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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  November 29, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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an officer arrested for sexual assault. the victim a student at ponderosa high school and it happened on campus. >> reporter: hired to keep students safe at ponderosa high school and that he facing possible felony charges. parents and just found out this afternoon and they are wondering how something like this could happen here. on high school 49-year-old accused of sexually assaulting a student. the douglas county sheriff's department releasing few details about the incident recorded monday evening. >> if it is in fact true and it does play out then i'm really concerned. >> we know he was a campus security specialist and unarmed position. the district hired in an september 2014. records show you previously served in the army. >> i thought they had good security campus.
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what this i don't know what to think. >> the school district sending a letter to parents and releasing a statement saying this allegation is certainly concerning. >> district officials could not say whether or not this happened during school hours or possibly after school. we just do not know that yet. tonight he is out on bond and he is on leave pending investigation. the u.s. honor flag will make another solemn trip. it will travel to our state on thursday to pay tribute to phone state trooper -- cody donahue. our state law enforcement has become part of the family. the last two trooper deaths both happened on i-25 south of castle
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the governor. >> every day through castlerock 10019000 cars drive this stretch of i-25 or southbound goes down to two lane northbound three. see that recorded 4700 accident. two thirds involved multiple cars. one and a fourth hurt someone and 13 were fatal. the staff to do not include the recent death of troopers >> how to make improvements and safety perspectives. >> the study will be done until may 2018 but it is clear the fix will cost plenty of money. colorado's governor has called on lawmakers to find new ways to make new roads. >> if it was up to me we would get $250 million a year for the next 20 years. i-25 north and south. >> he's continuously compared
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i 15 between austin and provo to soliciting that has three lanes in each direction and a light rail. >> we need more money. that is a trite answer our budget is 1.3 billion. we have is all around the state and the vast majority of the meeting the roads we have. >> where does utah get the money. >> there gas and diesel tax are higher than ours and there's a 1 cent statewide one sentence statewide sales tax for roads that we don't have. to add a adelina i-25 for ten to 15 miles it will cost us about 240 million. >> this is a look at the road where the memorial will start on friday. the procession will get larger
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travel east on hampden the first church of nazareth. the colorado state patrol tweeted up-to-date justice served. the judge sentenced christopher gaylord to life plus 342 years. he is the one who hit to troopers during high-speed trees last may. taylor tivo was killed. ice is called the ohio state university attacker one of its investigators are sifting through the evidence to figure out if the refugee was in fact in contact with ice this -- isis or just inspired by it. he posted on facebook if you want us muslims to caring out lone wolf attacks makepeace. we're getting clues into what may have caused a plane crash. radar shows the charter jet circling the airport in bad weather and then the group report electrical failure
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they disappear from radar. investigators are so -- now examining the black box. a delegates attempt to keep trump from the white house. so far there have been no real pleasure public electors to join the anti- trump cause and only three weeks until the electoral college votes tonight president-elect trump has picked the chie romney set for dinner. >> i had a wonderful evening with president-elect trump. we have another discussion about affairs throughout the world and these discussions i've had with him have been in lightning an interesting and engaging. >> and a couple of days president-elect trump and vice president-elect and mike pence head to indiana. trump will tout a big a campaign
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he is unveiling a deal with air conditioning company carrier that had thought to be moving 1,000 jobs to mexico. hamilton wrought in $3.3 million in just eight shows over thanksgiving weekend and that beats the previous record set by wicked. trump supporters called ffr a boycott. have split coloradans into camp -- camps. >> joanna voted for hillary clinton and even a candidate lost she says this is just to the beginning of her political involved. >> i have seen what has happened since the national election. it makes me really want to get involved more. >> uncertainty over the incoming trumppadministration's potential
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this standing room only crowd to a civil liberties town hall. 3 >> i know a lot of folks are may be afraid or worrred about some of the promises that this administration has made. and some of the hate and fear that people feel. >> many groups spoke to this crowd in an attempt to clear up some of the uncertainty >> one of the biggest concerns of president-elect trump's about two crackdown on illegal immigration. something denver police addressed head on. >> we will not do of federal agencies duty. the only place that we would have enforcement action is if we encountered somebody who is a warrant. >> we also heard from denver's new da. she says she hopes everyone walked away from the meeting feeling they were able to
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information about how to report discrimination. >> we have seen there have been some would appear to be racially motivated and religion motivated criminal activities. i think people are just anxious >> a what a similar meeting thursday to address postelection concerns including civil rights and immigration. that meeting is thursday at 5:30 p.m. a ase of road rage claims the life of a newlywed house and a father of two dumb. the father was gunned down on thanksgiving. he was driving a stolen car waiting to. garcia told him he took too long at the sign. he called them reflecting off which is when the rate was shot. garcia is already under investigation for another feel shooting. the fda is closer to approving mdma or ecstasy to treat ptsd. toddy the government moved the
