on. >> most of us would probably never consider squeeze ag toy tightly to turn it on is a problem, but for kids with disabilities it can be a real issue, until now. the event started by steve and deana watson with help from their son, mac, sent 500 toys to 45 states and eight countries last year and already have more than 2,000 requests for this year. all the toys are either donated or purchased with money given to


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