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trials. the final step before approving the prescription drug. patients would not just off the psychedelic drug. therapist with guide patients through sessions like can last up to ten hours. the patient takes ecstasy while lying on the couch a blindfolded in patients on guided through their biggest fears to reduce anxiety. the rise is real and expensive. at the university of colorado could face fes of $250,000 from the packed crowd for the fans rushing the field at the last two conference policy requires fans day off the field for 60 seconds after the game to keep the visiting team players a safe. the new ncaa rankings enough today and line up in the nail -- line albion the new has all the
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if you missed cyber monday you can still score great deals on mine. free shipping friday is the 16th. that reviews your reading may not be real. sites like amazon have been fighting fake resume -- reviews
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>> it is the worst feeling. you think you got a great deal it had a five star rating on mine and then you get it and it is nothing like the description. we wanted to know how you can find out if the review is real or fake before you buy it. >> when tyler moffat checks office christmas list he is reading the amazon reviews. but this cyber security expert with the web root learn how to hard way. >> they had great readings and hours excited and in the second or third use they thought of it was a bummer. >> amazon has been fighting fraudulent reviews of recently suing more sellers who buy fake reviews and banning paid reviews but they can't catch them all. >> we intended this for double check. >> fake spot is a site that
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yelp. examining the language of timing and the reviewer. >> they put it all together and it spits out a grave that tell us you whether our algorithm tell us us if the review is authentic or not. >> tyler says he always checks fake spot. remember the disappointing goggles. he ended her address here and found out the truth. >> they had a f grade. this means most of the readings here most likely are not legitimate. the amazon review filters from the default the most recent and only verified buyers. not all reviews are created equal. >> you have to now start reviewing the reviewer. >> some other red flags you can look for really vague overly positive reviews. a large number of reviews posted at the same time or all five-star reviews. good to be true it probably is.
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are justified on monday. check out our list of cyber week discounts on the denver seven at. break out your calculator or abacus because of the cherry creek mall has that parking prices and they are kind of pacific and complicated. the first hour rate second hour $3 the third hour is 1 dollar and then $2 an hour for each hour after that. got it. if you want to park for the full day it is $16 you have to pay new video tonight show in the fiery aftermath when a pipeline explodes. it happened in the kansas city international airport. firefighters say the planes are away from home and is a tough area to reach. unbelievable pictures of tennessee wildfires exploding. three people dead. the final put people desperation mode. watching this driver trying to escape the flames in the great smoky mountains. sixty mile-per-hour winds of
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flames. in gatlinburg apocalyptic is how officials describe their. please had to evacuate the entire city and help terrified guests trapped inside this hotel to get out. >> you had to lay perfectly flat on the ground or the smoke was too thiik. >> this is a fire for the history book because it is coming anything that most of us have ever seen keep it flames also threatening the home of dollywood. twelve cabins of their burned up -?with the main park is safe. or than 150 homes and businesses destroyed the people than the hoping and praying that is expected tomorrow. a fire closer to home is now 100% contained. investigators still to figure out how the fire on green mountain started. they said there have been other smaller fires in the same area. the fire last night charge about 100 acres and it did cause the evacuations. no homes burned. not to minimize how scary it must've been for those who live in green mountain what you would have thought the destruction was vast judging by facebook. facebook activated safety check
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in denver. safety check generally is activated in areas of widespread danger. major earthquakes and hurricanes. the agreement fire certainly didn't hit the mark. no neighborhoods were reached. we need moisture and were starting to get it up in the mountains. this is a view today in the loveland ski area. the foot of snow since the storm cycle came in. condition are drying out now it will change as we look ahead. the northwest. cold air coming into colorado just for now. for the next few days slightly milder air coming in as the jet stream goes slightly to the north of us and becomes more westerly that on friday a minor storm comes into the state. mainly snow in the mountains but if you florida's flurries asked acted in denver in across the eastern plains. over the weekend milder again. notice of this blob of much colder air to the north. that comes crashing southward early next week with much colder air and especially by tuesday
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metro and the coldest temperatures we've seen it's late last winter. in the denver area 26 at dia. wind from the north at seven wind chill at 18.. top temperature for today was 38 and 23 was in the low. normal is 46 and 19-inch. 1877 it was 80 below zero. twenty-six the 50s around memphis. seventy the new orleans and it's right down here we have more weather worries. eleven tornadoes today from louisiana all the way in into south-central tennessee. we still active tornado watches there is the low pressure system is moving to the area. that low will move across the southeast tonight and into tomorrow that will increase the rain they needed tennessee but it won't leave them without some concerns about of your weather conditions overnight tonight.
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cleared out. there are some snow showers to the north of us up over the dakotas. a hint of rain with the first system on friday coming into the northwest. that has been dropped. some light snow in the mountains on friday and some flurries expected in denver. we get the break over the weekend and then we will start to see a better chance of cold and snow coming up for early next week. 42 coming up for tomorrow. forty expected on thursday with clouds. friday a minor storm. thirty-two for high with a few flurries. weekend pretty good with temperatures in the 40s on saturday. if you haven't for your christmas lights out yet do it monday. fifty-two and dry. and then by monday here comes the arctic air mass coming in. snow developing probably for the mountains of this this will be a six a
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snowfall on tuesday. tuesdays high at 25. by wednesday morning we parade around it zero and next wednesdays high at the will get lucky to get out of the teens. >> he keeps using that word arctic. when we enter the office powerball pool this is what we hope for. twenty coworkers at an auto parts manufacturer in tennis the split the $420 million one. i almost passed out. >> last night my check engine light came on. i don't have to get frantic about that now. >> i am not planning on staying there. i may change my mind. >> this group has dubbed themselves of the tennessee 20. they played a lot of together for eight years by $120 worth
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education in the state they each get $12.7 million before taxes. >> this may not be the jackpot but you can still when something just for getting of the denver seven after. them and by the end of this month and you could when disney on ice tickets. just enter after you download the app. we are we're talking broncos and bears. unc tonight and a teddy bears on ice. avalanche and box and give it up for coach mike mcintyre.
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a viking thunderclap for thee best. the rise israel. number eight in the rest of the rise is real.
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also today packed 12 mike mcintyre the conference coach of the year. coach mack is overseen the right from worst to first. ten wins the season already. just when the championship taking full some feel the place to be again. mac said they this award goes to everybody involved in the program. >> trainers staff equipment managers football operations. everybody. them all done so much to repel these young men and instill confidence in them and police. that is has happened. i am fortunate enough to have head coach in front of my name and i get to go along with the ride. is pretty special. >> now the broncos. there off today. ready for a trip to jacksonville in the two and nine jaguars on sunday. at the broncos don't when the skin they don't belong anywhere near the playoffs. no wiggle room no margin for error. right now as of this very minute broncos are on the playoffs.
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a tough and nasty final four game. none of which gary kubiak is thinking about right now. >> i'm not worried of the stretch run. i'm ready to jacksonville. with the focus on playing better this week. there is a lot of football left to play. a lot of great battles going on around the league and obviously our division is there a good to have to stay focused. >> at pepsi center tonight code in the crowd is bad about losing and he won't take and you austin wants and will pay for it. down five and two in the third watch these moves by tyson very. mckay a gregor in the front it was five and the three a three but that's where it ended. third lost in a row. nine and 11 and one. unc bears in oklahoma tonight. seven -- second half test with the third need a whole lot a lot of. there down three. fifty-five and 52. they put a scare in the sooners
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now two and five. watch the an enormous throughout. off the missed. that some serious chris angel david blaine levitation stuff. there was no defender on the court because there wasn't. jr smith the former nugget went over to talk to one of the players on the bench while the play was in action. jrover here. oh my gosh. don't ever change. bucks went 111 -- it is the annual teddy bear toss game for the minor-league hockey game. the teddy bear toss right there. teddy bear is on the ice after the first of goal. they give them or to charities and players dove into the teddy bears. that is a nice bed of fluff. thousands of teddy bears collected. they need a trucks to take them off the ice and they will be given to children in need this holiday season.
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calgary hitmen. still to come police set up some cameras becaase they were
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police in kansas set up the wwldlife cameras. they were concerned about mountain lions. some pranksters notice the cameras so they dressed up and then the department posted it on facebook to think the people for making their day. >> that is pretty good. >> it is like college mascots roaming around. they are well dressed for the weather coming up. the next couple days will be bad. low 40s. friday light snow with a real
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and tuesday of next week with cold air arriving. go ? think of your fellow man. ? ? lend him a helping hand. ? ? put a little love in your heart. ? ? take a good look around... ? ? ...and if you're lookin' down, ?
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? in your heart. ? (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, benedict cumberbatch, isla fisher, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from flatbush zombies. and now, moving right along -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. thank you. very nice of you. hi, everybody. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. wow, that's very nice. i'm glad you're with us. you know, we have a good one tonight. we have a superhero on the show,


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